Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Takeshi Yamamoto Lemon -- Afternoon Rush

Character: Yamamoto Takeshi

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Setsuna Ayase

“Can I get you anything?”

Setsuna glanced up from the menu. A broad smile split across her face at the sight of her server, even though she was far from surprised. She came to this restaurant every day after school, after all, and it was all for one reason. “Hmm...the usual, I think.”

A delicious smile spread over Takeshi’s face at her remark, and he leaned forward ever so slightly from across the counter. His voice, when he next used it, was light and airy, and showcased his excitement, “Take a seat and I’ll go ring up your order.” He then disappeared into the kitchen to no doubt get her request.

As she waited, Setsuna looked around. It wasn’t very busy that day – there were a few tables filled with kids presumably from school. They were in their uniforms and looked to be around her age, maybe slightly younger. Other than them, the shop was practically empty.

Memories began playing in her mind, reminding her of all the other times she had come here after school let out. The last time, about a week ago, had been by far the best. She had missed her usual time due to an overly long practice at school, and by the time she had entered the shop, the Yamamoto’s were getting ready to close up. She’d spent the rest of her evening helping them out. Needless to say, she’d never had so much fun working in her life.

Setsuna was brought from her thoughts as soon as she caught sight of Takeshi’s obsidian hair coming toward her. He was wearing that naive smile again, and it made her grin just to see it. He looked more than cute with that apron tied about his waist. A dangerous shiver raced down her spine.

“Will that be all?” he wondered, brushing his fingers with hers as he set the sushi in her hands. His eyes were twinkling, and she knew that he was aware of what he was doing to her. Takeshi wasn’t was stupid as people often thought he was. She smirked at the thought and shrugged delicately, putting on her flirtatious face, “I think you’ve missed something vital.”

He immediately grinned, gaze roving her face before locking on her mouth. He leaned forward, and she was met with his signature scent. Her mind was already gone before his lips had even found hers.

His kiss was like silk, melding against her with care. She couldn’t stop her fingers from reaching up to cup his cheek, nor her arms from encircling his neck. Setsuna didn’t think he minded, though, because in response, he deepened their kiss. It was quickly making her want to loose the space between them.

Evidently, Takeshi felt the same way. His hands grasped her wrists, gentle and promising as he slowly pulled away from the kiss. When she brought her eyes to meet his, his gaze was filled with desire. She suppressed an aggravated groan.

“I...don’t suppose you could – “ she was cut off by another quick kiss. Her eyes flickered closed immediately and she reveled in the lingering feeling of his mouth. His breath wavered over her, sending delightful tingles up and down her neck. His voice was husky and filled with want, “I’ll meet you upstairs in five minutes.” And that was that.

Five minutes dragged out torturously when one was waiting for something impatiently. Setsuna sighed and rested her head against her lover’s pillow, breathing in his mesmerizing scent. Before she had wandered into Takeshi’s bedroom, she had been quick to peek her head into all the other rooms of the apartment. She already knew that she was alone, but it made her feel better to be absolutely positive.

By the fourth minute, Setsuna was impatiently removing clothes. She wanted him quickly and didn’t want to waste any time on foreplay. As she leaned back onto the bed, a breathy sigh left her parted lips. She was getting turned on, and he wasn’t even in the room. The things he did to her...

Evidently, Takeshi had the same train of thought as she did, for when he finally wandered into the bedroom, his shirt was already gone and his fingers were working roughly on the button of his pants. He glanced up at her, soft blush immediately sprouting upon his cheeks when he noticed the lack of clothing on her lithe form. Her bra and panties were lacy and white, defining an innocence that he knew she only sometimes had. Now was not one of those times.

“Takeshi,” she grinned cheekily, getting up from the bed to saunter over to him. Was it just him, or was she moving her hips a little more than she needed? His pants were already feeling tight... “You’re two minutes late. That means I’m going to have to punish you,” she pouted, as though the idea made her unhappy. If not for the excited spark dwelling within her chocolate eyes, Takeshi might have been fooled. As it was, however, his body only traitorously reacted as shivers raced down his spine. Blood rushed to the area just between his legs; his eyes darkened with promise and lust; he could hardly take the feel of Setsuna’s light fingers roving around his bare chest.

He could think of a few things he’d like to do at the moment. Who needed a bed when you had a desk? He’d push her over it, hovering above her submissive form and show her who really had the dominance. He’d enter her swiftly from behind and – a mouth cut him off, and arms wrapped themselves around his neck. Setsuna’s kiss made him loose all thought; he immediately lost himself in the swirling passion. His hands got to work as they enveloped her back.

He hummed against her lips, eyes sparking as they connected with hers, and grinned his normal, naive smile. This time, the naivety was somehow intermingled with knowledge and desire. “What’s my punishment then?”

His words had Setsuna grinning. She leaned up to brush her lips over his smoothly as her hands dragged down his chest. For a moment, Takeshi had to close his eyes due to the intense shivers that accompanied her rough touches, but when her hands got to the pants that were still clinging to his hips, he couldn’t help but gaze at her in satisfaction.

She was quick to rid himself of those stupid jeans. They slid off his hips easily and fell to the ground. As soon as they were gone, no more attention were paid to them. Now, it was all given to his boxers, which still hung delicately about his waist.

Setsuna hummed and nuzzled her nose against his growing erection. She kissed it through the boxers while her fingers delicately touched the elastic above. Takeshi was hard now, so hard that he was absolutely beside himself with need. He rocked his hips into her face, blatantly hinting that she remove his last article of clothing and pleasure him more substantially. Whether she got the hint or not – he figured she did. It was pretty obvious – Setsuna didn’t completely acquiesce. She smoothly eased his boxers down, locking her gaze to the stiff length of his cock for a moment, and then leaned forward to teasingly press a soft kiss to his inner thigh. He inhaled sharply and couldn’t remember how to breath out.

It was probably highly uncomfortable, sporting such a significant erection, and Takeshi knew that Setsuna was aware of his discomfort. Still, she didn’t take him into her mouth like he wanted. No amount of rocking seemed to change her mind.

“Setsuna...” his strangled plea made her smirk. She sighed and hummed again, finally licking the tip of his swollen manhood. He immediately responded, gasping and grabbing at her hair to shove her dick farther into her. She allowed him, sucking fitfully as her tongue wove and darted across silky skin. She could taste him prominently and it was making her ache more and more for him. Before long, she pulled away from the intense need that was pounding between her legs.

“Takeshi,” she shot a look at him when he opened his mouth to argue, and he was immediately silenced. She knew very well what he saw within her eyes, and she knew that it was the reason he allowed her to move away from his twitching staff. “God, Takeshi,” she leaned up to kiss him, pressing her breasts against him and curling her body completely to his, “I really need you...”

That was all she had to say, it seemed. The bed was forgotten - as well as the desk – as they sunk to the floor, lips moving furiously as fingers tangled into hair. Her panties, which were still latched to her womanhood, were thrown aside and replaced by Takeshi’s long, hard, silky cock as he rubbed against her. She let out a moan and their eyes connected – sparks flew between them, bodies writhed as his tip dug into her – and finally, his large hands dragged her hips down, effectively ramming deeply into her pounding flower.

Moans immediately sprouted from parted, bruised lips. Takeshi’s back hit the cold wooden floor; his chest heaved; his hips thrust and writhed automatically. Setsuna collapsed on his body, wildly freeing her breathy sighs and moans as she leaned down to kiss him. His hands guided her around him, gently and yet roughly. They felt liberated and free.

“T-Take...shi....Takeshi! Mmmm~”

It was all he could do not to release himself into her. Those breathy sounds coming from her mouth were making it difficult for him to kept his self control. A heavy, lustful grunt left his throat as their eyes connected once more in fitful passion. Breathless, Setsuna whimpered, “I’m gonna cum! Takeshi...I’m gonna....”

He grunted again, ramming into her more roughly than before, and nodded, silently telling her that he, too, was ready to release. They quickly began falling together towards bliss.

“Ohhh~!” she buried her face in the conjuncture of his neck and came, letting her fluids dance with his as their hips moved recklessly as though to catch up. His semen shot straight into her, filling her up with a warmth like no other. He wanted to squeeze his eyes shut tightly – fall completely into the bliss and forget who he was – but he didn’t want to loose sight of the beauty before him. Setsuna was gorgeous when she came. It made his heart swell with manly pride at the realization that he had done this to her. Him.

Finally, they both rushed back to reality, only to find themselves on the cold, hard floor of Takeshi’s room. As they adjusted to their surroundings, they realized that the bedroom door hadn’t been fully closed. A small giggle erupted from Setsuna’s lips. “It’s a good thing your father’s still downstairs.”

He hummed, blushing at the thought of being interrupted in such an embarrassing way, and sat up. Their naked forms stayed together for a moment as they kissed gently, slowly, as though thanking the other for the intense pleasure that had been given.

“Well,” she pressed another kiss to his neck before getting up and dragging him with her. The door was closed a moment later, and her eyes took on that sparked, dominant look that had Takeshi shivering again. “I think we should clean ourselves up with a nice, hot shower, hmm?”

She didn’t bother waiting for him; she was confident that even Takeshi could say no to that. It looked as though they’d be united a while longer.