Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Sasori no Akasuna Lemon -- Entertain Me

Character: Sasori no Akasuna

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Naomi, age 25

The night air was crisp and cool. There was a bitter taste in the wind as it drifted and spun through cloaks and hair. The bitterness of said wind seemed to make everyone else equally unsatisfied, but perhaps that was just because of their usual countenance.

“Damn idiots. What the fuck do they think they’re doing, anyway?” a silver haired man mumbled, teeth baring in a rather animalistic manner. The air around him wasn’t just bitter; it was aggravated to a point of fury.

There were two others with him, but they didn’t seem as affected to the cold as the former. A blue skinned man, who looked more fish than human, stood with a towering and overbearing aura. His slit-like eyes glared hard at the biting mutters of his companion. The other man didn’t seem to care about them at all. His burning eyes were his most striking feature, seconded only by the flaming red hair that curled above his ears. His pale skin seemed hard and unyielding, as though nothing could get past him. In fact, his entire person seemed that way.

No one responded to anything the silver haired ninja said. Their ability to care seemed to have disappeared altogether, especially after the complaints rose to a steadily louder pitch. Only Kisame’s teeth began to grit in anger. The red head remained stubbornly impassive.

Hidan was just beginning to snarl about his desire to break the door open when it suddenly did open, and a warm pool of light gathered on the trio. The man who stood inside took one glance at them before immediately pushing himself aside. It wasn’t uncommon for S-Ranked ninja to enter here: it was a club for criminals.

The first thing Hidan did was storm inside, glaring fitfully at the doorman before making his furious way toward the bartender. Kisame trailed behind him, mouth set in what seemed to be a permanent scowl as he watched his companion’s back. Sasori was the last one to enter. His dangerous eyes flickered to rest upon the doorman as he passed, as though extending a silent warning to him. Warning or not, the man on the receiving end got the message and managed to disappear before anything could happen to his health.

When Sasori reached the bar, the bartender quieted down. The red head and his two companions were pretty well known among the S-Ranked society, which was no surprise. He placed his order, took a seat beside Kisame, and watched with rigid eyes as his drink was made. Luckily for the bartender, Sasori found no unbalance in the mixture, and proceeded to ignore him and the rest of the bar.

After sitting there for about ten minutes, the curtains across the room suddenly opened, and a woman who was scantily clad walked onto the stage. Her blonde hair was shocking in the dim light. Kisame ogled her like a piece of meat.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” she said into a microphone, though she needn’t have. Every eye and ear in the room was directed toward the small stage, and had been every since she sauntered onto it. Everything about her screamed ‘sultry’, from the way she walked to the low tones of her voice. “As most of you know, tonight we’ll be hosting our annual event. When you see the girl you’d like, please step over to the silent auction to the right. And please remember: these girls are here to entertain. Sexual favors must be agreed upon and not forced.” She said it so breezily that it seemed apparent of every girl’s loose nature.

This sentiment was proved as soon as they began walking out. Every new addition gave way to a lesser amount of clothing. Every pair of legs had an easier aura than the last. When a red head walked out, Sasori’s eyes flashed. Though her choice of clothing was surprisingly limited compared to the others, it was obvious that she was pretty. (Attractive in subtler ways, like in the swing of her hips, and the upward, smirking tilt of her mouth.) Hidan took one look at her and scoffed, but Kisame seemed to have similar thoughts as Sasori, for he quickly made his way to the silent auction to bid. Huh. Sasori knew there was a reason he kept the shark around.

Let it be understood that red heads are known to universally united when thrown together. Naomi had entertained Kisame for much of the evening, as her duty had enforced, but as soon as the man had one too many drinks, she had found surprising solace with the other silent red head.

Drinks scattered the counter top as they sat, side by side. No words were exchanged whatsoever, but the strange, invigorating tension between the two didn’t require any. Naomi swore that there was fire burning in her veins, for the incomprehensible intimacy was tangible in the air.

To anyone around them, they just seemed to be two strangers who happened the be grouped together, which was true...but there was something deeper about their haphazard relationship. Something obviously there.

That something wasn’t made known until the sixth drink. The silence between the red heads was broken only by the throwing down of empty glasses as they hit the hard wood. As they both reached for the last glass, their fingers brushed together, and the electricity that shot between then forced a gasp from Naomi’s throat. When she glanced over at Sasori, he was staring at her, fierce eyes locked with hers. Immediately, another electrical shock buzzed through her...or was that the alcohol, finally setting in? It didn’t really matter, because now, there was only on thing on her mind.

“...Meet me in Room 14 in ten minutes?” she breathlessly wondered, desire stirring her voice.

She thought she saw a the dim flash of amusement in those stoic eyes, but before she could be sure, Naomi was stumbling from her chair. As she made her way to the rented rooms above, her alcohol-induced mind realized that he had never actually given her an answer.

Time crawled by slowly. Naomi found herself sitting at the edge of her hotel bed impatiently, clad in only a nightgown. (Which she had hoped would be coming off soon enough.) This hope didn’t look like it would be answered, though, because Sasori no Akatsuki had still not come.

She was beginning to think that he had ignored her invitation. The previous amusement she’d thought she saw within his eyes welled to the front of her mind. Did he not mean to come at all? She pouted and crossed her arms.

It was already fifteen minutes after she’d told him to meet her, which could mean one of two things. Either Sasori wanted to be fashionably late and not appear anxious, or he didn’t want to appear at all. The latter seem much more likely. She wished criminals weren’t so hard to understand. If he had told her straight out that he wasn’t interested, it would have saved a lot of annoyance.

As she flicked out her light and got comfortable in her bed, Naomi couldn’t deny the impatience of her body. She had been so sure that he would come, had worked herself up with the promise of a passionate night, only to - what was that sound?

She sat up in bed, widened eyes scouring the darkness. The thin slice of light from beneath her door was disturbed...there were shadows beneath her door, and they looked suspiciously of two feet. Huh. So he’d decided to stop by after all. Better late than never.

Her lips formed a triumphant smirk as the door quietly opened. The light from the hallway illuminated his figure, making him seem even more powerful than ever. His shocking red hair could not be mistaken.

Naomi pulled the covers from her body and got up. Her nightgown felt suddenly shorter than it did minutes before, and tighter around her chest. Was it just the heat of his eyes, or was she feeling a little more bare to him? Shivers ran up her spine.

It didn’t take him long to reach her, and when he did, he didn’t immediately take her. He stared at her for a few moments, eyes roving her scantily clad body with a hunger that had been previously been disguised. When he touched her, it wasn’t to throw her to the bed, but rather to stroke a finger down her cheek. He didn’t seem quite as dominant as she thought he would be, but the realization came as more of a relief than a disappointment. Maybe there was another side of S-Ranked criminals than she’d previously thought.

...Or maybe there wasn’t. Though he didn’t seem particularly debasing as he stood before her, the fiery impatience that lingered within the passion of his gaze had her reassessing her previous thoughts. She only found this to be more true as the moments flew by, and they were both overcome by said impatience.

The bed seemed closer than it was, because they just barely stumbled to it in their sudden onslaught of desire. Kisses bruised their lips, given sloppily and passionately. The random display of emotion had Naomi grasping for straws – and his red hair. Her breath came out in pants as her back hit the mattress and his weight came crashing onto her.

She decided that she didn’t really mind being pinned to the bed by him, because it was both exhilarating and satisfying. Every stray brush of their skin sent her heart ever faster, pushing against her breast plate in wanton desire.

He trailed his burning lips to her neck as his hands slid into her nightgown. His fingers ghosted up her sides, sending tickling sensation throughout her body. He didn’t stop until he was cupping her full breasts, and by then Naomi was so far into thankful submission that she didn’t care what he did. (Except she rather hoped he’d loose her nightgown soon.)

She let out a breathy moan when his hands began moving, massaging her in a harsh but no less pleasurable manner. Every movement of his was harsh, actually, or at the very least rugged and in control.

His lips crashed back down onto hers, forcing her deeper into dreamland as his tongue roved her mouth. Her eyes rolled back as she tasted him – if danger could have a taste, it would be his! – and heated coiled within her as hips came to grind against hers.

The erection that was obviously growing against her was as relieving as their kiss. The feel of it sent her body into ballistic decadence. (Control? Pft. It was thrown to the wind.) Her fingers tugged at him, wildly removing as much clothing as her hazy mind could comprehend. When his shirt fell away, she was quick to scratch down his delicious chest. Her lips worked heavily with his, tongues battling in a heated fight as their bodies shed more and more cloth.

When skin finally grazed skin, the soon-to-be lovers seemed to completely loose sight of reality. A snarl spilt from Sasori’s throat, deep and menacing as it ghosted over her lips. Their naked lower bodies pushed against each other, not fully meeting but dearly wanting to. As always, it seemed as though the control was still within Sasori’s grasp, for each time Naomi lifted her lips to push against his, he pulled back before she could take him.

His teasing was cruel. Naomi cracked her eyes open to throw him a glare. She guessed he wasn’t an S-Ranked criminal for nothing. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she pressed their chests together. A silent plea fell from her parted, bruised lips.

Dark amusement flashed through his eyes. His fingers pinched her breasts tightly, reveling in the sight of her twisted expression. His teeth leaned forward to harshly bite down on one pink nipple. As her back arched up in pain, he finally broke through her barriers and tore into her. The doubled pain and pleasure had her nearly screaming.

Sasori never waited for anyone, and so he didn’t care if she wasn’t adjusted to his length. He pulled out and rammed back into her as often as he liked, striking eyes narrowed with dark passion. A snarl twisted up his lips, making him appear like a wild animal, capable of eating her alive. The distorted pleasure that it gave her made her question her own sanity.

Every thrust sent him deeper into her, delving farther than anyone had ever gone. Naomi’s cries and pleads and moans were all too riveting for his mind; they fell about him like tidal waves and pushed him closer to his end.

He dug his fingers into her thigh, growled, and lifted her leg up over his shoulder. The new found freedom that he immediately achieved was well worth it. Naomi’s back arched, breasts heaving with each thrust. Her fingers sought for something to hold on to, and grasped tightly to the sheets that were spread over the bed. Her throat constricted in a desperate moan that sounded vaguely like Sasori’s name.

That one moan seemed to send him over the edge, because a moment later he was coming, jerking his hips wildly against hers and she milked him clean. He grunted, leaned forward, took her lips in his and kissed her as roughly as he dared. His hot semen filled her and she lost it as well, heat uncoiling like an elastic band and shooting forward to meet with him.

Every part of them melded together. Limbs wrapped more tightly to limbs; lips scourged lips; chests pressed against chests. It was a parade of sensations that felt like nothing neither could have ever imagined.

With one last grunt, he was done. But they didn’t move. Their kiss morphed into a gentle, thanking one. Their arms unwound but they did not let go. Their lower bodies spasmodically lowered them back into reality, but their minds were still miles high, caught within the folds of heavenly bliss.

It seemed that, as the minutes wore on, the bliss, too, lowered. When they finally opened their eyes and found themselves intertwined upon the bed, a peace quickly settled over them both. Naomi tilted her head back and smiled softly. She was satiated.

The next morning, the only reminder of his existence within her bedroom were the few grains of sand that were scatted over the floor.



  1. wow sasori you baaaaaaaad boy heh heh ;)
    luv the story! keep writing!

    sexy, so sexy

  2. I find it hard to believe that not one person has taken advantage of the fact that sesori is a puppet master and could make the girls do what ever he pleased.

    1. I find rape to be a little cliche, myself, but whatever you like I guess.

    2. See, I don't think it has to be rape. Some people write it like that, which I dislike (mostly because of morals, but some people just can't write it well), but I don't think you have to.
      Some of the things Christian Grey did in 50 Shades would be considered rape IF he hadn't had the contract. But, bondage in general would be very similar, in my opinion, to what Sasori would be doing with his chakra strings. If I was a better writer myself, I would have done it ages ago. I would think that kinky people would enjoy it.
      I find the same thing with Kakuzu's threads and even Itachi's Tsukiyomi (I mean, can you imagine 72 hours of pain/pleasure in that freaky world with Itachi? Excuse me while I take a cold shower!).
      Anyway, just my opinion. This was an amazing fic, and you're extremely talented. It was an honor to read your work!

  3. bite my lip and pretend in not reading lemons in school........ don't blame me