Monday, November 14, 2011

A Switzerland Lemon -- Hot Chocolate At Midnight

Character: Switzerland

Fandom: Axis Powers

OC: Alyssa Fentey, Represents the Bahamas

Inspiration: A sequel to Breakfast on the Patio :D

The atmosphere of the room was heavy, but it seemed that only two people were aware of it. Liechtenstein, who sat innocently on the couch with a naive smile plastered to her face, appeared to be completely unaffected by the tenseness.

It was grueling. Ever since Vash and her had gotten together all those months before, it was near impossible to find a moment of solitude with him. Alyssa shifted on the couch. Why did Vash have to sit right next to her?! It was killing her, being so close to him and yet not being able to touch him.

Their legs were touching, and it sent countless sparks flying between the connection. She ached to reach out and touch his hand - or his leg, or any part of his body, really - but she knew that Vash didn’t like physical contact, however small, when his sister was in the same room.

She could feel the tenseness of her lover and knew that his mind was exactly where hers was. If only Lily could take a hint and leave them alone! But no, they had dished out plenty of said hint within the last hour, and they had all flown right over her pretty little head. (It was a good night for a bath, did she want some tea, wasn’t she tired after such an eventful day?) They had even tried it the other way, like saying that they were ready for bed, or that they were completely exhausted, but even that didn’t quite work out. (Because this was Vash, of course, and he couldn’t leave his sister all alone when there was the slightest chance of someone breaking in, or Italy streaking across the lawn, or some other devious happening.)

Alyssa’s leg jerked suddenly, bored and tired and wanting the one thing she couldn’t have. It caused a soft gasp to fly from Vash’s lips – probably because the movement was so sudden – and that, in turn, made a soft blush spread over his cheeks at the silly sound. Damn it. The desire only increased at the sight of that. Alyssa was doomed.

“L-Lily,” she silently cursed at the weak sound, but luckily only Vash – who was now smirking slightly – detected it. Lily, naive as ever, glanced over to her. Alyssa cleared her throat, “Um, are you sure you don’t want any hot chocolate?” Sure, it might not permanently get rid of the poor girl, but it might cause a small distraction in which a few seconds of passion may be attained. (She hoped.)

...Alas, no such luck. Lily smiled and shook her head. Her voice was light and airy, and filled with her sweet accent when she answered, “No thank you, Alyssa.” Darn.

A new idea popped into her head. Though she didn’t much feel like hot chocolate herself, she shrugged and said, “Well, I think maybe I’ll go make some for myself.” Then turned her eyes to Vash’s, and was surprised to find his own emerald orbs smoldering right back into hers. “Would you like a cup, Vash?” Whoops. She didn’t mean to make his name sound so seductive. Ah well.

His eyes flashed and shivers flew down Alyssa’s spine. Silently, she chanted ‘Say yes, say yes’ in her head, like a mantra that she was praying for. Finally her luck caught up with her: in a thickly accented voice, he murmured, “...Yes.”

A small smirk wove onto her mouth. As she made to get up, her fingers drifted over his pants – accidentally, of course~! – and a thrill of excitement wound its way up the entirety of her body at the sight of his burning gaze. She was quick to leave the room after that. (If he directed those eyes to her once more, she’d surely find her willpower to leave absolutely crushed.)

If Alyssa thought it would be easier to control her wild lust once out of Vash’s sight, she found herself corrected. It was lonely standing in his kitchen by herself! Her eyes were latched to the clock above the door. It was close to midnight. Shouldn’t Lily be tired by now?

Arg. It was so hard to be alone with Vash. It wasn’t as though she blamed Lily, but she wished that Vash would just come out and tell his sister that they were dating. Leaving her in the dark was a bad idea, in her opinion. Plus, if Lily had known about their relationship, she might have taken one of the many hints and left them alone. (...Then again, maybe not.)

She’d been in the kitchen for about ten minutes now. The water had long since boiled and had been poured into the mug along with the hot cocoa. It was now sitting uselessly on the counter, untouched. She continued to stare at the clock.

The second hand seemed to pass so slowly. She groaned a little, because she was so turned on that it wasn’t even funny, and Vash hadn’t even laid a fucking hand on her yet. At this rate, she was starting to doubt that he ever would. She really needed to sort out her priorities.

She knew what she was waiting for, but it took a damn long time for it – erm, him – to come. Finally, the door of the kitchen threw itself open, and in strode a very annoyed looking Vash.

She raised a brow at him and tried to push down the uncontrollable frenzy that shot through her body upon seeing him. And Jesus, the anger on his face only intensified those feelings. She wanted to jump him.

“What’s taking you so long?” he cursed, walking around the counter. Damn it, if he kept coming closer, she’d have no choice but to jump him. “Lily’s going to start getting suspicious –“ another step, “and once she goes to bed we’ll have all night,” another step. His words buzzed in her ear, but all she could really hear was the sexy accent of his voice, do deep and husky and in need of shutting up. She didn’t know why he was so surprised when she flew into his arms and began kissing him – he was probably well aware of her body language when he entered the room – but he still grunted in shock as she attacked his mouth. The shock quickly melted into unbearable lust, and that quickly made itself known in the way he handled her.

Her back was thrown against the hard edge of the counter as his body converged upon her. The reason why he was so aggravated revealed itself as soon as the space between them evaporated. He must have been sporting that erection for a very long time, for it was rock hard and definitely felt like it could use to relieving.

His hands were pure fire, just like the rest of him, and they quickly slipped underneath her shirt to grasp at her bare sides. She gasped into the harshness of the kiss, arching into him as his erection began to grind against her desperate womanhood.

That fact that he was so ready for her made her so excited. How long had he been hiding it? How had she not seen the tenseness between his legs while they were sitting together in the living room? How could he bear being so painfully turned on? Her hand reached down to touch him, groping at his junk and rubbing her palm against it. The result was instantaneous: he grunted passionately against her mouth and thrust against her hand, lips moving all the more ferociously.

She cried out when he moved his mouth to other parts of her, trailing down her neck and nipping at her tender skin. His hands moved against her bare back, tracing up her spine until he reached the clasp of her bra. It came undone with a loud snap that reverberated through the air, almost like a promise waiting to be fulfilled. It was, a moment later, when his hand suddenly curled around her full breasts and began massaging and kneading them together.

More soft little moans left her lips. She thought they sounded suspiciously like his name, but she couldn’t be sure because her mind was so far gone. She could hardly remember the reason they were in the kitchen at all, or who they were running from, or why Vash was being so pleasantly rough with her.

All she could think about was undressing him. Her body ached for him; she wanted him inside of her and she wanted to see him naked, completely bare, waiting for her to be united with him. Her fingers started to tug at his clothes, halfheartedly because he had now moved his mouth back to hers and was making her forget again. Her hands uselessly scrabbled against him, as though unsure of how to proceed. Finally, they found a set course of action as they began to fiddle with the buttons of his dress shirt.

And then, the passion suddenly halted, and Vash was pushing himself away as the door slowly opened. There was a single moment of frenzied fingers as they flew about their figures, pushing down hair and redoing buttons, and then Lily’s head poked into the kitchen, and for once both Vash and Alyssa were thankful for her naivety.

Indeed, she didn’t seem to suspect anything. She eyes did a quick look over of the kitchen and Alyssa silently praised herself for making that hot cocoa, even if she hadn’t bothered to drink it. It was a good enough cover as any – even though it wouldn’t have worked on anyone besides Liechtenstein. Alyssa suddenly felt a little bare when Lily turned to look at her, though, and realized that she had forgotten to reclip her bra. Fuckkk. She felt her face heating up slightly and hoped that Lily didn’t notice.

If she had, she didn’t say anything. “I just wanted to say goodnight. I’m feeling kind of tired.” Inside, Alyssa was jumping for joy.

Vash nodded. His expression didn’t give away any of their recent actions. In fact, he held his cool in a way that made Alyssa a little jealous. The only remnant of the passion was the slight, hardly visible flush of his cheeks and the controlled desire seeping through his eyes. “Gute nacht” Fuck. Alyssa was pretty sure that he said that because she was right there, and because he knew how much his accent made her crazy.

Her suspicions were made true as soon as Lily pulled out of the kitchen and Vash turned his eyes to her. The little tease.

His eyes traveled over her body, lingering at her chest. The strength of his gaze made her blush. She cleared her throat and looked away in embarrassment, “I...uh, forgot to fix my bra.”

His eyes flashed again. He stalked forward, eyes darting back up to lock with hers. She was surprised at the wild passion that he unleashed upon her, and how he had kept it so discreetly hidden in his sister’s presence. This time, she couldn’t feel envious of that, though, because all she could think of was how hot he looked walking towards her.

“That’s ok,” his voice was thick with lust and that sexy accent she loved so much. His hands curled around her waist, slowly moving up to cup her breasts. A thrill of excitement followed his hands. “It makes it much easier.” She thought she was going to die.

She couldn’t stop her arms from wrapping around him, or her lips from molding to his in a passionate, heated kiss. He secured her to his chest, tightly holding her as his tongue darted out to take her mouth. She moaned his name, hands moving over his clothes and this time succeeding in tugging them off. His shirt slid from his body like water, pooling on the ground. She nearly melted against the hardness of his chest, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of skin to skin contact, which she was introduced to a moment later.

He pulled her shirt over her head, breaking the kiss for a mere moment as he added the fabric to the pile on the kitchen floor. Her bra soon followed, and then he was pressing her bare breasts against him and kissing the daylight out of her once more. This time, she really did melt against him. Their pants soon followed the rest of their clothes, until only his boxers and her panties remained latched to their bodies.

Her knees shook as the wild emotions took their toll on her. She found her back being slammed against the counter once more, but it didn’t hurt at all. Instead, it sent shivers up her spine, because the pain was soon met with unbearable pleasure as his lower body roughly pounded against hers.

The lust was pronounced heavily in the air as she moaned his name. He roughly propelled her legs up, grasping her ass tightly as she wrapped herself around his waist. Immediately, he slammed his erection against her, and her mind completely blanked.

Even though his boxers didn’t do much to cover his throbbing cock, Alyssa wanted to feel him utterly, without any fabricated restraints. When she voiced her thoughts in a husky, craving voice, he leaned back to stare at her. The lust in his eyes seemed to build at her request.

Their breath came out in harsh gasps as they stared at each other. And then, he was letting her down easy and his hands were quickly pulling down the emerald boxers and adding them to the pile.

Sweet Jesus, he was ready for her. His dick was as erected as it could ever be. It looked rock hard and anxious, throbbing for her and only her. Precum leaked from the tip.

She let out a shaky breath because he just looked so fucking sexy, standing there with his huge cock standing straight in the air. She wanted to touch him – to reach out and curl her fingers around his length – but the message in his eyes made her stand still. It looked like he was silently telling her to follow his example, and to take off her soaking panties so that he could view her as she viewed him.

She did. Her fingers caught the tiny strings that held her underwear up and she tugged them over her hips, down her thighs, until they had landed uselessly onto the tiled floor. She kicked them away and then proceeded to lean back against the counter, looking up at him through her lashes in what she hoped was a demure way.

Whether it was or not, it didn’t matter. Vash’s eyes latched to her womanhood, which was soaked and ready for him. Foreplay was over. All he wanted to do was to fuck her senseless. Another shiver raced through her.

He stepped forward, until his body was pressed completely against hers. His erection poked her thigh; his hands ran over her skin slowly; his eyes drank her in. And then, he leaned in to capture her mouth with his, leaning over her and tilting her chin up. His hands moved to grasp her bottom, lifting her legs up once more and allowing her to curl them around him. He pulled away for a moment as he entered her, slowly at though to spread out the passion. He watched her as he took her, eyes locking with hers and seeing every emotion that displayed itself within her eyes.

The way he was breaching her – the hardness of his shaft as he entered her, and how it moved so tantalizingly against her inner walls – was like a dream come true. She tilted her head back and let out a breathy little moan, her fingers digging into his shoulders and back as he fully sheathed himself within her. It was unbearable, the amount of pleasure that he was subjecting her to, and she couldn’t even look away from his lusty eyes.

“Vashhh!” he pulled out and thrust back in, hips snapping against her. He finally allowed the connected of their eyes to be broken as he buried his face into her neck. He grunted with every thrust, each one rougher than the last. She moaned too - she couldn’t possibly help herself - because every movement enforced a new sort of desire through her, zinging her with a passion like no other.

He kissed her neck, teeth nipping and tongue darting out over her. He left little trails of red all over the skin, sucking and biting and making her go completely crazy as his hips continued at a brisk pace.

Her back was driven harder into the edge of the counter, but she couldn’t bother to think about that. The slight pain was overshadowed by the intense pleasure that came with every rough thrust of their hips. She arched her back, pressing her breasts into him, and rolled her neck back as she felt an orgasm rip through her.

She squeezed down hard on his shaft, and it seemed that he was ready to come. He had been ready, it seemed for so very long, and the promise of release was like an answered prayer. He grunted loudly, her name spilling from his lips again and again as his hips suddenly pounded ever harder into her. Her inner walls slammed around him, tightening to a point of utter satisfaction, and he came long and hard, shooting his semen deep within her.

The feeling of being filled completely was rather phenomenal. Alyssa couldn’t stop herself from darting her mouth to his. They kissed with a hungry power behind every movement, desperate to draw out the moment for as long as possible. His hips continue to snap even after the immediate bliss had taken them and brought them back to reality. Every movement still enforced a sweet sort of pleasure through their bodies, and intensified the realization of sex.

Her arms came up to wrap around his neck, bringing him close to her. She didn’t want him to let go of her, or to remove himself from her. She was comfortable and warm, and a pleasant feeling of relaxation wound them up in a cocoon.

Their breathing slowly went back to normal, but still he remained within her. He looked at her with an emotion that she didn’t usually see in his eyes, but could be easily named. A soft sort of smile played around her lips. “I love you, Vash.”

He blushed, as though her words had somehow made him embarrassed – more embarrassed than being wrapped up within her, or instigating the intense passion that had driven them to commit such an act. He didn’t respond immediately, but rather buried his head into the crook of her neck and tightened his arms around her waist. In the tiniest voice, still thick from the bliss they had recently shared, he murmured in his native tongue, “Ich liebe dich.” And she believed him.


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