Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Aido Hanabusa Baby Daddy -- Control: Lost

Character: Aido Hanabusa

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Miki, wavy black hair, purple eyes

Inspiration: Parties, ball gowns, and Taylor Swift ^o^

// Prologue //

The swish of twirling dresses, the crescendo of brass instruments, and the delicate, tinkling murmurs of the guests filled the ball room. The atmosphere was thick with excitement as lovers kissed for the first time. Eyes flashed in happiness as vampires passed each other, cordiality heavy in their gazes.

In one gaze in particular, said admiration reigned. Toward the back of the ball room, amidst his group of friends, Aido Hanabusa’s eyes remained locked across the hall. He was so taken by the woman he stared at that he didn’t even realize he was being spoken to.

Kain nudged his cousin, rolling his eyes, “Aido...since you don’t seem to be listening, why don’t you go ask her to dance?”

Finally jolting from his daze, the blonde vampire turned a playfully haughty gaze to Kain, “I don’t know what you’re talking about...” but began moving away from him, heeding his words in a way that only he could.

From the other side of the room, Miki was well aware of their exchange. She’d felt her lover’s gaze on long before, and could still feel it as he advanced toward her. Laughing with mirth, she excused herself from the conversation she was having with an elder vampire and walked toward him.

They met each other in the center of the dance floor, and silently agreed to partake in the music. Aido reached out to grasp her hand lightly, brushing her lips over her knuckles as she giggled. Gracefully, they melded into the song.

“You look lovely tonight,” he told her, eyes twinkling. It was the fifth or sixth time he’d told her that night. She laughed and thanked him, allowing him to twirl her on the floor before catching her. His arms slipped around her form and brought her close to his chest.

She could think of no better way to spend the evening than in his arms, but her thoughts soon changed as his hands began slinking farther and farther down her waist. She wondered if anyone noticed around them, and was pleased to see everyone still caught up in their own little worlds. She turned her attention back to her lover, just as his lips came into contact with her neck.

“Mm...Aido, this isn’t exactly an ideal place...” but she didn’t pull away from him, because it felt so good being with him. His tongue darted out to brush over her jugular vein and she nearly melted.

He chuckled, breath wavering over her wet skin as he moved his mouth higher. He kissed the hollow below her ear and felt her shiver. “That’s never stopped us before.” It was true, at least. Aido seemed to have a bad habit of lusting after her during busy functions, and she seemed to have a bad habit of not being able to resist him. Though it certainly increased the danger of being caught, Miki couldn’t deny that said danger was what made being with Aido so fun.

She gripped his arms, trying to steady the frantic beating of her heart, “If you keep doing that,” she shivered against him, “I’m going to loose all my control.” She had a feeling he liked hearing that more than he should have.

“Go on, then,” he murmured, pulling away to look at her in the eye. His cerulean orbs were pooling with dangerous emotions. “Lose control.”

Damn. She could already feel it waning.

// How It Happened //

Her back hit the wall harshly, and the loud thump was followed by whispering voices as Miki fervently told her lover to be quiet. Aido cut her off with a kiss, and she immediately forgot what they were arguing about. She sunk against him, trapped between his hard chest and the wall as he ravished her. The danger that saturated the air about them only made it better.

They could vaguely hear the remnants of the party going on downstairs, but neither cared enough to react. His hold was gentle and warm, and filled with admiration as he kissed her. Only she could reign his wild attitude in. He’d only allow her to let him feel this way.

Her fingers reached up to tangle into his hair, pulling his head farther to hers as she deepened the kiss. Her back arched into him, but she was quickly pushed back into the wall by Aido as he groaned. In a flurry of dominance, he pushed his lower body to hers.

Miki gasped out when she felt his erection. It was all too much – the feelings he was enforcing were making her head spin endlessly. She didn’t feel grounded at all, but rather flying freely through a strange, murky sort of reality that was filled with her lover’s touch, scent, and love.

She felt protests die on her tongue as he returned his lips to hers. All thought of being caught ebbed away, until it was only him and her, and the wall in which she was currently pressed against. She had a feeling that was all it was going to be, and the thought only made her kiss him more fiercely as she surrendered.

His hands gripped her tightly and pulled her in, no doubt leaving bruises scattered about her hips. She didn’t care: all she could think about was never breaking their kiss; never parting from his warmth; never letting this immense love wither.

“A-Aido...” she moaned feebly as she felt him unzip her dress. His hands were warm on her bare back. Rivulets of tender romance sprang up her spine. “Mmm...I love you.”

There was a slight pause as he processed her words, and then suddenly everything became even more heated as his hands worked furiously on the rest of her dress. His response was in the way he kissed her; it was in the way he met her gaze; it was in his movements as he slowly slid the rest of her gown to the floor. She melted against him, feeling naked to his eyes, and couldn’t help but say those words again and again as she leaned into him.

When he slid into her, he was hard and ready. Her inner walls tightened around him and sent pleasure cascading over his body. He thrust slowly, hands latched to her backside as he pushed her against the wall. Her fingers locked into his hair as she moaned.

If ever there was a feeling more intense and blissful than being one with a man, Miki didn’t know what it was. She was blown away by his actions, words, and kisses. Her head spun fast, increasing with every hint of movement. The sound of their moans and thrusts empowered them to continue.

And then, finally, it was over, and they were collapsing back into a reality that wasn’t murky or centered around her lover. In a way, it was even better. His touch, scent, and love wrapped around her in a cocoon, and her mind was put to rest.

// How You Told Him //

Miki shifted in her seat. She was feeling different, but it wasn’t exactly a bad sort of feeling. Rather, it melded various emotions into one package, so that she felt excitement, nervousness, and confusion all at once.

She tried to pay attention to the teacher, but it was hard to do. One reason – the main one, actually – that she was so unfocused was Aido. He was sitting beside her, looking all too innocent but actually playing the devil. His hand, which had crept up her thigh during the lecture, wasn’t just distracting: it was mind blowing.

Her attempts at stopping him were halfhearted. Had she not been entirely too used to his personality, then she might have been offended. It was a good thing that she, too, enjoyed his flare for danger. What was unfortunate was the other things going on.

She had something of great importance to tell him, and she wasn’t sure how he’d take it. It was hard to tell him when he was acting like this, practically seducing her in her seat! She swallowed thickly and glanced over at him. He was looking straight ahead, but the gleam in his eye made it clear that he knew of her distraction. His mouth tilted up.

“Aido,” she breathed, so silently that only he could hear. He glanced over at her in curiosity and she smirked. She would get him back for teasing her in public~! “I’m pregnant.”

Everything stopped. Er, well, at least everything between them. The lecture continued, as did the faithful note writing that the other vampires were taking part in. What stopped was the movement on his hand on her thigh, and the shifting of his body in his seat, and his very breath.

He stared at her with wide eyes, and she stared evenly back. The emotions that she’d struggled with seemed to have clung to Aido, for he now looked confused and excited and nervous. “...What?”

She smirked. Shrugged delicately, she leaned back, looking straight ahead and pretending to listen to the teacher. Aido wouldn’t have any of that, though. He followed her as she leaned back, and, unaware of the attention he was drawing, pressed his mouth to hers in a rather scandalous kiss.

Miki figured that he was probably happy. (Otherwise he wouldn’t be making out with her in class, she guessed.) She grinned against his lips and the rest of the world melted away, until it was only him and her.

It was a shame that kissing during the lecture wasn’t allowed...they only hoped it would be ok during detention.

// Epilogue //

The ballroom was alight with laughter and music. Dancers twirled together on the dance floor, lovers kissed, and light chortles emerged from conversations. It was a rather happy affair, especially for one family in particular. Birthdays were important days, for the most part, especially when one was the son of Aido Hanabusa and his wife.

“Eiji, do you know where Masao is?” Masao, the eldest, was turning eight that day.

The four year old shook his head, thumb in his mouth, and Miki sighed. She turned to her husband, “I can’t find him anywhere - “

Aido cut her off with a swift kiss, and she glowered at him. “Don’t worry,” he chortled, “I’m sure Masao is nearby. Probably with Kain.”

Miki groaned and leaned down to pick up her second eldest son, “It’s almost time for the cake, and he needs to be here for that. Would you go look for him again?” The plead of her voice made him roll his eyes.

If Miki had thought that marrying Aido would reign in his wild personality, she’d been wrong. He was still just as he was when they’d been attending Cross Academy – maybe even more so.

He plucked Eiji from her arms and handed the docile child to a passing servant, ignoring his wife as she glared at him. “Now,” he turned back, smiling in his signature suave manner, “Since Kain’s with Masao, Eiji is taken care of, and Shou is asleep, I think it’s high time that you and I find a private room and – “ He groaned as she stepped on his foot.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she told him, trying to find the servant that was holding Eiji. Aido pouted beside her. “This is our own son’s birthday party. We can’t just crash it.”

Unfortunately, Aido didn’t see eye to eye with her. He tugged her close to him and she was momentarily caught off guard at the proximity of their bodies. His hand crept down her back and latched to a rather indignant place, making her inhale sharply at his audacity. He merely sent her another innocent grin and placed a lingering kiss on her mouth. He could practically see her willpower breaking.

“Damn it,” she softly cursed. She didn’t stop her hands from creeping up his neck. When they were tangled in his hair, she pulled him back for another kiss. This time, it lasted a little bit longer. “I think I’m going to lose control.”

Aido smirked at the familiar line and drew her closer. As he pressed their bodies together, he said only two words. “Lose it.”

Jesus. It was already gone.



  1. It would be awesome if you did a Zero lemon <3 and maybe a baby daddy one too.

  2. *drools* Aido annoys the Hell outta me but damn. I think I'm going to use that line on someone if they ever tell me they're going to lose control xD

  3. Geez, I always have liked Hana for a long time, but this took my “like” to an ENTIRELY nother level! I loved this one, it’s probably one the best ever! -Kawaii manta Ray