Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Canada Lemon -- Wine And Other Things

Character: Canada

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Evalisa Dune, represents Alaska

Inspiration: was supposed to be Hot Chocolate, but it turned into wine D: Ah well

Nobody wanted to spend Christmas alone, but as the snow kept falling heavily outside her window, Evalisa had to remind herself that it was a possibility. It wasn’t Christmas yet, of course, but every hour foretold the coming of said day. In a way, spending Christmas Eve alone was even worse than the actual day.

Eva was fairly used to being by herself. Months prior, she’d even craved the solitude. She enjoyed silence over noise, liked staying in her pajamas long into the afternoon, and not having to think about preparing her house or herself for company. But that was before she had met him.

He had a similarly shy nature and also didn’t care for the company of others. He didn’t much have a choice anyway, it seemed, because no one really took much notice of him. His invisibility was what had enforced her compassion and made her approach him, and his sincerity was what made her not want to be spend this Christmas Eve alone.

It was this that made her decide a course of action that, months prior, would have seemed impulsive and silly. Now, as she hurriedly got ready to bustle out into the cold, it made her more excited than she could possibly put into words.

Once her thick fur coat was in place and she was ready to go out into the freezing planes of her home, Evalisa began toward Canada’s house. She knew it was fairly close by, and for that, she was thankful.

It took only half an hour to find it. It was nestled quite cosily against a mountain. There were a few lights on downstairs, which gave her hope that he was around. As she passed one window, she saw a large Christmas tree, decorated and twinkling at her, and she was filled with warmth and happiness.

After just two knocks, the front door opened, and Canada’s face appeared. He looked surprised to find a visitor on his doorstep, and when he saw it was her, his face began to blush various different shades of pink and red. She smiled at the sight.

“I, uh, well, I was wondering if you...maybe...wanted to spend Christmas Eve” she felt her own face break out into similar shades of color.

His surprised expression changed into one of the utmost shock, but by the smile that was slowly spreading across his face, he wasn’t adverse to the suggestion. He stepped aside and silently let her in.

The warmth of his house hit her full on as she stood in the hallway. It was so comforting that she began to slip out of her thick coat. This was the right decision, she smiled. She already felt at home, and this was her first time in Matthew’s home.

“Ah, I...I could take your coat, I-if you’d like,” he told her, and she turned to shyly smile at him.

“Alright,” she handed the coat to him and watched him walk toward a closet. When he returned, she was looking wistfully around the room, taking in the dimmed lights and the happy, warm decorations.“You really like Christmas, don’t you?”

He blushed at her question, nervously glancing around at the room, “Erm, well, yeah. I do.”

Her smile made him feel a bit more comfortable. “It’s my favorite holiday, too. Do you want to, I don’t a bottle of wine?”

It was a custom she always followed in her own home. When she was alone, it didn’t seem strange at all. Now, she didn’t think of the technicalities it might create. His face turned red and he nodded, walking toward the kitchen. She followed.

“E-Eh...h-here. Let me g-get the glasses...” he shoved the bottle into her arms and she blinked at him, curious as to why he was suddenly stuttering more than he had before. Was it too straightforward to open wine between two friends? Were they even friends? Her eyes followed him owlishly as he grabbed two glasses from a high cabinet. When he deposited them on the counter in front of her, she noticed that the red in his face hadn’t quite left. He looked really cute when he was blushing...

Her gaze seemed to make him blush ever harder. Shakily, he filled both glasses about halfway, gave one to her, and took a few hasty sips from his own. She wondered vaguely how he’d act when was drunk.

She hadn’t realized then that, by the end of the night, she’d experience just what happened to him when such a thing happened. Indeed, Canadacouldn’t really hold his liquor, and by his second glass of wine, he was more than a little tipsy. Though she found it highly amusing, Evalisa couldn’t deny that she also had a fairly low tolerance for alcohol...a fact that she seemed to have forgotten as they finished the first bottle and cheerfully opened a second.

Matthew was bolder when he had a little wine in him, and so was she. Her nervousness seemed silly now. This red liquid was making her forget why she had even been nervous in the first place.

She studied him from across the thin counter, fingers latched precariously to her wine glass as her thoughts stirred in her head. “Matthew,” she suddenly spoke, and was slightly surprised at the alluring sound her normally feeble voice had acquired. He, too, seemed momentarily surprised. If he hadn’t been steadily getting more and more intoxicated, Canadamight have blushed at the tone of his name. But as it were, he could only stare boldly down at her, eyes roving over her face until they eventually fell upon her parted, red lips.

Her instincts told her that maybe she should think about her actions, but her body didn’t want to wait for her mind to catch up with her. Leaning forward in a haphazard manner, she pressed her lips suddenly against his in a blazing kiss.

To his shock, he found himself immediately responding, as though he had known she would kiss him all along. His fingers reached up to tangle themselves in her silky blonde hair, jerking her against him with a little more force than he had intended. She let out a breathy moan, pleased with his returned affection, and leaned farther over the counter.

Their kiss had started as a seemingly innocent action, but it had escalated into so much more in just a few short seconds. Shockingly, neither felt shy as they curled their arms around the other. No embarrassment lingered in the air at all – there was just passion, fiery hot and scorching through their bodies as one thing lead to another.

Indeed, the course of said actions was very quick. Before he really knew what was happening, Matthew felt himself pull her onto his counter. She knelt above him, tilting his head back so that she could easily press kisses over his neck as he moaned. Then, catching him slightly off guard with her audacity, she felt herself lean back, so that she was lying against the cool marble.

He felt his face heat up at the sight of her, and a tiny bit of soberness wound its way through his head. What was he doing? Why was she allowing him to handle her in such a...a demeaning way? But when he caught sight of the look in her eyes – the understanding, the bliss, the desire for him that swirled around in the grayish blue depths – he realized that he wasn’t demeaning her at all, because she wanted this just as much as he did.

With that in mind, he tossed all caution to the wind and began to climb up onto the counter. Hovering over her, he realized that she was just the right height. He easily pressed his body to hers, feeling suddenly complete and whole. She reached up, silently unbuttoning his shirt as she peered up to meet his eyes.

Surprisingly, Matthew didn’t move as she undressed him. She looked mesmerizing beneath him, especially with the dim lights reflecting off of her cheeks and highlighting her full mouth. Her hair, splayed out beneath her, was like a halo. He let out a content sigh as his dress shirt was smoothed over his shoulders and dropped to the tiled floor.

Her fingers danced down his chest, glorifying his newly revealed muscles and wondering why she had never noticed them before. When her touch curled around the edge of his pants, Matthew felt a fire spark in his eyes. He hungrily watched as she unbutton and unzipped his jeans, feeling himself grow shamefully larger at the seemingly innocent sight of her.

She his pants were gone and he was left in his boxers, Matthew decided that she was entirely too...well, dressed. He pressed his mouth against her neck as his fingers slid over her breasts, taking his time as he undid her shirt and helped her out of it. He watched her hiss slightly at the cold feeling of marble at her back, but then his attention was drawn away to her full breasts as they clung to their confinements.

His face wanted to blush, but the rest of his, enamored with his newly found courage, didn’t allow him to. He kissed her skin, running his hands beneath her back to unclip her bra. With that task completed, his warm fingers rushed back to cup her, rolling his thumbs over her taut nipples and watching as she closed her eyes and she moaned.

He didn’t waste too much time on those lovely breasts, because the need for her suddenly overwhelmed the rest of him. His hands, trembling now in his haste, pulled her pants away. He was ready for her, and was sure that she was ready for him. Pulling his boxers away to reveal his stiff manhood, he leaned over her and looked into her eyes.

Whatever he saw there made him hasten ever further. Though he had never done this before, he felt like he somehow knew what to do. Instinct enforced his actions, and he didn’t left go of it until he was buried to the hilt within her.

She immediately gasped at the feeling of him so tightly inside. Her hands fluttered over him, trying to find a grasp, and ended up tangling themselves into his hair as he began to move. He set a gentle pace, rocking slowly as she got used to him, and only picked up speed until he was sure she was ready.

They moved with a certain grace that shocked her. It felt as though they were meant to be connected – like they were made for this moment. Her legs wrapped around his waist and urged him deeper, feeling her soul lift up with every movement he made.

When at last release came, it was a much desired one. He was aching to spill himself within her – ready to fill her up with his very essence – and when he saw the wild, uncontrolled look in her eyes, he knew it was time.

He rammed into her harder now, feeling his orgasm rip through him. Their expressions were matched completely, both clinging to the last bit of reality until they were both utterly swept away. Bliss spread throughout both their bodies, rocking through them until reality was once again achieved, and they found themselves laying atop the counter, panting together.

Their actions seemed to have drove out all the intoxication – at least the kind that came with alcohol. Blushing wildly, Matthew began to splutter and trip over his words. For once, Eva felt rather calm, finding satisfaction in the way he blushed. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, silently telling him that it was alright, that their actions was spurred on by both of them.

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered to him, and he found that he couldn’t quite look away from her eyes. His blush diminished, and he leaned down slowly to take her lips with his. A whisper of words, and they were once again lost in each other.


  1. Oh my holy god!! that is cute!!

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