Friday, November 11, 2011

A Germany Baby Daddy -- Built With Love

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Maria De La Rose Iglesias, Represents Mexico

Inspiration: Believe it or not, Plaster ^_^’

// Prologue //

A wavering breeze blew through the house. Though unsurprised, Maria found herself frowning and tugging her shawl closer to her body. In the kitchen beside the hot oven it wasn’t so bad, but she knew that the deeper you go into the house, to colder it got. The reason for this, of course, was that the house was wildly unfinished.

She wasn’t sure how they’d get through the winter season like this, because surely her husband wouldn’t be able to finish the home before the snow started to fall. It was already cold outside; fall was quickly turning into winter and each morning, frost clung to the grass. It was even colder at night, of course, when the sun had disappeared and the natural heat evaporated with the light. They had limited heat, running water, and electricity. It was a good thing Maria was stubborn and hard working, otherwise she’d be out of this house and into a finished one in a heartbeat.

She wasn’t used to the cold. In her home country of Mexico, the winters were warm and soothing. German winters were anything but warm. Maria let out a ragged sigh and lifted her steaming cup of tea to her lips. Her wedding ring made a soft, promising little noise against the porcelain, and it rejuvenated her; reminded her that in a year, she wouldn’t be suffering and cold.

Her self-pity was short lived, and she was glad of that. She hated feeling sorry for herself, especially when such amazing things had happened over the past few months. Her marriage was still fresh in her mind; her honeymoon, so heated and blissful. She was blessed, and she could stand living in an unfinished, breezy home for a little while. Her husband, she knew, was struggling far worse than she was.

“Ludwig,” she murmured softly, and placed her tea cup down before going to his shivering figure. His body was cold and his fingers were even colder. He was working so hard to get them ready for the winter and he was doing it for her and the family he hoped to raise. She pressed a loving kiss to his frigid mouth.

“Should I boil some water for a bath?” because he deserved one, and he was so cold! He buried his head in the crook of her neck and wrapped his arms around her. She brought him close, sharing her warmth.

“Nein,” he took a slow breath. “But some dinner would be nice.”

That was one thing she could do. Smiling brightly at her lover, Maria saw the coldness slowly melt away from his expression. They shuffled together toward the kitchen, slowly so they wouldn’t loose the warmth they’d worked up between their bodies, and settled down for a long meal.

// How It Happened //

Perhaps it was the roaring fire crackling in the hearth that warmed their hearts. Regardless, Marie couldn’t keep the smile from her face as her lips dipped into the contours of her husband’s neck. Her hands were busy deeply massaging his shoulders, tired from the work that had been done that day. Her nails scraped against his skin and it was turning him on in a way that it never had before. He leaned his head back, meeting her gaze with a burning one of his own, and grunted.

The tiny little sound – so passionate and full of want – was ultimately what sparked the desire within her own heart. Her hands suddenly got hotter, moving faster over his skin as her skilled fingers pressed here and there and made his heart sprint forward. She kissed the side of his neck, well aware of the erection that was gradually building itself a tent in his pants. Gently, teasingly, she slid her hands down the front of his bare chest and moaned slightly.

The noise sent him into a wild fever, and he was suddenly turning around to kiss her more properly. His strong, muscular arms enveloped her, drawing her against the heated skin of his chest. His lips moved with hers in an intense array of passion, comparable to no other act – no the last, nor any in the future.

Being kissed by a strong German is certainly something that every woman should strive to achieve. She nearly melted against him, fingers scrabbling uselessly over his shoulders as he pulled her in closer. His hands wound around the fabric of her shirt and lifted it over her head, breaking the kiss only for a moment before his mouth converged upon hers once more.

Her pants were made quick work of as well, by her own hands, and soon she was focused on only one thing: the belt around his waist. She fiddled with it, bent on loosening it, but couldn’t find the strength to. The way his lips were kissing her made it impossible to focus on anything else, and he eventually had to assist her in removing his pants before they both went crazy.

“Mein Gott,” he growled, and she was immediately overcome by the blind desire to fuck him senseless. He pushed her to the couch, crawling above her as kissing her again. His hands traveled the length of her, squeezing her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples around his fingers, slapping her thigh and throwing her legs around his waist.

Their naked bodies merged in a delightful way, sensual and passionate and all too familiar. He moved his lips to her collar and sucked on her flesh, leaving little red love bites in his wake. When he got to her breast, his tongue immediately began pleasuring her, licking and biting and sucking on the tenderness of her skin.

Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer. When his hips suddenly jerked against her, rolling his erection against her dripping womanhood, she snapped. A loud moan filled the room as she arched her back. Her eyes, dilated with passion, locked with Ludwig’s. He nodded at the silent plea, grabbed her thighs to lift her legs up, and suddenly rammed into her with a shocking amount of passion. It blind-sided her.

She’d been with him so many times, but this was different: more chaotic in the sense that her feelings were unleashed. The coil in her lower body warped with every hard thrust of their hips, bending and remodeling itself every time Ludwig’s swelled cock pushed against her most inner walls. It was empowering; bold; sexual.

It didn’t take long for them to reach their release. With a long overdue shout, Maria let herself go, clamping down on her lover’s throbbing dick and making him come, as well. They fell on each other, writhing in a way that only lovers did, and allowed a release that shadowed the rest by tenfold. Little did they know just how much that release would mean in the months to come.

// How You Told Him //

“How’s it coming?”

It would never cease to amaze Maria at the sight of Ludwig in that tank top...especially when it was so chilly. He was working inside the house today, busy putting in the insulation into what would soon be the master suite. It was looking pretty bare, but Maria figured that was probably because Ludwig was building the house from the ground up, and that would take some time.

He turned to her, baby blue eyes shining into hers. A frustrated expression was plastered to his face. “Agh. Not so good.” He began explaining the troubles he was having with the insulation and the walls, and how it would take him a few extra days to complete this room.

Maria smiled softly, placing her hand on her husband’s broad shoulder. A small chuckle flew from her lips, “Don’t worry about that. I believe you should get the other bed rooms ready before ours, anyway.”

He looked confused now, “Why? Are we having a guest?” He hadn’t figured that anyone was besides his wife – coughandItalycough – would be sleeping in the house, at least not in the first few months. They still had a lot of struggles to go through, after all.

Maria grinned. Her face lit up proudly, positively glowing with excitement. She leaned in and whispered into Ludwig’s ear...and then comprehension dawned in his eyes, coupled with shock and pride and happiness.

“A baby...?” he seemed to be speechless, and suddenly his arms wrapped around her waist and he tugged her close to him, his strength exceeding him as he kissed her deeply. She laughed against the wild kiss.

Still in shock, and still completely blown away with manly pride, he grabbed his tools, grabbed his wife, and strode purposefully from the room. He had a higher priority to worry about now, and that was making sure his child had a warm, heavily insulated place to sleep.

// Epilogue //

“Maria?” Ludwig poked his head into the baby’s room, finding his wife huddled close to the crib. Her woven shawl was wrapped loosely about her shoulders and a cup of coffee was set on the table nearby, as though she’d gotten sidetracked on her way to the kitchen. Indeed, she had. Caring for twins was a hectic job and they demanded quite a lot of attention.

Ludwig smiled softly at the sight. He gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against his chest as he peered down at the inhabitants of the crib. The twins, Jade and Vincente, were sleeping soundly together. It was a rare feat; usually they’d be crying or causing some sort of trouble. The thin slice of peace was relishing and tranquil.

“Are you leaving?” Maria wondered, voice gentle, as though she didn’t want to break the silence. Ludwig hummed against her shoulder and nodded. It was time for work. “I’ll see you later today, ja?” He kissed her neck again in rare sentiment.

A small smile spread over Maria’s face. She turned in his arms to envelope him in a hug, pressing her cheek to the fresh white dress shirt he was wearing. “Alright. Love you.” He leaned down to kiss her, showing his love in a more silent, characteristic way.

And then he was gone, walking out of the room with one last backward glance at his beloved wife and children. As soon as she heard the front door close, Maria sighed. It was always a difficult time for her, being apart for the duration of the day, even if it was only six hours. It was a good thing she had three beautiful children to keep her company...


Ah. She’d spoken too soon.

“Hush, Vincente! Shhshhshshh. Arg, not you, too, Jade. Don’t cry, darling, I know you want your daddy but he’s not here, sweetheart!”

“Momma? Can I have cookies for breakfast?”

The eldest son, Axel, was given a strict look. Unfortunately, the four year old didn’t quite catch the meaning behind it.

“No! Axel, you come back here right this instant! No cookies for breakfast!” The babies began crying louder. Where was that blasted husband when she needed him?!



  1. My name is Jade :3 Love the story! (=^-ω-^=)