Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Ichijo Takuma Lemon -- Playing The Tutor

Character: Ichijo Takuma

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Yuri May, purple eyes, light brown hair

Inspiration: A lemon I started to write but never finished

It was a rainy day. Heavy droplets pattered against the windowpane of Yuri’s dorm room, making her feel sedated and sleepy. She rested her head in the crook of her elbow as she lay on her bed, eyes half closed as they stared listlessly at the far wall. Before her was her notebook, filled with math problems that she was supposed to be completing. Due to the soporific atmosphere of the dorm, however, it was clear that Yuri’s mind was far from math.

She was so immersed in her daydreams that she didn’t even hear the knock on her door. Nor did she hear said door open, or see the blonde head that peered through the doorway. Yuri was only brought out of her daze by the sound of a laugh, clear and peaceful and belonging to none other than Ichijo, her best friend and crush.

“Hi, Yuri,” his eyes twinkled in amusement, “Working diligently?”

His long fingers were grasping a copy of one of his favorite manga, and it seemed that he meant to read it with her because he let himself in. He shut the door behind him and stepped over to her, green eyes locking with hers.

“What gave it away?” came her long overdue answer, dry with humor and fatigue. “I can’t concentrate. The rain is making me sleepy.”

He hummed and Yuri felt him sit on the bed, his weight depressing the mattress. She gazed up at him as he leaned over her, studying the work she’d done. Only two answers were finished; the rest of the paper was filled with manga sketches. A small smile lit up his face.

“Bad time management, it seems,” he sent her a grin. “How ‘bout I give you some pointers?”

Yuri smiled and nodded, trying vainly to dispel the pink blush from her cheeks as he leaned over her some more. She could smell his scent, so airy and yet hypocritically musky; she could count the eyelashes trimming his eyes; could practically hear his heartbeat. (And was that a silk dress shirt he was wearing?) She found her heartbeat begin to pump erratically within her chest at the close proximity.

As he worked, Yuri silently admired the perfect way his hair fell in his eyes. Reaching out, she worked up the courage to brush it away, and was surprised at how silky it felt between her fingers. He immediately stopped and turned to look at her. She stared back, her head resting lazily on her uplifted hand as she lay beside his sitting figure.

There was something in his eyes when he gazed over my lips. A silent, burning desire flattened out the normally deep recesses of his emerald pools. This time, there was only one emotion ruling him, and that knowledge was more than enough support Yuri needed. Reaching up slowly, craning her neck just right, Yuri’s lips brushed against his, making his eyes widen in surprise.

It was a short kiss. Yuri pulled back after only a mere moment to turn back to her homework. Before he could get sidetracked again, though, Ichijo was quick to take hold of her chin and push his mouth to hers in a firmer kiss.

Yuri’s response was just as shocked as his was initially. The only difference in the kisses was that this one lasted much longer than the first. Yuri nearly lost herself in the way his mouth moved with hers; it was tantalizingly sweet, in the lightest of ways, and it made her heart soar. Her arms slid around his neck as she lifted her body up, desperate to feel more of him; to share more of his warmth.

Soon, the world was tipping over as Ichijo’s back hit the bed and his head landed on the pillows. Still, their kiss persisted, never once breaking as their bodies shifted against each other. There seemed to be an unspoken rule; an agreement that there were no boundaries at this moment, because there was no use for them.

“You know, Ichijo...” her breath wavered over his bruised lips, sweet from the kiss that had only just broken. “I’m a pretty good tutor as well...” Another soft kiss was pressed to him.

“Mmm...” he accepted the kiss, returning it with one of his own as he reveled in the feeling of her body sculpted around his. His arms reached around her waist to bring her closer, shifting her breasts to the fabric of his silk shirt. He had to take a deep breath before he trusted his voice not to crack, “What do you specialize in?”

A wickedly delicious smirk suddenly wove itself onto Yuri’s parted lips, and the sight of it made a lustful shiver to ricochet through Ichijo’s body. She pressed her mouth to his tender neck, nipping playfully at the skin before moving her kisses down his collar and just above where his shirt stopped. “If I told you,” she purred, “you wouldn’t believe me.”

It seemed that the seducing effect Yuri had on him was finally beginning to seep out, for Ichijo found himself grasping her hips in a way that he would never under normal circumstances. He couldn’t stop himself as he pulled her lower body against his, grinding his erection against her and letting out a pleased moan. It was instinct; pure, undiluted instinct that guided him. In a deep, husky growl, he muttered, “Try me.”

A breathy gasp flew from Yuri’s throat as she felt his hard dick through the restraint of his pants. Her fingers brushed over him, unsure of where to begin but all too aware of the fact that she wanted him inside of her as soon as possible. Finally, her body decided on a course of action, and her lips converged on his in a heated kiss that was deeper, more lustful than the last.

The buttons of his shirt were quickly coming undone, flying open as Yuri demanded access to his glorious body. The silky fabric slid like water from his skin and revealed his chiseled, muscular chest. She nearly melted at the sight of it.

Her lips made quick work of that delicious chest. Her tongue raced along his nipple; dipped into the contour of his abdomen; traced around his bellybutton before delving deeper, stopping only when his hands brought her back to reality.

Deciding to take it a step further, she took his hand and pressed it against her breast. “You can touch me, Takuma,” she whispered in his ear, biting down on the tender flesh as he shivered lustfully, “I don’t mind.”

At her words he complied, allowing his hands to work at her breasts over the fabric of her uniform shirt. But it wasn’t enough, and Yuri found herself pulling back to unbutton her blouse, exposing her chest through her black lacy bra. She slid the clothing off her shoulders slowly, eyes never leaving his as more and more skin was revealed. Her mouth curved up into a sexy grin as she took his hand and placed it back onto her breast.

He breathed out heavily and stared at the succubus before him, hands slowly grasping her breasts and caressing them in the lightest of ways. Even more slowly, he moved his fingers to her back with the purpose of unclipping the lace. The bra slid off her arms easy: he threw it on the ground before cupping his hands over plush, velvety breasts, making Yuri arch my back in pleasure.

His took one hand and pushed her to him, lower bodies grinding heavily as a hot kiss was exchanged. She moaned against his lips as the heat within her craving body rose. Urgently, as though directed by some unseen force, her hands slid down his chest, stopping to unbutton his pants.

He pulled away suddenly, eyes dilated with passion, and he voiced a concern, “Do we have time for this? School starts in-“

Yuri pressed her lips to his, cutting him off, and murmured, “We have enough time, don’t worry.”

They both knew that was a lie, but neither of them really wanted to stop. The heat rose as Yuri slipped the zipper of his pants down, surprising him by slipping her hand over his boxers and gripping his hardened length. A fitful gasp immediately left his mouth as she did. His back arched delightfully as her hand began moving up and down.

He groaned loudly, throwing his head back and giving her the chance to pester his neck with little kisses. She suddenly clamped her hand around him, giving up her short teasing as she realized how ardently she needed him. Inside, she had a callous desire to hear his beautiful, harmonic moan again.

He didn’t upset; another squeeze later and an even louder moan flew from his constricted throat as Yuri’s hands worked wonders on his body. He could feel himself swelling, so close to release and yet so far from satisfaction. He wanted to sheath himself within her; to feel the hotness of her inner walls cascading against him; to tease her like she was teasing him, slowly and caressingly. It was quickly getting too much for him.

And then, suddenly, his body went completely wild, and Yuri found herself on her back, Ichijo hovering above her with a delicious promise lingering within his darkened emerald eyes. His fangs showed suddenly, lips pressing against her neck as his lower body descended upon her. A moment later, Yuri was met with a pleasurable pain that seemed to have no boundaries.

A lot of moans ensued, but other than the fast pace and sound of skin slapping and blood curdling, she was barely coherent. The satisfaction was so great that she hovered somewhere between reality and dreamland, and she wasn’t sure she really wanted to come back to reality just yet because of the sinfully blissful emotions stinging her mind.

It didn’t seem to take a very long time for them to find release. They were already so worked up that it took only a few hard thrusts to send them over the edge. After that, all they could see was fireworks as they closed their eyes and lost themselves.

“Yu-uri...! Uhh, God, Yuri...” he rammed into her, hips powerfully thrusting his manhood as deeply as he could. It felt so good! It was amazing to be one with her, to be united in such a basic and natural way. Ichijo jerked once more and then exploded into a fitful mess.

His back arched and his eyes slipped shut. His fingers dug into her hips, caging her to the mattress as he released. His eyes cracked open to view her as she came, and it was a beautiful sight. She looked angelic as she lay there in his arms, his name rolling from her tongue again and again. He leaned down to kiss her.

As their thrusts slowed, their mouths continued to work forcefully together. Yuri’s fingers scrabbled at his back, desperate as she was brought back to reality. Her legs remained tightly wrapped around his waist, not wanting to let him go just yet. He seemed content with the sentiment; his arms snugly wound around her as he lowered himself down. He laid his cheek against her chest and breathed in deeply, sighing with utter satiation.

No words were spoken. The peace that dwelled within every breath reflected their mutual emotions. The only thing that broke the silence was the school bell, distant and unheeded in the hazy background of the rainy dorm room.