Friday, September 2, 2011

A Japan Baby Daddy -- Of Bloody Noses

Character: Japan

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Daniela, represents Singapore, Age 21

// Prologue //

The pathway was littered with fallen blossoms and petals, which made the walk toward Japan’s house feel otherworldly and uplifting. The sky was blue as ever, spattered with various white clouds as they floated overhead. All in all, the scene was the epitome of relaxation.

“Hey, Japan?” Daniela turned to look at him, smiling softly, “Will you give me a tour of your house?”

He blushed softly and nodded, glancing at his girlfriend before turning back to the path. He listened to her tinkling laugh and smiled minutely as she linked her arm with his, “And will you cook dinner for me? And bring me to the markets tomorrow? And show me the Japanese drama that you were taking about last week?”

His blush increased with each word she said. Glancing at her from the corner of his eye, he nodded, cheeks flaring, “H-Hai. It will be an honor.”

She grinned at him, leaning in to suddenly peck his cheek. His next blush made her heart race in happiness. Having a boyfriend like Kiku was definitely something to be thankful for.

// How It Happened //

Daniela could hardly see anything. The mist was so thick that her vision allowed her a mere three feet before zoning out. She couldn’t help but curse it: if this mist wasn’t so bothersome, then her job would be so much easier.

To details of her job, of course, had to do with the seducing of a certain Japanese man. The reason she was taking things to the extreme and sneaking into the Hot Springs during his bath was also obvious. She had her womanly needs that had to be satiated, and she could think of no one better to do that than Kiku.

As she progressed deeper into the Hot Springs, Daniela was met with a sudden thought. ‘Was Kiku even in here at all?’ What if he had already left? Daniela couldn’t recall how long she’d been stumbling around for, but perhaps it was longer tan she’d realized.

This worry was quickly put to rest when Daniela heard the soft sound of water splashing. It was like a promise in a dark room – her only beacon of light~ – and Daniela was quick to make her way toward it.

Fortunately, Daniela seemed to have some luck, at least. When she finally found the black hair that could only be Kiku’s, she also discovered that his back was turned toward her. Which made it that much easier to catch him before he ran away again. (The past week would have been very eventful in terms of seducing, but bloody noses always seemed to prevail.)

Kiku expected nothing but a nice, relaxing bath. So when he felt two hands come to rest of his bare shoulder, the poor man jumped a foot in the air in his shock. He tried turning around to see his captor’s face – as if he really needed to – but all his worries were laid to rest as soon as those hands began moving, massaging deeply. It felt...rather good. Especially with her care, full breasts pressed up against his back. He swallowed thickly, unable to contain the satisfied emotions that were creeping over his body.

“Kiku...” he shivered at the sound of his name, uttered so intimately from those delicious lips, and felt a sudden overpowering desire to take her. The realization shook his entire body.

“Mm...” Daniela smirked vividly. She knew exactly what she was doing to him and would have it no other way. Slinking her hands from his shoulders, she began to feel down his chest. Every touch seemed to enforce a different reaction within them both.

As her fingers became nearer and nearer to Kiku’s stiffening manhood, he seemed to become more apprehensive. Daniela really couldn’t blame him. She softly kissed the side of his cheek and whispered, “Relax.”

That one word seemed to do wonders to him, because when Daniela did grasp onto his length, he didn’t put up a fight. She was pleased with the fact that he was resigned, because she was going to continue whether he liked it or not.

As Daniela began to slowly pump him through her fingers, she vaguely wondered who had said Japanese men were small. Kiku was anything but, in her opinion. The mere thought had her shivering in uncontrolled need.

It was because of that uncontrolled desire that made Daniela stop when she did. Only one thin drew solace in her thoughts, and that comfort was only reached when she was finally in his lap, legs straddling his and manhood poking against her.

Hot water lapped at her body, pressed so intimately against his. She was sure that her face was hot, but whether it was from their situation or the steaming water, she did not know.

His hands grasped tightly onto her hips as she lowered herself down. When he was buried completely within her, she let out a relieved sigh. Nothing on earth could be compared to the warmth that was now spreading through her.

His face was twisted to perfection; his hair falling into his eyes. He bucked his hips spontaneously and moaned. The sound was music to Daniela’s ear.

Their pace was slow and sweet, and yet wrought with a desperation that saturated their entire bodies. More moans were quickly to spill, and with every hard thrust, the disturbed water crept farther up their naked flesh.

The passion was so heightened that it didn’t take them long to find release. Daniela clung to him, buried her face into his shoulders, and worked her hips harder against his. Every single amount of sweet friction was better than anything imaginable.

Her tongue scrapped against his neck as they drew closer to the end, her teeth bit down on him, gently and then harshly. It felt so good that Kiku felt his entire body reacting. His hips bucked erratically against her as he let out a long moan. His lips formed her name as he tilted his head back. Their releases rushed through them, fitfully and completely.

He filled her up like no one ever had before, and it drove her wild. Her nails clawed at him, sending painful satisfaction rolling down his spine. Kiku leaned back to kiss her, but by the time their mouths connected, the autocratic movements of their hips had slowed to a satiated pace.

As their lips made up for the halted pleasure of their lower bodies, Kiku could think of only one thing: he should never let those silly nose bleeds get the better of him ever again.

// How You Told Him //

It was a quiet afternoon. Despite the work that the week had brought Kiku, he had tackled it all with an admirable determination as was now sitting peacefully in his library.

As for Daniela, she was busy in the kitchen, cooking up a small dinner for her lover and her. Their schedules were completely empty today, which promised a satisfying evening. Daniela secretly hoped for a re-play of that night in the bath a few weeks prior. A mischievous grin spread over her face.

She began cutting up vegetables to steam. It was only four o’clock, but she wanted everything prepared for later. Besides, cooking helped her clear her head, and that was something she desperately needed at the moment.

The thought of being pregnant was awe-inspiring. It made a happy-go-lucky smile grace her lips every time she thought about it. She tried to picture what the baby would look like, and nearly lost it at the image of a tiny, adorable Kiku. Oh, how perfect that would be.

Indeed, the only problem that Daniela seemed to be having was telling her lover that she was, actually, with child. She had tried countless times before, but every time she opened her mouth to tell him, it would come out as something entirely different. It was aggravating.

A soft sigh left her lips as she tipped the cutting board over, filling a small bowl with diced up pieces of carrots. As she reached for another one, determination shone in her eyes. This would be the day, she told herself. She’d tell Kiku today.

But, afraid that she’d loose her determination within the hour, Daniela growled. She paused in her cutting and suddenly began walking for the door, fingers untying the apron around her waist as she went. She wouldn’t just tell Kiku today: she’d tell him now.

The trip down the hall wasn’t very frightening. No: that fright came once the door of the library came into sight. She immediately stopped, frowned, and then forced herself onward. It was a treacherous journey, and when she finally got there, her cheeks were flushed.


He glanced up, eyes shining warmly at the sight of her. A small smile ghosted past her own lips, as well, and she leaned her head against the threshold. Maybe she should just tell him later? Or – but no. Now.

“...I’m pregnant,” and then she grinned victoriously, peeked a glance at his red, surprised, but infinitely glowing expression, and flounced away chortling with laughter.

// Epilogue //

Kiku Honda was tired. After spending the entirety of his day at a hopeless World Meeting, his eyes were drifting to a close before he had even reached his door.

He was feeling exhausted and humid, somehow very uncomfortable and in need of a nice, long bath. That would be nice, he mused. In his mind, he imagined a steaming hot cup of tea. Maybe Daniela might give him a massage like she sometimes did, but he would never ask. She should be able to see his intense desire to relaxation herself, without requiring any wordy motivation.

His footsteps shuffled incoherently on the tiled kitchen floor, and he ducked under the fabricated doorway on his way out. He’d put the kettle on later, after he was certain that Daniela was in the house, and that his children were safely in their beds. His fingers drifted lightly against the wooden walls as he neared his study.

First things first. He didn’t close to door when he went inside, because he didn’t intend on staying any longer than he had to. His suitcase was placed directly onto his desk, neatly taking up space above various papers that weren’t finished before the meeting. He took a swift glance at another small stack of unfinished paper and sighed. The desire for a bath overrode the desire to work. After all, he’d been working all day. They wouldn’t take long to do, so he’d leave them for tomorrow. Maybe, he’d get up a little early to tackle them before breakfast.

He shut his study door behind him on his way out and carried onto the bedrooms. He’d check his children, first.

Upon reaching the first bedroom, he peered inside and was met with a nice surprise. The light was turned on, softly bathing the room in warm rays. On the bed was his wife, book in her hand and children curled up beside her. All three of them were asleep.

As Kiku stood there, taking in the peaceful sight, all desires for his bath and tea were erased from his mind. There was only one thing he wanted, now, and that was to join his beloved family for a good night’s sleep. His eyes felt suddenly heavier now, as though the day was finally catching up to him. He swayed for a moment, trying to decide what he wanted most, before decidedly taking a step into the room.

He crossed the room in three long strides and reached the bed in four. As he sat on the mattress, he gazed at Daniela’s face closely, gentle smile playing at his lips. This, truly, was better than any bath he could have. His thought was justified when he pushed himself farther onto the mattress, and into the pillows beside his family.

He wrapped an arm slowly around his wife, jostling her lightly as he got comfortable. Her eyes opened slightly, at first confused, and then happy. Her mouth curved into a smile as she snuggled into his shoulder, mumbling something sleepily before closing her eyes once more. The two children wrapped up around her also found solace in their fathers warmth, though they remained completely asleep as they sought him.

By the time Kiku was finally in place, he felt completely at peace. No, he wasn’t dressed properly for bed, and he wasn’t as clean as he would have been if he’d taken his bath, but the comfort that saturated his body and mind could be compared to no other.

As he slowly drifted off to sleep, one realization passed through his mind: he was home.



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