Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Genma Shiranui Lemon -- Friends w/ Benefits

Character: Genma Shiranui

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Sorano Siao, petit, freckles, short

Inspiration: Teasing, Konoha during the summer, Genma’s personality...a lot of things ^-^

The night breeze was warm on Sorano’s flushed cheeks. She was glad to be home after her long, two week mission. Her heart thudded happily in her chest and she admired the bright moon up above. A slow, serene smile spread over her face.

It was a glowing summer night. Konoha was even more beautiful when it was quiet. The breath of the wind accentuated the silence, making the village seem otherworldly and sacred.

She tilted her head to the side, eyes glazing over houses as she walked along a side street. She was heading home, but even the promise of a hot shower and a good meal couldn’t hurry her pace. She planned on enjoying the lingering peace as much as she could, because for two long weeks it had been absent in her life.

A sudden breeze lifted up her hair and flung it over her shoulder. She glanced in the direction of the wind and a soft sigh left her parted lips. She had never felt so tranquil – so utterly immersed with the nature around her – it surprised her that she’d never stopped to enjoy it more often.

The snap of a twig brought her from her senses. She stopped mid-step, glancing behind her in an offhanded manner. The man who was leaning lazily against a nearby tree didn’t look at her, but merely kept his eyes on the moon. Her tranquility took another form.

“Back from your mission, I see,” his voice carried over to her ears, and he finally turned to look at her. The warmth in his gaze made her blush. “Not very alert. You normally would have heard me coming.”

She scoffed and shrugged, slipping her hands into her pockets. Genma grinned wolfishly at her. The tension in his eyes put her on guard. “Well,” she reasoned, “I guess I don’t find you to be a threat.”

His eyes flashed and he took a step forward, pushing off from the tree to walk toward her. His mouth quirked up, “You should.” Was it just her, or did she detect a hint of danger in his voice? His expression gave nothing away; it was his eyes that screamed at her, called to her, and made her squirm where she stood. He continued to stalk forward.

When he was in front of her, nothing really happened. The connection of their eyes grew stronger as seconds passed, and Sorano was filled with that familiar peace as she stared at him. He slowly brought a hand to her face, brushing a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. “I sorta missed you,” he told her.

She smiled at him and his breath caught in his throat. He cupped her face and she leaned into his touch, murmuring, “I sorta missed you, too.” Her words enforced a strange bout of emotions within his eyes. The dominant one was joy.

The two had a strange relationship. They’d been friends since childhood, having been on the same Genin squad. Genma had always found a way to be there for her when she was in danger, and she always tried to do the same. There was an unspoken agreement between the two, that if one falls behind, the other goes back too.

Over the years, however, something else had blossomed between them. A sort of intimacy had developed, controlling every thought and action that moved them. It was different, but comfortable; relaxing but infuriating; purely Genma.

“You should probably get that bandaged,” he murmured, stepping closer as his eyes flickered to the wound on her shoulders. A smirk wound up his lips and he leaned down to press his mouth precariously close to the pained area.

It felt as though her head had exploded from the rush. His breath hung in the air, tickling her delicate skin as he moved his lips to kiss the smoother flesh of her neck. He’d never been so forward before, but she couldn’t complain. She felt nothing less than exhilarated at his attention. This gorgeous man, her best friend, loving her! It gave her unadulterated pleasure.

He chuckled suddenly and pulled back, teasing her with his playful eyes. “Shorty. You gotta learn to duck those attacks once in a while. I can’t have you getting hurt so often,” he laughed again. She glowered at him, annoyed that he had stopped kissing her. He was probably the biggest tease she had ever encountered.

He seemed to know exactly why she was aggravated, and it made him grin widely. He could feel the desire radiating from her, but he knew he couldn’t act on the mirrored feeling until they were safely within doors. He sent her a look – a burning sort of look – that promised her a sleepless night, and took her hand. His house it was.

By the time they’d gotten to his apartment, Sorano was getting impatient. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. The excitement was killing her.

When they got inside, Sorano found herself displeased. She had worked up a plan while they’d been walking, but was unfortunately unable to set it into action. As soon as the door swung shut behind them, Genma didn’t turn to her and ravish her. He didn’t walk in the direction of his bedroom. He didn’t even give her a look. Instead, he disappeared into the bathroom and left her standing in the doorway, unsure as to where they were in their relationship.

She couldn’t think about it for long. Genma’s voice called out to her after a moment of rustling through the shelves, “I found the first aid kit. Come here so I can fix that shoulder of yours.” She reluctantly acquiesced, glancing longingly toward the bedroom.

Inside the bathroom, it was a familiar sight. She’d been in his house so many times that she was unsurprised at the mess he had made whilst getting out the first aid kit. She rolled her eyes and sit down on the edge of the bathtub.

Even thought it looked to be the same as every other time she’d injured herself – with Genma healing some sort of wound while she waited – there seemed to be something different about the atmosphere around them. She tugged her shirt off – something she felt entirely shameless to do in front of him. He’d seen her in less: they’d been friends for so long that it would have been impossible not to.

He normally would have just gotten down to business and began to clean the wound, but this time, he remained leaning against the bathroom counter, arms crossed as his eyes flickered over her body.

Perhaps it was the slowness of the evening, but Sorano didn’t realize that he was checking her out until nearly a minute later. When she did realize, though, she merely glared at him but made no move to cover herself up. “Genma, hurry up and clean the damned wound.”

He did nothing but smirk at her. It took him another long moment to get up the will to push off the edge of counter and saunter toward her. By that time, she was feeling less than relaxed, and he seemed to know it.

He worked in a painfully slow manner, relishing the tense apprehension of her body as his finger brushed across her skin. She had a feeling that he was doing that on purpose, but she didn’t say anything because she can’t deny that it felt good, and she wanted him to touch her some more.

He didn’t even get to clean the wound before she snapped. Her voice was thick with emotion when she spoke, growling out in a perfectly desirous way, “Genma. Fucking kiss me.”

He pauses for just a moment, a little surprised at her lack of tact. She never was good with words, but at that moment he was rather glad of it. He threw the wet cloth away and converged upon her as ordered, taking her lips with his and pressing a lustful kiss to her mouth.

Thrills singed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her up, tugging her against his chest. His mouth was hot and melded perfectly against hers, enforcing all sorts of swirling emotions to take over her body.

Her fingers trailed down his chest to dip under his shirt. He flinched a bit at the coldness of her hands, but allowed her to feel up his muscles. It was a familiar touch, and he relaxed into the passion she was inflicting upon him.

It seemed as though Genma was more excited than he thought he was, for his fingers were making quick work of her pants. He hadn’t even realized what he was doing until said pants lay in a pool on the bathroom floor, and he was hooking her bare legs around his waist in a fervent manner.

She ran her fingers through his hair, lips working furiously with his. She ran her tongue over his and he grunted, stepping back to lean once more against the sink counter. His hands gripped her ass tightly, keeping her safely curled around him. It felt so good to be surrounded by her – it was something he had dreamt about for years now – and he wasn’t wasting any time. He’d wanted her for far too long.

He stumbled forward, one hand grasping onto her and the other feeling blindly for the doorway. Their kiss continued on in a rough sort of way, deep and passionate and filled with desire that had been locked away until this moment. She didn’t even realize that he was walking to the bedroom until they had gotten there, and she was falling onto the mattress, sultry eyes locked to his figure as he pulled his clothes from his body.

When he crawled back up her lithe figure, he pressed his lips to every bit of revealed skin that he could. His fingers tugged off her panties just as his tongue curled around her hip bone. He could hear her breath, lightly panting, and it was making him crazy with want. He kissed around her belly button and up the valley of her breasts, undoing her bra as he went. When he reached her lips, she was staring at him with such power that he lost it. He buried himself within her, not bothering to wait, and watched in blissful satisfaction as she arched her back – body coming off of the mattress – and moaned his name.

After that, it was pure pleasure. She gripped onto his shoulders as he pounded into her. He growled in her ear, pushed himself ever deeper, and ravished her as no other man had. Her nails dragged up his back and he grunted at the thrilling feeling. Her little moans caused his movements to go faster, until their hips were snapping fitfully against each other in a crazy, unthinking fashion.

“! Mmh! Genma...!”

His arms slid beneath her legs and he raised them up, throwing them onto his shoulders and quickly changing positions. She nearly lost it when he began ramming into her that way, because she could feel so much more of him. She threw her head back and screamed, breasts heaving as he moved their bodies. His hands gripped her thighs, pushing his manhood so deep that he saw stars, and in that moment he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from coming.

When he looked down at her, he realized that it was a mutual feeling. Their eyes locked together, the connection buzzed with acceptance and excitement, and with one last, deep thrust, they came together.

His name filled the room as she yelled it, pulling him close to her as his seed shot through her. Her back arched off the mattress and she felt herself explode, jerking against him as orgasm after orgasm rushed past her. The world around them was a shifting, incomprehensible mess.

As they followed each other down to the mattress, Sorano could feel nothing except complete happiness. The ache of her shoulder, once so strong, had dulled to a point of numbness.



  1. I think it would be incredible to have a baby daddy moment between them. My god this was HOT!

  2. Hmm. I never really thought of Genma as a character to have a crush on.. xD To be honest I had to wiki him to remember who he was.. But you have changed that.. x3

    Mez wants more;)

  3. I wouldn't mind getting ravished by him-