Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A France Lemon -- Stay-In-Bed Mornings

Character: France

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Just felt like doing something for France ^-^

If there was one thing you absolutely loved, it was waking up beside a naked lover. This lover of yours was, often times, a complete nuisance. He was the most perverted man you’d ever encountered, and that the fact that you were head over heels for him was something that baffled you each and every day. (You guessed it had something to do with the fact that you were rather perverse yourself, but I digress.)

Your [e/c] eyes wandered over his body, shielded only by the thin sheet that draped across his hardened muscles. His blonde hair was splayed out beneath his head, haloed around him like that of an angel. (It was a good thing you already knew how his personality was often the complete opposite.)

His blue eyes were set beneath soft lids, closed in peaceful sleep. His chest rose and fell with each calm breath. His arm, woven snugly around you, had you caged to his warm body.

You reached out and pressed a kiss to his neck, slowly dragging your tongue across his delicious skin. Your heart was already hammering in your chest, simply because of the intimacy of your naked bodies, pressed so delicately together... It was hard to draw yourself away from him, but you knew you had to get ready for the UN meeting later that morning. Slowly, as to not awake the sleeping country, you began to rise from the mattress...only to be brought down quickly by two strong, sudden arms.

France grinned from beneath you, eyes open and wide awake, sparkling darkly at your feeble attempts to extricate yourself.

“F-France! Let me go – I have to – “ you were cut off with a kiss, deep and hard against your mouth as your lover reached up to you. Immediately you lost all train of thought, a dazed, dreamy look taking hold of your face. France chuckled.

“Ohonhonhon~ You can’t just leave after what you’ve started, mon amour~” a shiver raced down your spin.

You were going to ask him what exactly you had started when it was made known to you. France’s hips bucked into yours and you gasped at the blinding, sweet passion that rolled along with the gentle thrust. How you had not noticed his arousal before was a mystery, but even more surprising was his impressive libido. Your face swirled with a deep blush.

The thought of being so close to him when he was so obviously turned on was mind boggling. You had no idea how to react, even though his actions had been dealt with many times in the past. It was all you could do to wrestle down your building desire.

“Mmm...” he pressed his lips to your skin, everywhere he could reach; twisted your body to his in a more comfortable manner; caught your legs with his and rolled his hips into yours time and time again, as though to prove his sexual bravado. “Francis...! We really sh-should get d-dress...ed....ohhh...” Was it just you, or was he feeling more feisty this morning?

His hands dug into your hips, and he dragged your body up his, allowing more room to press your lower bodies together. You felt heat coil tightly within your body, spreading and weaving around the core of your being. Your resolve weakened and crumbled.

Your eyes connected with his, striking blue showing exactly the level of passion he was feeling. It reflected into you and made your heart beat in sync with his. Lowly, huskily, Francis murmured a string of his native tongue, “I’m going to take you now.”

His declaration was sweet bliss. His hardened member wet with your natural lubricant, he rolled his hips against your again. This time, the tip of his cock dug into you.

A gasp rolled off your tongue and you threw your head back, hopelessly aware that you couldn’t turn back now. Your hands searched him, finally grabbing onto his deliciously muscular arms as the rest of his thick, swelled manhood pushed into you. You’re moan made him thrust deeply.

No words were spoken, but there was a silent realization that you were one with him – together, intimately, physically, mentally – and it made you want him all the more. Your hips pounded against him, driving his dick far into your heated womanhood. Your senses dulled; you leaned forward to kiss him wildly; you felt him drag his fingers down your legs and hold you more firmly. Release was coming with every hard thrust. His free hand clasped roughly to one bouncing breast and he sat up to cover it with a skilled tongue.

“Haaa....F-Fran..ciss! Ohh, faster, faster! Mmm!” Your head fell back and his mouth was quick to devour the new found skin. Your bodies moved together passionately, without constraint, as though there were hardly any time to waste. His cock swelled within you and you squeezed in retaliation, hearing a sexy grunt fly past his lips before you both fell quickly, darkly, into complete and utter heaven.

When you both found solace in the mattress once more, the scent of sex was mingled with the clean smell of the sheets. Your chest panted harshly from the exhilarated actions of the past bliss. You didn’t bother looking at the clock to see how much time you had – you couldn’t, because as Francis’s mouth began to tease and suck on your skin once more, all coherent thought flew completely from your mind.

Damn. It looked like today would be a stay-in-bed sort of day.



  1. The ones of France are the best. I always find myself going back for more.

  2. i love France, I love your france lemons i think they're seriously the most sexually alluring

  3. Small question.Would it be possible to request a France x OC lemon for myself if you don't mind?

  4. Yes I have to admit I'M liking France more and more wonderfully done. :)