Sunday, October 30, 2011

A China Lemon -- Republic of China

Character: China

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Anna

Inspiration: Just thought Yao needed some love. And at least one lemon. ^//^

Perhaps there wasn’t a whole lot of things that defined Anna’s idea of sexy. What she considered to be sexy probably didn’t constitute for the majority of the female race. She figured most women wanted a big, strong man who’d protect them from any and all harm. (Which would be nice, she had to admit.) There was just one problem with that analogy: she was obviously in the minority, because otherwise there would be no way in hell that she’d actually find Yao Wang manly and, God forbid, sexy.

Not that he wasn’t well endowed or inexperienced – hell, he was probably more experienced than anyone else, as he’d been around a lot longer – but there were certainly aspects of his personality that came across as rather...feminine.

“ was so long, aru!” he pushed his head into the pillows of their shared bed, eyes closed as he ranted about the fruitless UN meeting that day, and how he never got any respect from the younger countries, and how they never got anything done. He didn’t seem to notice the fact that, sitting right beside him, was his scantily clad lover, dressed only in a thin, lacy pair of lingerie. He frowned, eyes still closed, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to come home! England and America just don’t understand, aru. They don’t get that I’ve got more experience than them – “ he glanced up, eyes glancing over her body before locking onto her eyes. For a moment, she thought he might have realized the obvious invitation of her clothes – or lack thereof – but then he just continued speaking, as though the sight of her nearly naked, on his bed, dressed in sexy underwear, had absolutely no affect on him. Jesus, Anna was seriously starting to wonder if he’d turned gay overnight.

Evidently, China wasn’t really noticing a whole lot. The expression on her face, so utterly dry at his lack of attention, seemed not to register in his mind. He must not have wanted to come home so badly – not as badly as she’d wanted him to come home, anyway – for she was starting to think that nothing was going to come out of this evening. Sometimes she really hated his bipolar libido.

Yao,” she suddenly cut in, effectively making him turn his eyes to her in his confusion. Silence hung gracefully in the air around them, and Anna let it stay for a few moments, patiently waiting for his undivided attention. She got it, but he still didn’t seem to notice the fact that she’d been ready to take him since they woke up that morning and she’d watched him get dressed and leave. She sighed, turned toward him more, and decided to completely ignore the rant that he’d so adamantly conjured. “I went shopping today. Haven’t you noticed?” Or did she waste money, she wondered dryly.

His eyes finally moved a bit more slowly across her body, taking in the slim lace and the netty, silky fabric that hardly covered her full bosom. His gaze traveled down to the rest of her, focusing on the tiny panties that barely covered her lower body. A cute little bow kept them up. Just one, cute, tiny little bow. China nodded, distracted by the silky ribbon, but then raised his eyes back to hers and said, “Cute, aru. Are you going to sleep like that?”

...Sweet mother of God. She knew for a fact that China was not that oblivious. (Sometimes feminine, sure, but not oblivious.) Either he was exhausted from the day and therefore didn’t particularly want to waste energy on the night, or he was actually really clueless. Anna narrowed her eyes at him, and he finally gave in and sighed. Ha. She knew he wasn’t stupid. (Those robes could very well be hiding his raving manhood, for all she knew. He still hadn’t changed out of them.)

“Sorry, aru.” He rolled onto his back, gaze tightly latched to the ceiling. There was something conflicted about the emotions in his eyes. The furrow of his brow made him seem older, somehow, almost reflecting his true age. Anna, worried now, followed him. She fit her body to his side and brushed a gentle finger over his cheek. Her thumb smoothed his forehead. “...Am I...old, to you?”

His question caught her off guard, but didn’t completely surprise her. She knew that his age was one of his biggest insecurities. It was probably brought up during the meeting and had been nagging at his ever since. Anna hummed and lifted her head from his chest to gaze at him. He wouldn’t meet her eyes, but rather stared at the ceiling as though it was the answer to all his questions.

She pressed her lips to his cheek, softly, gingerly, and sighed, “You shouldn’t let anyone make you underestimate yourself.” Another kiss was pressed to the underside of his chin. Her hand twisted itself into his hair. “I’d love you if you were centuries older than you are now. Nothing could ever change that. Besides,” she finally caught his eye, and her mouth tilted up in a sultry smirk, “if you weren’t as old as you are, then you wouldn’t be as experienced as you are, and ultimately you wouldn’t be – “ she couldn’t even finish before his lips came up to connect with hers. Victory!

Their mouths moved slowly, generously, as though the long day had finally caught up with them. His hand crawled up her bare back, brushing delicately over the small clasp before delving beneath it to rove around the large expanse of skin. She loved when he touched her, skin to skin, and nearly melted on contact. The only thing that grounded her was his other hand, which was firmly latched to the back of her knee as she hovered halfway above him.

Her tongue slid against his lips, and he tentatively opened his mouth to allow her entrance. He wasn’t a particularly smooth lover, nor was he dominant to a very high degree. Their lovemaking was usually liberated and equal, meeting halfway and only halfway, and that was the how they both liked it.

He tasted sweet, like Western tea with more than one spoon of sugar. Vaguely, she wondered if England had tried to succor him into trying his Earl Grey, but her thoughts quickly lost focus on any one thing as his hands began to move.

It seemed that now, Yao was making up for the time lost before, when he had been ranting and ignoring her scantily clad body. He didn’t seem to care much for the lingerie – he wasn’t dragging out their intimacy like he usually did, at least – for his hands soon worked together to unclip the strap that held the top part of her outfit up. It fluttered away from her skin and was thrown off the other side of the bed.

His warm hands immediately converged upon her breasts, rolling the pink nipples around his fingers as their mouths worked more heatedly. Lust was quickly seeping into every movement, spurring them on and making their hearts ache for the need to be fully connected. Anna unconsciously moved closer to him, sliding into his lap and pressing her naked chest to the silky fabric of his robes. She shivered at the feeling, eyes half opening, and slowly broke the kiss. Yao opened his eyes a moment later.

He took her in, loving the fact that her lips was bruised and wet – because of him! – and that her body was so obviously craving him – again, because of him. He felt a surge of manly pride at the realization that he was making her like this. She bought this lacy number for him, waiting up for him, was looking at him with those big, beautiful, adorable eyes – just for him. It made his heart warm immediately at her undying faithfulness in him.

A small smile twinged her cheeks, as though she could feel the heat of his chest. Her fingers slid down his silk robes, nails scraping delicately over covered skin before twirling teasingly at where his manhood likely was.

It wasn’t difficult to find, really, because silk didn’t do much to cover anything. The bump where his manhood was anxiously awaiting was obvious, and Anna wasted no time as she went in for the kill. She massaged him lightly with one hand, whilst the other moved back up to undo the buttons of his collar. Her mouth connected with every bit of skin revealed, button by button, until the magnitude of his chest stood out gloriously to her hungry eyes. It didn’t take very long for her to remove the rest of his clothes, really. (She had already been turned on from the thought of their actions, and was quite ready to skip the usual foreplay.) Her mouth enclosed on his swelled cock a moment later.

He tasted better now, different, oriental. Like a new dish you’d ever had but, when you take your first bite, discover it for what it was: delectable, something you could taste every single day and never tire from it.

Yao looked amazing when he was flustered. As her head bobbed up and down, she gazed up at him. For a while, their eyes stayed connected, but when she gaze him a sudden squeeze and licked him a bit more thoroughly, his head slammed back into the pillows as his body arched pleasantly. A humming moan flew from his gasping, parted mouth; his eyes seemed unsure of how to react, opening to stare wide-eyed at the ceiling before shutting tightly and losing himself in the pleasure.

Anna’s fingers dug into his hips, pushing them down as he tried to buck into her mouth. Her tongue raced along the underside of his dick, where a full vein protruded, and it seemed to make him go wild. She teased the slit of his manhood with that clever tongue before darting it back down and repeating her movements. Her free hand rubbed his inner thigh, as though gently telling him that he was allowed to cum, that she would accept it, that this pleasure was only the start of their long night.

His hands didn’t move to catch her hair, but rather stayed, halfheartedly clenched by his head, pressing tightly against the pillow and the sheets. He looked like an oriental God, beautiful and exotic, and – as his eyes suddenly flew down to lock with hers once more – completely ready to be one with her.

He looked like he was asking for permission to release. His jaw was tightly clenched in his obvious self control. His control was one thing Anna admired about him – it was something that she could never not admire, for it spoke true in many instances that had nothing to do with the bedroom.

She gave a light, teasing nibble to his tip and smile, eyes shooting him a smirk as frustration rolled off of him. Slowly, she let him go, only to replace her mouth with her hand, pumping even harder and faster than the pace of her lips. She eyed him and nodded, silently telling him to let himself go. And he did.

His body came off the mattress as he released, hands grasping onto anything they could. Finally, they found Anna’s hair, and tangled deeply through her locks before forcing her mouth to cover him again, take him in as he let go. She didn’t mind his sudden show of dominance. She allowed him to push her head into his lap and sucked wildly to heighten the power of his release. His creamy cum tasted like nothing she’d ever had, but it was purely him and that made it delicious. She had no qualms about swallowing it; every bit of him was precious.

When his body had finally stopped reacting, and he just lay there panting and sweaty and pleasured, Anna came up to crawl to his side. A small bead of cum dribbled down her chin, intensifying the sexy look that China was suddenly overcome by. He groaned, feeling another wave of desire roll off of him. He leaned up to kiss her, wiping away the white substance before delving into her mouth and tasting himself on her tongue. It was so wonderfully sexy, so naturally passionate, and Yao was not at all surprised when his back hit the bed and their kiss became more heated.

A small moan left Anna’s mouth; her hands gripped his shoulders as she hovered above him. Her body was craving him, wanting him, needing him to be inside of her. She moaned again, pleasing silently to her lover before breaking the kiss and pressing a tentative kiss to his chest. When she looked up to meet his golden eyes, Anna didn’t mean to speak. She didn’t mean to make her voice sultry and husky. She didn’t mean to tell him exactly how turned on she had gotten just from sucking his cock. She supposed she didn’t mean for a lot of things to happen, but regardless of the consequences, they did.

“Yao,” his eyes flashed with something deliciously passionate. “I want you to fuck me. Hard.”

And, well, Yao’s femininity notwithstanding, no man could resist those words. It was time to show a little dominance in the Republic of China.



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