Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Finland Lemon -- Christmas Fever

 Character: Finland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Michaela, dirty blonde hair, cynical

Inspiration: Finland’s Santa clause outfit :3

Christmas Eve was always a very important day, especially for Finland. It had started getting busy early that morning, at around 6:00, when Finland first swung out of bed. He wasted no time in throwing on some clothes and whistling merrily on his way to his workroom. Michaela would have gotten up with the cheerful country, except that she was tired and much too comfy in the bed. Besides, she had justified silently, she got up last year and the year before that, and this year she deserved some rest. She knew that the rest of the day would be even more busy and she needed to rejuvenate herself.

Busy indeed, by the time noon had swung around, various presents littered the living room, wrapped impeccably with cute little bows, ribbons, and colorful paper. The Christmas tree that was decorated so beautifully stood proudly amidst the decked out room. There were ornaments everywhere, from the high shelves in the kitchen to the mantle above the fireplace. Nativity figurines could be found on every single tabletop in the house; cinnamon candles light the bathroom and the counters; in the kitchen, baked goods were wrapped in cellophane paper and tied with pretty red and green ribbons to use as gifts. In the cookie jar and the refrigerator, more desserts were stacked on the shelves for Christmas dinner the next day. It was a joyous time, and as Michaela ran around the house making sure everything was in order, her lover got ready for the night ahead.

Where he got his flying reindeer was a mystery that even Michaela didn’t know about, but she knew better than to ask. All she knew was that, as she finally kissed him goodbye and watched him climb into his sleigh with all the wrapped gifts, it was going to be a long night. A long night of preparing for his homecoming, at least, and she knew exactly what she was going to give him for Christmas.

// Time Skip – Midnight //

It was pitch black outside when Finland finally made it back home. He was cold and there was frost and snow pattered along the fluffy hem of his Santa outfit. His fingers felt frozen and his muscles were taut, and all he wanted to do was have a nice hot bath and maybe a few sweet kisses from his lover before bed. Apparently, though, what he wanted and what Michaela wanted were two very different things, as he discovered upon stepping into the house.

She must have knew he’d been coming, for she was sitting on the couch waiting for him as he walked into the living room. There was a blanket wrapped around her form. As he peered closer, he noticed her bare legs were crossed. She didn’t seem cold, but rather - his gaze raced along the newly revealed skin that the fire light enhanced – looked very welcoming.

She turned her head to him, a wicked grin forming upon her lips – which looked absolutely tantalizing in the dim light – and rose in her seat. She walked slowly toward him, eyes lingering on his blushing face, and her fingers curled around the back of his neck, grasping at the smooth strands of his hair.

His eyes were already dilated with want, because though he was seemingly innocent, he was well aware that this blanket was the only thing that separated Michaela’s nakedness from him. It took all the strength he had – and he had quite a lot of it – not to rip the thin covering away and drag her to the bedroom. But he didn’t want to appear to be too dominant, and he knew that she had never been with a man before. So instead, he held his breath and watched her.

There was a pleasing sort of atmosphere around her, and it pulled him in. He was overcome with the emotions she clearly inflicted upon him. Lightly dragging her fingers down his chest, she watched him shiver lustfully. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

She leaned up to kiss him, slowly as though enjoying every second. One hand clutched to the fluffy white collar around his neck; the other reached up to drag his Santa hat away, dropping it behind them. His arms wound about her waist, pulling her closer as his tongue shyly slid out to greet her. Their breathing was labored and heavy by the time their kiss broke, but that only made the yearning that much stronger.

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered into his ear, breath wavering over tender flesh. His grip tightened around her, self control breaking with every second. Her hands slid down his back, and Michaela was suddenly overcome with the desire to remove his clothes so that she could feel the heat of his skin.

He grunted against her, turning his head to press a kiss to the base of her neck. A shuffle of clothe resonated through the air, and Tino found his arms enveloping her bare body rather than the fabric of the blanket. His throat constricted.

He couldn’t stop himself from gazing down at her, taking in the mesmerizing way her breasts pushed against him, full and beautiful. His darkened gaze traveled up her shoulders, which glinted heavenly in the dim light, to the womanly curve of her neck, until at last he reached her delicate blushing cheeks and her soft, shy eyes.

The obvious invitation within those eyes gave him a sense of empowerment. It felt as though his manly pride was shooting up. This gorgeous creature wanted him to be with her. No one else: him. It made his heart swell. Still, he had to be sure that this was what she wanted. He leaned in, hands dipping over her smooth contours, and breathed, “Are you sure...?”

He didn’t anticipate her response. In stout surprise he grunted, eyes wide as her mouth assaulted his in a sudden and uncalculated array of passion. Her arms were thrown about him, pulling him close in her raw need. She had wanted him for so long, had finally plucked the courage to show him how much, and was not going to retreat back into the insecurities that kept her from him before.

He moaned against her mouth. His feet began moving forward, toward the fire and the comfortable couch. She shuffled backwards with him, lips never leaving his as she ravished him. Her hands tugged at his outfit, pulling clothe after clothe away from his burning skin with a talent that should have been foreign to a virgin. Finally, they reached their destination: her stark naked, him stripped to his red pants and whatever lay beneath. Her back hit the cold leather not a moment too soon, and he followed her down as he covered her body with his.

The kiss soon escalated into a full blown make out session. Michaela wasn’t sure exactly how long their mouths worked – for every second that flew by didn’t seem real at all – but she was aware of the power that drove them, and how that power made them want even more.

“Tino...mmm-I n-need you now...” she was cut off by a fierce kiss pressed to her lips, hot and burning as his fingers trailed down her body. His hands were like magic, touching just the right places and making her heart sprint forward in ecstasy. That ecstasy, however, was nothing compared to the thrill of him within her, which she was subjected to not a moment later.

He was gentle because it was her first time, and also because he was fairly new at this too. He slid slowly into her, pleased at the tightness of her and how delectably hot she felt sheathed around him. Squirming in pain, Michaela shut her eyes and buried her head in the crook of his neck. She squeezed him hard and it made him grunt. He desperately wanted to move, but every jostle seemed to make her hurt that much more, so he forced himself to remain still.

Finally, a wavering breath left her mouth. “A-alright...” and Tino was given permission to move. He used said permission lightly, in the most gentle of manners as he made sure she was adjusted. It was a foreign feeling, having him within her, but it somehow made her feel so happy – so privileged that he was hers – and the tears that welled beneath her eyes had nothing to the with the short, now duller pain that shot through her.

After a few thrusts, Michaela was overcome by an intense feeling of amazement. It felt so good! She threw her head back, arched her back, and let out a breathy moan. Her legs were thrown around his waist as she pulled his lower body closer, trying vainly to keep up with the set pace in which he moved.

Tino couldn’t think of any better feeling than being so close to her. He hovered above her, arms keeping him from crushing her as he pounded into her. His cock, penetrating so deeply, made her moan and writhe in utter satisfaction. She seemed unsure of what to do with herself, but her movements were beautiful to Tino. Beautiful, and intrinsic, and natural.

“Michaela!” he could feel himself swelling. The coil in his stomach twisted lethargically. His eyes flew open to lock with hers, wanting to see her in her complete satiation before he brought her off the cliff.

“Mmm! Hah-ha hah-ha...haaa...oh, Tino, Tino, Tino – “ he kissed her fully, mouth converging on hers and tongue dancing over her taste. He grunted, rammed his hips more fitfully into hers, and gradually felt that coil loosen, until it had finally sprung free and released the tension perforating the air.

The result was instantaneous. Michaela moaned, louder this time, and arched her back. Her breasts were pushed against his chest as he came down to encircle her in his arms. His mouth worked with hers slowly, and his hips suddenly began moving at a similar pace as though to draw out the passion of the moment.

A couple more powerful thrusts and it was over. She was filled with a heat like no other as he came, jerking against the tight squeeze of her womanhood. She gasped, drawled out his name, blinked rapidly as she adjusted to the heavenly bliss, and finally collapsed back onto the leather couch. He quickly followed, breathing labored as he ducked his head into her neck. A long sigh of contentment flew from his parted lips, and he pressed a gentle kiss to the side of her neck.

The moment dragged out peacefully. Zings of passion stimulated their bodies, leftover but no less pleasurable as they lay together. A satisfied thrill raced up Tino’s back. He lifted his head to stare at her, intense love burning in his eyes and causing her to blush heatedly. “Merry Christmas.”

His words were so filled with warmth that it brought tears to her eyes. She smiled and kiss him passionately to convey the immense emotions dwelling within her. In a soft, tiny voice, she murmured, “Merry Christmas.” And the passion started all over.



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