Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Consume

Character: Neji Hyuuga

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Tora, Age 17, Chuunin Rank, Post-Shippuden

Inspiration: Contagious, the prequel of this lovely story :3

Neji Hyuuga was sick. It was for real this time, not because he didn’t want to hang out with Naruto and be a loner. He was actually legitimately sick, and it didn’t feel too good.

It wasn’t anything drastic or terrible: just a little cold from a mission that he’d recently gotten back from. Being an ANBU had it’s downfalls, and one of those was the length of his missions, especially ones that were located far up North in the snowy part of the country.

Needless to say, Neji’s sickness shouldn’t have worried Tora because it wasn’t really a big deal. He’d been given a week to rest up before his next mission, which was plenty of time to get better. Unfortunately – or was it fortunate? – Tora worried more than she probably should, and that was the reason she was sitting on the edge of his bed, watching over him.

“Are you sure you don’t want tea?” she remembered how he’d said he didn’t much care for it, but surely some chamomile would help his sickness. The long haired ninja merely lay there, eyes closed peacefully. His silence was her answer.

Tora sighed, unfazed by the seemingly cold attitude of her lover. Her fingers wound themselves in his hair, slightly surprised that he didn’t complain as she wove the silky strands through her eager fingers. “Neji...?” She sighed again, leaning forward to press her mouth against his neck, “Do you want me to get you anything? Are you hungry? Thirsty? Does a warm shower sound nice?”

His left eye twitched at the elongated question and she figured he probably wanted peace and quiet. She didn’t really do peace and quiet, though, so she poked his cheek and pouted, “Neji~ why won’t you answer me?” She fought to keep down her smile at his annoyed expression.

He still didn’t say anything, and that amused Tora beyond anything else. A short giggle escaped through her lips and at the sound, his lavender eyes slid open to stare at her. Aggravation was pooling in his shallow orbs.

Tora hummed, “C’mon, Neji~ There must be something I can do for you~”

She was well aware at the altered sound of her voice, which had taken on a slightly sultry tone to it. She knew that he was aware of it, too, because she saw it in his eyes. A smirk wound its way onto her mouth.

When Neji finally spoke, it was hard to tell what emotion was guiding his voice. His eyes locked onto hers and he muttered, “You’ll catch a cold.” It was almost as though he was challenging her with the risk.

It seemed that Tora valued his body a lot more than a mere cold, because she shrugged and got up from the bed, blue eyes shining in mirth. She made her way slowly to the bathroom, pulling off various pieces of clothing as she went. By the time she’d gotten to the bathroom door, she was just in her bra and panties, and even Neji couldn’t make himself tear his eyes away.

“Are you coming or not?” she grinned, and promptly disappeared into the bathroom. Well, it seemed that Neji was in for a very rejuvenating week ahead of him.

As soon as the door swung shut behind him, Neji was overcome by the sound of water hitting the shower wall. Tora’s bra and panties lay in a promising pile on the tiled floor, and Tora herself, when Neji peered into the shower door, was silhouetted in a sultry manner that she had probably planned.

His fingers couldn’t move fast enough. Cloth after cloth fell to the ground in a haphazard fashion. He could already feel the slight stiffness of his manhood and it was getting uncomfortable. The sooner he got into that shower, the better.

His illness was immediately thrown out the window and forgotten about once his arms found Tora’s waist. She sunk against him, bringing him close. Her breasts were pushed completely to his chest and it made him shiver lustfully at the bare contact. A moment later, he was pushing her to the wall and ravishing her mouth with his.

“Mmm!” her fingers ran through his hair, desperately scratching at him to bring him closer. He was flush against her and it felt good, but somehow, she couldn’t help but crave for more.

His name bubbled from her lips as his tongue danced with hers. In an offhand manner, his hands grazed over the side of her body, from hip to breast, and it had Tora shivering with uncontrolled lust. She wanted him.

It didn’t take long to get into position. Her legs were thrown haphazardly around his waist, and Neji lifted them up with a strong grip. As his mouth converged on hers, his aching manhood pushed against her like a pledge. She moaned into his mouth, tousled his hair with her fingers as she pulled him closer, and grinded his hips into his in an effort to feel more of the blissful friction.

“Neji...” her voice was husky with want, and it seemed to enforce an interesting reaction upon her lover. He growled in her ear, teeth nipping playfully on the tender flesh before moving his mouth to work on other parts of her body. He left little red marks down her neck, tongue licking and darting over the contours of her collar before moving to her breasts. When he took one nipple into his mouth, she thought she might die. A moan bubbled up from her throat as his tongue raced over the delicate skin. His teeth grazed over it dangerously, and shivers raced up and down her body. Back arching, Tora pushed her secured breast farther into his mouth.

His other hand seemed to be missing out, for it suddenly slid down the rest of her to play with her flower. She nearly lost it when one lithe finger slid into her. When he began pumping it in and out, her moans made him just want to sheath his cock completely within her and have done with it.

His lavender eyes seemed to be a deeper purple when their gazes connected. She couldn’t find the will to look away; she was utterly taken in by the lust dwelling within his orbs. Head thrown back against the hard tiled wall, Tora watched his expression as he played with her, fingers diligently working within her as his free hand held tightly to her ass. (To keep her up, of course. Not because he just wanted to grope her. Pft.)

Neji couldn’t take another moment of watching the desire in those lusty eyes. He withdrew his hand and kissed her, sliding his grip more securely around her and pushing her farther up the wall. He wanted to say something – tell her how beautiful she looked in his arms, or how much he wanted her, or how badly he loved her – but his words were stuck in his throat, and all he could manage was a fierce growl that resonated deep in his chest.

She didn’t seem to mind the lack of sentiments. In fact, she looked just as eager, if not more so, to let him take her completely. She panted for him, clawed at him, and was not satisfied until his cock was sheathed absolutely inside.

“Neji!” her eyes dilated and locked to a spot on the ceiling, as though unsure of how to react to the heavenly feelings of being dominated. His hips moved powerfully against her, each time ramming her harder to the wall than before. It didn’t seem to bother her; actually, it made her moan louder, claw at his back faster, kiss him harder. She moaned and clawed and kissed because she was ecstatic about being loved by Neji Hyuuga.

He grunted in her ear as she came, her orgasm tearing through her once, twice, three times before dissipating. But he wasn’t there yet – he hadn’t reached the level of utmost passion – and he continued to pound heavily into her, each time going in farther than the last.

It didn’t take long for another orgasm to rip through her, and this time, Neji was ready to ride it out with her. Her name found solace on his lips as he called for her, face buried deep into the conjecture of her neck as his hips wildly thrashed with hers. He wasn’t used to felling so out of control – because he was Neji Hyuuga, the man who was always in control – but Tora always brought it out of him. She always stripped him down to the essentials; made him act like a crazy, spontaneous lover, and he loved her for it. Together, they came.

Their kisses intermingled and their breaths were shared. His seed shot straight into her, filling her up with a warmth like no other and slowly, caressingly bringing her back to earth. Their mouths became more submissive; their kisses became more loving, passionate; their grips loosened, until they were both just two lovers standing under the gentle spray of water.

Nuzzling her nose against his chest, Tora sighed in contentment. Her fingers curled against him, resting lightly on his chiseled abs. Turning her head, she pressed a gentle kiss to his chest and whispered three very quiet, very tranquil words.

His arms tightened around her when he heard them. His silence was not a rejection, but rather an understanding. He tilted her head up, looked into her eyes for a brief moment, and then gingerly kissed her. The warmth exhibited within his lavender orbs was all the response she needed.

Extended Ending

“I think I’m sick again.”

Tora glanced up, eyebrow raised as she surveyed her lover, “You don’t look sick.”

He smirked, a cunning look surfacing in his eyes, “Well maybe I just want you to take better care of me. I feel like a shower.”

A small laugh flew through her parted lips. Well, in that case...



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