Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Iruka Umino Baby Daddy -- Robin

Character: Iruka Umino

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Amaya Kanachia

Inspiration: Their wedding night :3

// Prologue //

There was something undeniably beautiful about Konoha during spring. The leaves once again flourished into buds and blossoms, and the sunlight that shined down on the village seemed fresh. A soft breeze picked up and rustled some early leaves that clung to their branches. A chilly morning air was apparent around her, but Amaya only reveled in the peace and hurried down the path.

If there was one thing she adored, it was meeting with her lover for a quick breakfast before parting ways again. She knew that his classes had already started, but he always made time in between his third and fourth class to come see her. Usually, he’d walk the short distance to her school, where she worked as a teacher to non-ninja children. But today Iruka had asked her out to the local coffee shop. It was a refreshing change.

When she stepped inside, Amaya was immediately met with the sweet smell of baking bread and pastry icing. A quiet smile past over her lips as she looked around. He was not there yet, so she seated herself by the window and got comfortable in her seat.

After sitting there for five minutes, Amaya was beginning to get frustrated. Iruka would never stand her up, so there must have been something going on at the ninja academy. Her tea was already half gone and was getting cold rapidly. The warm pastry she had ordered for him was also getting cold, and sat on its delicate plate as though mocking her. No one else was alone, she noticed when she gazed around the shop. No one else was saving a cold pastry for their absent boyfriend.

It shouldn’t have bothered her, and she realized that as soon as the door jingled open and Iruka came hurrying into the coffee shop. Immediately her stress was relieved. She looked him over as he caught sight of her.

He looked flustered and red in the face, which was strange. Amaya knew how strong he was as a ninja, and a little running would never make him this tired. Her forehead creased as he pulled out his seat and collapsed into it. He was either angry and hiding it well, or embarrassed...

He smiled at her, and immediately she felt a similar smile gracing her own lips. She pushed his pastry toward him and, giggling, murmured, “You’re late. I hope you like cinnamon rolls.”

He sent her a thankful look, “You know I do. And yes, I’m sorry about that.” He was quick to take a bit of the roll.

Amaya tilted her head. He was hiding something. It was painfully obvious, and she had known him for too long. She smirked and turned to her teacup, taking a sip and waiting for what was no doubt coming.

“Well? Aren’t you going to ask me why I was late?” he asked, suddenly grinning a wonderful, large smile. It nearly took her breath away.

She hummed and decided to humor him. They still had half an hour before their break ended, anyway, “Why were you late?”

If it were possible, his smile got even larger as she posed the question. He raised a finger and stuffed his hand into his pocket. Her confusion raised tenfold. What he pulled out was not something that she expected in the least. A small velvet box was gently pushed toward her on the glass table.

If there was any doubt in Amaya’s mind as to what was inside, it was dispelled by the huge grin on his face. He didn’t look nervous, but then again he didn’t really have a reason to. They had already spoken about this before...this action was just the beginning of what they knew they both wanted...

But it still called for some major emotional breakdowns. Her eyes welled up with happy tears as she opened the box. The ring that lay within was just what she had dreamt of. Glancing back up at Iruka’s gleaming eyes, Amaya let out a choked laugh and stood up from the table. Their lips met in a soft dance. They were so immersed in each other that the smiling gazes of the other coffee shop customers passed right by them.

“You’re wonderful,” she told him as he slid the ring onto her finger. Another chortling laugh spilled from her lips, “Absolutely wonderful~”

He only chuckled and nodded, “Only for you.” She had a good feeling about this~

// How It Happened //

The air was heavy with apprehension by the time Iruka and Amaya reached their destination. It was a crisp, cool evening. The sun was just making its descent over the horizon, and the spring atmosphere was fresh and inviting. However, neither were thinking about the scenery. There was only one thing going through their minds.

She felt him glance at her – a soft, loving sort of gaze – as she stepped up to the counter. The hotel clerk immediately put on a generic smile which grew more and more sincere as Amaya explained their reason for being there. As the woman handed them their key, her spectacled eyes flashed down to their intertwined hands. Two golden rings glittered up at her.

The trip upstairs grew more painstaking with every step. Their breath hung in the air as they drew closer to their door. Excitement, relief, and nervousness perforated their bodies.

Before Amaya could insert the key into their discovered room, Iruka stopped her. He gripped her wrist in a gentle hold that mirrored every other emotion lingered within his eyes. His breath floated over her face as she turned questionably to him. No words were exchanged, because none were needed. It was just him and her, and the love that so obviously surrounded them.

His lips covered hers in a sweet kiss, as though trying to portray comfort. He gingerly pushed her back against the door and secured his arms around her. Slowly, Iruka ran his tongue along her bottom lip.

It was a very sentimental moment for the two. They were about to enter a room and become one for the first time as a married couple. As Amaya opened her eyes to stare into Iruka’s – her husband, she realized with a grin – she found that only the excitement and relief were now the only emotions running through her. The familiarity in his eyes, couple with the sense of romance within his smile made all the nervousness disappear. Why would she be nervous, when she knew that this would only cement their love ever deeper?

She leaned up to press her lips to his once more before turning around, fumbling with the door, and opening it. The excitement heightened at the sight of the large bed, pushed up against the far wall.

Had her thoughts not been completely focused on that bed, she would have noticed the other aspects of the room. She would have seen the dainty white curtains that were pulled over dark glass, or the comfortable setting that the darkened teal walls suggested. Her eyes did flicker toward the couch and chairs situated near an electric fireplace, but as Iruka’s arms wove around her from behind, her mind was forced back to the moment...and the bed.

It was like a towering promise. The sheets were beige and looked insanely refreshing. The multiple pillows made it seem like a cloud. She turned her head to glance behind her, locked eyes with her new husband, and sent him a large smile. He hummed and kissed her neck. The door was pushed closed a moment later.

Iruka’s lips felt like satin against her skin. They ghosted over her neck and up her jaw, leaving a tingling sensation everywhere. His hands scourged over her as well, tugging breezily at the dress she had long since changed into. The fabric fell quickly to the floor.

The cursed nervousness was threatening to return, wavering over her persistently. Amaya could only lean her head back and fall into the passion that was now coursing through her veins. To dispel it altogether, she turned in Iruka’s arms and her fingers got to work, pulling away cloth by cloth and revealing skin with every subtraction.

It wasn’t as though she hadn’t seen him naked before, but when the last piece of clothing finally shifted to the ground, a new sort of emotion came diving into her. Her eyes roved him; her hands touched him. The planes of his chest never felt so smooth, nor did the curve of his hips ever seem so powerfully desirous. When her eyes finally locked to his manhood, all coherent thought flew from her mind. She had him before, multiple times. But never before had this moment felt so important – so immensely passionate.

When she next lifted her gaze to his, Amaya was overcome by the intensity residing in his brown orbs. It felt like he was seeing her; all of her. Shivers wracked through her body. The bed suddenly felt too far away.

“Iruka...” her voice felt thick and coated, and the sound of his name coming from her parted lips made his eyes flash in satisfaction. He leaned forward to take her into his arms, and once he had secured her knees and back, he began walking to the bed, determination lingering in the air.

As soon as her back touched the mattress and Iruka found solace above her, Amaya found that she could quite remember what had happened a moment before. All she could think about was what was going to happen, and that it was happening far too slowly. She reached up to bring his mouth to hers, trying to instill that same impatience into him.

It seemed to worked. There was no foreplay, because the desperation of their bodies were too great for such things. Iruka situated himself between her legs and kissed her with a passion that seemed strangely heightened. Was it just her, or did this moment feel entirely new? It wasn’t like the other times they had become one. This was different; it was bordering on fiery impulsiveness.

When he slid into her, Amaya saw stars. He wasted no time – paused only for a moment to read her eyes – and when he saw mirrored need within them, he moved. Not long after, their hips had set a pace that rivaled any beforehand.

Their passion had escalated so much in that seconds before unification that it didn’t take very long to reach the end. The sounds of their moans soon became overpowering, drowning out any other noise or thought as they raced away, nearer and nearer to their edge.

Every thrust forced him deeper within her; every touch made the stars intensify, clouding both their visions and passionately throwing them higher up. When he suddenly hit her just right, at just the perfect moment, Amaya let out a moan that made him crazy. His pounding thrusts quickened as he ravished her, fully and completely dominating her as they both fell away into utter satisfaction.

His seed shot through her like a pledge, filling her up like he never had before. Heat coiled within her as she jerked against him, pushing him father into her as she came in sweet bliss. His name rolled from her lips again and again, and he suddenly realized that he desperately wanted to kiss her – to make that parted mouth of hers bruised and his. When he leaned down to take a kiss, their final release flashed through them and forced them to hurtle back down to reality.

Their chests panted and their thrusts slowed in passion, but their kiss made up for the lost desire as their tongues battled. The kiss was so intense that their teeth clattered together multiple times. Moans still spilt from throats.

“Haa...Iruka...” she wanted to tell him that she loved him – that he was so fucking amazing and never failed to please – that she was so happy they were finally married because the mere thought of parting from him made her heart cold. But she couldn’t find the words, because when she opened her eyes to look into his, the love that they shared was enough. The silent connection of their still intertwined bodies was enough. The lingering kiss of their bruised lips was enough. Every word she had thought was expressed within his gaze. He was more than enough for him; he was utter perfection. He leaned down to kiss her once more, and it started all over again.

// How You Found Out //

The sitting room was quiet with an exaggerated, anxious silence. There was a flash of happiness within each lover’s eyes, and yet the way they grasped their hands together showed off their nervousness. On Amaya’s lap, the pregnancy test sat like a symbol of a new life.

“If we do...have a child,” she murmured, turning her gaze to her husband, “would you be happy?”

Iruka gazed at her. A slow smile spread over his face at her obvious worry. He chuckled and leaned in to brush his lips over hers. One word gave her solace. “Yes.”

He would be a good father, she mused, lips curving up to smile at him. He was a sincere and loving man and would treat his child well. She let out a pent up sigh and wrapped her arms around his waist. The minutes ticked slowly by.

It was a busy time of their lives. They had only just been married two months prior, and were only just settling into their new house. Amaya felt a little claustrophobic at the thought of another difficulty. But this was her child, she realized. It wasn’t a difficulty; it was a blessing. Iruka gently kissed her cheek, breath blowing softly against her lips as he reached for the test. The apprehension grew.

One glance was all it took. In some way, the couple had already known that Amaya was pregnant. Too many things had pointed in the direction, and they had bought the pregnancy test on a whim because they wanted some form of proof. The green check mark had both of them grinning. They turned to each other, eyes shining in joy, and leaned in to express that joy through a mind blowing kiss.

This wasn’t a difficulty, Amaya repeated in her mind. This would make her even happier than she was now.

// Epilogue //

A soft smile lit Amaya’s face as Iruka handed her a cup of coffee. He gently placed a comforting hand on her stomach, kissed the side of her neck, and proceeded to wrap her up into his arms as she drank a few sips. Their child was due any month now, and Amaya was thankful that the pregnancy was nearly over. Being pregnant was tiring, but every bit rewarding as she had hoped it would be. Especially with Iruka to take care of her, she mused.

They shared a soft smile. The first love of marriage was still fresh on their minds, and Amaya hoped it would stay as such for years to come. As Iruka leaned in to press his lips against hers, she figured that it would. A promise lingered in the air.



  1. I love the story it rocked

  2. Hello! It was awesome, like all of your other fanfic! But I just wanted to say that coffee isn't good when you're pregnant, just like alcohol. OK? You're awesome, keep up the good work!

    1. I guess I'm never having children then lol! Thank you though!!

    2. you can actual have coeffee while pregnant just not alot a cup or two would even be fine!