Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Shigure Sohma Lemon -- Coffee Break

Character: Shigure Sohma

Fandom: Fruits Basket

OC: Mitsuki Kugimiya

Inspiration: Coffee pfhh

Shigure Sohma did not have a strict schedule for his work. He’d often stay up late in his writing, fabricating new chapters like only he could. As a result, he usually slept in until noontime before he bothered getting ready for the day. That was why Mitsuki was often confused as to when she should enter his room to do her daily cleaning.

Mitsuki was a maid from the main house. She normally served under Akito, but due to some personal issues, she was staying at Shigure’s house for the next few months. She was aware of what the family was, and she also knew that she didn’t mind. (In her eyes, Shigure was a dog through and through anyway, and she didn’t just mean the real thing.)

She peered into the dark room, balancing a tray of coffee in the crook of one arm whilst her free one pushed open the door. It was 11:30 in the morning, so there was a chance that the man had not woken up yet. As it so happened – she thanked the heavens for the luck – Shigure was indeed awake, and sitting in his desk chair, typing away diligently. As she stepped in, he glanced up.

“Ahhh Mitsuki,” he pronounced his name as though he was tired, and he certainly looked it. There were slight bags under his eyes – remnants of a sleepless night – and his hair was mussed up as though he’d only just rolled out of bed. She held down a shy blush at the sight of him, tried to tell herself that she didn’t think he was adorably cute, and moved forward to give him his coffee.

“You should get more sleep,” she gently chided, pouring him a steaming cup. She didn’t look at his bed, which was messy and unmade, because that would divert the rest of her mind to thoughts better left alone. Another soft blush shone on her delicate cheeks.

Shigure waved her words away as only he could. His hair fell into his eyes as he leaned forward, long fingers clasping around the mug and bringing it to him. He caressed the warm porcelain for a moment, as though contemplating some great matter, and then brought the rim to his lips to take a sip. His actions, though not unnatural, seemed so extraordinary to her.

“Are you working on your manuscript?” she wondered, gathering sugar and creamer. If he was busy, she’d come back later to clean so as not to disturb him. But no, he said, he wasn’t. Did he want her to leave? No, no. That’s quite alright. Being with him gave him inspiration. (That, in turn, made her blush intensify as the heat curled up her neck.) She finally decided that doing some cleaning wouldn’t hurt, and hopefully it would take her mind off of those wicked thoughts involving that bed.

Unfortunately, it did not. She could feel his eyes on her as she wound about the room, plucking clothes from off the floor and adding it to the pile within the hamper. When she opened the curtains and saw the light that streamed in, she could hear Shigure’s frustrated groan, and it sent shivers racing through her. Frustration was very apparent within herself, as well. Her mind was transfixed on that single piece of furniture, and on what she wanted to do with the man who resided in the room.

“Mitsuki....come here a moment, would you?”

She turned to him, unsure as to why he called her over, and gingerly stepped toward him. She tried to ignore the way he was sitting, all slouched in his seat with his head leaning against the back of the chair. He looked downright sexy sitting there, pen in hand, deep brown, all-seeing eyes transfixed upon every movement she made. Shivers raced down her spine.

“What I’m writing isn’t...exactly my manuscript,” he confided, lips twitching up in a deadly smirk. His demeanor had changed from being light and airy to being sexy and dangerous, and it was that change that had Mitsuki floundering for something to hold onto. There was nothing except the edge of his desk, smooth beneath her clammy grasp as she leaned heavily on it.

“W-What is it?” she cursed herself for sounding so weak. He smirked wider.

He hummed and leaned forward, resting his chin on his palm as he stared at her. For a moment, she thought he might not respond. His eyes dipped over her figure slowly, memorizing every curve and plane. Finally, he reached her eyes, his voice gruff when he said, “What I’m writing had more of an erotic nature, I guess you could say.” He looked highly amused at the red blush that he caught on her cheeks. “Would you like to read some of it?”

Mitsuki wasn’t entirely sure what Shigure was getting at. She only knew that he could be a sly dog when he wanted to – no pun intended, of course – and that she should be careful. She would have been, except that the thrill of danger that surrounded him was making her lightheaded and desperate with want. She accidentally threw said care to the wind. The thought of what she may obtain was far more pleasant that cleaning a room. She proceeded to walk – erm, stumble – around the desk to where Shigure was sitting.

He didn’t really give her a chance to read his work, but that didn’t surprise her. She was waiting to be swept away by him – waiting to be pulled into his arms and made to forget whatever was going on before – and he didn’t fail her. A moment later, she was sitting in his lap and his mouth was ravishing hers in a way that was unfamiliar and entirely too pleasant.

“Mmm! Shi-gure...” she pulled away slowly, breathing heavily even after only a moment of the kiss. She was lightheaded and flustered; her cheeks were flared with a heavy blush. He wrapped his arms around her waist, taking his time as his eyes flickered over her flushing face. Amusement played within the cool brown of his eyes.

“Are y-you sure – mmmph!” the force of his kiss snapped her out of reality altogether and threw her into a dreamworld of their own creation. Her fingers scrabbled uselessly against his chest, finally reaching up to grasp at the black strands of his silky hair. She lost herself in the movement of their lips, molding together so passionately. He smirked into the kiss. “I should be the one asking you that,” he murmured, voice thick with lust, and she suddenly felt her breath fly from her throat.

The bright light of the room had to be dealt with. Why had she opened that stupid curtain?! It took all her willpower to pull away from him, but she knew that it would be well worth her while. She looked at him, eyes smoldering into his, and saw mirrored desire flare within his gaze. Her long fingers wound around his wrists and she pulled him up, never breaking the eye contact.

Finally, she turned, walking to the curtain and throwing the blinds back up. Immediately, darkness converged upon the room. Danger sizzled in the air. She turned slowly, feeling bolder than usual, and stepped lithely toward him. The desire in his eyes was much more pronounced now. He regarded her in a way that made shivers run through her body.

When she reached him, everything seemed to stop. The connection of their eyes shown with passion and the need for satiation. He drew her into a kiss that seemed to last forever, and it was the desire to make it last that drove Mitsuki to a stand still. She allowed him to kiss her; allowed him to hold her, and in return, returned his affections as no one else ever had.

Shigure hadn’t known they were stepping backwards until the edge of his bed hit his legs. He fell back in surprise, breaking their kiss momentarily as Mitsuki followed him down. When she had comfortably situated herself between his legs, he brought her back.

His hands ran over her body, down the planes of her back and over the curve of her hips. They latched themselves to her thighs and tugged her down, pressing her against his lower body. When she felt his obvious erection through their clothes, she let out a timid sort of gasp that drove him wild.

It was that gasp that was, perhaps, that catalyst of the rest of their passion. Shigure was suddenly overcome by the desire to get rid of her clothes and see her completely bare. He kissed her roughly, rolling her over and hovering above her. His hands quickly got to work.

Mitsuki had never felt so excited than she did now. She could feel his warm hands all over her, sneaking beneath her skirt and unzipping the back of her dress; running down her stocking clad legs; pressing against her full breasts. When he had finally slid her outfit off and tipped it over the side of the bed, however, she found herself feeling even more amazing than she had seconds before.

Her back arched as he touched her intimately. Her heart rammed against her chest and she was at a loss for words. She could only tilt her head back and moan, allowing her expressions and noises to show him how blissful he was making her feel.

He kissed her neck and then moved his mouth downward, slinking his tongue over her taut nipple whilst his hand massaged her other breast. He was getting really hard, listening to those breathy little moans, but he wanted to take it slow and make her want him as much as he wanted her.

When his lips left her breast and he began traveling down, past the planes of her stomach to other, more sacred areas, the tension in the air was obvious. She stared down at him, eyes wide and expressive, and he had to battle with the sudden desire to return to the comfort of her lips.

The tension evaporated instantly, though, when his tongue traced over her womanhood. She threw her head back and let loose a moan that had him panting lustfully. Her encouragement, and the delicious taste of her was what prompted him to continue. He thrust his tongue into her and nibbled at the tender flesh, hearing her breathy moans escalate into fuller, more pronounced noises.

After a few short minutes, Shigure couldn’t take the pressure any longer. His shaft was rock hard and ready, and all he wanted was to sheath it within her and make her scream his name. He crawled back up her body, kissed her fiercely, and did just that.

The first time he slammed his manhood into her, she hissed a little with pain. He tried to take it slow – let her get used to the feeling – but she was so tight around him, and he was so hard, that he couldn’t stop himself from ramming back into her a moment later. She hissed again.

He groaned in her ear as he moved his hips, feeling empowered and bold and naked all at once. He felt her wrap her arms around him and figured that she’d gotten used to the feeling. Pressing a kiss to her collar, he picked up the pace.

It had been a long time since he’d made love, but the wait seemed to have paid itself off. The woman below him was beautiful. She moaned his name, called out for him, and he was there. Their lips met in a sloppy but passionate kiss, accentuated by the rough movements of their lower bodies.

He could feel himself swelling within her, so ready to release and yet not wanting to. He wanted to stay in this position forever, always buried inside her and always showing her his love. He wanted her to always moan his name, always hear her feeble, breathy noises.

“Shigure...Shigure, ahmm! Sh-Shi...I’m coming..!” She arched her back, pressing her breasts against his hard chest. She could feel him against her, sliding into her incessantly as he caged her in his arms. She could feel his lips pressing against her skin, everywhere, and then finally meeting her lips in another deep, romantic kiss. She could feel him releasing, shooting his warmth deep within her as he murmured in her ear.

And then, it was all over, and the zinging nerves faded away as he slowly thrust into her, bringing them back to the bed, and the room, and the darkness. She collapsed back, hitting the pillow and closing her eyes. Her chest rose and fell with loud pants. She could still feel him within her and she never wanted him to leave.

He followed her down, nuzzling his face against her neck as he wrapped his arms snugly about her body. She turned into him, drawing her hand over his back in small, comforting circles. The heat of the moment faded away, until they were just two lovers intertwined in a darkened room. The swell of their chests faded away, too, along with the reality they had just taken part in. Only sleep hung in the air: peaceful, unequivocal, passionate sleep.



  1. As always so creative with your works!!!! Good job!!

  2. I hadn't even seen this section! Fruits Basket is one of my favorite anime. Nicely done on Shigure

  3. Wow... I haven't read a good story like this in a long while. I miss the small details that make all the difference. Many stories or fanfictions don't have them. Most are rushed unlike yours.