Monday, November 28, 2011

A Kaname Kuran Lemon -- Satin And Scarlett

Character: Kaname Kuran

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Charmaine, petit, long white hair

Inspiration: A date gone awry...or that was what it was supposed to be, anyway. ^-^'

The room was silent, save for the breezy sound of a page turning. It was a dark, wintry evening. The snow was thick on the ground and the wind shattered against the outside of the dorm housing. The Night class was huddled up within said dorms. Rather than going to classes, they opted for a warmer, more pleasant way to spend the night. It was lucky that Headmaster Cross didn’t mind.

Charmaine turned another page of her book, brown eyes scanning the words quickly. She was curled up on the cushioned window seat, head leaning against the dark glass as her long fingers grasped her book. The lights were dim and gave her just enough sight to interpret the words.

She pulled at the blanket laying over her in an offhanded, lazy manner. It was such a day that she enjoyed being alone. The other vampires would only annoy her. She felt perfectly content staying in her warm, quiet room. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t stay quiet for very long.

Charmaine softly groaned, throwing a bookmark into the pages of her book and hopping off the window seat. She wrapped her blanket tighter around her and swiftly walked to her door, finally pulling it open. The man who’d been knocking was not someone she’d expected...but she didn’t complain.

“Kaname!” a soft smile tugged at her mouth. He stood just beyond the threshold, peering at her from beneath long lashes. His eyes held a strange sort of emotion, but flooded with happiness as soon as their gazes caught. “I thought you were speaking with Headmaster Cross?”

He nodded, and she stepped aside to allow him entrance. The door was shut behind him. “I’ve just returned. Ichijo is wrapping it up.” He turned to her, eyes quickly flashing over her form, and finally held his arms out to her. His invitation was rare, especially amid the recent hectic lifestyle the Night class had been balancing with. She smiled and walked into his embrace.

He smelled heavenly, like pine. She buried her face into his chest and inhaled, feeling her heartbeat slow as his soothing touch enveloped her. He brought her closer to him, pressing her against him, and she murmured, “I feel honored that you’d come to me before any other.” There was only a slight hint of teasing in her voice, but Kaname was quick to pick up on it. A tiny grin flashed across his face, though she couldn’t see. His grip tightened around her.

The relationship between the two vampires was different. Around the others, they were only acquaintances. She was not a pureblood, and therefore shouldn’t have merited any concern of Kaname’s. However, she had – she did – and so as soon as they found themselves alone, they changed from mere acquaintances to fierce lovers. It was the danger that followed their ties that kept their feelings so strong. That, and the excitement of the others company, the love of the others embrace, and the concern of the others well-being. Such things were felt when one was in love.

Charmaine was pleasantly surprised when Kaname began kissing her skin, moving his lips across the tender flesh of her shoulder. He didn’t often partake in physical indulgences, because they seldom found time alone without it being suspicious, and so she reveled in the feelings he was quickly consuming her with. Her head tipped back in a satisfied way and his mouth converged on the newly revealed skin. His hands gripped her waist tighter.

“You don’t have to be anywhere?” she wondered, knowing how busy his schedule normally was. The blanket dropped to the ground, exposing her limited clothing. A silk robe was wrapped around her body, and it was obvious that underneath, she was bare. Kaname seemed to like that thought. He pulled away to ravish her with his eyes.

“I do,” he drawled, taking his time as he gazed at her. When he finally reached her eyes, he saw the blush upon her cheeks, and the question in her eyes. His mouth quirked up. “But I’m not going anywhere,” he finished, and then proceeded to step closer and place a gentle kiss to her mouth.

He didn’t want to pull away. She was so warm and welcoming. Her body was calling out to him in the softest of ways, and he was ready to take her here, in the middle of the room, even though there was a bed not ten feet away.

“Go close the curtains,” he murmured, voice thick with lust. Her eyes flashed at the sound of it, but she headed his words and went to pull the drapes over the dark glass. If anyone saw them, the repercussions would be unspeakable.

When Charmaine turned around after closing the shades, Kaname had already found his way to the satin covered bed. He was sitting on it was though it was his – indeed, it practically was – and it sent excited shivers racing through her body. She slowly advanced toward him, slipping her pale fingers into the tie of her robe and undoing it.

Kaname watched with rapt attention as the silk began to fall. Her bare shoulders were revealed first, and then the fabric sunk past her full breasts, over her round hips, until it had curled on the floor. His gaze traveled over her and he saw her shiver. That one movement challenged his self control, which was already dangling on the edge of a knife. It toppled as soon as Charmaine was an arm’s distance from him.

He caught her waist, flesh on flesh, and brought her close. Her knees dipped into the mattress on either side of his legs, so that she was hovering above him, straddling him. He leaned back, hands holding his weight up, and stared at her. He wanted her to start the passion, and she didn’t disappoint.

She didn’t kiss him, though she dearly wanted to. Instead, she pushed her hands to his chest, lightly grazing over his covered chest before snapping the buttons loose. He was wearing a smooth white dress shirt, but it was soon being pushed over the bed as she pulled it off.

She was quick to feel the revealed skin. Her mouth pressed against his chest; her nails scraped down to his pants, and she was overcome by the desire to strip him completely.

All the while, he watched her, eyes filling with a rising desire. She glanced up, locked her gaze with his, and then slowly pushed him back onto the mattress. Without bothering to wait, she began pulling his belt off.

He grunted at her brash actions, pleased that she was obviously feeling the heat just as much as he was. It had been so long since they’d fallen into passion, and the nagging desire to take her quickly and effortlessly seemed to be mirrored within her, as well.

She forcefully pulled his pants off, until they found a place on the ground beside the shirt. He was ready for her, so ready that it made her gasp in surprise when she caught sight of his manhood. He sat up slightly, not wanting to miss the delicious sight of her so close to him, and felt the thin control he’d gotten back splinter. A moment later, he was flipping her around, pressing her back into the pillows as his mouth ravished hers.

His tongue forced its way past her lips and he tasted her. She moaned against him, arms locking around his neck and pressing her breasts to his hot skin. There was only one thing on their minds now, and their bodies couldn’t seem to go fast enough. A feeble order fell from her mouth as he kissed her. “Take me now...take me, Kaname!” And he knew that he could wait no longer. His hard shaft pushed into her just as his teeth sunk into her neck.

The combination made his heart swell in excitement. She cried out, her pain muffled by his rough mouth, and threw her legs around his waist. He jolted against her, hips moving with hers as her blood spilled into his mouth. Soon, she was moaning and writhing in what could only be described as pure bliss.

Though Kaname was technically draining her of her blood, and in doing so, her strength, Charmaine felt better than ever. Being with him, tangled up in him, made her feel so satisfied. She could never feel this way with any other man, vampire or human alike.

Her eyes slipped closed as she was pushed farther and farther into the mattress by her lover’s powerful thrusts. The way he handled her was rough, but so intrinsic and undeniably passionate that she could hardly take it. She was so close – so near to the edge...

Perhaps it was the look in Kaname’s eyes when he raised his head to hers, or the blood that lustfully dripped down his chin. Whichever, as soon as Charmaine caught sight of the emotions dwelling within his darkened eyes, she lost herself. His name pushed from her lips in a tantalizing manner. She clutched at him, drawing him into a soft kiss as they tumbled off the edge together.

The moments that followed were blissfully lazy. His seed filled her with a heat like no other; his grip softened like a liquified promise; his mouth, resting lightly on hers, began to move gingerly. Slowly, they sunk back to a reality just as good as the one they were just in.

He sighed into their kiss and lowered himself down, bringing her arms up to hold her gently against him.

The room remained silent, save for the wavering breaths of the two lovers.



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  2. I loved this, could you please PLEASE do a Zero one? I would love it so much if you did :)

  3. Although this is written wonderfully, I still hate Kaname and wish he would fall off the edge of the earth into a pit of blood-thirsty snakes. Go Zero, yeah!

  4. Uhm, I'm not sure if this is you or not, but someone on Wattpad has copied your story and posted it. Their name is Vampireknight10