Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Dino Cavallone Baby Daddy -- Sacred Solitude

Character: Dino Cavallone

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Annabella, mossy brown hair and green eyes

Inspiration: Long work days

// Prologue //

The house was eerily quiet without Dino’s cheery voice. The night had already claimed the skies, swathing the home and its rooms in darkness. Annabella, sitting on the couch and staring mindlessly at the TV, couldn’t help but feel worry claw at her heart. She always worried when her husband was out past the time he said he’d be home.

She wrapped her knit blanket around her tightly, as though trying to create a shell. Though her eyes were latched forever to the TV screen, her mind was flying elsewhere, hoping that Dino was alright, and that he’d return in one piece...

When she’d agreed to marry him, she’d known all about his line of work and the injuries that came with it. She was all too aware that at any moment, she could be a widow. They’d only been married for seven months, but life went on and so did the Mafia. She huddled further into the blanket. The clock stroked midnight.

And then, as though God was answering her prayers, her cellphone began to buzz. Annabella jumped in fright, not expecting the sudden noise, but soon after found herself scrambling toward it, hope operating her deft fingers.

“Dino?” she breathed. She hadn’t looked at the caller ID before answering. She’d been far too excited, but now felt a cold fear grip her heart. What if it wasn’t him...?

Her worries were put to rest when she heard her husband heave a deep sigh. His voice was slightly muffled when he spoke, but he sounded alright, and that comforted her. “Ann. You should be in bed.”

She shook her head violently, even though he couldn’t see. Her fingers tightened their grasp on the cellphone and she murmured, “Are you alright? When will you be home?”

It was silent for a moment, save for the sound of his breathing. Now that she listened to it, Annabella thought it sounded rather labored. Before she could think any more on the matter, her lover spoke again, “I’m not sure. It’s gonna be a while, though. Tsuna’s having some trouble and we’re heading over to his place to help him out. I could be another few hours.”

Another few hours. He might not be home until the first of the morning light begins to peer over the landscape. She swiftly shut her eyes, trying to fathom his words. She was exhausted and cold – all she wanted was to curl up in her lover’s arms and forget about everything – but she tried to sound as though his words didn’t disappoint her as much as they did. “Oh...ok. I’ll be awake when you come in.”

She knew he didn’t like hearing that. He also knew how stressed she was when it came to his safety though, and wasn’t entirely surprised to hear her. He sighed another deep sigh and a few moments later said, “I love you.”

Her heart soared. A broken sort of smile elapsed over her face, nearly pushing all the worry from her eyes. When a soft chortle of laughter fell from her lips, Annabella could almost picture Dino smiling. He had such a beautiful smile... “I love you,” she whispered, as though she thought the words were sacred and untouchable. She closed her eyes again, hanging onto his every word as he murmured a soft goodbye.

It was only a few hours, she told herself as she sat back down on the couch. Only a few more hours, and then Dino would be back home. She turned the volume up on the TV and tried to keep her eyes open.

// How It Happened //

The soft rustle of clothing hovered over the room. Loving eyes locked onto a slumped figure residing on the couch. His wife had, indeed, tried to wait up for him, but he was glad that she’d fallen asleep in the process. It was already six o’clock – later than he’d thought it would be – and just the thought of her actions made him grin.

He continued to unbutton his shirt as he stood there. His mind was completely gone. He didn’t register the fact that he was stripping in the middle of his living room; he could see only his lover, think of only her as his shirt pooled at his feet.

He crossed his arms lightly, tilting his head as he stared. The burn of his shoulder made him want to turn and bandage it, but he couldn’t find the will to leave Annabella. Slowly, he walked up to her and knelt on the floor beside the couch.

His fingers drifted over her skin, pushing her hair from her closed eyes. The noise from the TV still lingered in the background, but all Dino could hear was the gentle sound of her breathing. He leaned in to press a kiss to her mouth...and her eyes fluttered open. Whoops.

“...Dino...?” her voice was thick with sleep, but when she realized that her husband was indeed there, said sleep vanished from her gaze. She sat up and threw her arms around him, movements frenzied with worry.

He cringed when his shoulder was jostled, but otherwise felt fine – better than fine, actually. He brought her close and buried his face into the crook of her neck. As he inhaled her scent, he felt himself relax. This, truly, was what home was; anywhere that she was. He felt her kiss his hair.

“God,” she whispered, snuggling farther into his arms, “I can’t tell you how worried I was. You’re alright, aren’t you?” She seemed to have forgotten that it was six in the morning, and that she should have been as tired as him. When she drew back to lock gazes with him, she couldn’t remember what sleep was.

Dino tried to tell her that he was fine, but her eyes found the wound on his shoulder before he could. A soft gasp left her mouth and she narrowed her eyes, leaning in and touching the edge of the cut. Dino tried to ignore the pain that accompanied the touch.

Annabella shifted her eyes back to his, opening to mouth to speak, but Dino cut her off with a sudden, deep kiss. He didn’t care that he had a gash on his shoulder that should be bandaged. He didn’t care that his body was screaming at him to go to sleep. He didn’t care that it was six o’clock in the morning, and that his wife was probably just as tired as he was. He wanted one thing and one thing only: to be with his lover.

His large, calloused hands rove about her, down her sides until they reached her hips. He pulled her up and she wrapped her legs around him, all the while keeping their kiss unbroken.

“Mmm...what about your...shoulder...?” she almost couldn’t think when he kissed her like that. His tongue dipped against hers, making her head spin. He grunted softly, “Leave it.” And then proceeded to stumble toward the bedroom.

They could hardly see once they got there. The room was bathed with the tiniest hint of light, but other than that it was still dark and perfect for the activities about to be underwent. Her back met the mattress and her lover crawled up her body, allowing his lips free licence as he kissed every inch of her that he could. Her fingers were tugging her shirt off, fumbling through the fabric with shaky hands. Dino wove his warm fingers up her sides to assist her. A moment later, her upper half was completely bare.

He hummed in satisfaction and pressed his mouth to her full breasts. His hands roved her, squeezing and melting against her skin as she moaned beneath him. He grunted, feeling his pants tighten with every whimpering noise, and his actions became coarser.

“D-Dino...mmm,” she brought his head to hers and kissed him again while her fingers scrabbled down his chest. He nearly lost it when she palmed his erection. Snarling into the kiss, he jerked against her hand.

She rushed over him, undoing the button and zipper with feeble movements. He helped pull the fabric from his hips and then proceeded to do the same for her. When they were completely bare, he reveled in the feeling of their bodies writhing against one another.

It seemed to take forever to be one with him. Annabella arched her back, locking her eyes with his and portraying all her desperate emotions. That seemed to do it: he was pushing himself in her after seeing that.

Once he was inside, everything stopped. They were surrounded be love – it was all she could see when she looked at him again. His expression, the way his mouth curled upward, the warmth in his eyes...she moaned, throwing her head back. It was all too much; she couldn’t handle the immense satisfaction of having him with her, around her, inside her.

He leaned down to press his lips to hers in a soft kiss, and then moved to nibble and suck at the tender skin of her neck. He gripped her, whispered to her, and made love to her as only a lover and a husband could.

And then, all too soon, it was over, and Annabella was moaning his name again and again as he released within her. The love was creeping over them even more directly. She leaned back, and he followed, and they finally closed their eyes for good. Sleep and passion and romance ebbed away into dreams.

// How You Told Him //

It was another late night spent alone. Annabella stared at her cellphone as though trying to force it to ring. Dino said he’d only be an hour or two this time around, but it had already been three. 11 o’clock rolled around the corner.

The TV was on, but Annabella paid it no attention. She was jumping up and down in her seat, overcome by a myriad of emotions that left her both confused and unsatisfied: nervousness for Dino’s safety, realization and joy and worry for the baby growing within her, and how her husband would take it. In a way, she already knew he’d be happy, but it was the words that she wanted to hear – the confirmation that he wanted a child, with her.

She battled her emotions for nearly another hour before her cell finally rang. She jumped on it, heart pounding dramatically in her chest, and sighed in relief at the sound of her lover’s voice. “Ann.”

She grinned and rocked forward, bringing her blanket around her as she murmured, “Dino. How long?”

He paused, thinking, and then told her, “Half an hour, tops. Don’t wait up for me.” But he already knew she would. He smiled at the thought.

Annabella chortled. Her heart rammed against her chest, and the words she dearly wanted to say sprang from her lips, “Oh, I have something to tell you.” She shut her eyes tightly, vainly trying to keep her grin at bay, “You got me pregnant, mister.”

The pause on the other line was longer than the first. All her worries washed away, even though she was painfully aware of the fact that he hadn’t answered her. She gripped the blanket tightly and grinned.

When Dino finally spoke, he said merely four words. “Make that fifteen minutes.”

// Epilogue //

When Dino awoke, he was alone. The other side of the bed was cold and empty, and the air was filled with the scent of pancakes. He sat up, glanced around the room, and winced at the sunlight streaming into his eyes.

His wife was a morning person, and he could never understand why. Now more than ever, she would get up early and have breakfast made by the time he woke. He could only guess that it had to do with the impending pregnancy, but then she did this before, too. He conceded that she was just insane.

His legs swung over the side of the bed and he stretched. A wide yawn left his mouth as his head tipped back. It was rather nice, waking up to the smell of pancakes, but Dino couldn’t deny the desire he had to just lounge in bed with his lover. He shook his head and stood up.

By the time he had padded into the kitchen, the sleep had gone from his eyes and he was wide awake. A lazy smile crept up his lips as he caught sight of his wife. Annabella was standing with her back to him. Her hair was clipped up and she was grasping a spatula in one hand. She was softly humming a song that he almost recognized.

She wasn’t surprised when his arms came around her. In fact, she only grinned and continued to hum as her husband’s lips pressed against her cheek. He uttered a soft good morning and chuckled, hands resting lightly on the swell of her stomach. She’d gotten pretty big, but she looked even better now than she had before.

She twisted her head to glance at him, smiling widely, “Good morning.” He grinned and kissed her mouth. His hands ran over her stomach and sides as they kissed.

“Mmm...smells good,” he told her as she turned back to the pan. She smiled and nodded, and Dino rested his chin against her shoulder. “I’m sure Alessandra thinks so too.”

His words enforced a happy reaction within her. She laughed lightly and nodded, hands reaching down to clasp around his. The baby girl within her kicked, as though she was aware of her existence in their lives.

“Oh!” Annabella turned in surprise, catching her husband’s eyes, “Did you feel that?” But he was already grinning in happiness, and she had already known the answer before she’d asked.

His mouth curved upward. In a gentle voice, he told her, “I love you.” As they leaned in to share another kiss, their hearts soared.

“I love you,” she breathed against him, and then proceeded to surrender to her feelings. They’d been doing that a lot lately.



  1. Aw...this is the cutest story...I actually want more <3

  2. I can't believe I forgot to leave a comment but this is wonderful and so are you for making it