Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Ichijo Takuma Baby Daddy -- Resilient OAK

Character: Ichijo Takuma

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Aeli Yuema

Inspiration: Ichijo’s smartfulness xDD

// Prologue //

It was a dark sort of day, ruled by the gloomy clouds that hovered in the sky. It wasn’t raining, but the sun definitely didn’t feel like coming out.

It was just the sort of day to read a book, actually, and that was just what Aeli did. The library had many inhabitants that also thought similarly, but she was the only person in the room farthest from the door – the reading room that no one else but her used.

It’s not like it was a bad room. Sure, there were no computers or squishy bean bags or anything like that. There was only a big, long polished oak table that took up most of the space. Atop the table were dozens and dozens of unwanted books.

That was why she often found solace in this storage type part of the library. The books on the shelves and tabletop were old and, since the librarian couldn’t just throw them out – oh, the blasphemy! – they were just stacked up and left untouched. It kind of reminded Aeli of herself.

Oh, she wasn’t depressed or anything. She was actually well-liked by most everyone in the Night Class, even when the various pranks she pulled went wrong, or when her smiling personality got her in more trouble than she could cope with. If there was one thing she liked doing above anything else, though, it was spending alone-time in the library, reading and treasuring books that were not read and treasured by others. She liked to be different.

Usually, it was only herself in the old, dusty reading room. She’d take a seat near the head of the long oaken table and would flip through a book as she listened to the rain drops on the window pane. (She’d usually only come during a rain storm.) But sometimes, here and there, she’d have one other person to keep her company.

Ichijo Takuma was a pretty busy guy, but sometimes he’d find time to read with her. She didn’t know why he did, or how he had even found out about her hide out in the first place, but she certainly didn’t mind sharing with the handsome vampire. He was definitely the type of person she would share anything with.

// How It Happened //

The rain was pelting heavily against the windows. Other than that, and the occasional turn of a dusty page, the room was near silent. Being burrowed deep within an unused section of the library had its perks.

Aeli read another page in record time, and as she turned for another, her eyes locked with emerald green. She threw him a smile and he grinned from across the table. It had been about an hour since he’d found her, and ever since then they’d been reading quietly together.

The tension in the room had built since he’d entered it, however, and it didn’t give Aeli the chance to get comfortable. Her brain was whizzing with activity – with hopes and wonders and cravings – and her body was reacting to that. Her fingers shook, her eyes remained unfocused, and her gaze kept darting back to him, as though unsure of whether he was really there or not.

“Aeli,” he said, when their eyes locked for the fifth time in two minutes. She blushed and cleared her throat, trying to put on a smile that she hoped could pass as ‘innocent’. Somehow, she guessed that Ichijo could see through the charade.

He chuckled, closed his book, and set it in front of him on the table. When he spoke, his voice was like honey, and it seemed to have an intrinsic affect on her that made her a little frightened. “You aren’t doing much reading, are you?”

Her smile curled up into a slyer one. She turned another page, not even glancing at the book, and hummed, “Not very much.” She didn’t mention where her thoughts really were, because she figured they’d scare him off. Was it sinful to have been daydreaming about using this long, sturdy table as a bed? Her smirk widened and she forwent the innocent look altogether. (It never really fit her anyway.)

His emerald eyes sparkled at her from across the long expanse of smooth wood. Was it just the lighting, or did he look especially handsome this night? But it was more than handsome, she realized as she leaned forward, absolutely entranced: there was danger within those deep pools of green; and desire, hidden so delicately beneath washed traces charm. She vaguely wondered what he could see in her own wintry eyes.

“I’m not getting much done, either,” he murmured, never breaking contact. He slowly stood up, as though getting ready to leave the room, but to her surprise he took a step toward her, rather than the door. She sat straighter in her chair, heart hammering against her chest as he sauntered forward. Perhaps she wouldn’t have felt so enthused had his eyes not twinkled so dangerously.

When he reached her seat, he didn’t do anything. His just stood there, still staring, with his hands lazily strewn into the pockets of his school pants. His hair was falling into his eyes, but the connection of their gazes was still overly strong. The corner of his lips twitched up, and Aeli felt her willpower crumble.

She shot up from her chair and was in front of him in less than a moment. He didn’t seem surprised at all – in fact, he seemed to revel in her brash actions. Their lips pressed against each other haphazardly, and the danger of the situation began to seep through the rest of their bodies as they molded together.

Said danger didn’t stop them, however: it only increased the wanton passion. Their kiss deepened; their arms tightened around the other; their bodies ached. Moment flew past them and they didn’t even notice – they couldn’t notice – because they were so absorbed in each other that it was impossible to draw away.

And then, suddenly, the hard edge of the oak table slammed into Aeli’s back, and Takuma whispered a swift apology against her mouth as he towered above her. She like this position – liked being dominated by a vampire who didn’t normally dominate – and so she acquiesced to his movements. Her legs came up to wrap around his chest as she sat atop the table. He moved into the space between her legs and their lips melded together once more.

His hands flew about her, pressing over her shoulders before cupping her breasts, and then they moved down over her sides to finally clutch at her hips. His actions were becoming rougher by the minute, but it only sent her heart into a mad, unbroken spasm of excitement.

She arched against him, grasped at his shoulders, and tugged at his clothing. Up until that point, he seemed to have forgotten that said clothing needed to be removed. He buried his head into her neck and his fingers suddenly flew over them, pulling off every bit of cloth that he could.

Finally, Aeli moved back to lay against the cold wood. Ichijo followed her, crawling up her form until he was perfectly molded against her. The skin-to-skin contact had both of their bodies going wild, and so the connection was soon intensified. Aeli writhed in pleasure and pain as he urged his thick manhood into her.

It didn’t take long to get used to the feeling. Soon, the two lovers were breathing heavily in passion and bliss, moving together without restraint. His cock slid within her and it made her gasp again and again. Breathy little moans fled from her mouth, and it made Ichijo want to come right then and there.

Aeli threaded her fingers into his hair as she pushed her lips onto his. Her eyes slid closed, and she lost herself in the moment. Excitement reared within her, as well as the feeling of release. A moment later, she was haphazardly warning her lover of the imminent moment, and they were both falling together.

Their lips found each other amid the blissful release. Their eyes finally locked, and the emotions within each of them made said release even more amazing. Aeli pressed her head against the oak table and let out a heavy, satisfied sigh. Her lover quickly followed suit, wrapping her in his embrace as he continued to litter kisses over her skin.

“I have a feeling we won’t be getting much reading done any time soon,” he chuckled, and received a playful smack to his chest. Aeli turned and threw her arm around him. A silent agreement was plausible in the air.

// How You Told Him //

It was an overcast day. The sun was hiding behind a thick array of twisted clouds as they tattooed the sky. Ichijo Takuma was on his way to his dorm after a long night of classes. A book was tucked under his arm.

The book was tattered and yellow, as though it had been forgotten. He hadn’t picked it out himself, but it had rather been given to him by his girlfriend as they passed each other in the hall earlier between classes.

“What, no manga today, Takuma?” Kain wondered, sauntering alongside the class president. Ichijo glanced at him and shrugged, a light smile playing at the edge of his lips, and replied, “Aeli gave this to me. She said I might like it.”

Aido scoffed as he caught the end of his words, “Well have you opened it yet? It seems pretty suspicious to me. She always seems to have some sort of prank up her sleeve.”

Kain shot his cousin a look, but Aido just sent it right back to him. Ichijo chuckled and shrugged, unconcerned, “Does it matter?” But he couldn’t deny Aido’s words. Now that he thought about it, it did seem rather odd that she’d randomly give him a book. And, thinking back to the manner in which she’d handed it to him, with that devious smirk plastered all over her face...he hummed and twisted the book open.

Nothing happened, and Ichijo was about to dismiss his suspicions when Kain let out a surprised noise. He turned his emerald green eyes to the inside cover, where a bit of paper was taped. He vaguely thought about smiling at her respect for old books, but the words that were written on the paper made him forget those thoughts. Aido began choking.

Ichijo stopped walking. His expression was screwed up in blatant shock, his eyes wide with emotion. He clutched the book as though it were a lifeline, and ignored the stares of Kain and Aido as they stopped, too.

“I...” he laughed suddenly, voice filled with a myriad of emotion. “I’ll be right back...” and then he turned and began running the way he’d come...toward the library.

Behind him, Kain and Aido grinned and turned back to the direction of their dorms.

“He won’t be coming back any time soon,” Aido offered, hands in his pockets. Kain chuckled and agreed. They wouldn’t be seeing much of Aeli, either. (At least for a very, very long time.)

// Epilogue //

It was the best day of the year: a day that was sure to be filled with passion, love, and happiness. It was a good thing that Aeli and Ichijo’s five sons would be taken care of while they were gone.

A wedding anniversary always called for celebration, but unlike the years prior, this particular celebration would be completely private, and would take place miles away from their manor. They couple was flying to Italy.

“Lance! Lance, come here, darling,” Aeli gave him a swift kiss on the cheek, ignoring his disgusted expression. Though he was only eight, the eldest son seemed to think of himself as much older. He certainly acted like it, most of the time. He got his intelligence from his father.

“Be good, make sure your brothers stay in line while we’re gone,” she fiddled with his sweater, but luckily for him, she was distracted by a pull to her dress. She looked down to find her third youngest son, Daemon, looking up at her with his five-year old pudgy face.

She swooped him into her arms and kissed his hair as he mumbled, “Momma, where are you going ‘gain?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but the deep voice of her husband beat her to it. Ichijo’s hand rested on Daemon’s head, “We’ll be in Italy for a few weeks, and then we’ll be back before you know it.” The five year old seemed contented for a moment.

Luckily, seven year old Micka didn’t ask too many questions. He shared his older brother’s intelligence, and silently came up to stand beside his mother, awaiting his goodbye kiss.

It came not a moment later, as soon as Daemon was pushed into her husband’s arms. Aeli reached down to wrap her arms around her second eldest son, pressing her lips to his smooth cheek and keeping him in her motherly hold for a few moments.

It was a flustering goodbye, especially for Aeli herself. Ichijo made sure to acknowledge all his sons as his wife began fretting over her youngest sons, twins Vadin and Ruslan, only three years old. It was a good thing they were staying quiet in their nurse’s arms, otherwise Ichijo knew he’d never be able to pull Aeli away in time to catch their flight.

“Now be good, children,” she began pressing more kisses to their faces, as though trying to indent her love into all of them. “Don’t play outside after dark, and eat your blood pills when Mrs. Thatcher tells you to!” She would have kept going, but Takuma was able to slip his arm into hers and pull her back with him, suitcases in his other grasp.

“We’ll see you in three weeks!” he cheerfully proclaimed, sent an almost pitying look to the head nurse, and dragged his wife away to the car that waited for them by the front door. She waved back to their children as they walked away.

As soon as the front door swung shut, Ichijo took in a deep breath. Life was hectic, and he was grateful for the chance to get away for a bit. Though he loved his family, the idea of a romantic vacation with his wife was very tantalizing. Her mind wasn’t quite where his was yet, however. She was still fretting over things that only a woman with five sons could fret about. “Are you sure we packed everything? Three weeks is a long time! Did you make sure Kaname knows – “ he cut her off with a firm kiss that seemed to surprise her.

She melted against him, arms clinging to the front of his suit as his mouth ravished hers. Even after ten years of marriage, their kiss still seemed to make her forget everything. Sparks flew between them as he cradled her against him. After a long moment, he slowly broke the contact.

He eyes stayed locked with hers, though, even after their kiss had dispersed. A beautiful smile spread over his face as he beheld her, glowing so lovely in the moonlight. He pressed another, softer kiss to the edge of her mouth, silently answering all her questions and quelling all her worries.

Now she seemed to be more in the mood. She smiled, hummed into another kiss, and allowed him to lead her down the steps of their manor and into the sleek black car that waited to drive them to the airport. Every now and then, they definitely needed to get away from their hectic lifestyle. Ichijo smiled as he opened the door for her. Now was a perfect time to do so.



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