Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Aido Hanabusa Baby Daddy -- Control: Lost

Character: Aido Hanabusa

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Miki, wavy black hair, purple eyes

Inspiration: Parties, ball gowns, and Taylor Swift ^o^

// Prologue //

The swish of twirling dresses, the crescendo of brass instruments, and the delicate, tinkling murmurs of the guests filled the ball room. The atmosphere was thick with excitement as lovers kissed for the first time. Eyes flashed in happiness as vampires passed each other, cordiality heavy in their gazes.

In one gaze in particular, said admiration reigned. Toward the back of the ball room, amidst his group of friends, Aido Hanabusa’s eyes remained locked across the hall. He was so taken by the woman he stared at that he didn’t even realize he was being spoken to.

Kain nudged his cousin, rolling his eyes, “Aido...since you don’t seem to be listening, why don’t you go ask her to dance?”

Finally jolting from his daze, the blonde vampire turned a playfully haughty gaze to Kain, “I don’t know what you’re talking about...” but began moving away from him, heeding his words in a way that only he could.

From the other side of the room, Miki was well aware of their exchange. She’d felt her lover’s gaze on long before, and could still feel it as he advanced toward her. Laughing with mirth, she excused herself from the conversation she was having with an elder vampire and walked toward him.

They met each other in the center of the dance floor, and silently agreed to partake in the music. Aido reached out to grasp her hand lightly, brushing her lips over her knuckles as she giggled. Gracefully, they melded into the song.

“You look lovely tonight,” he told her, eyes twinkling. It was the fifth or sixth time he’d told her that night. She laughed and thanked him, allowing him to twirl her on the floor before catching her. His arms slipped around her form and brought her close to his chest.

She could think of no better way to spend the evening than in his arms, but her thoughts soon changed as his hands began slinking farther and farther down her waist. She wondered if anyone noticed around them, and was pleased to see everyone still caught up in their own little worlds. She turned her attention back to her lover, just as his lips came into contact with her neck.

“Mm...Aido, this isn’t exactly an ideal place...” but she didn’t pull away from him, because it felt so good being with him. His tongue darted out to brush over her jugular vein and she nearly melted.

He chuckled, breath wavering over her wet skin as he moved his mouth higher. He kissed the hollow below her ear and felt her shiver. “That’s never stopped us before.” It was true, at least. Aido seemed to have a bad habit of lusting after her during busy functions, and she seemed to have a bad habit of not being able to resist him. Though it certainly increased the danger of being caught, Miki couldn’t deny that said danger was what made being with Aido so fun.

She gripped his arms, trying to steady the frantic beating of her heart, “If you keep doing that,” she shivered against him, “I’m going to loose all my control.” She had a feeling he liked hearing that more than he should have.

“Go on, then,” he murmured, pulling away to look at her in the eye. His cerulean orbs were pooling with dangerous emotions. “Lose control.”

Damn. She could already feel it waning.

// How It Happened //

Her back hit the wall harshly, and the loud thump was followed by whispering voices as Miki fervently told her lover to be quiet. Aido cut her off with a kiss, and she immediately forgot what they were arguing about. She sunk against him, trapped between his hard chest and the wall as he ravished her. The danger that saturated the air about them only made it better.

They could vaguely hear the remnants of the party going on downstairs, but neither cared enough to react. His hold was gentle and warm, and filled with admiration as he kissed her. Only she could reign his wild attitude in. He’d only allow her to let him feel this way.

Her fingers reached up to tangle into his hair, pulling his head farther to hers as she deepened the kiss. Her back arched into him, but she was quickly pushed back into the wall by Aido as he groaned. In a flurry of dominance, he pushed his lower body to hers.

Miki gasped out when she felt his erection. It was all too much – the feelings he was enforcing were making her head spin endlessly. She didn’t feel grounded at all, but rather flying freely through a strange, murky sort of reality that was filled with her lover’s touch, scent, and love.

She felt protests die on her tongue as he returned his lips to hers. All thought of being caught ebbed away, until it was only him and her, and the wall in which she was currently pressed against. She had a feeling that was all it was going to be, and the thought only made her kiss him more fiercely as she surrendered.

His hands gripped her tightly and pulled her in, no doubt leaving bruises scattered about her hips. She didn’t care: all she could think about was never breaking their kiss; never parting from his warmth; never letting this immense love wither.

“A-Aido...” she moaned feebly as she felt him unzip her dress. His hands were warm on her bare back. Rivulets of tender romance sprang up her spine. “Mmm...I love you.”

There was a slight pause as he processed her words, and then suddenly everything became even more heated as his hands worked furiously on the rest of her dress. His response was in the way he kissed her; it was in the way he met her gaze; it was in his movements as he slowly slid the rest of her gown to the floor. She melted against him, feeling naked to his eyes, and couldn’t help but say those words again and again as she leaned into him.

When he slid into her, he was hard and ready. Her inner walls tightened around him and sent pleasure cascading over his body. He thrust slowly, hands latched to her backside as he pushed her against the wall. Her fingers locked into his hair as she moaned.

If ever there was a feeling more intense and blissful than being one with a man, Miki didn’t know what it was. She was blown away by his actions, words, and kisses. Her head spun fast, increasing with every hint of movement. The sound of their moans and thrusts empowered them to continue.

And then, finally, it was over, and they were collapsing back into a reality that wasn’t murky or centered around her lover. In a way, it was even better. His touch, scent, and love wrapped around her in a cocoon, and her mind was put to rest.

// How You Told Him //

Miki shifted in her seat. She was feeling different, but it wasn’t exactly a bad sort of feeling. Rather, it melded various emotions into one package, so that she felt excitement, nervousness, and confusion all at once.

She tried to pay attention to the teacher, but it was hard to do. One reason – the main one, actually – that she was so unfocused was Aido. He was sitting beside her, looking all too innocent but actually playing the devil. His hand, which had crept up her thigh during the lecture, wasn’t just distracting: it was mind blowing.

Her attempts at stopping him were halfhearted. Had she not been entirely too used to his personality, then she might have been offended. It was a good thing that she, too, enjoyed his flare for danger. What was unfortunate was the other things going on.

She had something of great importance to tell him, and she wasn’t sure how he’d take it. It was hard to tell him when he was acting like this, practically seducing her in her seat! She swallowed thickly and glanced over at him. He was looking straight ahead, but the gleam in his eye made it clear that he knew of her distraction. His mouth tilted up.

“Aido,” she breathed, so silently that only he could hear. He glanced over at her in curiosity and she smirked. She would get him back for teasing her in public~! “I’m pregnant.”

Everything stopped. Er, well, at least everything between them. The lecture continued, as did the faithful note writing that the other vampires were taking part in. What stopped was the movement on his hand on her thigh, and the shifting of his body in his seat, and his very breath.

He stared at her with wide eyes, and she stared evenly back. The emotions that she’d struggled with seemed to have clung to Aido, for he now looked confused and excited and nervous. “...What?”

She smirked. Shrugged delicately, she leaned back, looking straight ahead and pretending to listen to the teacher. Aido wouldn’t have any of that, though. He followed her as she leaned back, and, unaware of the attention he was drawing, pressed his mouth to hers in a rather scandalous kiss.

Miki figured that he was probably happy. (Otherwise he wouldn’t be making out with her in class, she guessed.) She grinned against his lips and the rest of the world melted away, until it was only him and her.

It was a shame that kissing during the lecture wasn’t allowed...they only hoped it would be ok during detention.

// Epilogue //

The ballroom was alight with laughter and music. Dancers twirled together on the dance floor, lovers kissed, and light chortles emerged from conversations. It was a rather happy affair, especially for one family in particular. Birthdays were important days, for the most part, especially when one was the son of Aido Hanabusa and his wife.

“Eiji, do you know where Masao is?” Masao, the eldest, was turning eight that day.

The four year old shook his head, thumb in his mouth, and Miki sighed. She turned to her husband, “I can’t find him anywhere - “

Aido cut her off with a swift kiss, and she glowered at him. “Don’t worry,” he chortled, “I’m sure Masao is nearby. Probably with Kain.”

Miki groaned and leaned down to pick up her second eldest son, “It’s almost time for the cake, and he needs to be here for that. Would you go look for him again?” The plead of her voice made him roll his eyes.

If Miki had thought that marrying Aido would reign in his wild personality, she’d been wrong. He was still just as he was when they’d been attending Cross Academy – maybe even more so.

He plucked Eiji from her arms and handed the docile child to a passing servant, ignoring his wife as she glared at him. “Now,” he turned back, smiling in his signature suave manner, “Since Kain’s with Masao, Eiji is taken care of, and Shou is asleep, I think it’s high time that you and I find a private room and – “ He groaned as she stepped on his foot.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she told him, trying to find the servant that was holding Eiji. Aido pouted beside her. “This is our own son’s birthday party. We can’t just crash it.”

Unfortunately, Aido didn’t see eye to eye with her. He tugged her close to him and she was momentarily caught off guard at the proximity of their bodies. His hand crept down her back and latched to a rather indignant place, making her inhale sharply at his audacity. He merely sent her another innocent grin and placed a lingering kiss on her mouth. He could practically see her willpower breaking.

“Damn it,” she softly cursed. She didn’t stop her hands from creeping up his neck. When they were tangled in his hair, she pulled him back for another kiss. This time, it lasted a little bit longer. “I think I’m going to lose control.”

Aido smirked at the familiar line and drew her closer. As he pressed their bodies together, he said only two words. “Lose it.”

Jesus. It was already gone.


Monday, November 28, 2011

A Kaname Kuran Lemon -- Satin And Scarlett

Character: Kaname Kuran

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Charmaine, petit, long white hair

Inspiration: A date gone awry...or that was what it was supposed to be, anyway. ^-^'

The room was silent, save for the breezy sound of a page turning. It was a dark, wintry evening. The snow was thick on the ground and the wind shattered against the outside of the dorm housing. The Night class was huddled up within said dorms. Rather than going to classes, they opted for a warmer, more pleasant way to spend the night. It was lucky that Headmaster Cross didn’t mind.

Charmaine turned another page of her book, brown eyes scanning the words quickly. She was curled up on the cushioned window seat, head leaning against the dark glass as her long fingers grasped her book. The lights were dim and gave her just enough sight to interpret the words.

She pulled at the blanket laying over her in an offhanded, lazy manner. It was such a day that she enjoyed being alone. The other vampires would only annoy her. She felt perfectly content staying in her warm, quiet room. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t stay quiet for very long.

Charmaine softly groaned, throwing a bookmark into the pages of her book and hopping off the window seat. She wrapped her blanket tighter around her and swiftly walked to her door, finally pulling it open. The man who’d been knocking was not someone she’d expected...but she didn’t complain.

“Kaname!” a soft smile tugged at her mouth. He stood just beyond the threshold, peering at her from beneath long lashes. His eyes held a strange sort of emotion, but flooded with happiness as soon as their gazes caught. “I thought you were speaking with Headmaster Cross?”

He nodded, and she stepped aside to allow him entrance. The door was shut behind him. “I’ve just returned. Ichijo is wrapping it up.” He turned to her, eyes quickly flashing over her form, and finally held his arms out to her. His invitation was rare, especially amid the recent hectic lifestyle the Night class had been balancing with. She smiled and walked into his embrace.

He smelled heavenly, like pine. She buried her face into his chest and inhaled, feeling her heartbeat slow as his soothing touch enveloped her. He brought her closer to him, pressing her against him, and she murmured, “I feel honored that you’d come to me before any other.” There was only a slight hint of teasing in her voice, but Kaname was quick to pick up on it. A tiny grin flashed across his face, though she couldn’t see. His grip tightened around her.

The relationship between the two vampires was different. Around the others, they were only acquaintances. She was not a pureblood, and therefore shouldn’t have merited any concern of Kaname’s. However, she had – she did – and so as soon as they found themselves alone, they changed from mere acquaintances to fierce lovers. It was the danger that followed their ties that kept their feelings so strong. That, and the excitement of the others company, the love of the others embrace, and the concern of the others well-being. Such things were felt when one was in love.

Charmaine was pleasantly surprised when Kaname began kissing her skin, moving his lips across the tender flesh of her shoulder. He didn’t often partake in physical indulgences, because they seldom found time alone without it being suspicious, and so she reveled in the feelings he was quickly consuming her with. Her head tipped back in a satisfied way and his mouth converged on the newly revealed skin. His hands gripped her waist tighter.

“You don’t have to be anywhere?” she wondered, knowing how busy his schedule normally was. The blanket dropped to the ground, exposing her limited clothing. A silk robe was wrapped around her body, and it was obvious that underneath, she was bare. Kaname seemed to like that thought. He pulled away to ravish her with his eyes.

“I do,” he drawled, taking his time as he gazed at her. When he finally reached her eyes, he saw the blush upon her cheeks, and the question in her eyes. His mouth quirked up. “But I’m not going anywhere,” he finished, and then proceeded to step closer and place a gentle kiss to her mouth.

He didn’t want to pull away. She was so warm and welcoming. Her body was calling out to him in the softest of ways, and he was ready to take her here, in the middle of the room, even though there was a bed not ten feet away.

“Go close the curtains,” he murmured, voice thick with lust. Her eyes flashed at the sound of it, but she headed his words and went to pull the drapes over the dark glass. If anyone saw them, the repercussions would be unspeakable.

When Charmaine turned around after closing the shades, Kaname had already found his way to the satin covered bed. He was sitting on it was though it was his – indeed, it practically was – and it sent excited shivers racing through her body. She slowly advanced toward him, slipping her pale fingers into the tie of her robe and undoing it.

Kaname watched with rapt attention as the silk began to fall. Her bare shoulders were revealed first, and then the fabric sunk past her full breasts, over her round hips, until it had curled on the floor. His gaze traveled over her and he saw her shiver. That one movement challenged his self control, which was already dangling on the edge of a knife. It toppled as soon as Charmaine was an arm’s distance from him.

He caught her waist, flesh on flesh, and brought her close. Her knees dipped into the mattress on either side of his legs, so that she was hovering above him, straddling him. He leaned back, hands holding his weight up, and stared at her. He wanted her to start the passion, and she didn’t disappoint.

She didn’t kiss him, though she dearly wanted to. Instead, she pushed her hands to his chest, lightly grazing over his covered chest before snapping the buttons loose. He was wearing a smooth white dress shirt, but it was soon being pushed over the bed as she pulled it off.

She was quick to feel the revealed skin. Her mouth pressed against his chest; her nails scraped down to his pants, and she was overcome by the desire to strip him completely.

All the while, he watched her, eyes filling with a rising desire. She glanced up, locked her gaze with his, and then slowly pushed him back onto the mattress. Without bothering to wait, she began pulling his belt off.

He grunted at her brash actions, pleased that she was obviously feeling the heat just as much as he was. It had been so long since they’d fallen into passion, and the nagging desire to take her quickly and effortlessly seemed to be mirrored within her, as well.

She forcefully pulled his pants off, until they found a place on the ground beside the shirt. He was ready for her, so ready that it made her gasp in surprise when she caught sight of his manhood. He sat up slightly, not wanting to miss the delicious sight of her so close to him, and felt the thin control he’d gotten back splinter. A moment later, he was flipping her around, pressing her back into the pillows as his mouth ravished hers.

His tongue forced its way past her lips and he tasted her. She moaned against him, arms locking around his neck and pressing her breasts to his hot skin. There was only one thing on their minds now, and their bodies couldn’t seem to go fast enough. A feeble order fell from her mouth as he kissed her. “Take me now...take me, Kaname!” And he knew that he could wait no longer. His hard shaft pushed into her just as his teeth sunk into her neck.

The combination made his heart swell in excitement. She cried out, her pain muffled by his rough mouth, and threw her legs around his waist. He jolted against her, hips moving with hers as her blood spilled into his mouth. Soon, she was moaning and writhing in what could only be described as pure bliss.

Though Kaname was technically draining her of her blood, and in doing so, her strength, Charmaine felt better than ever. Being with him, tangled up in him, made her feel so satisfied. She could never feel this way with any other man, vampire or human alike.

Her eyes slipped closed as she was pushed farther and farther into the mattress by her lover’s powerful thrusts. The way he handled her was rough, but so intrinsic and undeniably passionate that she could hardly take it. She was so close – so near to the edge...

Perhaps it was the look in Kaname’s eyes when he raised his head to hers, or the blood that lustfully dripped down his chin. Whichever, as soon as Charmaine caught sight of the emotions dwelling within his darkened eyes, she lost herself. His name pushed from her lips in a tantalizing manner. She clutched at him, drawing him into a soft kiss as they tumbled off the edge together.

The moments that followed were blissfully lazy. His seed filled her with a heat like no other; his grip softened like a liquified promise; his mouth, resting lightly on hers, began to move gingerly. Slowly, they sunk back to a reality just as good as the one they were just in.

He sighed into their kiss and lowered himself down, bringing her arms up to hold her gently against him.

The room remained silent, save for the wavering breaths of the two lovers.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Shigure Sohma Lemon -- Coffee Break

Character: Shigure Sohma

Fandom: Fruits Basket

OC: Mitsuki Kugimiya

Inspiration: Coffee pfhh

Shigure Sohma did not have a strict schedule for his work. He’d often stay up late in his writing, fabricating new chapters like only he could. As a result, he usually slept in until noontime before he bothered getting ready for the day. That was why Mitsuki was often confused as to when she should enter his room to do her daily cleaning.

Mitsuki was a maid from the main house. She normally served under Akito, but due to some personal issues, she was staying at Shigure’s house for the next few months. She was aware of what the family was, and she also knew that she didn’t mind. (In her eyes, Shigure was a dog through and through anyway, and she didn’t just mean the real thing.)

She peered into the dark room, balancing a tray of coffee in the crook of one arm whilst her free one pushed open the door. It was 11:30 in the morning, so there was a chance that the man had not woken up yet. As it so happened – she thanked the heavens for the luck – Shigure was indeed awake, and sitting in his desk chair, typing away diligently. As she stepped in, he glanced up.

“Ahhh Mitsuki,” he pronounced his name as though he was tired, and he certainly looked it. There were slight bags under his eyes – remnants of a sleepless night – and his hair was mussed up as though he’d only just rolled out of bed. She held down a shy blush at the sight of him, tried to tell herself that she didn’t think he was adorably cute, and moved forward to give him his coffee.

“You should get more sleep,” she gently chided, pouring him a steaming cup. She didn’t look at his bed, which was messy and unmade, because that would divert the rest of her mind to thoughts better left alone. Another soft blush shone on her delicate cheeks.

Shigure waved her words away as only he could. His hair fell into his eyes as he leaned forward, long fingers clasping around the mug and bringing it to him. He caressed the warm porcelain for a moment, as though contemplating some great matter, and then brought the rim to his lips to take a sip. His actions, though not unnatural, seemed so extraordinary to her.

“Are you working on your manuscript?” she wondered, gathering sugar and creamer. If he was busy, she’d come back later to clean so as not to disturb him. But no, he said, he wasn’t. Did he want her to leave? No, no. That’s quite alright. Being with him gave him inspiration. (That, in turn, made her blush intensify as the heat curled up her neck.) She finally decided that doing some cleaning wouldn’t hurt, and hopefully it would take her mind off of those wicked thoughts involving that bed.

Unfortunately, it did not. She could feel his eyes on her as she wound about the room, plucking clothes from off the floor and adding it to the pile within the hamper. When she opened the curtains and saw the light that streamed in, she could hear Shigure’s frustrated groan, and it sent shivers racing through her. Frustration was very apparent within herself, as well. Her mind was transfixed on that single piece of furniture, and on what she wanted to do with the man who resided in the room.

“Mitsuki....come here a moment, would you?”

She turned to him, unsure as to why he called her over, and gingerly stepped toward him. She tried to ignore the way he was sitting, all slouched in his seat with his head leaning against the back of the chair. He looked downright sexy sitting there, pen in hand, deep brown, all-seeing eyes transfixed upon every movement she made. Shivers raced down her spine.

“What I’m writing isn’t...exactly my manuscript,” he confided, lips twitching up in a deadly smirk. His demeanor had changed from being light and airy to being sexy and dangerous, and it was that change that had Mitsuki floundering for something to hold onto. There was nothing except the edge of his desk, smooth beneath her clammy grasp as she leaned heavily on it.

“W-What is it?” she cursed herself for sounding so weak. He smirked wider.

He hummed and leaned forward, resting his chin on his palm as he stared at her. For a moment, she thought he might not respond. His eyes dipped over her figure slowly, memorizing every curve and plane. Finally, he reached her eyes, his voice gruff when he said, “What I’m writing had more of an erotic nature, I guess you could say.” He looked highly amused at the red blush that he caught on her cheeks. “Would you like to read some of it?”

Mitsuki wasn’t entirely sure what Shigure was getting at. She only knew that he could be a sly dog when he wanted to – no pun intended, of course – and that she should be careful. She would have been, except that the thrill of danger that surrounded him was making her lightheaded and desperate with want. She accidentally threw said care to the wind. The thought of what she may obtain was far more pleasant that cleaning a room. She proceeded to walk – erm, stumble – around the desk to where Shigure was sitting.

He didn’t really give her a chance to read his work, but that didn’t surprise her. She was waiting to be swept away by him – waiting to be pulled into his arms and made to forget whatever was going on before – and he didn’t fail her. A moment later, she was sitting in his lap and his mouth was ravishing hers in a way that was unfamiliar and entirely too pleasant.

“Mmm! Shi-gure...” she pulled away slowly, breathing heavily even after only a moment of the kiss. She was lightheaded and flustered; her cheeks were flared with a heavy blush. He wrapped his arms around her waist, taking his time as his eyes flickered over her flushing face. Amusement played within the cool brown of his eyes.

“Are y-you sure – mmmph!” the force of his kiss snapped her out of reality altogether and threw her into a dreamworld of their own creation. Her fingers scrabbled uselessly against his chest, finally reaching up to grasp at the black strands of his silky hair. She lost herself in the movement of their lips, molding together so passionately. He smirked into the kiss. “I should be the one asking you that,” he murmured, voice thick with lust, and she suddenly felt her breath fly from her throat.

The bright light of the room had to be dealt with. Why had she opened that stupid curtain?! It took all her willpower to pull away from him, but she knew that it would be well worth her while. She looked at him, eyes smoldering into his, and saw mirrored desire flare within his gaze. Her long fingers wound around his wrists and she pulled him up, never breaking the eye contact.

Finally, she turned, walking to the curtain and throwing the blinds back up. Immediately, darkness converged upon the room. Danger sizzled in the air. She turned slowly, feeling bolder than usual, and stepped lithely toward him. The desire in his eyes was much more pronounced now. He regarded her in a way that made shivers run through her body.

When she reached him, everything seemed to stop. The connection of their eyes shown with passion and the need for satiation. He drew her into a kiss that seemed to last forever, and it was the desire to make it last that drove Mitsuki to a stand still. She allowed him to kiss her; allowed him to hold her, and in return, returned his affections as no one else ever had.

Shigure hadn’t known they were stepping backwards until the edge of his bed hit his legs. He fell back in surprise, breaking their kiss momentarily as Mitsuki followed him down. When she had comfortably situated herself between his legs, he brought her back.

His hands ran over her body, down the planes of her back and over the curve of her hips. They latched themselves to her thighs and tugged her down, pressing her against his lower body. When she felt his obvious erection through their clothes, she let out a timid sort of gasp that drove him wild.

It was that gasp that was, perhaps, that catalyst of the rest of their passion. Shigure was suddenly overcome by the desire to get rid of her clothes and see her completely bare. He kissed her roughly, rolling her over and hovering above her. His hands quickly got to work.

Mitsuki had never felt so excited than she did now. She could feel his warm hands all over her, sneaking beneath her skirt and unzipping the back of her dress; running down her stocking clad legs; pressing against her full breasts. When he had finally slid her outfit off and tipped it over the side of the bed, however, she found herself feeling even more amazing than she had seconds before.

Her back arched as he touched her intimately. Her heart rammed against her chest and she was at a loss for words. She could only tilt her head back and moan, allowing her expressions and noises to show him how blissful he was making her feel.

He kissed her neck and then moved his mouth downward, slinking his tongue over her taut nipple whilst his hand massaged her other breast. He was getting really hard, listening to those breathy little moans, but he wanted to take it slow and make her want him as much as he wanted her.

When his lips left her breast and he began traveling down, past the planes of her stomach to other, more sacred areas, the tension in the air was obvious. She stared down at him, eyes wide and expressive, and he had to battle with the sudden desire to return to the comfort of her lips.

The tension evaporated instantly, though, when his tongue traced over her womanhood. She threw her head back and let loose a moan that had him panting lustfully. Her encouragement, and the delicious taste of her was what prompted him to continue. He thrust his tongue into her and nibbled at the tender flesh, hearing her breathy moans escalate into fuller, more pronounced noises.

After a few short minutes, Shigure couldn’t take the pressure any longer. His shaft was rock hard and ready, and all he wanted was to sheath it within her and make her scream his name. He crawled back up her body, kissed her fiercely, and did just that.

The first time he slammed his manhood into her, she hissed a little with pain. He tried to take it slow – let her get used to the feeling – but she was so tight around him, and he was so hard, that he couldn’t stop himself from ramming back into her a moment later. She hissed again.

He groaned in her ear as he moved his hips, feeling empowered and bold and naked all at once. He felt her wrap her arms around him and figured that she’d gotten used to the feeling. Pressing a kiss to her collar, he picked up the pace.

It had been a long time since he’d made love, but the wait seemed to have paid itself off. The woman below him was beautiful. She moaned his name, called out for him, and he was there. Their lips met in a sloppy but passionate kiss, accentuated by the rough movements of their lower bodies.

He could feel himself swelling within her, so ready to release and yet not wanting to. He wanted to stay in this position forever, always buried inside her and always showing her his love. He wanted her to always moan his name, always hear her feeble, breathy noises.

“Shigure...Shigure, ahmm! Sh-Shi...I’m coming..!” She arched her back, pressing her breasts against his hard chest. She could feel him against her, sliding into her incessantly as he caged her in his arms. She could feel his lips pressing against her skin, everywhere, and then finally meeting her lips in another deep, romantic kiss. She could feel him releasing, shooting his warmth deep within her as he murmured in her ear.

And then, it was all over, and the zinging nerves faded away as he slowly thrust into her, bringing them back to the bed, and the room, and the darkness. She collapsed back, hitting the pillow and closing her eyes. Her chest rose and fell with loud pants. She could still feel him within her and she never wanted him to leave.

He followed her down, nuzzling his face against her neck as he wrapped his arms snugly about her body. She turned into him, drawing her hand over his back in small, comforting circles. The heat of the moment faded away, until they were just two lovers intertwined in a darkened room. The swell of their chests faded away, too, along with the reality they had just taken part in. Only sleep hung in the air: peaceful, unequivocal, passionate sleep.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Hibari Kyoya Baby Daddy -- Little Black Dress

Character: Hibari Kyoya

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Sachie Gozabura, Set in TYL world

Inspiration: Dressing Rooms~

// Prologue //

A summer day in Japan is a blistering, hot day. The clouds aren’t lingering in the blue sky, or blocking the scorching sunshine from the people. It is very uncomfortable and you have to be either on a mission, or utterly insane to step outside. Sachie’s lack of sanity plays a big part, it seems.

“Herbivore...” the warning growl of Hibari’s voice doesn’t faze Sachie – at least not in the way he had hoped it would. She merely glances up at him, eyes wide with an innocence that surprises him.

A small smiles spreads across her face. She doesn’t seem to mind the deathly sun, but rather revels in it as she tips her head back to show her smile to the world. When she speaks, her voice is light and airy, and contrasts to the heavy atmosphere that Hibari had worked up. “We’re almost there, Hi-kun.” Those simple words make him relax.

Hibari has no idea why he is so lenient toward Sachie. Her attitude should annoy him, but he rarely uses his tonfu around her. It is a mystery that everyone seems to know except him, but somehow it doesn’t bother him like he thought it would. Somehow, the mystery of their relationship stays refreshing and interesting.

He glances at her, some black bangs falling into his eyes, and his expression remains neutral as it always is. Something in his gaze flickers with emotion, though, and he isn’t sure what it is or why he is feeling it toward her. It’s like he’s back in high school again, battling with the same, unknown feelings toward the same, strange girl. He’d thought that – after he’d left for a while – he’d stop this annoying excitement. But his heart is still pumping radically, and his palms still feels clammy, and his skin is still tingling from the grip she has on his arm.

“Oh! Here it is! It’s the best dress store in the neighborhood~!” and she pulls him into the modern looking shop.

He is aggravated that she brought him all this way to come dress shopping with her. He’s annoyed that once again, he fell for her smile and didn’t ask questions. But mostly, he’s mad at himself for being such a softie and abandoning his normally cold demeanor.

He sighs, gripping his tonfu as a mode of relief. But he doesn’t draw them, or tap her head with them, or do anything at all, really. He never uses his tonfu against Sachie. He still doesn’t know why.

// How It Happened //

Inside the store, it is cool. It’s a nice relief from the heat of the outside world, and Hibari finds that his anger isn’t as high as it was a moment before. He glances around, but finds the decorations rather boring. When he returns his gaze to Sachie’s face, he doesn’t look away.

She wanders farther into the store, exchanging familiarities to a woman behind the counter. He follows her down an aisle, eyes shifting from dress to dress and seeing none that might be flattering. For Sachie, she seems more excited. Her fingers fly over every hanger, as though making split second decisions as to their worth. Sometimes, she pulls one off the rack, turns to Hibari, and hands it to him. He is annoyed, but merely glares at her. If she sees the glare, she ignores it and continues on.

“What color do you like, Hibari?” she wonders, moving her hands over the fabric of a bright yellow dress. The color reminds her of Hibird, and therefore of Hibari himself. She pulls it from the rack.

At the question, Hibari grunts. He never thinks of such insipid, shallow things. He turns his eyes to what she’s wearing: a tight black shirt with a pair of worn jean shorts. The black color contrasted nicely against her pale skin. After only a moment’s thought, he responds, “Black.” For some reason, he doesn’t want to see her in this silly yellow dress. Black would look good on her – it would give her a certain flare of danger, and that would make her practically irresistible to him.

She giggles and nods, as though unsurprised. Her expression isn’t composed in her normal, emotionless mask, but is rather smiling and happy as they reach the end of the aisle. And then, suddenly Hibari stops, eyes narrowed as he stares at a garment hanging just at the end of their aisle. Sachie glances back at him, gaze curiously following his. He grabs the little black dress from the rack and tosses into the pile. Finally, he raises his eyes to meet hers.

The intensity within his black gaze shocks her. A blush curls up the back of her neck and she quickly looks away from him to stare at the dress.

It is a lacy number, made of silky material that screams ‘desire’. Her blush intensifies, but she cannot deny that the dress looks amazing, and feels amazing. She’s happy that he thinks it would look good on her. Finally, Sachie realizes that she’s staring at him, and she quickly turns away, trying vainly to dispel her blush. The walk to the dressing rooms never felt so long.

Inside the small, enclosed space, Sachie feels strange. Perhaps it’s because she knows that Hibari is standing just outside the wooden door, and that she’s changing so close to him. Perhaps it’s the lacy black dress that’s making her so uncomfortable. She’s saving it for last because she feels that it’s the best, and she wants to feel pleasantly surprised when she tried it on.

The yellow dress isn’t for her. When she shows it to Hibari, he doesn’t seem impressed. It clings to her in all the wrong places, accenting her stomach rather than her bust. She quickly takes it off and slips into a teal colored one.

That one doesn’t impress him either, and she isn’t surprised by it. The color doesn’t contrast enough. It matches the blue streak of her died hair to easily. She peels it off of her and tries again, and again, until she has no choice but to don the black dress.

She isn’t sure what to think when she steps out of the dressing room. She feels self conscious, though, because Hibari isn’t making any disapproving noises like he had before. He merely stares at her, coal eyes taking her in, sweeping over her figure before finally locking with her eyes.

This dress, she has to admit, looks good on her. It’s tight around her waist and flares out at her hips in rivulets of lace and silk. It accentuates her lithe form like none of the other dresses had. She feels gorgeous in it, especially when Hibari was staring at her with that hungry, possessive, dark look.

Come to think of it, he looks suddenly dangerous, standing there. His hands are stuffed into his pockets; the top few buttons of his dress shirt is undone; his hair is falling into his eyes, but she can still feel his gaze trapping her to the floor, and it makes her excited, wary, and unsatisfied all at the same time.

He takes a sudden step forward, and Sachie is left wondering. There is no one around them; the store was empty when they entered it and is still empty now. For some reason, she feels like prey to a predator. Her eyes flicker up to his and she shivers lustfully at the insatiable desire dwelling within his pitch orbs. Her back suddenly presses against cool glass, and she realizes that she’d been stepping back each time he took a step forward.

She opens her mouth to question him - to ask him what he wants, or why he is closing the dressing room door – but her voice catches in her throat and she suddenly can’t speak. But she can shiver, and she can melt, and she can feel her passion building up inside of her. She doesn’t know why Hibari is randomly showing his desire for her, but she isn’t going to return him to reality. She wants to shiver with him; melt with him; be passionate with him, and she has a feeling that he wants it to.

His hands converge on her hips. His grasp feels foreign and strange, but as he moves his fingers gently over the silk, it begins to feel like water molding over her skin. She leans her head back to look up at him, completely taken aback by the darkened lust of his hold. She knows he wants her.

He pushes her farther against the cold glass of the mirror and sets his lips upon her. The fire of his movements contrasts against the cold, and it makes her mind go blank. He presses firm kisses to her neck, collar, chest. His hands move over her roughly, molded water changing into harsh streams of emotion. His nails scrap against her spine, drag up her back and then down, clutch at her bum and squeeze, trail down to grip her thigh. His lips finally find hers, and the force he exerts upon her pushes her farther to the mirror. She wonders what it’s like, kissing someone against a mirror. Can he see himself kissing her? She wants to trade places and feel what he’s feeling, but the reality of their situation makes her forget.

His fingers feel useless against him. She suddenly doesn’t remember how to use her body. She writhes against him, eyes closing at the full extent of his passion, and can do nothing but allow him to dominate her. He does so happily, hands sweeping over her silk clad body and feeling every inch of her. He brushes over the planes of her stomach, dips against her breasts, roughly squeezes the full globes of flesh before darting back down to graze over hips.

His tongue pushes against her mouth, engaging her in a one-sided brawl. He grunts against her, teeth slinking around her bottom lip and lightly biting down on it. In the back of her mind, Sachie hopes that the store stays empty.

Clothes fade away. The silk dress falls to the floor like undiluted water, and Sachie is left naked to his eyes. He seems to like what he sees; he leans back to regard her and returns shortly, wrapping his bare arms around her and kissing her again.

He grinds his lower body against hers, hearing the breathy gasps that sprout from her throat. He can’t get enough of her – is overtaken by the sexiness of those little noises – and has to force himself not to go all out. He can’t, not yet, because he knows they are still in the store, and they can very easily be kicked out.

When he finally pushes his hard length into her, he has to kiss her hard to stop her moan. He continues to do so, partly for the same reason, and partly because kissing her is so amazingly natural. One hand grips her tightly and the other remains fisted against the cold glass. The chillness latches part of him to reality. He is thankful for that, because any thought of stopping is distasteful to his lustful, hard-headed mind.

It feels so good to have her wrapped around him. Her heat courses through him, wracking shivers from his heated body. For a moment, he loses control and has to bury his head into her neck to muffle his groan. She seems to enjoy hearing it, because he feels her fingers tighten their grasp on his smooth hair.

She throws her head back and her eyes open wide, gazing directly into his. The connection gives him insight into her emotions – into all her love, and passion, and lust – and it becomes to catalyst of their release.

Their thrusts quicken and they come long and hard. Their moans are dispersed by a kiss, administered roughly as their hips snap against each other. He feels so good, releasing into her like this, and he knows that she feels just as blissful. His name is a mantra on her lips, breathed so softly into their kiss that he’s hardly sure she’s even saying it at all. But she is, and its so intrinsic and loving that Hibari is overcome by the joyful emotion that wells up within his normally cold heart.

He presses himself against his woman – she is his, now – and lets out a pent up sigh. However expensive that dress was, it was leaving the store with them.

// How You Told Him //

“Hi-kun! Hurry up or we’ll be late!”

Her words are a rare thing for Hibari to hear, for they were usually coming out of his own mouth. It always takes ages for her to get ready to go out, even when they were only going to see Tsuna and the rest. It isn’t a particularly important night, but Hayato had told them to dress nicely for the tenth.

When Hibari turns the corner and steps into the hallway by the door, he finds himself staring at his lover in surprise. He’d nearly forgotten about that dress, clinging so deliciously to Sachie. She gazes at him from beneath long lashes and he is suddenly overcome by the desire to stay huddled in their bedroom. Gokudera wouldn’t care too much is they don’t show up, would he?

Hibari steps forward, his eyes darkening in his apparent lust. With every step he takes, she takes one away from him. A familiar situation flashes through his mind, and the desire increases. It’s been nearly four months since they had gone dress shopping and had bought that lacy silk dress, but the memories had still not diminished. Hibari has a feeling that said memories won’t diminish for a very long time.

His hands finally land above her head, pinning her to the front door. He towers over her, lips curled up into a deadly smirk. The ferocity of his expression causes Sachie to rethink her plan, but the nagging desire to tell him exactly what was going on forces her thoughts back to the present. She smiles, a sly sort of smile that makes him suspicious, and leans forward. She couldn’t possibly go through with the plan without a little fun for herself.

“We’ll be late,” she reminds him, and flashes him another one of those cunning smirks before twisting the door knob and tumbling outside.

He curses, tripping clumsily as he has no choice but to follow. His eyes are now dark with another emotion: annoyance. It’s a good thing Sachie can counter it.

“Oh, she says, almost in an unconcerned manner, “I should probably tell you something before we go.” He looks up at her, aggravation still prevalent in his gaze, and nearly chokes when she says, “I’m pregnant.”

He is annoyed for a few different reasons now. Firstly, because she has the gall to offhandedly tell him such an important fact on the way to a group dinner. Secondly, because he’s frustrated at her dismissal to his obvious lust. He wishes he had his tonfu with him, but he knew they wouldn’t do him any good anyway; his reflexes are better.

In less than a second, her back is pressed against the door once again, and Sachie is met with a situation she is very familiar with. Her lover, hovering over her, silently fuming and yet somehow more tranquil than she’d ever seen him. He pressed his lips to hers firmly, passionately, and then twisted the door knob open for the second time. They both stumbled back inside.

A pregnancy called for other means of celebration. Tsuna would just have to wait.


A/N: I felt like I should end it there, so I did. xD Sorry to those of you who wanted to read more

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Ichijo Takuma Baby Daddy -- Resilient OAK

Character: Ichijo Takuma

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Aeli Yuema

Inspiration: Ichijo’s smartfulness xDD

// Prologue //

It was a dark sort of day, ruled by the gloomy clouds that hovered in the sky. It wasn’t raining, but the sun definitely didn’t feel like coming out.

It was just the sort of day to read a book, actually, and that was just what Aeli did. The library had many inhabitants that also thought similarly, but she was the only person in the room farthest from the door – the reading room that no one else but her used.

It’s not like it was a bad room. Sure, there were no computers or squishy bean bags or anything like that. There was only a big, long polished oak table that took up most of the space. Atop the table were dozens and dozens of unwanted books.

That was why she often found solace in this storage type part of the library. The books on the shelves and tabletop were old and, since the librarian couldn’t just throw them out – oh, the blasphemy! – they were just stacked up and left untouched. It kind of reminded Aeli of herself.

Oh, she wasn’t depressed or anything. She was actually well-liked by most everyone in the Night Class, even when the various pranks she pulled went wrong, or when her smiling personality got her in more trouble than she could cope with. If there was one thing she liked doing above anything else, though, it was spending alone-time in the library, reading and treasuring books that were not read and treasured by others. She liked to be different.

Usually, it was only herself in the old, dusty reading room. She’d take a seat near the head of the long oaken table and would flip through a book as she listened to the rain drops on the window pane. (She’d usually only come during a rain storm.) But sometimes, here and there, she’d have one other person to keep her company.

Ichijo Takuma was a pretty busy guy, but sometimes he’d find time to read with her. She didn’t know why he did, or how he had even found out about her hide out in the first place, but she certainly didn’t mind sharing with the handsome vampire. He was definitely the type of person she would share anything with.

// How It Happened //

The rain was pelting heavily against the windows. Other than that, and the occasional turn of a dusty page, the room was near silent. Being burrowed deep within an unused section of the library had its perks.

Aeli read another page in record time, and as she turned for another, her eyes locked with emerald green. She threw him a smile and he grinned from across the table. It had been about an hour since he’d found her, and ever since then they’d been reading quietly together.

The tension in the room had built since he’d entered it, however, and it didn’t give Aeli the chance to get comfortable. Her brain was whizzing with activity – with hopes and wonders and cravings – and her body was reacting to that. Her fingers shook, her eyes remained unfocused, and her gaze kept darting back to him, as though unsure of whether he was really there or not.

“Aeli,” he said, when their eyes locked for the fifth time in two minutes. She blushed and cleared her throat, trying to put on a smile that she hoped could pass as ‘innocent’. Somehow, she guessed that Ichijo could see through the charade.

He chuckled, closed his book, and set it in front of him on the table. When he spoke, his voice was like honey, and it seemed to have an intrinsic affect on her that made her a little frightened. “You aren’t doing much reading, are you?”

Her smile curled up into a slyer one. She turned another page, not even glancing at the book, and hummed, “Not very much.” She didn’t mention where her thoughts really were, because she figured they’d scare him off. Was it sinful to have been daydreaming about using this long, sturdy table as a bed? Her smirk widened and she forwent the innocent look altogether. (It never really fit her anyway.)

His emerald eyes sparkled at her from across the long expanse of smooth wood. Was it just the lighting, or did he look especially handsome this night? But it was more than handsome, she realized as she leaned forward, absolutely entranced: there was danger within those deep pools of green; and desire, hidden so delicately beneath washed traces charm. She vaguely wondered what he could see in her own wintry eyes.

“I’m not getting much done, either,” he murmured, never breaking contact. He slowly stood up, as though getting ready to leave the room, but to her surprise he took a step toward her, rather than the door. She sat straighter in her chair, heart hammering against her chest as he sauntered forward. Perhaps she wouldn’t have felt so enthused had his eyes not twinkled so dangerously.

When he reached her seat, he didn’t do anything. His just stood there, still staring, with his hands lazily strewn into the pockets of his school pants. His hair was falling into his eyes, but the connection of their gazes was still overly strong. The corner of his lips twitched up, and Aeli felt her willpower crumble.

She shot up from her chair and was in front of him in less than a moment. He didn’t seem surprised at all – in fact, he seemed to revel in her brash actions. Their lips pressed against each other haphazardly, and the danger of the situation began to seep through the rest of their bodies as they molded together.

Said danger didn’t stop them, however: it only increased the wanton passion. Their kiss deepened; their arms tightened around the other; their bodies ached. Moment flew past them and they didn’t even notice – they couldn’t notice – because they were so absorbed in each other that it was impossible to draw away.

And then, suddenly, the hard edge of the oak table slammed into Aeli’s back, and Takuma whispered a swift apology against her mouth as he towered above her. She like this position – liked being dominated by a vampire who didn’t normally dominate – and so she acquiesced to his movements. Her legs came up to wrap around his chest as she sat atop the table. He moved into the space between her legs and their lips melded together once more.

His hands flew about her, pressing over her shoulders before cupping her breasts, and then they moved down over her sides to finally clutch at her hips. His actions were becoming rougher by the minute, but it only sent her heart into a mad, unbroken spasm of excitement.

She arched against him, grasped at his shoulders, and tugged at his clothing. Up until that point, he seemed to have forgotten that said clothing needed to be removed. He buried his head into her neck and his fingers suddenly flew over them, pulling off every bit of cloth that he could.

Finally, Aeli moved back to lay against the cold wood. Ichijo followed her, crawling up her form until he was perfectly molded against her. The skin-to-skin contact had both of their bodies going wild, and so the connection was soon intensified. Aeli writhed in pleasure and pain as he urged his thick manhood into her.

It didn’t take long to get used to the feeling. Soon, the two lovers were breathing heavily in passion and bliss, moving together without restraint. His cock slid within her and it made her gasp again and again. Breathy little moans fled from her mouth, and it made Ichijo want to come right then and there.

Aeli threaded her fingers into his hair as she pushed her lips onto his. Her eyes slid closed, and she lost herself in the moment. Excitement reared within her, as well as the feeling of release. A moment later, she was haphazardly warning her lover of the imminent moment, and they were both falling together.

Their lips found each other amid the blissful release. Their eyes finally locked, and the emotions within each of them made said release even more amazing. Aeli pressed her head against the oak table and let out a heavy, satisfied sigh. Her lover quickly followed suit, wrapping her in his embrace as he continued to litter kisses over her skin.

“I have a feeling we won’t be getting much reading done any time soon,” he chuckled, and received a playful smack to his chest. Aeli turned and threw her arm around him. A silent agreement was plausible in the air.

// How You Told Him //

It was an overcast day. The sun was hiding behind a thick array of twisted clouds as they tattooed the sky. Ichijo Takuma was on his way to his dorm after a long night of classes. A book was tucked under his arm.

The book was tattered and yellow, as though it had been forgotten. He hadn’t picked it out himself, but it had rather been given to him by his girlfriend as they passed each other in the hall earlier between classes.

“What, no manga today, Takuma?” Kain wondered, sauntering alongside the class president. Ichijo glanced at him and shrugged, a light smile playing at the edge of his lips, and replied, “Aeli gave this to me. She said I might like it.”

Aido scoffed as he caught the end of his words, “Well have you opened it yet? It seems pretty suspicious to me. She always seems to have some sort of prank up her sleeve.”

Kain shot his cousin a look, but Aido just sent it right back to him. Ichijo chuckled and shrugged, unconcerned, “Does it matter?” But he couldn’t deny Aido’s words. Now that he thought about it, it did seem rather odd that she’d randomly give him a book. And, thinking back to the manner in which she’d handed it to him, with that devious smirk plastered all over her face...he hummed and twisted the book open.

Nothing happened, and Ichijo was about to dismiss his suspicions when Kain let out a surprised noise. He turned his emerald green eyes to the inside cover, where a bit of paper was taped. He vaguely thought about smiling at her respect for old books, but the words that were written on the paper made him forget those thoughts. Aido began choking.

Ichijo stopped walking. His expression was screwed up in blatant shock, his eyes wide with emotion. He clutched the book as though it were a lifeline, and ignored the stares of Kain and Aido as they stopped, too.

“I...” he laughed suddenly, voice filled with a myriad of emotion. “I’ll be right back...” and then he turned and began running the way he’d come...toward the library.

Behind him, Kain and Aido grinned and turned back to the direction of their dorms.

“He won’t be coming back any time soon,” Aido offered, hands in his pockets. Kain chuckled and agreed. They wouldn’t be seeing much of Aeli, either. (At least for a very, very long time.)

// Epilogue //

It was the best day of the year: a day that was sure to be filled with passion, love, and happiness. It was a good thing that Aeli and Ichijo’s five sons would be taken care of while they were gone.

A wedding anniversary always called for celebration, but unlike the years prior, this particular celebration would be completely private, and would take place miles away from their manor. They couple was flying to Italy.

“Lance! Lance, come here, darling,” Aeli gave him a swift kiss on the cheek, ignoring his disgusted expression. Though he was only eight, the eldest son seemed to think of himself as much older. He certainly acted like it, most of the time. He got his intelligence from his father.

“Be good, make sure your brothers stay in line while we’re gone,” she fiddled with his sweater, but luckily for him, she was distracted by a pull to her dress. She looked down to find her third youngest son, Daemon, looking up at her with his five-year old pudgy face.

She swooped him into her arms and kissed his hair as he mumbled, “Momma, where are you going ‘gain?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but the deep voice of her husband beat her to it. Ichijo’s hand rested on Daemon’s head, “We’ll be in Italy for a few weeks, and then we’ll be back before you know it.” The five year old seemed contented for a moment.

Luckily, seven year old Micka didn’t ask too many questions. He shared his older brother’s intelligence, and silently came up to stand beside his mother, awaiting his goodbye kiss.

It came not a moment later, as soon as Daemon was pushed into her husband’s arms. Aeli reached down to wrap her arms around her second eldest son, pressing her lips to his smooth cheek and keeping him in her motherly hold for a few moments.

It was a flustering goodbye, especially for Aeli herself. Ichijo made sure to acknowledge all his sons as his wife began fretting over her youngest sons, twins Vadin and Ruslan, only three years old. It was a good thing they were staying quiet in their nurse’s arms, otherwise Ichijo knew he’d never be able to pull Aeli away in time to catch their flight.

“Now be good, children,” she began pressing more kisses to their faces, as though trying to indent her love into all of them. “Don’t play outside after dark, and eat your blood pills when Mrs. Thatcher tells you to!” She would have kept going, but Takuma was able to slip his arm into hers and pull her back with him, suitcases in his other grasp.

“We’ll see you in three weeks!” he cheerfully proclaimed, sent an almost pitying look to the head nurse, and dragged his wife away to the car that waited for them by the front door. She waved back to their children as they walked away.

As soon as the front door swung shut, Ichijo took in a deep breath. Life was hectic, and he was grateful for the chance to get away for a bit. Though he loved his family, the idea of a romantic vacation with his wife was very tantalizing. Her mind wasn’t quite where his was yet, however. She was still fretting over things that only a woman with five sons could fret about. “Are you sure we packed everything? Three weeks is a long time! Did you make sure Kaname knows – “ he cut her off with a firm kiss that seemed to surprise her.

She melted against him, arms clinging to the front of his suit as his mouth ravished hers. Even after ten years of marriage, their kiss still seemed to make her forget everything. Sparks flew between them as he cradled her against him. After a long moment, he slowly broke the contact.

He eyes stayed locked with hers, though, even after their kiss had dispersed. A beautiful smile spread over his face as he beheld her, glowing so lovely in the moonlight. He pressed another, softer kiss to the edge of her mouth, silently answering all her questions and quelling all her worries.

Now she seemed to be more in the mood. She smiled, hummed into another kiss, and allowed him to lead her down the steps of their manor and into the sleek black car that waited to drive them to the airport. Every now and then, they definitely needed to get away from their hectic lifestyle. Ichijo smiled as he opened the door for her. Now was a perfect time to do so.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Hibari Kyoya Lemon -- Red Panties

Character: Hibari Kyoya

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Mayu Erizawa

Inspiration: Red panties xD

Being the woman of Hibari Kyoya was often mentally challenging. I don’t mean that it was stupid, but rather that he often did things that made Mayu’s brain hurt from over thinking. Why did he carry those crazy tonfu around with him? Why did he call people Herbivores? How did he manage to look so incredibly sexy whilst beating someone up? It didn’t make any sense. Despite getting migraines so often, however, being Hibari Kyoya’s lover had its benefits.

For example, she doubted than anyone else would ever be so lenient toward her crazy sex drive. strange as it sounded, she was into some weird things. Hibari was surprised when he first found out, but she’d long since converted him. Bwahaha.

Also, due to his job, he wasn’t always around all the time. That might not be a benefit to most, but being his lover could certainly be suffocating at times. She enjoyed have leisure time. (In which she spent wasting much of the money he brought home. Ahem.)

It was a good thing that Mayu had been with him for a long time, otherwise she might not know how to calm him down. He could get really angry with her – like when he discovered that all the cash he’d given her had gone to clothes and jewelry, or when he’d told her to get ready to go out, only to find that she’d completely forgotten and had made plans with a friend...well, you get the point. It was lucky that his anger was often released in the bedroom. (It was also one of the reasons that Mayu had stayed with him for so long. He could give some pretty hot, angry make-up sex.)

She knew she was asking for it, but Mayu couldn’t really care. Yeah, these panties had cost much of the money he supplied her with, but it was sort of his fault, too. He never learned his lesson, it seemed. (Or maybe – she smirked – he just liked getting angry because he liked the results of said anger.) She cleared her throat and twirled around again.

“So what are you saying?” she wondered, her voice a little too light, “Do you want me to bring them back?” She knew that he knew that she wouldn’t, whatever he wanted.

He growled, fists tightly clenched as he leaned against the bedroom door. Hibari had some amazing self control, Mayu had to admit. Seeing him with that angry expression was sort of turning her on. She smirked and crossed her arms, hip jutting out slightly as she stood there.

It didn’t take a whole lot to figure out what was on his mind. The red panties she wore, and the fact that she was standing just beside the bed, gave her insight into his thoughts. She sauntered toward him, brow perking up in question, and ran her hands down his chest. He flinched.

“Hmmm...Hibari, aren’t you going to punish me for spending so much money on a single pair of panties?” she nipped at his ear, tongue darting over the captured flesh. Her fingers clutched onto the collar of his white dress shirt, crinkling the starched material. She felt another shiver wrack through his unmoving form.

He didn’t answer. His eyes were transfixed to hers, warning her not to make him angrier than he already was. But she knew what would happen if she did, and she dearly wanted to she his furious side. She was a glutton for punishment, but only when it came in the form of her fierce, God-like lover.

She pressed her body against his, pushing her bare breasts to his chest. It felt strange, and foreign, but it sent shivers racing throughout her regardless. Her hands released his collar and ran down his chest, scraping over him and not stopping until she reached his belt buckle. If he wouldn’t move, she’d move for him.

He didn’t say anything, or do anything, as she slipped her fingers into the belt. Her mouth pressed against his in a one-sided kiss, tongue slinking over his delicious lips before ravishing him more wholly. The belt came off, but she didn’t let go of it. She whimpered against him, craving contact. The belt was slid into his grasp, as though silently praying that he’d use it against her.

Usually, a move like that would have broken his willpower, but tonight it seemed as though he was angrier than normal. He stared at her, pitch eyes swallowing her, and she knew that she’d have to go farther if she wanted his complete attention.

Her fingers played with the zipper of his pants for a moment before sliding it down. She gave him a lingering kiss before slinking down as well, so that she was kneeling before him. If this was what he wanted, then she wouldn’t mind giving it to him. Her nose nuzzled against the obvious dent in his pants. He was already so hard...

The button came undone a moment later and his pants found solace on the ground. His shirt – which had, before, been neatly tucked into said pants – now was messily strewn against his pale hips. She brushed the shirt up slightly to plant kisses at the edge of his deep green boxers. Still, no response was given.

Impatience was beginning to wear her down. She glanced up at him, but all she could see in his eyes was that ever-present fury. His grasp had tightened around the belt. She continued on...but didn’t get as far as she thought she would.

As soon as his boxers came off, Hibari’s control finally broke. His hand slid into the tresses of her hair, clutching harshly and bringing her face to face with his thick cock. He was, indeed, ready – more than ready, actually – and she didn’t complain as he forced her mouth around him. She nearly melted.

It seemed that this layer of anger was only that: a layer. How angry was he, really? The question lingered in the air around them.

His hips moved harshly, not seeming to care that he was choking her. His thick manhood was shoved deep within her throat, almost as a punishment of sorts. His fingers twisted roughly in her hair as he continued to slam his aching erection into her.

She moaned; she writhed; she dug her nails into him. He wouldn’t stop – wouldn’t slow his pace for her – but the fact that he was finally giving in to his anger excited her. She was beside herself with wanton luxury, desire, and a thirsty craving that couldn’t be satiated. She closed her eyes and sucked him hard, running her tongue over the bulging vein on the underside of his dick, grazing her teeth over the sensitive skin of his tip...

And then it was over, and he was pulling himself from her heated mouth. His eyes were still furious, completely black with anger and pride and insanity, and it sent lustful shivers singing over her body. A fierce growl flew from his mouth. Heatedly, he snarled, “Bed.” She stumbled backwards, heeding his command.

This was how she liked having him: this tight, tense, rage that enforced emotions in him that he’d never submit to under any other circumstance. He followed her, that dark threat still prevalent in his lustful, frenzied eyes. When he spoke again, his voice had changed from hot anger to scorching passion. She could almost feel that desire rolling against her skin. “Take those off.”

She let out a shaky sigh. When he was like this, she almost didn’t know how to act. She only knew that she liked feeling helpless – liked being dominated – just as long as it was Hibari doing the dominating. Her fingers curled into those fiery panties, and pulled them slowly off.

She was so ready for him. Her flower was dripping from the heat of the moment, and when his eyes latched to her nether regions, she nearly lost herself. He took a step forward, mouth curling up into an impassioned smirk, and a single order mocked his lips, “Lay down.”

Was he going to use the belt he still grasped? Mayu didn’t know what she wanted anymore, just that it had something to do with him giving her more of those sexy commands.

She lay back down, feeling bare, and allowed her head to press against the pillow. Her eyes took him in as he stood there, manhood standing straight in the air and darkened glare inflicting heavy emotion within her. He watched her, too. His eyes didn’t stay connected with hers for long; he memorized every contour of her body again and again as his fingers loosened the dress shirt that still clung to his chest.

When he’d finally rid himself of it, Mayu had to hold in the gasp that flew from her throat. She’d never get used to the sight of him completely naked. It was glorious and perfect, and she could think of no better image. As though knowing what she was thinking of, his lips twitched upward into that powerful smirk.

The mattress weighted down as he crawled onto it, body brushing against hers with every movement. When he was finally situated above her, he looked down into her eyes as saw something that made him smirk. He pressed a light kiss to the corner of her mouth and hummed, taking his time as he moved his lower body against hers. She whimpered for him, but didn’t try to rush him.

His fingers slid against her slick womanhood, dipping into her slowly, tantalizingly, before jerking out and then back in. Her back arched with the sudden pleasure, but Hibari wouldn’t allow her to moan; he bit down on her nipple just as the sound bubbled up in her throat. The sudden pain caused the noise to morph into another harsh whimper.

His name was on the edge of her lips, and she dearly wanted to say it. He added another finger, pumping them into her waiting flower as he watched her lazily, that cursed smirk still playing at his mouth.

“” he shut her up with a rough kiss, but it only increased the pleasure. He tasted like the danger he was exerting upon her, and that made her more than excited. She arched her back again, not caring what the consequence was, and was therefore surprised when none came. He opened his shadowed eyes, gave her that look, and kissed her again. His fingers gave one last thrust before jerking away, and his tongue shoved into her mouth as though to continue the same lustful movements.

“I want you to scream,” he breathed, voice husky and deep. He moved his body just right, so that the tip of his hard shaft was pressing against her folds. Her eyes flew open, locking with his, and she nearly lost it when he began to push himself into her.

Another whimper flew from her mouth, but it was muffled by his lips as he kissed her. His hands gripped her body, clinging to her as he pressed himself fully into her.

He stayed like that for a mere moment before the real passion began. His was rough and dominant as he thrust into her, but she didn’t care. She clung to his shoulders, scraped her nails up his back, and allowed herself to be pushed into the mattress.

His rock hard length slid against her most inner walls, making scorching flames curl up her body. She moaned for him, screamed for him; yelled out his name again and again as he had ordered and even after her throat had become dry and spent.

He growled, bruising her lips with his before suddenly pulling his mouth back. He utterly ravished her, licking and biting and sucking on every bit of tender skin he could reach. Her leg was thrown over his shoulder and he rocked into her. Release was tangible...and also filled with that incessant, clinging anger that had started the contact.

“Scream my name,” he growled, pulling back so that he could see her – all of her – when she finally did let herself go. He ordered it again, this time louder, and tightening his grasp on her hips.

She obeyed, his name tumbling from her parted lips over and over without pause. She clung to him, locking her eyes with his, and came. He slammed his hips into hers, bruising her body with his force as he followed suit.

It was nothing like she’d ever experienced. This passion – this irate craving – it clawed at her just as she clawed at him. She brought him down to kiss him: the only hint of dominance he allowed from her. Their tongues battled together, instilling within them a mirrored sense of emotion that seemed foreign to the rest of their movements.

Being Hibari Kyoya’s lover was different, and sometimes really difficult, but it definitely had it’s benefits. For one, he accepted her for what he was, and visa versa. No one else loved her like he did, even though he could rarely show that love, and no one loved him like she did. Secondly, he had one hell of a libido. (Love aside, it was one of the main reasons she bothered staying with him for this long.)