Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Germany Lemon -- Early Mornings

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Victoria Anne Davenport

Inspiration: That picture.  :D

Outside the window, the sky was pitch black. It was early in the morning – so early that the sun hadn’t bothered to show itself yet – and Victoria had only one reason for being awake: memories.

The past night had been full of merriment, parties, and drinking. It had been fun and lighthearted, but she was happy to be here with her lover, wrapped so comfortingly in his grasp. The only physical reminders from the day were the blue flats thrown haphazardly on the floor.

The red letters of the alarm clock gave her a small insight into the time, but it didn’t completely register within her sleepy mind. She was huddled on the brink of awareness, partially immersed in hazy thoughts. Beside her, around her, lay the man with whom she’d spent the evening before – and many others, for that matter. They were wrapped around each other, and even though the air had a slight, autumn chill to it, the heat radiating from bare bodies warmed her heartily.

It was him that she was thinking of. Her mind was replaying all the moments they’d spent together, when they first made their love known, how it had been such a shock to find out that Ludwig – stoic, handsome, perfect Ludwig – had been so in love with her. (Her! Whom she never thought could be on the receiving end of such a fine young man.)

She turned her head to press a kiss to his naked chest, and he unconsciously tightened his hold around her waist. The wedding ring on her finger glistened dully through the dark, but it invigorated her as nothing else could and reminded her just what the lovers had been up to for so long, and what had made them so exhausted.

Another kiss was pressed to his skin, this time brushed against his neck. She couldn’t stop herself from cuddling closer to him, breasts gingerly touching his chest as her lips worked more purposefully on his tender skin.

By the time she had worked her way to his mouth, Victoria hadn’t thought of the chance that she might wake him up. It went without saying that he had been awake since she’d begun attacking his neck, for Ludwig was a fairly light sleeper. He sleepily opened his eyes to stare into hers, and realization dawned on her.

“Leibling,” he murmured, native language rolling from his tongue. He allowed her to kiss him slowly, enjoying the feel of her naked body pressed so completely against his. His strong arms brought her ever closer, so that soon their hearts beat as one. Softly, he rolled them over so that he hovered over her beneath the sheets.

She moaned softly against him, “Sorry...couldn’t stop myself...” The rest of her words were lost in the passion that was quickly rising in the room.

Let it be known that Ludwig had a frightfully strong libido. It took a lot to leave him satisfied, and that, in turn, left Victoria quite exhausted by the time they were done. It was a sacrifice she was willing to make, however, and so she wasn’t at all fazed when she found her lower body pounding so irrefutably while her lover was hardly turned on at all. She’d have to do something about that.

She rolled over him, legs straddling his hips and lower body writhing against his. She ground against him, feeling his slowly growing erection against her aching womanhood. Leaning forward, she kissed him, mouth converging on his completely as their tongues wrestled for dominance.

Of course, he won. She couldn’t compete with the power that rolled from him. Even though it was so dark outside, and they should be fast asleep and exhausted from the previous day’s events, Ludwig found himself wide awake. It was hard to be sleep when there was a beautiful woman atop you, so ready and eager that it was mind boggling.

His strong hands smoothed up her sides, skin on skin. His caress left burning trails up and down her spine, and she found herself moaning his name countless times as he continued his escapades.

“Ludwig...” She kissed his neck, lips sucking on tender skin as her fingers scratched down his chest. She moved her mouth to follow her hands, tongue darting out to capture his perk nipple between her teeth. He grunted at the sensual sight – and feel – of her above him, pleasing him. It made him harder. Wrapping his arms around her legs, he brought her down harder against his erected shaft. He was ready now; so ready.

All he wanted to do was fell her heat around him, covering him, making his body swelter and his heart pound. He wanted to take her like he’d never done before; to show her that no other man could please her like he did; to convince her that he was golden, that he was hers, that he would be hers forever and ever and ever.

She seemed to be well aware of his thick cock. It was rather hard to ignore it, anyway, when it poked against her thigh in such a way. A deep shiver raced through her body, and she lifted her head up to view him more solidly.

His head was pressed against the pillow, risen slightly so that he could look down at her. His hair was strewn in his face, in a messy way that made him that much more appealing. His chest rose and fell rapidly, giving away his lack of calmness. It was empowering to look at him like this. His naked body was illuminated by the moonlight, and she vaguely wondered what hers looked like. She didn’t have a chance to find out, however, because Ludwig was suddenly pulling at her, tugging her body up to kiss her.

As their tongues once again fought, his hands curled around her bum, locking in place. His thumb traced sensual circles at her inner thigh. He lapped at her, tasting her completely as their lips worked furiously together. It was amazing; frivolous in a way that love making usually was; hypocritical and passionate and indescribable...and then he was inside of her, and those emotions doubled, tripled.

He wasn’t gentle, but Victoria couldn’t really complain. His hips rose up to meet hers in a rough manner that was similar to his overall personality. His fingers dug into her hips, bringing her down halfway; forcing her deeper onto his throbbing cock.

Their kiss heightened in passion. It was sloppier, but no less amazing, and it certainly made the rest of their actions all the more desirous. She moaned against him, moving her body against him and finally breaking the kiss, only to move her lips to his neck, collar, shoulder. She left hickies on his beautiful skin, because she wanted him to know that he belonged to her. She supposed it didn’t matter, because she already knew that he knew he did, but it gave her a sense of pride anyway.

Her fingers moved over the planes of his chest, dipping into the contours of his muscles and tracing every dip and curve of his arms. He grunted against her, spread her legs a bit more, and took her breath away with a sudden, deep pound.

He did this a couple of times because he knew how amazing it felt, and how it must have felt for her. Jerking against her, Ludwig sighed, letting out a soft, breathy moan as he slowly let himself go. He didn’t say anything to warn her, but it didn’t matter. She’d been ready before he’d even woken up, and release was a thankful mantra on her lips.

She felt her lips moving, her throat constricting, and knew that she must have been moaning, but she didn’t hear herself. All she was aware of was the intense emotions within her lover’s baby blue eyes, and how he seemed to be trying to tell her something as they released. She figured it out, smiled blissfully, and leaned in to kiss him and express her own returned feelings.

Their hips moved quickly, passionately, in one last set of thrusts before all was silent. Their labored breathing was all that could be heard in the room; that, and the slight rustle of sheets as Victoria lowered herself down to curl up within his arms.

He breathed against her ear, kissing just below it as he ran his fingers through her hair. Their eyes drifted to a close, exhaustion finally catching up to them. It was a rare moment of utter jubilation, pride, and satiation all mixed together as one. Slowly, they left the world and entered their dreams, shedding all pretenses and just falling together, limbs twisted with limbs and hearts melded with hearts.