Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Aido Hanabusa Lemon -- Ardently Loving You

Character: Aido Hanabusa

Fandom: Vampire Knight

OC: Kumori Sasaki, Short-tempered but shy around Aido

Inspiration: It was supposed to be a blanket, but it sorta turned into something else ^-^’

It was a quiet day. Classes had ended for the Christmas season, and vacation had begun only two days prior. Much of the Night Class had already returned home for the holidays, but a few still remained, and would stay for the duration of Christmas Break. Kumori Sasaki was one of those.

It wasn’t as though she didn’t have anyone to go home to, but rather that she was quite comfortable right where she was. Besides, her family lived very far away. It would take days to get to them, and by then a good chunk of her break would be wasted. She much preferred to stay in the safety of the Night Dorms, where it was warm and familiar. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“Still here, hmm?” she glanced up to see Aido leaning against the threshold of the sitting room. She hadn’t realized he had come in.

Glancing back down at her book, Kumori shrugged delicately and told him, “Mm. Will you be staying here for Christmas as well?”

“Me? No,” he walked into the room, looking rather offhanded at her before turning his gaze to the falling snow just outside the window. “I’ll be leaving by nightfall. Looks like you’ll be here by yourself.”

There was an amused edge to his voice, and Kumori was sure he was trying to get a raise out of her. She flickered her amber eyes toward him and quickly looked away. She liked being by herself anyway – that part wasn’t an issue. A part of her, though, wished he’d remain with her this break. The possibility of spending it with her crush was too amazing.

“What are you reading, anyway?” he wondered. She felt the other end of the couch depress with his weight.

Trying to ignore his gaze, which was burning into her face, Kumori silently lifted the book cover up to show him. It was an assigned text she needed to read for English class.

Aido scoffed and leaned back, arms locking behind his head as he regarded her. She knew that he’d never bother to read the book, but she wasn’t annoyed at his lack of interest in said tome. In fact, she wished he’d paid said book more attention, if only to draw it away from the rest of her.

“Well,” his eyes turned playful, and even though she wasn’t directly looking at him she could feel said emotion radiating from him. “I have to go pack...want to help me?”

This time, he gained her undivided attention. She looked up at him in shock. He had never been so forward with her – had hardly spoken two words to her while Kaname was around. Why was he bothering with her now?

He tilted his head, waiting for an answer, and suddenly all her confidence drained away. She felt her cheeks flare up, and her heart began to pound. “, th-thank you. I have to f-finish – “ What she hadn’t expected was for him to burst out laughing.

The moment was over in a dry, unflattering sort of way. Her gaze transformed from purely innocent to absolutely furious. He had been playing her all along! Throwing her book down, Kumori rose with a grace she didn’t know she had and began storming from the room.

Well, Aido was a very impulsive sort of guy who didn’t think before he acted. He didn’t stop to think about why she was so angry, or how it was his fault. All he could think about was the fiery anger that had sprouted within her eyes.

It was consuming his mind like a parasite. He stared after her, shocked look spreading over his face, as though he had just received a premonition. Why had he never noticed it before? How had he never seen that beautiful spark of fire, and never acted on it? His questions were squashed by one thought as it was brought to the front of his mind. He wanted to see that spark again...and soon.

Kumori had hardly gotten halfway to her dorm room when she was attacked by two strong hands. She struggled, but her plans to escape were abandoned as soon as her back met the wall and she saw who her captor was.

“Aido?! What are you doing – ?” She slammed her hands against his chest, still angry with his mood swings, and didn’t notice the way he was looking at her. When she did, it only confused her more. One moment, he was laughing at her. The next, he was staring at her like a love sick puppy. What was the matter with him?

“God, you’re beautiful...” She stared, bewildered, and even though she was still furious, she couldn’t help the blush from creeping up her neck. The look in his eyes sparked some long lost desire within her. Well, it wasn’t all that lost, actually. Since the day she’d met him, she wanted his affection. She was just surprised and a little flustered at suddenly attaining it, especially in this haphazard manner.

His breath wavered over her face, calming her. The look didn’t leave his eyes; he stared at her as though his eyes had been opened for the first time in years. “Will you...will you let me kiss you?” She raised a brow.

She felt her lips twitch into a tiny smile. In the back of her mind, she wondered where her anger had gone. She didn’t feel any sort of anger now. Now, all she could feel was excitement and impatience. She slowly nodded her head, giving him her consent...and then gasped at the feelings he suddenly showed her when he brought his mouth to hers.

His kiss was sweet and slow, and he moved against her mouth as though she were the most delicate thing in the world. She returned the kiss in a more heated way, curling her hands around his neck and drawing him closer. The feel of his body against hers was perfect.

He seemed to think so, as well, for his arms were quick to secure themselves around her small waist. He pushed her higher up the wall, and her legs locked around him to keep herself from falling. All the while, their lips worked at a furious pace.

Her fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they began unbuttoning his white uniform. After the third button, Aido realized what she was doing and pulled away, watching her as though unsure of how to respond. “...Do you really want this?”

She quelled his doubts with a single look, burning with the fire he considered so attractive, and his worries were immediately put to rest. He pushed his lips back to hers and allowed her to finish with his shirt, sliding it from his shoulders and onto the floor below. His chest was powerful. The muscles that her hands discovered made her body quake against his. She was shocked at her audacity – any other time, she would shy away from such intimacy – but for some reason, Aido made her feel confident and strong.

Pulling back slightly, he looked into her eyes and breathed, “Where’s your dorm?”

A thrill of excitement blew through her at the promise in his voice. His arms released her of his secure hold and she sunk to the ground. Her hands slid down his arms to grasp his hands, and slowly, she began to lead him toward their destination.

The trip to said destination couldn’t take longer. After a long, drawn out minute, Aido began to hurry her along, and soon they broke out into a run. Their laughter died down as soon as they reached the door, but the light within their eyes stayed firm, even after they stumbled inside.

The dorm was dark, but not unwelcoming. Kumori glanced at Aido and smiled lightly, albeit a bit teasingly, as his appearance. His hair was quite ruffled and he lacked a shirt. Though it was a nice sight, he looked rather comical as he stood before her.

He seemed to know where her thoughts were, because his eyes flashed in dangerous amusement and he began to stalk toward her. When he reached her, his hands jerked her to his chest and began to run down her sides, loosening the skirt she was wearing.

Her hands stopped him, pushing him away slightly. She ignored his confused glower and instead turned to her clothes, slowly releasing the buttons of her shirt and allowing it to fall to the ground. The same she did with her skirt, until all that was left on her body was her underwear and the thin stockings that traveled up her legs.

Aido seemed to enjoy watching her. He’d found a seat on the edge of her bed, hands drawn back to hold up his weight. There was a smirk on his face, laced with desire and intrigue, and it made Kumori feel like she was the only person in the world.

She strolled over to his figure and, feeling rather bold, pushed him down on his back. As she crawled up his body, Aido felt himself getting harder and harder. Her fingers ran over his sensitive skin, glorifying ever inch of revealed flesh as her lips did the same. He liked the feel of her against him, touching him, kissing made him feel alive.

When her hands forcefully undid his pants and began tugging them down, Aido’s body flared with warmth. He grunted at her rash movements, but remained pleased to have the confinements off. He watched he carefully as her eyes roved around his naked form, wondering if she would back out now that she saw what she had done to him. But she didn’t. In fact, the sight of his hard cock only seemed to make her all the more confident.

He wanted to her touch him, because it was starting to get a tad bit painful, but to his chagrin, she ignored him completely. Giving him a sly sort of grin, Kumori pressed a soft kiss to the underside of his jaw and purred, “These stockings are starting to get uncomfortable.”

In the heat of the moment, Aido had forgotten that she was still wearing some clothes. He cursed beneath his breath and his hands slid down to her hips, roughly peeling the see-through fabric down her legs along with her panties. He didn’t get very far, though, because as soon as they were at her ankles, Aido realized that he’d had enough of her teasing and pulled her lower body onto his.

Immediately, her reaction was a drawn out moan. She was pounding for him – so wet and ready – and the feel of his hardness rubbing against her was like magic. It made her body aware of everything around her...everything around him.

He reacted in a similar way, grunting passionately in her ear as his hands gripped her hips and lower back. His mind was plagued with a single, scorching desire, and that was to feel her tightness wrapped completely around him. With that thought, he swiftly entered her.

The hastiness of his actions made her fall into a shocked sort of reverie. She’d been with a man before, but it had never been this...liberating. He felt rock hard against her inner walls, and it did much to quell the impatience residing in every pore of her body. She jerked against him, hovering over him with a lost expression wound about her features, and allowed him to pull and push her hips against his, leading her around his stiffness as only he could.

She buried her face into the conjuncture of his shoulder and his name was dragged from her lips time and time again. Every thrust caused a new emotion to take hold of her, controlling her whimsical desires until they were burning with trepidation.

His hands were all over her, holding her down and then suddenly lifting her up, as though sending her flying through the air. She was, indeed, flying, but she remained pleasantly grounded at the same time. It was a strange myriad of sensations that could only be described as one described the man beneath her.

Release, at first, seemed miles away. But with every movement it came nearer, until it had them both wrapped tightly in its embrace. It was not unwelcome, however: they fell into it happily, allowing the nurturing radiance to control the remainder of their moments connected.

And then, her body was burning as his seed shot through her, filling her up as only a man could. She arched into him, breasts pressing fervently to his chest, and let out a moan that sent him jerking wildly against her, unable to stop himself. Her name was pulled from his lips with every thrust.

When everything had died down, and silence had once again reigned, neither seemed to know what to say. It was not an awkward silence in the least – actually, it was very pleasant. Their labored breaths calmly slowed back to normal as their bodies laid against one another. Aido’s fingers peacefully ran through her hair. That silence remained strong as the two quietly drifted off to sleep.


A/N: Sorry if this felt choppy to you guys :P It sorta ran away from me halfway through


  1. I loved it, I always thought that Aido deserved someone and you have made this the best thing I could ever hope for him, though I do wish to see you do a zero one >.<

  2. Hot!!!! Do another one with Kaname!