Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Sasuke Uchiha Lemon -- Hiding In Snow

Character: Sasuke Uchiha

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Kitsune Yukai, blonde hair, black eyes

Inspiration: Winter Chill

Snow was falling lightly from the sky. There was a slight breeze that wafted through the air, but even though it ran over Kitsune’s skin, she didn’t really feel the cold. She was busily perfecting a training technique – a strange thing to do in the snow, but something she always did when feeling restless. Today, she felt very restless indeed.

It was Christmas Eve, and her lover had not yet returned as he said he would. Sasuke Uchiha was wanted in a number of lands, but he was always somehow found a way to return to her, especially on Christmas. She lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of the Water country. It was the perfect place for him to rest, because no one ever came to visit her. She was far too secluded in the forest for people to even know she existed.

A sigh left her lips as she fell back into the snow. She’d been busily attempting to perfect this technique for hours now, but it was steadily growing darker and there was still no sign of improvement...or of Sasuke. She couldn’t deny her growing worry. He had promised he’d be there that morning, and it was already early evening.

Looking back, she knew she shouldn’t have worried so much. Sasuke had a way of turning up when she least expected it, and Christmas Eve was no different. That was why, when she heard his deep voice waver over to her through the falling snow, she was both surprised and aware of his presence.

“Sasuke,” she murmured, sitting up in the snow. She didn’t move as she watched him walk closer to her, dark eyes silently brooding at her figure. His lips quirked up into his trademark smirk as he crouched beside her.

“Waiting for me, hmm?” he couldn’t hid the amusement as it saturated his voice.

She rolled her eyes at his possessive nature. “You’re late,” was all she told him, looking over his figure to see if he was somehow injured. He was not, as far as she could tell, and she returned her eyes to his. He looked even more amused at her concern.

Leaning in, he pressed his mouth against hers in a surprisingly soft kiss. He didn’t say anything to her, but rather silently pushed her into the snow and hovered above her. She was already used to the coldness, and with his body covering hers in such a away, Kitsune was all but immune to the chill. She moved her lips with his, feeling suddenly like prey as Sasuke possessively worked his mouth with hers.

It wasn’t really a bad feeling. In fact, she could feel herself revel in it. His tongue brushed over her, sending bolts of heat to run down her spine. Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, she let out a soft moan and felt him smile triumphantly into the kiss.

He didn’t ask if she was cold – probably because he already knew the answer. As his hands ran along her body, he loosened her clothes. It was a ritual that usually took place upon his homecoming, and not one that she didn’t enjoy. Though it had never taken place in the snow, she figured he was just anxious to feel her. She couldn’t deny a similar craving taking root in her own soul.

It was too cold to strip her down completely, even though Sasuke would have like to see her bare before him. He could have lifted her up to bring her to the warmth of her cottage; could have taken his time making love to her. But he was impatient, and any thought of moving from this delicious position was sour to his mind.

His teeth nipped at her throat, leaving little red marks all over her skin. Every touch sent shivers down her spine. She deeply breathed in his scent, curling her fingers into his hair as his hands pulled at her pants. When they were down just far enough, his fingers moved to his own clothes, tugging at the confinements.

A hasty sort of need guided their movements, but rather than leaving them cold, it gave them a rush of energy, excitement, and warmth. He moved against her, kissing her adamantly as his manhood slowly pushed into her.

When they were one, they didn’t make a move at first. They reveled in the feeling of being united, shocked that it could feel this good even though they’d partook in the sensation many times before. He hovered over her, feeling warmer than before. His body was on fire, as was hers. He leaned down to capture her lips, feeling his body move on its own, jerking into her.

A surprised gasp left her throat as she felt him move. It felt different, making love like this. There was something undeniably amazing about making love in the midst of snow, as though the world was at their command. Their bodies coursed with heat as their hips roughly slammed into one another. Every scorching thrust made the tension in their bodies rise.

It seemed like forever until release came. It hit them as they fervently kissed, names slipping from parted lips as their hips roughly jerked against one another.

The wind blew around them, lifting up their hair as they came; wildly slamming into them; taking their moans and tossing them toward heaven. Their kisses grew more venerated. The coils that kept them sane broke apart, forcing them into a higher bliss as the world around them disappeared.

It was as though nothing existed except him and her. They were alone, limbs wrapped around limbs and fingers clutching bodies. There was no sense of how much time was going by, because the sense of time was gone. As they raced back to reality, a deep peace welled up within them both.

There was many things that Kitsune was thankful for that Christmas. She was thankful for the snow as it blanketed them, hiding them from everything around them. She was thankful for the cottage that promised warmth and peace as it beckoned to them from its place, nestled against the forest. But most of all, she was thankful for the lover who had her wrapped in a surprisingly loving embrace as they lay together in the snow.


An Oliver Wood Lemon -- Pallid Morning

Character: Oliver Wood

Fandom: Harry Potter

OC: Jaxon Kitsch, Ravenclaw

Inspiration: Once again, my prompt ran away before I could use it. Hope you like it anyway xD

Oliver Wood hadn’t anticipated waking up to the affectionate kisses of his girlfriend on Christmas morning. She didn’t usually stay in bed to wait for him to wake up. Since she rose fairly early, he’d always find her in the kitchen or living room by the time he’d pull himself out of the warmth of his bed.

Being that it was Christmas morning, however, he guessed that things were a tad different. As he slid his eyes halfway open and smiled in contentment, he decided that it was a rather nice feeling, awaking to your lover’s lips on your skin.

“Mmm...finally awake, I see,” she murmured, drawing back slightly to lock eyes with him. He was a little surprised at the swirling excitement within her lavender orbs, but thought that it looked rather beautiful in the pale morning light. He raised a hand to push back a loose strand of her hair.

After the long night they’d had before, Oliver was surprised that it didn’t take longer for him to wake up, silent alarm clock or not. He dropped his head back onto his pillow and sighed, “I’m still sleepy.”

She chortled to herself at the whine in his voice. He sounded like a five year old, but she still somehow found it attractive. (She guessed it was the fact that, even in the wintertime, Oliver still slept without a shirt.) Her fingers smoothed over his bare chest, stopping just at the region where his heart was. As she felt his pulse beneath her touch, she was suddenly filled with a startlingly strong desire to feel it beat faster.

He must have seen the change of emotion in her eyes, because he raised a brow and wondered, “What?” He might’ve said more, but before he could find the words, she pushed herself over him and captured his lips with hers.

Her action, though sudden, was not unwelcome. Oliver grunted in surprise and slid his hand to the back of her head, not giving up the chance to kiss her back.

He must have been quite sleepy this morning, otherwise it wouldn’t have taken him so long to realize how turned on she was making him in such a small amount of time. His hands slid down her figure, discovering for the first time that morning what she was wearing. She, too, slept with little on during the winter, because they had so many heavy blankets. He was pleasantly surprised to find her silky nightdress short and fairly low cut. How he hadn’t noticed before was beyond him.

He felt her smile against his lips, and she slowly pulled back to whisper, “I didn’t really get you anything for Christmas, so I think I might have to improvise.” Her fingers began to undo the buttons at her bust.

Oliver, not adverse to her plan, felt himself grin. “I think I like that idea.” He watched her slide her nightdress down her shoulders, admiring her bare breasts as they came into view.

When the silly piece of cloth was hanging over the edge of the bed, Oliver moved in. His hands delighted in the smoothness of her skin. His touch ran down her back, over her hips, and venerated her creamy thighs as she straddled him. When his eyes met hers, what he saw within them made him lean up to kiss her.

She arched into him, pressing her body against his and savoring the feel of skin-to-skin contact. His tongue raced along her bottom lip, and when she opened her mouth for him, she nearly melted at the taste of him flooding her senses. Breathlessly moaning, she deepened the kiss.

His bottom half, still covered with the sheets, was in need of attention. Her fingers dawdled down his chest, pausing here and there to swirl around his belly button, or press against his hip bones. When they reached the hem of his boxers, it didn’t take her long to do away with them. Soon, they were somewhere on the floor, immediately forgotten about.

He had to moan when he felt her curl her fingers around his length. Her needy lips scourged against his, and her hand rocked over his manhood. He was getting very breathless with every lingering touch she gave him.

Her cheeks were flushed in excitement when she pulled out of the kiss. Smirking victoriously, she wondered, “Are you enjoying your Christmas present?”

His grip on her waist tightened at the alluring tone of her voice. Voice strained in obvious lust, he grunted in appreciation. Her smirk widened. She pressed a soft kiss to his neck, and then breathed, “Hmm...not as much as you will be.” When she nipped at the tender flesh, Oliver nearly lost his mind.

Her body slid down his, lips kissing his hot skin as she traveled down to where his aching cock awaited. He watched as her hand made way for her mouth. The sight of her sucking on him was so sexy that had to force himself not to jerk his hips up.

She had a talented little tongue. It ran along him with a skill he had forgotten about. One hand reached beneath to follow her tongue’s ministrations. The duel movements felt more amazing than could be described.

His fingers tightly gripped her hair, pushing her into him as he arched his back. Head tossed skyward, Oliver panted. This, truly, was the best Christmas present he could ever have.

When she moaned against him, he thought he might die. The vibrations sent him into another world entirely – one that was just her. He was suddenly faced with the stinging, unfaltering need to feel her heat around him.

As though she knew exactly what he was thinking of, Jaxon smirked. A moment later, she had abandoned her place and was crawling back up his heated body, mirrored thoughts taking hold of her mind. She pressed her lips to his and he was overwhelmed by the taste of him on her tongue. Groaning against her insistent mouth, he allowed her to slowly slide onto his twitching staff, and gave a muffled gasp at the immediate relief it gave him.

This time, he was able to jerk his hips as much as he liked. He used his new found power easily, rolling his lover onto her back to thrust harshly into her.

Her immediate reaction made him want to go faster. His hands grasped her thighs, moving them up so that he could get better access. He roughly pinned her to the mattress, not able to make himself be gentle. All the teasing she had forced him to go through was paying off now. As she writhed beneath him, breathless and gasping out his name, he felt a strong sense of satisfaction wash over him.

He leaned down to kiss her, and their tongues raced out to sloppily battle. With the hasty movements of their hips, it was difficult to pay any attention to anything else. Jaxon scraped against his back, trying desperately to meet him halfway. She did, but just barely. He was going a mile a minute, and it was hard to keep up with him.

He buried his head into her neck, abandoning the battle of their lips, and focused primarily on fucking the daylights out of her. It wasn’t a hard to thing focus on, really. His mind was bent on her, his hands gripping her tightly, his pleasure for her leaking out into every single movement.

When at last it came time to come back to earth, their release wasn’t so much as sweet as it was drawn out and rough. Oliver groaned, suddenly becoming even faster in his thrusts, and watched as her back arched and his name spilt from her lips incessantly.

It was a rather nice sound, hearing her moan his name. It made him come that much faster, hurriedly trying to catch up to her as her orgasm ripped through her. Her restless gasps filled the room, stricken here and there with little whimpering moans. She was so lost in him that she didn’t really realize when it had finally ended. She remained panting on the mattress when it was over, waiting for him to come down to curl his arms around her.

He did, bringing her into his warmth of his chest as he buried his head into her sweet smelling hair. Kissing her cheek in thanks, Oliver was suddenly stricken with what she had said earlier that morning. “...Did you really not get me anything for Christmas?” He wondered why it had taken so long for him to realize her words...but then didn’t blame himself. She was a damn succubus when she wanted to be.

He felt her giggle against him. She lifted her head, and he saw her eyes fill with mischief. Turning around suddenly, he watched as she reached into the bedside dresser and pull out a neatly wrapped gift. He grinned wolfishly as she handed it to him.

“Merry Christmas,” she breathed, kissing his cheek. He put the present down to unwrap later. Right now, there was a beautiful, naked girl in his bed. He figured she could use a bit more attention.


A Canada Lemon -- Wine And Other Things

Character: Canada

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Evalisa Dune, represents Alaska

Inspiration: was supposed to be Hot Chocolate, but it turned into wine D: Ah well

Nobody wanted to spend Christmas alone, but as the snow kept falling heavily outside her window, Evalisa had to remind herself that it was a possibility. It wasn’t Christmas yet, of course, but every hour foretold the coming of said day. In a way, spending Christmas Eve alone was even worse than the actual day.

Eva was fairly used to being by herself. Months prior, she’d even craved the solitude. She enjoyed silence over noise, liked staying in her pajamas long into the afternoon, and not having to think about preparing her house or herself for company. But that was before she had met him.

He had a similarly shy nature and also didn’t care for the company of others. He didn’t much have a choice anyway, it seemed, because no one really took much notice of him. His invisibility was what had enforced her compassion and made her approach him, and his sincerity was what made her not want to be spend this Christmas Eve alone.

It was this that made her decide a course of action that, months prior, would have seemed impulsive and silly. Now, as she hurriedly got ready to bustle out into the cold, it made her more excited than she could possibly put into words.

Once her thick fur coat was in place and she was ready to go out into the freezing planes of her home, Evalisa began toward Canada’s house. She knew it was fairly close by, and for that, she was thankful.

It took only half an hour to find it. It was nestled quite cosily against a mountain. There were a few lights on downstairs, which gave her hope that he was around. As she passed one window, she saw a large Christmas tree, decorated and twinkling at her, and she was filled with warmth and happiness.

After just two knocks, the front door opened, and Canada’s face appeared. He looked surprised to find a visitor on his doorstep, and when he saw it was her, his face began to blush various different shades of pink and red. She smiled at the sight.

“I, uh, well, I was wondering if you...maybe...wanted to spend Christmas Eve” she felt her own face break out into similar shades of color.

His surprised expression changed into one of the utmost shock, but by the smile that was slowly spreading across his face, he wasn’t adverse to the suggestion. He stepped aside and silently let her in.

The warmth of his house hit her full on as she stood in the hallway. It was so comforting that she began to slip out of her thick coat. This was the right decision, she smiled. She already felt at home, and this was her first time in Matthew’s home.

“Ah, I...I could take your coat, I-if you’d like,” he told her, and she turned to shyly smile at him.

“Alright,” she handed the coat to him and watched him walk toward a closet. When he returned, she was looking wistfully around the room, taking in the dimmed lights and the happy, warm decorations.“You really like Christmas, don’t you?”

He blushed at her question, nervously glancing around at the room, “Erm, well, yeah. I do.”

Her smile made him feel a bit more comfortable. “It’s my favorite holiday, too. Do you want to, I don’t a bottle of wine?”

It was a custom she always followed in her own home. When she was alone, it didn’t seem strange at all. Now, she didn’t think of the technicalities it might create. His face turned red and he nodded, walking toward the kitchen. She followed.

“E-Eh...h-here. Let me g-get the glasses...” he shoved the bottle into her arms and she blinked at him, curious as to why he was suddenly stuttering more than he had before. Was it too straightforward to open wine between two friends? Were they even friends? Her eyes followed him owlishly as he grabbed two glasses from a high cabinet. When he deposited them on the counter in front of her, she noticed that the red in his face hadn’t quite left. He looked really cute when he was blushing...

Her gaze seemed to make him blush ever harder. Shakily, he filled both glasses about halfway, gave one to her, and took a few hasty sips from his own. She wondered vaguely how he’d act when was drunk.

She hadn’t realized then that, by the end of the night, she’d experience just what happened to him when such a thing happened. Indeed, Canadacouldn’t really hold his liquor, and by his second glass of wine, he was more than a little tipsy. Though she found it highly amusing, Evalisa couldn’t deny that she also had a fairly low tolerance for alcohol...a fact that she seemed to have forgotten as they finished the first bottle and cheerfully opened a second.

Matthew was bolder when he had a little wine in him, and so was she. Her nervousness seemed silly now. This red liquid was making her forget why she had even been nervous in the first place.

She studied him from across the thin counter, fingers latched precariously to her wine glass as her thoughts stirred in her head. “Matthew,” she suddenly spoke, and was slightly surprised at the alluring sound her normally feeble voice had acquired. He, too, seemed momentarily surprised. If he hadn’t been steadily getting more and more intoxicated, Canadamight have blushed at the tone of his name. But as it were, he could only stare boldly down at her, eyes roving over her face until they eventually fell upon her parted, red lips.

Her instincts told her that maybe she should think about her actions, but her body didn’t want to wait for her mind to catch up with her. Leaning forward in a haphazard manner, she pressed her lips suddenly against his in a blazing kiss.

To his shock, he found himself immediately responding, as though he had known she would kiss him all along. His fingers reached up to tangle themselves in her silky blonde hair, jerking her against him with a little more force than he had intended. She let out a breathy moan, pleased with his returned affection, and leaned farther over the counter.

Their kiss had started as a seemingly innocent action, but it had escalated into so much more in just a few short seconds. Shockingly, neither felt shy as they curled their arms around the other. No embarrassment lingered in the air at all – there was just passion, fiery hot and scorching through their bodies as one thing lead to another.

Indeed, the course of said actions was very quick. Before he really knew what was happening, Matthew felt himself pull her onto his counter. She knelt above him, tilting his head back so that she could easily press kisses over his neck as he moaned. Then, catching him slightly off guard with her audacity, she felt herself lean back, so that she was lying against the cool marble.

He felt his face heat up at the sight of her, and a tiny bit of soberness wound its way through his head. What was he doing? Why was she allowing him to handle her in such a...a demeaning way? But when he caught sight of the look in her eyes – the understanding, the bliss, the desire for him that swirled around in the grayish blue depths – he realized that he wasn’t demeaning her at all, because she wanted this just as much as he did.

With that in mind, he tossed all caution to the wind and began to climb up onto the counter. Hovering over her, he realized that she was just the right height. He easily pressed his body to hers, feeling suddenly complete and whole. She reached up, silently unbuttoning his shirt as she peered up to meet his eyes.

Surprisingly, Matthew didn’t move as she undressed him. She looked mesmerizing beneath him, especially with the dim lights reflecting off of her cheeks and highlighting her full mouth. Her hair, splayed out beneath her, was like a halo. He let out a content sigh as his dress shirt was smoothed over his shoulders and dropped to the tiled floor.

Her fingers danced down his chest, glorifying his newly revealed muscles and wondering why she had never noticed them before. When her touch curled around the edge of his pants, Matthew felt a fire spark in his eyes. He hungrily watched as she unbutton and unzipped his jeans, feeling himself grow shamefully larger at the seemingly innocent sight of her.

She his pants were gone and he was left in his boxers, Matthew decided that she was entirely too...well, dressed. He pressed his mouth against her neck as his fingers slid over her breasts, taking his time as he undid her shirt and helped her out of it. He watched her hiss slightly at the cold feeling of marble at her back, but then his attention was drawn away to her full breasts as they clung to their confinements.

His face wanted to blush, but the rest of his, enamored with his newly found courage, didn’t allow him to. He kissed her skin, running his hands beneath her back to unclip her bra. With that task completed, his warm fingers rushed back to cup her, rolling his thumbs over her taut nipples and watching as she closed her eyes and she moaned.

He didn’t waste too much time on those lovely breasts, because the need for her suddenly overwhelmed the rest of him. His hands, trembling now in his haste, pulled her pants away. He was ready for her, and was sure that she was ready for him. Pulling his boxers away to reveal his stiff manhood, he leaned over her and looked into her eyes.

Whatever he saw there made him hasten ever further. Though he had never done this before, he felt like he somehow knew what to do. Instinct enforced his actions, and he didn’t left go of it until he was buried to the hilt within her.

She immediately gasped at the feeling of him so tightly inside. Her hands fluttered over him, trying to find a grasp, and ended up tangling themselves into his hair as he began to move. He set a gentle pace, rocking slowly as she got used to him, and only picked up speed until he was sure she was ready.

They moved with a certain grace that shocked her. It felt as though they were meant to be connected – like they were made for this moment. Her legs wrapped around his waist and urged him deeper, feeling her soul lift up with every movement he made.

When at last release came, it was a much desired one. He was aching to spill himself within her – ready to fill her up with his very essence – and when he saw the wild, uncontrolled look in her eyes, he knew it was time.

He rammed into her harder now, feeling his orgasm rip through him. Their expressions were matched completely, both clinging to the last bit of reality until they were both utterly swept away. Bliss spread throughout both their bodies, rocking through them until reality was once again achieved, and they found themselves laying atop the counter, panting together.

Their actions seemed to have drove out all the intoxication – at least the kind that came with alcohol. Blushing wildly, Matthew began to splutter and trip over his words. For once, Eva felt rather calm, finding satisfaction in the way he blushed. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, silently telling him that it was alright, that their actions was spurred on by both of them.

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered to him, and he found that he couldn’t quite look away from her eyes. His blush diminished, and he leaned down slowly to take her lips with his. A whisper of words, and they were once again lost in each other.

A Prussia Lemon -- Craving His Jealousy

Character: Prussia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
OC: Adeline, Represents Long Island
Inspiration: Mistletoe~

"Hi, Ade!” America grinned boyishly and Adeline threw him a soft smile. She glanced at his outstretched hands and realized that he’d made himself the bell boy of sorts. With a grin mirroring his own, Adeline shrugged out of her thick winter coat and dropped it into his grasp. Before he completely disappeared, he pressed a brotherly kiss to her cheek.  Alfred was like a brother to her in one way: she was practically a part of him. Being Long Island, she’d seen much of America as he grew up – she’d grown up by his side, in fact – and they were practically as inseparable as Germany was to Prussia. Huh. Speaking of him...
An arm was thrown around her shoulders haphazardly, steering her in the direction of the bar. Adeline peered up at her captor and was unsurprised to find Prussia grinning down at her. Somehow, he didn’t look quite as fearsome when he was wearing that soft red sweater...but she decided not to tell him that.
He said nothing as he pulled out a bar stool for her. Though she found herself rolling her eyes at his audacity, Adeline couldn’t help but enjoy his presence. She situated herself on the seat and glanced to her right, where France was gazing at her with friendly eyes.
“Ah, so Gilbert has finally found you!” He studied her face for a moment longer, and then exclaimed, “But you look cold! Did you just come inside, mademoiselle?”
Before she could answer him, Prussia’s arm once again curled around her waist, but this time it was to draw her closer to him. She threw her albino friend a glare, but couldn’t deny the exhilaration that sprang through her at his touch. He was her partner-in-crime, her dose of mischief, but also the man whom she’d loved for so long.
If Prussia knew about her infatuation with him, he said not a word. His bold actions were just a part of his personality; just a way of expressing himself. Though it felt amazing to be in his grasp, Adeline knew that being loved by him was too much to ask. She couldn’t imagine Prussia loving only just one woman.
“Would you like a dance, ma cheri?” she looked at France, unaware of the heated glare Prussia was sending his friend. The dancers certainly did look like they were having fun...and France did dance quite well. She shrugged and agreed, slipping a hand into his and drawing away from Prussia’s seemingly possessive grasp.
She danced with France more than once. It was fun, because he always seemed to have some flourish or twist he would pull with her, spinning her away and then catching her before she could fall. She was, in fact, having so much fun dancing that she didn’t even notice the glowering pair of crimson eyes staring at her from across the floor.

“You’re admirer is quite jealous~” France laughed, peering down at her as she came out of a twirl. He brought her closer and grinned. “He had been glaring at us the entire tme!”
Adeline didn’t really know what he was talking about. Confusion swept through her eyes, and the sight of it made France’s smile only widen. His gaze flickered over her shoulder momentarily, taking in the sight of his silently fuming friend as he downed another shot. This was all too much fun~!
Gilbert, apparently, didn’t agree with his idea of entertainment. Furious didn’t quite describe what he was feeling – it was bordering on livid. He’d told Francis how much he wanted her – leaving out the deeper, more sentimental parts, of course – and here he was, purposefully taking her away from him.
“AaHAHAHA,” America’s annoying laugh drifted over his ears, making him grind his teeth. He was so mad that he didn’t even hear Alfred’s words until they were halfway gone. “...wants mistletoe?” He jerked his head up, just in time to find America shoving one in his chest.
There was a strange twinkle in Alfred’s cerulean eyes, as though he knew exactly why Prussia needed the sprig of mistletoe. With a grin and a slightly less annoying laugh, the young country went off in search of others, leaving Prussia to brood over the plant as he held it up.
Slow comprehension dawned on his face, making his smirk victoriously as he formed a plan. He was going to make her his, and nobody – not France, not anyone – would be able to try to steal her away like this again. He eyes slid over to where France was laughing with Adeline, and he casually stood up. Time to show them all what the Awesome Prussia was capable of.
From across the dance floor, it wasn’t all that difficult to see Prussia coming. Francis smirked and his hands slid from Adeline’s waist. His job seemed to be complete, and from the look on Gilbert’s face, he’d do well to get out of here now. Leaning in to peck his dance partner’s cheek, France watched in amusement as she blushed. “I must go, Mademoiselle, but I think there is someone else who would like to dance with you~” He disappeared before she could ask who.
But apparently, her answer was given not a moment later by a hand that settled at her arm. She turned, lips beginning to smile at the sight of Gilbert, but before she could so much as say hello, her world suddenly stopped. She had never been kissed so abruptly before, or with so much need and fire, but as she adjusted to her crush’s burning lips, she decided that she very much liked it.
After a moment, she realized that she should probably kiss back – because this was probably the only chance she’d get – and so her mouth began to move with his, surprising him as well as intoxicating him ever further.
When he pulled away, Gilbert showed her the sprig of mistletoe that was hanging uselessly in his hand. Her mouth quirked up into a light smile and he smirked at her. Before she could turn away, he pulled her back in for another kiss.
“Mmph!” she started to blush. It was one thing to kiss someone once, but another to do so twice, and in the middle of the dance floor! Dancers twirled around them like water, somehow not crashing into the two as they huddled together in each others arms. Adeline wondered if they saw them at all, because to her, it seemed as though they were invisible.
His hungry kisses made her want more. Her heart pounded in her chest and she felt herself falling head over heels for him and his rash actions. His name bubbled over her lips, making the possessive glint in his eyes shine ever further.
“G-Gilbert,” she drew back slightly, resolute to question him. “What was th-“
He didn’t like talking, especially not now, when her lips were so tantalizingly bruised. In his arms, she looked perfect. Her hair was only slightly mussed, but Gilbert wanted to run his fingers through it completely. He wanted to make her his – mark her as his own – so that no other man could touch her without realizing that she belonged to him.

He pushed his lips back to hers, silencing her for the third time. The night was young, but it wasn’t as though they were the center of attention. No one would notice if they disappeared...
His eyes slid open to look at her face. Her eyes were closed in bliss and it was painfully obvious of the effect he was making on her. Desire was scorching through her carefully composed expression. The need for him pounded through her, took a hold of her, and made her want to follow his every action.
He pulled back slightly to smirk at her. Languidly, as though just coming out of a dream, she returned it with a dazed sort of smile. Her breathing was coming out in harsh gasps, but it wasn’t enough for Prussia. He wanted to hear her scream.
He was afraid that she might not want the same thing, but when her eyes suddenly sparked with determination, he realized that this wouldn’t be a problem. He lead her away with one hand, smirking triumphantly at everyone who happened to look his way. From across the room, he noticed France lift his glass to him, and he was rewarded with a sneer that made him gin. The mistletoe was thrown haphazardly to the ground just before they vanished behind a door.
They located an empty room as soon as they could, stumbling into the darkness of an unused coat closet. It wasn’t the nicest of places, but Prussia didn’t need the nicest room when he had the nicest girl. He pushed her to the wall and resumed kissing the daylights out of her, pleasantly surprised when she returned his passion with burning ferocity.
Her desire for him seemed to surpass everything he thought he knew about women. It was in that moment that he realized they’d have to save foreplay for another time. Right now, he had to take her as soon as possible. Everything inside him called him to it.
His tongue rushed out to meet hers, rubbing against her smooth organ and tasting her. He growled, grunted in her as she snatched his hips and drove them against hers. He’d put an end to her dominance...eventually. For now, he quite enjoyed it.
She moaned against him, traces of his name apparent upon her lips as they worked furiously with his. He ground their hips together in a teasing manner, making her feel the result of her kisses. His hardness made her moan more, want more, and he was all too happy to give it to her.
His fingers brushed up her body, paying close attention to her full breasts. Her dress was of a silky material, and it caused a delicious shiver to run up his spine as his grip slipped over her.
She arched her back, pressing herself farther into his grasp and submitting to him at the same time. She didn’t feel like fighting against him now – not that she had much before. Now, all she wanted was to feel him inside her.
He snarled in her ear, bits of German coursing from his lips. She didn’t understand what he said, but the harsh words, spurred on in such a passionate moment, made her ache for him.
Her dress fell from her figure and his hands made quick work of her stockings, tugging them down just enough so that his fingers could brush against her hot core. His touch made her gasp delightfully for him. This time, the entirety of his name fell from her lips.

He didn’t drag out the foreplay much longer. When her fingers began to tug at his dress shirt, he pulled back to assist her in its removal. His clothes fell to the floor one after another, until their skin rubbed blissfully against each other.
He slid into her, delighting in the tightness of her heat as it wrapped around him. She was not a virgin, but it was apparent that it had been a while since she was with a man. Not being able to resist himself any further, Gilbert snapped his hips into hers and started a pace that had her melting against him.
Her arms locked behind his head, fingers tumbling down his back as she tried to find a grip. Her nails clawed at him, sending sweet pains to flutter through him. He grunted, ramming her higher onto the wall, and dug deeper into her as his name once again escaped her lips.
His mouth left little red marks up her collar, stopping at her neck to bite a bit of flesh. His tongue was ever so talented, working over her tender skin and enforcing a myriad of noises to leave her throat. When his lips reached hers, they kissed in a sloppy but passionate way, somehow matching the intense rhythm of their hips as they progressed.
The passion was almost too much to bear. Fitfully arching her back, Adeline could feel release spreading through her body. The tight coil of her abdomen rocked through her, sending a heat like no other to cascade through her veins. She spluttered his name, trying to inform him that she was coming, but he already seemed to know.
His bright crimson eyes were watching her with fascination and another emotion, dipping over her face as her expressions changed. His lower body pushed against hers harder, going ever faster as he rushed to catch up with her.
Together, they tumbled down through bliss, discovering a rush like no other as their fluids mingled together. Their kiss became hurried, smitten with romance and craving. Gripping her tightly in his arms, Gilbert let himself go completely. He was eager to see more of her expressions, and hear more of her noises, and she didn’t let him down as a second, and a third orgasm tore through them.
In the back of her mind, Adeline wondered if they were making a lot of noise. It would be so embarrassing if someone were to hear them. But her thoughts flew away as Gilbert brought her into a satisfied kiss. Who really cared, anyway? This was her personal Christmas present. No one would be able to spoil that.


A Germany Lemon -- Stinging Fantasies

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Viktoria Kirkland, chin length red hair and emerald eyes

Inspiration: :D

Someone really should have warned her. When Viktoria wandered into Germany’s bedroom, she didn’t expect to uncover such intimate objects. That wasn’t to say that it disgusted her in any means. (She had her share of said objects as well, you see.)
“Hmm,” she muttered, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and smirking, “I wonder who Ludwig uses these on...?”

She couldn’t think of any instance where Germany was all that sociable. The thought of him hooking up with some random woman was rather laughable. It just wasn’t his style. Perhaps it was just the girlfriend in her, but Viktoria couldn’t imagine her lover to be that low, and that left her at the only other option. Germany must pleasure himself late at night, of course! (And he can’t possibly use all these objects on his own, so he must be waiting for someone else to help him control them.) Well, Viktoria coul
dn’t think of a better person other than herself. The thought made her mouth water.

It was late, and Prussia was at the bar drowning himself with beer. Which left Ludwig and her plenty of time to try out some of these fun, insightful objects. Brandishing a whip, Viktoria grinned and slid from the room.

She knew her boyfriend was probably in the kitchen cleaning, so she went right downstairs. With each step she took, she loosened some of the clothes, until her shirt was only just hanging by the tiny straps, and her shorts were quite low upon her hips. She grew more and more confident as she neared the kitchen.

Ludwig was there, but he did not notice her when she walked in. He was leaning over the smooth counters, diligently rubbing away anything that looked the least bit unsanitary. Under any normal situation, Viktoria would have stopped to admire his adamance. But she was needy, and already turned on from the nature of her thoughts. The whip came down to smack his ass.

Germany jumped up in shock, eyes wide as he turned to look behind him. His cheeks blazed red when he saw the whip in his lover’s grasp. She grinned mischievously at his embarrassment.

“W-where did you get that?” came his heavily accented voice, afraid of the obvious answer. Viktoria was already well aware that he knew, but she decided to draw his discomfort out.

She walked up to him, replacing the whip with her hand as she felt up his backside. Her fingers then dawdled up his spine. Upon feeling him shiver at the touch, she pulled away and shrugged, “I figured you’d want help breaking it in,” she flashed a smirk, “Along with a few of your...more intimate toys.” He gulped.

It was rather easy to seduce Ludwig. He watched as she drew ever nearer, running her hands up and down his chest. It was clear that her touch was turning him on: he was shifting diligently and his face was getting redder and redder. His belt was pulled off quickly, without wasting time. Viktoria needed him as soon as possible, and so she hurried her pace until the entirety of his pants lay at his feet. Now clad only in his boxers, Ludwig reached out to pull her closer.

She reveled in the feeling of their chests pressed together. Running her fingers through his hair, she mussed his appearance and nearly melted at the sight of him hovering over her, so casually. His blush had diminished slightly, and he was standing rather proudly as he watched her expression turn to one of need.

His hands ran over her sides; his breath wavered over her lips, making her want his kiss more than ever. Seducing her was equally as easy, he thought, and pulled her into the tiniest, most desirous kiss he could enforce.

Apparently, she wasn’t in the mood for teasing...or foreplay at all, for that matter. Her fingers gripped the edge of his boxers, drawing him closer as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his hard on pushing against her and it was making her wild with emotion. He got momentarily lost in the deep desires twirling in her emerald eyes.

“Kiss me,” she whispered to him, fingers brushing down his cheek to the base of his neck. He stared at her for another long moment before suddenly acquiescing, molding his lips to hers in a single scorching kiss that summed up everything he was feeling.
She moaned against his needy mouth and kissed back fervently. Her tongue raced along his lip, tasting his irresistible taste. It wasn’t long before a battle broke out between them, and she could feel Germany winning.

His strong hands were running all over her as their kiss grew more and more intense. He wanted to touch her skin – wanted to feel her breasts in his grasp and take her for his own. Dipping against every curve of her body, Ludwig pushed her against the counter. Their lower bodies ground against one another, enforcing deep gasps to escape her mouth, only to be muffled by their hot kiss.

She shirt fell away and Ludwig was surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He lips formed a smirk as he opened his eyes. She was already staring at him, a challenge residing deep within her green orbs. He took the dare, throwing down his boxers and tugging her shorts away.

When he entered her, she saw stars dance around her eyes. His power shocked her – his raw manliness, dominating her in such a hungry way made her loose all sight of the real world. He forced her down into blackness. Every kiss and nip to her skin made her moan for him; every hard thrust made her gasp. It was all too much, these emotions that he was pushing onto her, but she remained hanging on the edge of reason as he continued to ram into her again and again and again...

“L-Lud-Ludwig...Ludwig! Mmmmmhhm...” His hands dug into her hips and he pushed his aching manhood farther into her than he’d gone before. Her reaction was immediate and made him want to come, for she looked so beautiful as she arched her back and screamed his name. Her breasts pushed against him and her nails clawed at his back and her legs tightened around his waist...and then everything was pausing, only to suddenly speed up in a flurried, frenzied moment as they came together.

He buried his head into her neck as he moaned, jerking wildly into her as she milked him clean. His seed shot into her, curling warmly around her innermost walls as her fluids danced with his...and then it was over, and they were tumbling back into reality.

Their gasps and pants slowly eased back into normal. Drawing back slightly, Ludwig gazed down at her through clouded eyes. He wanted to tell her that she was amazing – that no other woman could make him feel so good – but the sight of her closing, exhausted eyes made him stop. He drew out of her and lifted her up into his arms, feeling her wrap herself around him as he carried her back upstairs to his bedroom.

Tucking her into his bed, Ludwig could think of no better way to spend the night. He turned to press a delicate kiss to her forehead, and four words drifted from his parted lips. “Guten nacht, mein liebe."


A Lavi Lemon -- The Naughty List

Character: Lavi

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Rima Hinamori, has hair just like Kanda’s

Inspiration: Naughty List

When Rima exited her shower – the one attached to her personal bedroom – the last thing she expected to see was her boyfriend sitting on her bed, looking quite at home as he waited for her.

Had she expected him, she might’ve donned some actual clothes, rather than simply throwing her towel about her naked form. She might’ve actually dried herself off, too. Unfortunately, Lavi was fairly elusive and came and went as he pleased.

“...What are you doing here?” she tried to keep the annoyance out of her voice and, feeling rather shameless – it was her bedroom! She could wear whatever she wanted in it – she didn’t bother going back into the bathroom to change into something other than a towel.

Lavi very much enjoyed the sight of her. He smiled an impish sort of smile and shrugged, looking far too innocent as he regarded her. He lifted up a bit of paper and said, “I’ve made a list.”

The contents of this list would no doubt be informed to her, whether she liked it or not. So rather than asking what he was talking about, Rima began digging around in her drawers, trying to locate her ever disappearing pajamas. Just as she suspected, Lavi’s voice soon wondered, “Aren’t you gonna ask what the list is about?”

She stood up to look at him, her expression dry with irony, “I was just going to let you tell me, actually.” She had noticed the sly tone of his voice, thank you very much, and had a feeling that his next words would be of a mischievous nature.

Lavi grinned insidiously and cleared his throat. He seemed to have memorized the text before him, for his eyes were kept locked onto her as she finally found her pajama bottoms. She started searching for a cami to wear with them and nearly missed his recited words.

“It’s a naughty list. That way, Santa can decide if you’ve been naughty or nice,” his eyes twinkled merrily.

Ah. She had a feeling it would be something like that. Rolling her eyes, Rima made sure her towel was securely around her chest before pulling open another drawer. Where was that shirt?!

“As it turns out,” Lavi smirked, resting his chin on one hand, “you’ve been particularly naughty this year. You’re attitude can really get you in trouble sometimes. First of all, if I recall – and I never really forget, of course – earlier this year you were having a bad day and took it out on Jerry after you ordered the wrong food.” He counted on his fingers, “And then there was the time when you yelled at poor little Allen when he beat you in training. Haha! Oh, and you hit Komui a number of times, and – “

“Lavi.” The threat in her voice made him smirk wider, as though he had planned for her to get angry. Indeed, he probably had, and that thought made her even more furious. “What are you trying to say?”

He shrugged again, but didn’t try to look innocent this time. The manipulative nature of his eyes screamed at her, showing his intentions clearly. He didn’t even have to say anything, for she knew exactly what was coming. Even so, he slowly drawled, “Wellll...I was going to offer you a way to redeem yourself.”

She stared at him, eyebrows raised in disbelief. Here he was, telling her to redeem herself? She narrowed her eyes at him in mock outrage – because, even though she was a little annoyed at him, she couldn’t deny that she liked where this was going – and began walking toward his figure. “I could list a bunch of bad things you’ve done, too,” she told him, mouth pulling up in a smirk.

He grinned and reached up to fiddle with the edge of her towel. Eyes locking with hers, he murmured, “Well, we could redeem ourselves together, then.”

Damn. She could never stay angry with him. Their lips connected just as he pulled on her towel. The coarse material fell at her feet, and she found herself pushing her lover onto his back as she crawled up his form. It was time for a little justice...

A moan was dragged from his lips as her nails clawed down his chest. The fabric was in her way, however, and so she made quick work of it as she tore it aside. Finally feeling his skin on hers, Rima smirked and leaned down to caress the newly revealed flesh with her lips.

His hands slid up her hips and secured her in place, pulling her form flush against his as he watched her kiss up his chest. Her fingers brushed over his taut nipples, scaled over his firm abs. Her mouth followed, pressing wet little kisses over him and sometimes – he flinched – she blew on the wet skin.

She was nothing short of a seductress, hovering over him like that. Though he hated to admit it, all of his emotions were held exclusively in her hands. He entered her room as a manipulator, only to find all his power taken away. As he felt her hands run down to his pants, he decided her didn’t mind...much.

Her room was bathed in dim lighting, and it cast lovely shadows over the planes of her face. The rest of her body screamed out to him. The firmness of her breasts, the long, smooth legs straddling him...he gulped, throwing his head back as the zipper of his pants was jerked down and his manhood plundered.

His hardness felt smooth beneath her fingers. Drawing him completely from his pants, Rima prided herself with his submission. It wasn’t every day that Lavi gave up his dominance, and she goaded him from above, teasingly brushing her fingers up and down his manhood...watching as he quickly lost sight of everything he knew.

“Agg...ghhh,” his head was tossed down into the pillows. One hand, clutching tightly to her hips, left marks in her skin. The other hand firmly grasped the sheets around him. Said grasp tightened with every slow stroke that was made.

Something in him must have snapped as soon as their eyes locked, because Rima soon found herself lying flat on her back as he growled over her. Her arms were latched above her head, hands bound in his. His chest, brushing just over her full breasts, barely gave her much desired friction.

He leaned down to nip at her neck, capturing a bit of flesh and rolling it around in his teeth. Her breathless moan gave him insight into his revenge, and he felt himself smirk. Rolling his hips into hers, he watched as she struggled with the control he had only just discovered.

He purred, nuzzling her cheek with his nose. Another roll of his hips sent her babbling his name – or pieces of it, anyway. Taking pleasure in the way she panted beneath him, Lavi murmured, “You’ve been so naughty~”

His words made a strangled sort of groan escape her throat. Her clouded eyes slid open to look at him, and he was vaguely surprised – and very turned on – at the plead within her shining blue eyes. It was time, he told himself.

His pants were still latched around his hips, but he didn’t want to waste time wrestling them off. They were both ready for each other, anyway. Trailing hot kisses down her jaw, Lavi bite down on her tender flesh as he entered her swiftly. The sensations of pain and pleasure mingled together dulled every other emotion.

Rima arched her back as he took her. She was only slightly surprised at his brash actions, but couldn’t find the will to complain. His roughness was quickly making her loose her mind. It was a good sort of insanity.

“L-L-Lavi!” She was holding on for dear life, arms secured tightly around his neck as he thrust deeply into her. She could feel him pushing against her inner walls – his tip, scourging through areas that had, before, remained untouched – and could feel the sensation of release coil within her abdomen.

It didn’t take long for said release to take a hold over them. He felt himself pulsate, and he rocked harder and faster into her. Feeling the imminent bliss washing over her as her orgasm rushed through her, Rima arched her back and let out a moan that drove Lavi over the edge.

He grunted, snarled in her ear as he came. It was a long, drawn out moment that neither wanted to end. She felt a heat like no other take hold of her body, and knew it was over. Smoothly brushing her hands over his back, she carried him down to nestle against her chest.

“Mmmm.” He sighed in contentment, wrapping strong arms around her as he closed his eyes. He felt her gently run her fingers through her hair, and the desire for sleep suddenly thudded happily in his mind.

He was going to tell her how much he loved her – the words were on the edge of his lips, ready to be spilt any moment now – but said sleep took a hold of him before he could, and he quickly lost his train of thought. Rima smiled and chuckled lightly, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. He needn’t have said anything, because the sentiment was apparent in his every action. Still...

“I love you too,” she told him, though she knew he couldn’t hear. That was, perhaps, the only reason she said it aloud at all.


A Lithuania Lemon -- Burning Bridges

Character: Lithuania

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Jane Piper, black hair, blue eyes

Inspiration: Can’t just happened xD

Jane Piper was a plain girl. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, nor was she talented in things that other female countries were. If there was one thing she could do, it was cook and clean and make people happy. To Lithuania, that was much better than being astoundingly pretty. Her smile lit up the room; her eyes shone with happiness; and she seemed to make all the fear in Russia’s house simply disappear, as though it wasn’t even there to begin with.

Jane wiped her hands on her apron, humming along to the stereo that sprouted Christmas tunes. She wasn’t a particularly good singer, but Lithuania – from his place on a nearby chair – thought she looked and sounded beautiful.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. (He couldn’t usually, but it was different this time, as though the Christmas season had somehow made her positively brilliant.) Her hair was tied up in a bun, but a few strands lingered around her face, and seemed to accentuate her high cheekbones and full, pleasing mouth. Her eyes were focused diligently on her hands, which were kneading a ball of cookie dough.

He didn’t know what it was, but Lithuania felt rather...bold this evening, like he was ready to take on the world, and with it, her. He felt his body scream at him to get up, walk to her, and point out that there was a sprig of mistletoe hanging just above her head. She did notice it, didn’t she? He certainly had, and it was creating flurries of images to wander within his head.

He sat a few more minutes, watching her lithe fingers move, her lips sing, her eyes twinkle. And then, when he thought he might not be able to take it any longer, he stood up, flaring with determination. He was going to walk over to her, grasp her arms and pull her close, and tell her how he felt about her. If words failed him, he’d show her.

But he hadn’t thought of what might happen if both words and actions failed him. When he did get to her curiously waiting form, and he did reach out to take her arms, something inside of him stopped. His courage, his impatience, his determination all collapsed, and he found himself staring into her bright blue eyes, at a sudden loss for words.

The only sound around them was the tinkling Christmas music that wavered through the air. She stared up at him in curiosity, as though unsure of what he wanted. But when he looked closer into her eyes, there was something there that screamed out at him – a strange desire floating within crystalline depths. He paused, eyes never straying from hers, and decided to sweep her off her feet with a few witty remarks. Unfortunately, he began to stutter, instead. “I-I-I...erm, th-there’s m-m-mis...mistle....”

She cut him off with a gentle laugh and glanced up. His cheeks flared as she looked at the mistletoe. She didn’t want him to kiss her. He should just go back to reading...go back to where it was safe – “I know, silly.” His breath caught in his throat and he strained to listen to her soft voice over the pounding of his heart. “I’ve been waiting for you to make a move for the last two hours.” She giggled, blushing delicately.

Toris wasn’t quite sure what to think about that. His cheeks flared red, and his heart began to hammer ever louder within his chest. Her lips looked so inviting...he found himself leaning in. She wanted him to kiss her, right? If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have said that...

Jane quickly pressed her mouth against his, catching him by surprise. His lips were smooth and warm, and she sunk into it as her hands came to touch his neck. Her fingers gently stroked his hair, amazed at the softness of the strands. In fact, she was amazed at everything – from the gentle way his lips moved against hers to the even gentler way his arms curled about her waist.

Her heart was beating eccentrically against her chest, threatening to burst with every sweet return of emotion. She had waited long over two hours for him. She’d wanted this for years now, but had always considered herself too shy. Now that she had finally achieved what she long desired, other needs began to surface, until she had forgotten about Toris’ own shy nature.

Indeed, when he felt her push him to the counter edge – when he felt her hands run down his body – he was overcome by a myriad of emotions and desires of his own. He was shocked at her audacity, but even more surprised at the boldness that overtook his own actions as he hungrily kissed her mouth and pulled her body flush against his. When he’d gotten out of his chair to inform her of the mistletoe, he hadn’t imagined it would lead him into his situation, but now he was positively flying with happiness.

She seemed to be the dominant one as she pressed herself against him, enforcing cravings within him that he didn’t think he possessed. He backed her up, feet tangling with one another and very nearly falling to the floor. In a rush of movement, however, his arms caught her and his face loomed suddenly before hers.

They stared at each other for another moment, searching each others eyes...and then, as though in accordance, they both nodded and stood, abandoning the kitchen and fleeing toward an inner room to continue where they left off.

The room they fled to happened to be a sitting room. It was dark and unused – the perfect setting to satiate their desires. Jane shut the door quickly and then stepped back up to her soon-to-be lover. Their lips, as though mindlessly attracted to the other, met once more and a new kiss began.

This time, their lips moved with a passion that had been absent in the kitchen. Their arms wove around each other, holding firmly to anything they could grasp as their bodies sent them into the wild, untamed planes of their imagination. They were beyond the point of return now – beyond anything, perhaps – and the only way to get back to reality was to continue on the path they were already on.

When Jane felt herself falling, she realized that they’d steadily been backing up toward the love seat on the other side of the room. Lithuania followed her down, cheeks flushed red as he hovered above her form. The stark emotion dwelling within his eyes gave way to all his needs. It was in that moment that the bridge that had been between them collapsed, only for a new one to be built. This connection, filled with a burning passion, would define their relationship from then on. Neither seemed to mind its intimate nature.

Their lips furiously worked together, securely exhibiting every whimsical emotion that tore through them. Bringing her hands around his hips, Jane clenched onto his clothes as she was brought further down into raw bliss.

When at last he entered her, it was slow and gentle. He hovered above her, arms straining to keep his weight from crushing her, and only the smallest shift of his body on hers kept her grounded to the present. Eyes locking together, he jerked within her and silenced her pleasing moans with a single kiss.

Like the movement of his hips, his mouth was also gentle. The feverish qualms she’d had about being one with him disappeared as he showed her how sweet his lovemaking was. She arched against him as he dove deeper, taking her for all she was worth and giving her everything he had.

“T-Tori-Toris...haa! Oh,” she buried her face into his neck and moaned his name, pressing a tender kiss here and there between the desperate noises that escaped her throat. Her legs curled around his waist, giving him more space in which he might pay attention to.

Indeed, he did. He left no area of skin untouched; no bit of flesh unkissed. All the attention he possessed was given to her in loving caresses. She was everything he wanted and more than he could ever need.

When release finally came, it was just as sweet as the rest of their moments connected. He grunted as he spilt his seed into her, pattering her neck and cheek with soft kisses as she arched and moaned and panted for him.

And then, it was over, and even though the heat that coursed through their veins was still burning within every touch, Jane felt herself come back into reality. But this time, it was a different sort of reality, in which Toris was the center of her world. She made space for him beside her as he came down, and he pulled her into his embrace and sighed in satiation once he was comfortable.

This reality, they were sure, would be more than enough to make them both endlessly happy.

A Poland Baby Daddy -- The Effects Of Dancing

Character: Poland
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
OC: Alice, black hair, blue eyes
Inspiration: Dancing in the Snow

// Prologue //
Excited eyes gazed out of the kitchen window. There was an anticipation drifting through the air. With Christmas only a week away, Alice was sure that the snow would stay faithfully. It would be a white Christmas.
“Feliks, look! It’s snowing!” she turned to her lover as he walked into the room, dressed in a casual sweater and suede tan pants. Usually, she would have rolled her eyes at his fashion streak, but today she was far too excited.
Poland glanced at her, and then out the window, raised an eyebrow. His expression didn’t seem overly happy, but rather was relaxed in its normal laid back state. He shrugged, walking to where his girlfriend stood, and stuffed his hands into his pockets, “Yeah. Just like every year.”
This time, she did roll her eyes. She turned around and sent him a soft glare, to which he merely shrugged again and began walking toward the closet by the front door.
“Where are you going?” she wondered curiously, padding behind him like a lost puppy. Vaguely, she wondered how she could have become so dependent on someone like Poland.
He glanced at her as he pulled his winter coat on and began buttoning it up. This time, his expression was a little bit more excited. “We’re, like, going outside and building a snowman. Duh.” He rolled his eyes at her and helped her into her coat before throwing a scarf around his neck. She laughed and followed him into the cold.
Had Poland been any less of...well, himself, then Alice probably wouldn’t have loved him so much. He was slightly girlish, she supposed, but that only meant that he understood her that much more. They had connected the moment they’d met, and she figured it’d probably stay that way for a while still.
Which was why, when Feliks grabbed her waist and began dancing with her rather than building a snowman, Alice wasn’t the least bit surprised. She laughed with him, allowed him to lead her through the falling snow, and didn’t question his actions. After all, said actions had made her fall in love with him in the beginning. She reckoned they were still making her fall in love with him, even now amidst the falling snow.

// How It Happened //
If there was one thing Alice loved about Feliks, it was the way he held her – not just with his hands, but also in the way he looked at her, and the way he handled her, as though she were a delicate flower that deserved his utmost respect. His hands gripped her gently as he led her through the falling snow, partaking in the warmth she eluded just for him. His green eyes didn’t look away from hers. Sometimes, Poland could be extremely selfless.
He didn’t say anything as he leaned in to softly press his lips against hers. There was a longing behind his movements that made their dance pause. She wrapped her arms slowly around his neck and brought him closer, returning his kiss ardently as heat coursed through her body.
Upon first meeting Poland, all those years ago, Alice thought he was rather arrogant. Even so, amid those thoughts, she had fallen for him after only two weeks of friendship, and he had shown her how different he truly was. His shy nature could easily be confused with disdain, but now Alice knew better. She loved the man he was, and what he was making her into as well.
His fingers tangled into her hair as he gingerly worked his lips with hers. His very soul was flying through the air. He was utterly speechless at the emotions she was making him feel – the emotions she always made him feel, time and time again – and he wondered what he had done to deserve her endless love.
When she slowly broke the kiss, Feliks was left wanting. His body was on fire, and by the spark of her own eyes, he could tell she was feeling similarly. Their breath mingled together visibly against the starch whiteness around them. Slowly, they brought themselves back to the snowy earth.
“I think I’m ready to go back inside,” she whispered to him, shivering a bit now that the heat of his lips had stopped melding against hers. He said nothing, but gripped her hand and began leading her back toward the front door. All thoughts of snowman building and dancing had disappeared.
Though a rush of warmth hit her as soon as they stepped into the house, Alice was still shaking with anticipation. The craving in her body was in need of an outlet. Before she had gotten her coat all the way off, she pushed herself toward her lover and claimed his lips in a fierce kiss.
He was momentarily taken aback at the neediness of her coveted mouth, but soon returned it with a mirrored fervor. His coat slid from his shoulders and lay abandoned on the ground. As his arms came up to wrap themselves around her body, he pushed her own coat off. Without the boundaries, she felt lithe and perfect against him.
His cold hands slid beneath her shirt, clutching at her warm skin as his heart pumped against his chest. His body was reacting to her quickly – heat was spreading throughout the entirety of his body – and by the hastiness of her own actions, he knew hers was, too.
Their kiss took on a furious pace. Her tongue pushed itself into his mouth, dragging over his and making him shiver in obvious excitement. He grunted, cornering her against the wall, and pushed his lower body against hers. She gasped at the hardness of his jeans.
A soft moan flew from her lips before she could stop it, and it enforced an interesting reaction. Feliks drew back slightly, panting against her to look into her eyes. The emotion dwelling just below the surface made her moan again. Her fingers clutched at his belt, wanting nothing more than to get it off of him. He chuckled swiftly against her mouth.
“F-Feliks – “ But he shushed her before she could say anything more, fervently pressing his mouth against hers again to quiet her. His hands, suddenly dominant, ran the length of her form. He slid into her shirt again, but this time dragged his fingers up to her breasts. Kneading them slowly, he watched her through twinkling emerald eyes.
Her head threw itself back into the wall as her breath came out in short gasps. She wanted him so badly – her lower body was pounding and ready for him – and she didn’t need him to tease her. In a moment of frenzied desire, her hand came up to wrap around the bulge in his pants.
His reaction was immediate. Letting out a soft groan, he pushed against her hand, momentarily forgetting about her breasts as his passion clouded his senses. He presses little kisses down her neck as she finally drew away his belt. Unzipping his jeans, she slid her hand into his pants to feel him more intimately.
Her name escaped his mouth breathlessly. Though he knew his cheeks were flushed, he couldn’t hide it. His need for her was so great that he didn’t bother stopping his brash actions as he tore her shirt away. The sight of her breasts didn’t even make him pause. Panting against her, he voiced his desire in one burning word, “Bedroom?”
It wasn’t very difficult to see that she wanted the exact same thing as he did. She slowly retreated her hand from his manhood, and dragged it up his chest. Breath labored, she nodded. “Bedroom.” And then they were off, wildly racing toward said room as though it was their lifeline.

// How You Found Out //
The kitchen was near silent, filled only with the light sound of breathing. Alice, perched atop the counter, ran her fingers through her lover’s hair. To her, the moment was more monumental than any she’d ever experienced.
Feliks let out a soft sigh, though whether from contentment or anxiety, Alice was unsure. He looked up at her, shifted his weight to his other arm, and murmured, “How long now?”
It had only been five minutes since she’d taken the test, but the moments were drawn out and lengthy. Neither knew how to feel about the possibility that she may be pregnant. The air, though heavy, wasn’t desperate. Alice smiled gently and told him, “Just a little longer.” She continued to run her fingers through his soft locks.
He turned his head to kiss her palm, eyes closed calmly. His attitude toward the situation gave her the strength she needed. She knew he would never leave her, especially not after this. The sudden thought of what it might be like to start a family with him entered her mind. Rather than repulse her, it made her smile widely. How would Feliks be like as a father...? The thought was near comical.
“What’s so funny?” he wondered suspiciously. He couldn’t help but be drawn to her smile. It made him a little less worried about the coming results of the test. His own lips twitched upward.
She giggled, “I was just thinking about how you’d be like ask a father.”
He raised an eyebrow, looking mock offended, “You, like, don’t think I’d make a good father?”
She smiled lovingly at him and leaned in to brush her lips against his. In a quiet, happy voice, she murmured, “I think you’d make a wonderful father.” The many reasons he loved her were suddenly summed up within her every word.

// Epilogue //
“Feliks? Have you seen Akio?” the desperation that clung to Alice’s voice made his husband glance up at her. He shrugged from his place at the kitchen counter, green eyes locked with hers. He watched as she cursed under her breath and spun around to search in another room.
Their baby boy was anything but tame. Though only a few months old, Akio had a spirit that was both wild and uncontrollable. He had a feeling it was because Alice’s was much the same.
“I can’t find him anywhere,” she said, walking back into the kitchen. It was obvious that she was worried. He stood up and wrapped his arms around her lithe form.
Being a father was harder than Feliks liked to admit, but he loved his wife and baby unconditionally. With a sigh, he pulled back and said, “We’d, like, better look outside.”
The look she sent him was startled, but she didn’t ask any questions as he slipped into his shoes. She’d searched the entire house and couldn’t find Akio, so she might as well look outside now, even though she highly doubted the baby could find his way out there...alone. Suddenly sparked with panic, she hurriedly pulled on her coat and followed Feliks onto the snowy porch.
And then, giggling. She looked to the side and found the object of her concerns, wrapped in a thin blanket. She scooped him up, alarmed that he was out here in the cold, but was surprised to find him rather warm. Still, the panic didn’t leave her eyes. Feliks ushered them back inside.
“How’d he get out there?!” she began checking her son, making sure he was alright. Her worries were put to rest the moment her husband slid his arms around her from behind.
He planted a soft kiss at the base of her neck and murmured, “At least he’s totally alright.” She heard him chuckle lightly.
“Feliks, this is serious! If he found a way to get outside, he could do it again and – “ he cut her off with a kiss. In her arms, Akio giggled.
“Relax,” he whispered to her, lovingly stroking her hair to calm her down. It worked, but only slightly. When she opened her mouth to protest, he once again forced her silence with a sweet kiss. If he didn’t taste so delectable, she might start to get annoyed...
As though he knew exactly what she was thinking, Feliks laughed. “C’mon, Akio,” he lifted his son from Alice’s arms and began padding away, “We should totally dress you up in something adorable!”
...Why did she marry him again?