Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Hidan Baby Daddy -- Poison Ivy

Character: Hidan

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Sayuri Komichi

Inspiration: Deidara and his evil, evil ways~  ;3

// Prologue //

Hidan was like poison ivy: he was scratchy and never seemed to go away, especially when Sayuri was concerned. Anytime she was feeling down and out he was always there to make her feel worse. In fact, any time she was feeling anything, he always seemed to be around. (And of course, upset her in some manner. Because that’s what poison ivy did, you know.)

Sayuri didn’t particularly enjoy Hidan’s company for several reasons. First of all, he swore a lot and that made her uptight and annoyed. Second, he usually brought his stupid false God into every other conversation, and that left her even more uptight and annoyed. Thirdly, and perhaps the worst of all, he always seemed to find time out of his extremely busy schedule to harass her even more. It was infuriating.

The tension between the two was reaching catastrophic levels, and the other Akatsuki weren’t really blind. Every time Sayuri and Hidan were around each other, said tension would flicker into roaring flames. As though someone had just poured copious amounts of lighter fluid on it. It was seriously starting to affect the other members. Especially Kakuzu.

“Stupid fuckers,” Kakuzu muttered, glaring daggers at the arguing duo across the room. Their faces were so close together that it almost looked like they were about to make out...except that they were also yelling obscenities at each other, which sort of drew all form of romance away. (As though Hidan would fall for some stupid mushy romance anyhow.)

Deidara grunted from beside him. His artist’s zen had long since been interrupted by the argument. Ever since Sayuri had began screaming at the top of her lungs – and Hidan wasn’t far behind her in terms of volume – Deidara had decided that any artwork he was currently working on was pointless. It would probably just turn up as a jumbled, contrasting piece of crap anyway. Like Hidan and Sayuri’s attitudes.

“I think, un, that we should do something about them, yeah.” Cerulean eyes twisted up as an idea began forming. Lips crawling up into a snarling smirk, Deidara nodded, “And I think I have just the idea...” Kakuzu could only raise a brow. Leave it to the blonde to create an even more caustic situation than right now. (But he admitted that it would be interesting. Anything that had to do with Hidan’s dignity being warped would be interesting, and Deidara was evil enough to do just that.)

// How It Happened //

Sayuri hadn’t realized how annoyed the other Akatsuki was with Hidan and her until she was faced with Deidara’s evil aura. He’d walked up to her with that glint in his blue eyes – the one that screamed I-wanna-see-you-blown-to-pieces, forced a blindfold over her when she was caught off guard, and threw her into a dark room before shutting the door on her face. When she heard the door lock, she knew she was a goner. But when she heard the certain grumbling of her hated arch nemesis, she knew she wasn’t going to go down alone. Damn.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Hidan glared, silver eyes narrowing into spiteful slits. Sayuri felt her anger flare at the sight of his detestable expression. She stepped over the blindfold she’d long since tore away and spat, “Oh great. What’d you do to piss Deidara off this time?!”

She almost cursed herself for instigating him. Almost. He tore up from his seat and stalked toward her, deadly eyes set intensely to hers. “Shut the fuck up, bitch. We all know that Deidara is a stupid fucker. I didn’t do shit.”

Sayuri rolled her eyes at his language. She snarled at him and was about to say something else when she suddenly stopped. When Hidan was standing there, the sliver of light from beneath the door all but lit up his silver appearance. He almost looked... “What the hell are you staring at?”

She shook her head, throwing her expression back into a hateful glare. Of course Hidan didn’t look good. He never looked good. He didn’t look handsome at all; not from the moment she first saw him till now. “You make me sick.”

Her words caused an interesting reaction. He let out a fierce growl that sent shivers up and down her spine and sauntered toward her, throwing her against the wall. His weight on her was heavy and dominant, just like the twist of his lips as he glowered down at her. He was inches away, wavering above her face as his eyes scourged hers. Why did her lips suddenly feel so dry? As though reading her mind, he flicked his gaze to stare at her mouth before snarling and tearing his eyes back.

His lips contorted into a scowl. When he spoke, his voice had a strange twang to it that screamed danger and something more. “I make you sick, hmm? I wonder what else I can make you feel.” For a moment, his eyes continued to burn into hers, deadly mirth alighting his gaze. But then, the connection was broken as his mouth crashed onto hers, ravishing completely and not allowing her to keep up.

Not that she wanted to. She struggled, of course, because this was Hidan, and she hated him. She fought him, throwing all her scorn into pushing him away. But as she did, he pulled her closer, knocking her against the wall, scourging her lips more roughly with his, bruising her with dominating fingers as he touched her. It was invigorating, unnerving, because as she battled with him she could feel herself losing, sinking down into the pit of black passion that he instilled within her veins.

She groaned against his mouth when he harshly dragged his fingers down her sides, trailing fire past clothing and skin. He pushed her brutally against the wall as he lead her through that fire, tainting her mind with the need to bathe in the flames. Every touch, every movement was aching passion.

Somehow, Sayuri felt thankful. All of her angst and aggravation was spilling out into her movements. She couldn’t help but kiss him back now, because there was only one thing that drove her body against his, and that was revenge and the dark need for satiation. Hidan could give her both those things.

His hands tugged her lower body against his, exciting her with the prospect residing within fabric restraints. Their bodies melded together, fitting perfectly in a way that astounded her. Emotions drained away. There was only the feel of him and her, shut within a darkened room with no other form of entertainment. Desperation clung to them; cloth fell away; anger was sated with desire.

Sayuri hadn’t realized how sick her own mind was until Hidan had trapped her high to the wall, breaching her as no other man had. The brusque arousal of being dominated by him was mind blowing and frightening. Every thrust of their hips sent her further into brash enjoyment; every bite of his teeth made her shiver in scary satisfaction.

She grasped at him, his hair, his shoulders, feeling as though she were about to fall away. He snapped against her fitfully, growled pleasurable obscenities to her half coherent mind, and forced her closer and closer to release.

It was a fierce end for them both. As his hot seed spilt into her, he bit down on her shoulder. Blood trailed down her pale skin, melding against his lips and giving him a barbaric appearance. When he raised to head to stare at her, eyes narrowed in harsh reality, Sayuri lost herself. He sent her into a whirlpool of senseless joy. She jerked against him as though it was the only thing she knew how to do.

As her head hit the wall behind her and her chest heaved, Sayuri was strangely thankful for Deidara’s sick sense of humor. Being stuck in a locked room with Hidan was oddly fulfilling.

// How You Told Him //

Hidan stared at her, fury welling up within his darkened eyes. The room was brimmed with tension, anger, and frustration, but Sayuri was holding herself quite well. She raised a brow at him, as though daring to say what was obviously on his mind. He took that dare, of course, because he was Hidan, and always looked for ways to annoy the hell out of her.

“You’re fucking pregnant? Get rid of the damned thing.”

She rolled her eyes. Luckily, his biting words didn’t scar her in the least. She had been ready for such a vehement attack. She knew him too well, and was unsurprised at his reaction. His fury was increasing with every second of her obvious indifference.

“It’s not my fault, you sick prick,” she told him, not really anger but rather calculating and brewing. Hidan hated it when she brooded. “You’re the one that came onto me.”

He ground his teeth together and full out glared at her. His hands clenched into pissed off fists. Danger shrouded his figure, but still Sayuri did not budge from her place on the couch. She didn’t seem at all saddened by his lack of romance upon hearing the life changing news. She looked resigned and uncaring about how he acted, and that only infuriated him even more.

“Bitch,” he spat, stalking forward, “it’s not my fucking fault either. You had to give me those eyes – “ and then he shut up, as though he had gone too far. (From the smirk that was beginning to form upon her lips, he reckoned that he had.) He glared harder.

“Well, whatever you decide to do,” she drawled, peering up at him, “let me know. It’d be nice if you didn’t act bipolar during your decision.” She shivered, as though annunciating her words.

Hidan growled, pushing her back to the couch as she tried to stand. He wasn’t letting her disappear just yet, and it the satisfaction dwelling within her eyes had anything to say on the matter, she didn’t mind his dominance. He smirked a brutal smirk and leaned in to capture her lips.

He wasn’t good with words. In fact, he wasn’t really good with anything that hinted at humanity, but as his mouth crashed upon hers, Sayuri felt dangerous pleasure rolling off of him. At least he hadn’t killed her yet, she mused as she pulled him closer. That, at least, was a good sign.

// Epilogue //

Hidan looked...almost sane. It was oddly unnerving to see him with a baby, as though he weren’t a cold blooded killer. It was also kinda of fulfilling. Sayuri grinned, and he threw her an annoyed glare.

“Don’t worry,” she told him, pointedly looking away from the image now that she’d been caught, “You look cute.”

That didn’t seem to help whatsoever. With a fierce growl, Hidan forced the bundle into her arms. She grasped her child tightly and humphed, but couldn’t deny the endearing smile from curving up her lips.

“God damn it, woman,” he spat, looking everywhere but her and his kid, “Stop smiling -”

Sayuri knew for sure that he was about to swear, so she cut him off before he could. Holding her child close to her chest, she told him indifferently, “Don’t even think about cursing in front of our baby. That’s one of the things that’s gonna have to change.”

Hidan’s eye twitched. He certainly didn’t miss that his swearing was only ‘one’ of the things that needed changing, and he definitely didn’t want to know about the others. (Hell, everything about him was evil reincarnated.) He grumbled, crossing his arms as they stepped closer to the base. What would the other Akatsuki members have to say about this? He didn’t want to act like a fucking dad in front of them all. He glared at Sayuri. He didn’t want to be subjected to anything embarrassing, and with that kid around there would no doubt be many of said moments.

But then, he watched as her lips formed a strangely peaceful smile, and his breath was utterly knocked away. In the back of his mind, Hidan wondered when he’d gotten so sensitive...and then frowned deeply.

Screw it. Who the fuck cared about Deidara or Kisame and Kakuzu?! If they did anything degrading to him – or, he snarled, his God damned woman and kid – he’d make sure they paid.

Beside him, Sayuri merely smirked. Screw her, too, he scorned. (He decided to actually have to take that into consideration come nightfall~)



  1. I loved it. :) This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing just awesome!I loved every moment of reading it!Hidan is one of my favorite characters from the Akatsuki,keep.up the great work! ^/-\^

  3. this was adorable despite Hidan's odd personality. The way you wrote out his conflicted emotions made it perfectXD