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A Hibari Kyoya Baby Daddy -- Little Black Dress

Character: Hibari Kyoya

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Sachie Gozabura, Set in TYL world

Inspiration: Dressing Rooms~

// Prologue //

A summer day in Japan is a blistering, hot day. The clouds aren’t lingering in the blue sky, or blocking the scorching sunshine from the people. It is very uncomfortable and you have to be either on a mission, or utterly insane to step outside. Sachie’s lack of sanity plays a big part, it seems.

“Herbivore...” the warning growl of Hibari’s voice doesn’t faze Sachie – at least not in the way he had hoped it would. She merely glances up at him, eyes wide with an innocence that surprises him.

A small smiles spreads across her face. She doesn’t seem to mind the deathly sun, but rather revels in it as she tips her head back to show her smile to the world. When she speaks, her voice is light and airy, and contrasts to the heavy atmosphere that Hibari had worked up. “We’re almost there, Hi-kun.” Those simple words make him relax.

Hibari has no idea why he is so lenient toward Sachie. Her attitude should annoy him, but he rarely uses his tonfu around her. It is a mystery that everyone seems to know except him, but somehow it doesn’t bother him like he thought it would. Somehow, the mystery of their relationship stays refreshing and interesting.

He glances at her, some black bangs falling into his eyes, and his expression remains neutral as it always is. Something in his gaze flickers with emotion, though, and he isn’t sure what it is or why he is feeling it toward her. It’s like he’s back in high school again, battling with the same, unknown feelings toward the same, strange girl. He’d thought that – after he’d left for a while – he’d stop this annoying excitement. But his heart is still pumping radically, and his palms still feels clammy, and his skin is still tingling from the grip she has on his arm.

“Oh! Here it is! It’s the best dress store in the neighborhood~!” and she pulls him into the modern looking shop.

He is aggravated that she brought him all this way to come dress shopping with her. He’s annoyed that once again, he fell for her smile and didn’t ask questions. But mostly, he’s mad at himself for being such a softie and abandoning his normally cold demeanor.

He sighs, gripping his tonfu as a mode of relief. But he doesn’t draw them, or tap her head with them, or do anything at all, really. He never uses his tonfu against Sachie. He still doesn’t know why.

// How It Happened //

Inside the store, it is cool. It’s a nice relief from the heat of the outside world, and Hibari finds that his anger isn’t as high as it was a moment before. He glances around, but finds the decorations rather boring. When he returns his gaze to Sachie’s face, he doesn’t look away.

She wanders farther into the store, exchanging familiarities to a woman behind the counter. He follows her down an aisle, eyes shifting from dress to dress and seeing none that might be flattering. For Sachie, she seems more excited. Her fingers fly over every hanger, as though making split second decisions as to their worth. Sometimes, she pulls one off the rack, turns to Hibari, and hands it to him. He is annoyed, but merely glares at her. If she sees the glare, she ignores it and continues on.

“What color do you like, Hibari?” she wonders, moving her hands over the fabric of a bright yellow dress. The color reminds her of Hibird, and therefore of Hibari himself. She pulls it from the rack.

At the question, Hibari grunts. He never thinks of such insipid, shallow things. He turns his eyes to what she’s wearing: a tight black shirt with a pair of worn jean shorts. The black color contrasted nicely against her pale skin. After only a moment’s thought, he responds, “Black.” For some reason, he doesn’t want to see her in this silly yellow dress. Black would look good on her – it would give her a certain flare of danger, and that would make her practically irresistible to him.

She giggles and nods, as though unsurprised. Her expression isn’t composed in her normal, emotionless mask, but is rather smiling and happy as they reach the end of the aisle. And then, suddenly Hibari stops, eyes narrowed as he stares at a garment hanging just at the end of their aisle. Sachie glances back at him, gaze curiously following his. He grabs the little black dress from the rack and tosses into the pile. Finally, he raises his eyes to meet hers.

The intensity within his black gaze shocks her. A blush curls up the back of her neck and she quickly looks away from him to stare at the dress.

It is a lacy number, made of silky material that screams ‘desire’. Her blush intensifies, but she cannot deny that the dress looks amazing, and feels amazing. She’s happy that he thinks it would look good on her. Finally, Sachie realizes that she’s staring at him, and she quickly turns away, trying vainly to dispel her blush. The walk to the dressing rooms never felt so long.

Inside the small, enclosed space, Sachie feels strange. Perhaps it’s because she knows that Hibari is standing just outside the wooden door, and that she’s changing so close to him. Perhaps it’s the lacy black dress that’s making her so uncomfortable. She’s saving it for last because she feels that it’s the best, and she wants to feel pleasantly surprised when she tried it on.

The yellow dress isn’t for her. When she shows it to Hibari, he doesn’t seem impressed. It clings to her in all the wrong places, accenting her stomach rather than her bust. She quickly takes it off and slips into a teal colored one.

That one doesn’t impress him either, and she isn’t surprised by it. The color doesn’t contrast enough. It matches the blue streak of her died hair to easily. She peels it off of her and tries again, and again, until she has no choice but to don the black dress.

She isn’t sure what to think when she steps out of the dressing room. She feels self conscious, though, because Hibari isn’t making any disapproving noises like he had before. He merely stares at her, coal eyes taking her in, sweeping over her figure before finally locking with her eyes.

This dress, she has to admit, looks good on her. It’s tight around her waist and flares out at her hips in rivulets of lace and silk. It accentuates her lithe form like none of the other dresses had. She feels gorgeous in it, especially when Hibari was staring at her with that hungry, possessive, dark look.

Come to think of it, he looks suddenly dangerous, standing there. His hands are stuffed into his pockets; the top few buttons of his dress shirt is undone; his hair is falling into his eyes, but she can still feel his gaze trapping her to the floor, and it makes her excited, wary, and unsatisfied all at the same time.

He takes a sudden step forward, and Sachie is left wondering. There is no one around them; the store was empty when they entered it and is still empty now. For some reason, she feels like prey to a predator. Her eyes flicker up to his and she shivers lustfully at the insatiable desire dwelling within his pitch orbs. Her back suddenly presses against cool glass, and she realizes that she’d been stepping back each time he took a step forward.

She opens her mouth to question him - to ask him what he wants, or why he is closing the dressing room door – but her voice catches in her throat and she suddenly can’t speak. But she can shiver, and she can melt, and she can feel her passion building up inside of her. She doesn’t know why Hibari is randomly showing his desire for her, but she isn’t going to return him to reality. She wants to shiver with him; melt with him; be passionate with him, and she has a feeling that he wants it to.

His hands converge on her hips. His grasp feels foreign and strange, but as he moves his fingers gently over the silk, it begins to feel like water molding over her skin. She leans her head back to look up at him, completely taken aback by the darkened lust of his hold. She knows he wants her.

He pushes her farther against the cold glass of the mirror and sets his lips upon her. The fire of his movements contrasts against the cold, and it makes her mind go blank. He presses firm kisses to her neck, collar, chest. His hands move over her roughly, molded water changing into harsh streams of emotion. His nails scrap against her spine, drag up her back and then down, clutch at her bum and squeeze, trail down to grip her thigh. His lips finally find hers, and the force he exerts upon her pushes her farther to the mirror. She wonders what it’s like, kissing someone against a mirror. Can he see himself kissing her? She wants to trade places and feel what he’s feeling, but the reality of their situation makes her forget.

His fingers feel useless against him. She suddenly doesn’t remember how to use her body. She writhes against him, eyes closing at the full extent of his passion, and can do nothing but allow him to dominate her. He does so happily, hands sweeping over her silk clad body and feeling every inch of her. He brushes over the planes of her stomach, dips against her breasts, roughly squeezes the full globes of flesh before darting back down to graze over hips.

His tongue pushes against her mouth, engaging her in a one-sided brawl. He grunts against her, teeth slinking around her bottom lip and lightly biting down on it. In the back of her mind, Sachie hopes that the store stays empty.

Clothes fade away. The silk dress falls to the floor like undiluted water, and Sachie is left naked to his eyes. He seems to like what he sees; he leans back to regard her and returns shortly, wrapping his bare arms around her and kissing her again.

He grinds his lower body against hers, hearing the breathy gasps that sprout from her throat. He can’t get enough of her – is overtaken by the sexiness of those little noises – and has to force himself not to go all out. He can’t, not yet, because he knows they are still in the store, and they can very easily be kicked out.

When he finally pushes his hard length into her, he has to kiss her hard to stop her moan. He continues to do so, partly for the same reason, and partly because kissing her is so amazingly natural. One hand grips her tightly and the other remains fisted against the cold glass. The chillness latches part of him to reality. He is thankful for that, because any thought of stopping is distasteful to his lustful, hard-headed mind.

It feels so good to have her wrapped around him. Her heat courses through him, wracking shivers from his heated body. For a moment, he loses control and has to bury his head into her neck to muffle his groan. She seems to enjoy hearing it, because he feels her fingers tighten their grasp on his smooth hair.

She throws her head back and her eyes open wide, gazing directly into his. The connection gives him insight into her emotions – into all her love, and passion, and lust – and it becomes to catalyst of their release.

Their thrusts quicken and they come long and hard. Their moans are dispersed by a kiss, administered roughly as their hips snap against each other. He feels so good, releasing into her like this, and he knows that she feels just as blissful. His name is a mantra on her lips, breathed so softly into their kiss that he’s hardly sure she’s even saying it at all. But she is, and its so intrinsic and loving that Hibari is overcome by the joyful emotion that wells up within his normally cold heart.

He presses himself against his woman – she is his, now – and lets out a pent up sigh. However expensive that dress was, it was leaving the store with them.

// How You Told Him //

“Hi-kun! Hurry up or we’ll be late!”

Her words are a rare thing for Hibari to hear, for they were usually coming out of his own mouth. It always takes ages for her to get ready to go out, even when they were only going to see Tsuna and the rest. It isn’t a particularly important night, but Hayato had told them to dress nicely for the tenth.

When Hibari turns the corner and steps into the hallway by the door, he finds himself staring at his lover in surprise. He’d nearly forgotten about that dress, clinging so deliciously to Sachie. She gazes at him from beneath long lashes and he is suddenly overcome by the desire to stay huddled in their bedroom. Gokudera wouldn’t care too much is they don’t show up, would he?

Hibari steps forward, his eyes darkening in his apparent lust. With every step he takes, she takes one away from him. A familiar situation flashes through his mind, and the desire increases. It’s been nearly four months since they had gone dress shopping and had bought that lacy silk dress, but the memories had still not diminished. Hibari has a feeling that said memories won’t diminish for a very long time.

His hands finally land above her head, pinning her to the front door. He towers over her, lips curled up into a deadly smirk. The ferocity of his expression causes Sachie to rethink her plan, but the nagging desire to tell him exactly what was going on forces her thoughts back to the present. She smiles, a sly sort of smile that makes him suspicious, and leans forward. She couldn’t possibly go through with the plan without a little fun for herself.

“We’ll be late,” she reminds him, and flashes him another one of those cunning smirks before twisting the door knob and tumbling outside.

He curses, tripping clumsily as he has no choice but to follow. His eyes are now dark with another emotion: annoyance. It’s a good thing Sachie can counter it.

“Oh, she says, almost in an unconcerned manner, “I should probably tell you something before we go.” He looks up at her, aggravation still prevalent in his gaze, and nearly chokes when she says, “I’m pregnant.”

He is annoyed for a few different reasons now. Firstly, because she has the gall to offhandedly tell him such an important fact on the way to a group dinner. Secondly, because he’s frustrated at her dismissal to his obvious lust. He wishes he had his tonfu with him, but he knew they wouldn’t do him any good anyway; his reflexes are better.

In less than a second, her back is pressed against the door once again, and Sachie is met with a situation she is very familiar with. Her lover, hovering over her, silently fuming and yet somehow more tranquil than she’d ever seen him. He pressed his lips to hers firmly, passionately, and then twisted the door knob open for the second time. They both stumbled back inside.

A pregnancy called for other means of celebration. Tsuna would just have to wait.


A/N: I felt like I should end it there, so I did. xD Sorry to those of you who wanted to read more

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