Monday, October 17, 2011

A Russia Lemon -- Russian Mornings

Character: Russia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Eliana

Russian mornings were...different. (In Eliana’s opinion, everything in Russia was different, but that was besides the point.) The change was something that had attracted her to the country in the first place.

The rustle of sheets brought her from light sleep. As she slowly sat up, the sun spread over her face in warm rays. Yes, Russian mornings were different, but as Eliana caught sight of the naked country stretching on the other side of the bed, she decided that they were more irresistible and delicious than any other she’d spent.

He turned to glace at her over his shoulder, face shining with a bright smile and purple eyes twinkling merrily, “Good morning,
моя Любовь." His voice was husky with sleep and, as his eyes traveled over naked flesh, something more primal. Eliana loved the attention he gave her, and everything else about the man before her. She wanted to reach up and touch his smooth, tousled silver hair; rake her fingers over his delightfully broad chest; kiss as much of him as she possibly could and bring him back to the solace of the protecting sheets.

A cute smile tugged at her mouth, “
доброе утро, Ivan.”

Something flashed through her lover’s eyes when she spoke his native tongue. It always happened – always made him wild and crazy with desire – and it didn’t fail her now. (Not when she was laying so bare before him, tangled in a bed that had seen so many passionate nights.)

She thought she would explode before Russia had even touched her. His large hand slid up a creamy thigh, pressing here and there with just the right knowledge of what pleased her. He turned his body, facing her now, and towered above her in a dominant way. When his body finally pressed against hers, Eliana knew that there was no turning back.

His eyes were swirling in an endless array of emotion, for once allowing her to read his expression before drawing her mind into complete blankness. The curve of his lips was much too tempting, and he knew it. In a rare moment of submission, Russia allowed Eliana to tug his mouth to hers.

She immediately lost herself in the kiss. Their mouths worked together like clockwork, pausing only briefing as tongues raced out to meet. His hands made good use of her weakness as they traveled up her body, and the delicious feeling forced her deeper into the desire he was firmly exhibiting upon her.

She was vaguely aware of the soft noises that were leaving her throat. Russia seemed to enjoy said moans, for he didn’t stop his ministrations. They were sinking quickly, heavily, into a world that was both familiar and utterly foreign.

“...Ivan...!” his name was a mere plead into the passionate kiss == an invitation to change the course of their actions; to take her here and now and without preservation; to end the kiss in favor of the imminent passion that was saturating their very breath.

And he took her invitation, not because he was feeling particularly submissive that morning, but rather because the problem between his legs was getting on his nerves. (And hers, as well, for the closeness of their bodies gave her pretty good insight into his vexation.)

The mattress moved with his weight as he crawled up her body, stopping only when the tip of his manhood was pushing against her delectable lips. His eyes were flashing in danger now, because the sight of her innocent expression had his mouth watering. With a feral snarl, one order issued from him.

She obeyed. Her mouth parting as she accepted him. He pushed into her wet cavern, immediately wanting to close his eyes as enjoyment raced up his spine. But he didn’t – he couldn’t possibly pull his gaze from the angelic sight before him. He watched her like a predator to prey, thrusting roughly into her mouth again and again, deeper with every stroke of his hips.

She was beautiful, delightfully his, and completely at his mercy. It was how he liked it, and she knew it, and that was why she was sucking so delectably on the stiffness of his erection.

His hands were too still. They suddenly slid over her skin, burning fire into her veins as they pushed down, down, until they touched a heat that was more passionate than that of her mouth. As his long fingers dipped into her womanhood, the hum of her moan wrapped around his staff. She arched her back, sucking more roughly as he took thrust his fingers in and out, again and again, deeper and deeper until she was at her breaking point. And then, he stopped.

He stopped everything: the movement of his hips to that of his hands. It made her crazy with want, but the fierceness of her opened eyes only increased the buzz of thought within his head. He knew of only one thing, and that was how badly he was going to take her.

He pulled away in a rush of motion, leaving her cold and bare and panting on the sheets. But he didn’t part for very long, and was soon nestled between her aching legs, in a position that had her itching for movement. He didn’t sink into her at once. Rather, he pressed his tip against her in a slow, teasing action that had her glaring his way. A smirk flashed across his mouth; his eyes bore into hers, amethyst purple against honeyed brown. His voice, when he spoke, was huskier than she’d ever heard it, and it sent shivers racing throughout the entirety of her body.

“Do not look away from my eyes.” And then he was inside.

It took every ounce of self control to do as he said. She wanted to close her lids and fall into blank passion. She wanted to just feel him rocking against her. But with their gazes completely locked, Eliana was forced to remain on a plain of awareness, half sinking into blindness but mostly clamped to powerful reality. It was mind-blowingly riveting; something that she’d never experienced.

She couldn’t look down to watch their connected bodies; couldn’t loose herself in the desire building up within her. With her lover towering over her, dominating her roughly and utterly, Eliana couldn’t do anything but wait for the passion to come to an end.

It did, sooner than she’d thought. Every thrust of his hips forced himself deeper within her core; his large, powerful hands pushed her down as she primitively tried to meet him halfway. His mouth was whispering words to her in his native tongue, but her mind was so immersed in the moment that she could neither completely hear nor understand them, and they passed over her ears in a wasted manner that still seemed to rile up her desire.

Though the height of passion seemed to rush at them in a hapless fashion, it still took a long time to actually progress to absolute unity. The two intermingled bodies writhed together, faces close and eyes still locked tauntingly. Their pants, hers especially, raced out to mingle with his. When they finally did reach their peak – when they transcended to a world that was neither heaven nor earth – their very souls seemed to twist together. Gasps fled from lips; nails raked on skin; hips scourged hips and bruises formed in the essence of the moment.

It was over all too soon. Once the heat of his seed as perforated her core, they were reduced to two panting entities, curled together with their gazes still passionately stayed.

Eliana could hardly breathe. Her fingers raced down his back gently, as though silently apologizing for the damage she’d no doubt caused. He didn’t seem to care about said damage, however, because he had caused his fair share of bruises upon her body. He finally broke their heavy stare as he kissed her, intimately twisting his mouth with hers before moving his lips to kiss the various bruises that were scattered around her arms and legs. She giggled all the way.

As he moved back up to wrap her into his arms, smiling brightly once more and looking all too satiated, Eliana could think only grin. She pressed a soft kiss to his chest before snuggling up to his warmth. She threw a leg over his and brought their lower bodies together intimately. She wound her arms around his waist and pulled him as close as she could. Russian mornings were different, but Eliana realized that life simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

Silently, she felt him press a kiss into her hair.

моя Любовь: my Love

доброе утро: Good morning



  1. I love your lemons!!! they are so ASDFGHJKL:'
    would you mind making me a Russia lemon? If you will my oc name is laiken.

  2. I love this site, although I wish there were more Ruusia lemons. Have you ever thought about adding 2p lemons?