Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Shino Aburame Lemon -- Butterfly Kisses

Character: Shino Aburame

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Karin Mizushima, Shippuden

Inspiration: Butterflies pshaw

It was dark when Karin Mizushima arrived in Konoha. She was exhausted and dirty with grim after a week’s Jounin mission. Her hair, usually a light chestnut brown, was now mixed with dirt and seemed to be darker in the moonlight. Her face, too, had smudges on it, and only her sparkling green eyes held the excitement she had to be back home.

Her legs moved on their own toward the Hokage Tower. A report of the mission was in order, but all Karin wanted to do was go to her shared apartment, take a shower, and see if Shino was back. (Not necessarily in that order, of course.)

It seemed to take forward to reach the Hokage. Finally arriving atop the very long staircase, Karin knocked on the door, stuffed a hand into her pocket, and waited for permission to enter. She received it a moment later, and was quick to escape the chilly night air in favor of the warmth of Lady Tsunade’s office.

“The mission was a success, Hokage-sama. The scroll was deposited at the correct location,” she said once the formalities were over. Tsunade nodded, looking exhausted, and clutched at what seemed to be a cup of tea. Karin felt a similar exhaustion overcome her, as well, and suddenly the craving to return to her apartment intensified. The Hokage seemed to see it, because she scoffed and told her she could leave.

It didn’t take long to reach her apartment. The night was clear and crisp, and most of the villagers were indoors getting ready for bed. Though only 10:00 at night, there was much to do during the daylight hours that kept Konoha busy.

Karin hurried up the path to the apartment, pausing at the door to rattle her keys into the lock. She was never really sure why she bothered locking it, because Shino was undoubtably inside. (If he was on a mission, Tsunade probably would have informed her.) She tugged her Jounin jacket off as she finally wrenched the door open.

Immediately, she was met with warmth. She stopped to revel in said warmth for a moment, eyes slinking closed as she pushed the door back until it clicked. The apartment looked the same way as it had when she had left, a week prior, and it sent a sort of comfort through her body.

“Shino?” she called, knowing that he had heard her come inside. She’d made enough of a racket that she’d be shocked if her neighbors hadn’t heard her. As she wandered into the tiny foyer and slid her shoes off, she dropped her jacket onto a hook.

The soft shuffle of clothing made her turn around, and her eyes were drawn to her lover’s creamy brown as he peered at her. “Karin.” His voice was calm as ever, adding to the comfort that was already making its way up and down her form. He was leaning against the threshold to the kitchen, arms crossed gently over his chest. He was wearing civilian clothes: a gray and white stripped shirt and a pair of sweat pants.

They gazed at each other for another short moment before systematically moving, walking forward until their arms were thrown about the other and their bodies were pressed close. His embrace had her heart pounding fitfully within her chest. She was so thankful to be back here. A week away had been far too long.

“I missed you,” he whispered, voice as light as the tendrils of his breath, wavering over her cheek. His arms tightened around her, molding her hips against his. Her only answer was the slight, loving nudge to his neck.

His fingers lightly trailed over her jaw, lifting her chin before pushing his lips against hers in a sweet, yet lustful, kiss. His mouth was like honey and the freshness of a autumn’s breeze. She wove herself around him, partaking in the lust that he was clearly showering over her. It had been a week! She wanted him now more than ever.

It was as though things were happening in a sudden frenzy: hands were caressing skin and sparks flew between the lovers. Their minds were set on one thing and one thing only, and nothing was going to make them stop. Their feet shuffled backwards, stumbling because their mouths refused to break the heated kiss. His hands steadied her as they traveled blindly to the bedroom. It almost felt as though it was their first time, for the passion in the air was tinged with nervous excitement.

The door of the bedroom remained open as they entered it. It was so strange to be flying through the bliss like this, because normally their lovemaking was slow and loving. Their eagerness forced their movements to be quick and precise tonight, though, and it was not unwelcome. On the contrary, the danger seemed to make the moment that much sweeter.

“Shino...” her fingers tangled into his hair as though they had a mind of their own, drawing his face ever closer as their bodies finally rolled onto the bed. Clothes were tugged off in a haphazard, confusing manner. Buttons flew open; his fingers grasped at her fishnet shirt and pulled it over her head; pants loosened and were shuffled out of. All the while, the need for satiation increased.

Karin’s head found the pillow as Shino hovered above her. His arms strained as he kept himself from crushing her. His bare body grazed hers in the lightest, most ardent way. His lips were gentle and a little dominant as he placed kisses all over her, from her neck to her jaw, to her collar and below. It was too much: her senses seemed heightened. The way he touched her had her body going completely wild with want.

Her name flew from his lips as he rocked their hips together, not fully uniting but still making fireworks explode behind her eyes at the skin-to-skin contact. His grip tightened around her waist, and her name sounded like music as it rolled from his tongue.

His mouth became suddenly, pleasantly rough as it found hers. His distinct taste left her gasping for breath, and she hoped he would never stop kissing her.

His hands moved to cup her breasts, squeezing and rolling her nipples around his skillful fingers. A drawn out moan bubbled from her throat as she craned into him. He took advantage of her weakness to plant small butterfly kisses over the tender skin of her neck.

He moved his mouth down, down, until his tongue was swirling around the taut nipples and again she was being pleasured by his talented body. It felt amazing, being dominated by him, but still a nagging desire crawled through her, setting her heart aflame with unquenchable thirst.

Finally, she had enough of the slow torture. She pushed him up, straddling his legs as they moved into a sitting position, and threw her arms around his neck as she kissed him exuberantly. He smiled against her lips and her hands moved over his firm chest, feeling every muscle that he had and trying not to melt against them. (A difficult feat.) She opened her mouth and they fought for dominance, tongue pushing against tongue.

She expected him to win, but to her surprise he gave in, allowing her tongue to explore his familiar mouth. His taste shocked her, sending her into her own little world as she marveled at his glorious body. She could do this again and again and never tire from it.

She smirked as him, feeling a sudden impulse in the pit of her stomach as she slowly licked from his wrist to his shoulder. A shiver wracked through his body. With her knee, she brought it down between his legs, earning a pleased moan as he writhed beneath her.

“Karin,” her name was whispered again. This time, it was louder with warning, and the ever present desire to take her fully and utterly.

In response, her hand reached down to grab his swollen member. He gasped deeply, burying his head into the crook of her neck, and allowed her to pleasure him. Her fingers curled about his thickness and slowly moved along his length, sending thrills of excitement through him and also herself.

“Karin...!” He grunted, arching his back as she stroked him with her thumb. She laughed softly and kissed his neck and collar bone. A trail of saliva reddened his skin.

She moved over him, pushing him onto his back and climbing into his lap. His erected cock drifted over her womanhood, but despite the alarming amount of desire that came with it, she didn’t allow it to fill her up quite yet.

It seemed as though the position didn’t suit him well. He narrowed his eyes at her, annoyed at her teasing. He wanted to jerk his hips up and sheath himself within her, but he also wanted to make her pay for her teasing. The latter desire won.

The next moment, he was pushing Karin onto her back and his fingers were thrusting into her hot core with a speed that made her want to explode. “Uhhh!” she moaned loudly, surprised by his abrupt move, “Shino!”

And at the moment, she could tell that her moans weren’t nearly loud enough for him. They both wanted something more; something that could satiate their deep hunger. With an almost inhuman speed, Shino removed his hands and replaced them with his hard member, thrusting himself into her with a frightening, incessant rage. “That’s what you get...” he panted above her as she moaned loudly again, “...For teasing me.” His words, uttered so dominantly from his delicious mouth, had her nearly coming right then and there.

Her fingers tangled themselves into his hair, “SHINO!” Breathy little moans followed her mantra. Her orgasm was coming, quickly and surely as it raced through her. His thrusts quickened and his hips slammed against hers. His mouth leaned forward to kiss the conjuncture of her neck, talented tongue dipping over the contours of her skin as she threw her head back.

Her breasts were pushed against his hot chest; her arms were thrown around his neck; their mouths met in a sloppy but lustful kiss that seemed to force their actions to peak. A moment later, their orgasms were rushing through them.

“I-I’m-“ she didn’t get to warn him, however, because her fluids raced toward him as he kissed her roughly, bruising her mouth in his satisfied passion.

The bedroom was filled with their moans as they came together. His semen was released within her, filling her up with an indescribable heat that made her head spin. His body landed on hers, crushing against her as he buried his face into her neck once more, finding solace as he placed gentle kisses on her skin.

Nothing was said – no words exchanged or pleasantries met. A contented sigh rose in Karin’s chest as her eyes closed. Sleep tugged at their exhausted bodies, careening them forward into a dream world of their own creation.

Before she completely succumbed to said sleep, however, she felt Shino’s lips placing delicate butterfly kisses over her neck, and then sleep darkened her world.