Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Hibari Kyoya Lemon -- Red Panties

Character: Hibari Kyoya

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Mayu Erizawa

Inspiration: Red panties xD

Being the woman of Hibari Kyoya was often mentally challenging. I don’t mean that it was stupid, but rather that he often did things that made Mayu’s brain hurt from over thinking. Why did he carry those crazy tonfu around with him? Why did he call people Herbivores? How did he manage to look so incredibly sexy whilst beating someone up? It didn’t make any sense. Despite getting migraines so often, however, being Hibari Kyoya’s lover had its benefits.

For example, she doubted than anyone else would ever be so lenient toward her crazy sex drive. strange as it sounded, she was into some weird things. Hibari was surprised when he first found out, but she’d long since converted him. Bwahaha.

Also, due to his job, he wasn’t always around all the time. That might not be a benefit to most, but being his lover could certainly be suffocating at times. She enjoyed have leisure time. (In which she spent wasting much of the money he brought home. Ahem.)

It was a good thing that Mayu had been with him for a long time, otherwise she might not know how to calm him down. He could get really angry with her – like when he discovered that all the cash he’d given her had gone to clothes and jewelry, or when he’d told her to get ready to go out, only to find that she’d completely forgotten and had made plans with a friend...well, you get the point. It was lucky that his anger was often released in the bedroom. (It was also one of the reasons that Mayu had stayed with him for so long. He could give some pretty hot, angry make-up sex.)

She knew she was asking for it, but Mayu couldn’t really care. Yeah, these panties had cost much of the money he supplied her with, but it was sort of his fault, too. He never learned his lesson, it seemed. (Or maybe – she smirked – he just liked getting angry because he liked the results of said anger.) She cleared her throat and twirled around again.

“So what are you saying?” she wondered, her voice a little too light, “Do you want me to bring them back?” She knew that he knew that she wouldn’t, whatever he wanted.

He growled, fists tightly clenched as he leaned against the bedroom door. Hibari had some amazing self control, Mayu had to admit. Seeing him with that angry expression was sort of turning her on. She smirked and crossed her arms, hip jutting out slightly as she stood there.

It didn’t take a whole lot to figure out what was on his mind. The red panties she wore, and the fact that she was standing just beside the bed, gave her insight into his thoughts. She sauntered toward him, brow perking up in question, and ran her hands down his chest. He flinched.

“Hmmm...Hibari, aren’t you going to punish me for spending so much money on a single pair of panties?” she nipped at his ear, tongue darting over the captured flesh. Her fingers clutched onto the collar of his white dress shirt, crinkling the starched material. She felt another shiver wrack through his unmoving form.

He didn’t answer. His eyes were transfixed to hers, warning her not to make him angrier than he already was. But she knew what would happen if she did, and she dearly wanted to she his furious side. She was a glutton for punishment, but only when it came in the form of her fierce, God-like lover.

She pressed her body against his, pushing her bare breasts to his chest. It felt strange, and foreign, but it sent shivers racing throughout her regardless. Her hands released his collar and ran down his chest, scraping over him and not stopping until she reached his belt buckle. If he wouldn’t move, she’d move for him.

He didn’t say anything, or do anything, as she slipped her fingers into the belt. Her mouth pressed against his in a one-sided kiss, tongue slinking over his delicious lips before ravishing him more wholly. The belt came off, but she didn’t let go of it. She whimpered against him, craving contact. The belt was slid into his grasp, as though silently praying that he’d use it against her.

Usually, a move like that would have broken his willpower, but tonight it seemed as though he was angrier than normal. He stared at her, pitch eyes swallowing her, and she knew that she’d have to go farther if she wanted his complete attention.

Her fingers played with the zipper of his pants for a moment before sliding it down. She gave him a lingering kiss before slinking down as well, so that she was kneeling before him. If this was what he wanted, then she wouldn’t mind giving it to him. Her nose nuzzled against the obvious dent in his pants. He was already so hard...

The button came undone a moment later and his pants found solace on the ground. His shirt – which had, before, been neatly tucked into said pants – now was messily strewn against his pale hips. She brushed the shirt up slightly to plant kisses at the edge of his deep green boxers. Still, no response was given.

Impatience was beginning to wear her down. She glanced up at him, but all she could see in his eyes was that ever-present fury. His grasp had tightened around the belt. She continued on...but didn’t get as far as she thought she would.

As soon as his boxers came off, Hibari’s control finally broke. His hand slid into the tresses of her hair, clutching harshly and bringing her face to face with his thick cock. He was, indeed, ready – more than ready, actually – and she didn’t complain as he forced her mouth around him. She nearly melted.

It seemed that this layer of anger was only that: a layer. How angry was he, really? The question lingered in the air around them.

His hips moved harshly, not seeming to care that he was choking her. His thick manhood was shoved deep within her throat, almost as a punishment of sorts. His fingers twisted roughly in her hair as he continued to slam his aching erection into her.

She moaned; she writhed; she dug her nails into him. He wouldn’t stop – wouldn’t slow his pace for her – but the fact that he was finally giving in to his anger excited her. She was beside herself with wanton luxury, desire, and a thirsty craving that couldn’t be satiated. She closed her eyes and sucked him hard, running her tongue over the bulging vein on the underside of his dick, grazing her teeth over the sensitive skin of his tip...

And then it was over, and he was pulling himself from her heated mouth. His eyes were still furious, completely black with anger and pride and insanity, and it sent lustful shivers singing over her body. A fierce growl flew from his mouth. Heatedly, he snarled, “Bed.” She stumbled backwards, heeding his command.

This was how she liked having him: this tight, tense, rage that enforced emotions in him that he’d never submit to under any other circumstance. He followed her, that dark threat still prevalent in his lustful, frenzied eyes. When he spoke again, his voice had changed from hot anger to scorching passion. She could almost feel that desire rolling against her skin. “Take those off.”

She let out a shaky sigh. When he was like this, she almost didn’t know how to act. She only knew that she liked feeling helpless – liked being dominated – just as long as it was Hibari doing the dominating. Her fingers curled into those fiery panties, and pulled them slowly off.

She was so ready for him. Her flower was dripping from the heat of the moment, and when his eyes latched to her nether regions, she nearly lost herself. He took a step forward, mouth curling up into an impassioned smirk, and a single order mocked his lips, “Lay down.”

Was he going to use the belt he still grasped? Mayu didn’t know what she wanted anymore, just that it had something to do with him giving her more of those sexy commands.

She lay back down, feeling bare, and allowed her head to press against the pillow. Her eyes took him in as he stood there, manhood standing straight in the air and darkened glare inflicting heavy emotion within her. He watched her, too. His eyes didn’t stay connected with hers for long; he memorized every contour of her body again and again as his fingers loosened the dress shirt that still clung to his chest.

When he’d finally rid himself of it, Mayu had to hold in the gasp that flew from her throat. She’d never get used to the sight of him completely naked. It was glorious and perfect, and she could think of no better image. As though knowing what she was thinking of, his lips twitched upward into that powerful smirk.

The mattress weighted down as he crawled onto it, body brushing against hers with every movement. When he was finally situated above her, he looked down into her eyes as saw something that made him smirk. He pressed a light kiss to the corner of her mouth and hummed, taking his time as he moved his lower body against hers. She whimpered for him, but didn’t try to rush him.

His fingers slid against her slick womanhood, dipping into her slowly, tantalizingly, before jerking out and then back in. Her back arched with the sudden pleasure, but Hibari wouldn’t allow her to moan; he bit down on her nipple just as the sound bubbled up in her throat. The sudden pain caused the noise to morph into another harsh whimper.

His name was on the edge of her lips, and she dearly wanted to say it. He added another finger, pumping them into her waiting flower as he watched her lazily, that cursed smirk still playing at his mouth.

“” he shut her up with a rough kiss, but it only increased the pleasure. He tasted like the danger he was exerting upon her, and that made her more than excited. She arched her back again, not caring what the consequence was, and was therefore surprised when none came. He opened his shadowed eyes, gave her that look, and kissed her again. His fingers gave one last thrust before jerking away, and his tongue shoved into her mouth as though to continue the same lustful movements.

“I want you to scream,” he breathed, voice husky and deep. He moved his body just right, so that the tip of his hard shaft was pressing against her folds. Her eyes flew open, locking with his, and she nearly lost it when he began to push himself into her.

Another whimper flew from her mouth, but it was muffled by his lips as he kissed her. His hands gripped her body, clinging to her as he pressed himself fully into her.

He stayed like that for a mere moment before the real passion began. His was rough and dominant as he thrust into her, but she didn’t care. She clung to his shoulders, scraped her nails up his back, and allowed herself to be pushed into the mattress.

His rock hard length slid against her most inner walls, making scorching flames curl up her body. She moaned for him, screamed for him; yelled out his name again and again as he had ordered and even after her throat had become dry and spent.

He growled, bruising her lips with his before suddenly pulling his mouth back. He utterly ravished her, licking and biting and sucking on every bit of tender skin he could reach. Her leg was thrown over his shoulder and he rocked into her. Release was tangible...and also filled with that incessant, clinging anger that had started the contact.

“Scream my name,” he growled, pulling back so that he could see her – all of her – when she finally did let herself go. He ordered it again, this time louder, and tightening his grasp on her hips.

She obeyed, his name tumbling from her parted lips over and over without pause. She clung to him, locking her eyes with his, and came. He slammed his hips into hers, bruising her body with his force as he followed suit.

It was nothing like she’d ever experienced. This passion – this irate craving – it clawed at her just as she clawed at him. She brought him down to kiss him: the only hint of dominance he allowed from her. Their tongues battled together, instilling within them a mirrored sense of emotion that seemed foreign to the rest of their movements.

Being Hibari Kyoya’s lover was different, and sometimes really difficult, but it definitely had it’s benefits. For one, he accepted her for what he was, and visa versa. No one else loved her like he did, even though he could rarely show that love, and no one loved him like she did. Secondly, he had one hell of a libido. (Love aside, it was one of the main reasons she bothered staying with him for this long.)



  1. This was very hot. I like it. Always imagined Kyoya's bedroom activities to be like this. Especially since it suits the character that's presented in the manga and anime.

  2. Very well written! The smut itself was a incredible to read but it definitely hit home Cause you kept him in character. Thank you! Now to find a Seto kaiba and yami bakura.... please keep writing!