Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Germany Lemon -- Stinging Fantasies

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Viktoria Kirkland, chin length red hair and emerald eyes

Inspiration: :D

Someone really should have warned her. When Viktoria wandered into Germany’s bedroom, she didn’t expect to uncover such intimate objects. That wasn’t to say that it disgusted her in any means. (She had her share of said objects as well, you see.)
“Hmm,” she muttered, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and smirking, “I wonder who Ludwig uses these on...?”

She couldn’t think of any instance where Germany was all that sociable. The thought of him hooking up with some random woman was rather laughable. It just wasn’t his style. Perhaps it was just the girlfriend in her, but Viktoria couldn’t imagine her lover to be that low, and that left her at the only other option. Germany must pleasure himself late at night, of course! (And he can’t possibly use all these objects on his own, so he must be waiting for someone else to help him control them.) Well, Viktoria coul
dn’t think of a better person other than herself. The thought made her mouth water.

It was late, and Prussia was at the bar drowning himself with beer. Which left Ludwig and her plenty of time to try out some of these fun, insightful objects. Brandishing a whip, Viktoria grinned and slid from the room.

She knew her boyfriend was probably in the kitchen cleaning, so she went right downstairs. With each step she took, she loosened some of the clothes, until her shirt was only just hanging by the tiny straps, and her shorts were quite low upon her hips. She grew more and more confident as she neared the kitchen.

Ludwig was there, but he did not notice her when she walked in. He was leaning over the smooth counters, diligently rubbing away anything that looked the least bit unsanitary. Under any normal situation, Viktoria would have stopped to admire his adamance. But she was needy, and already turned on from the nature of her thoughts. The whip came down to smack his ass.

Germany jumped up in shock, eyes wide as he turned to look behind him. His cheeks blazed red when he saw the whip in his lover’s grasp. She grinned mischievously at his embarrassment.

“W-where did you get that?” came his heavily accented voice, afraid of the obvious answer. Viktoria was already well aware that he knew, but she decided to draw his discomfort out.

She walked up to him, replacing the whip with her hand as she felt up his backside. Her fingers then dawdled up his spine. Upon feeling him shiver at the touch, she pulled away and shrugged, “I figured you’d want help breaking it in,” she flashed a smirk, “Along with a few of your...more intimate toys.” He gulped.

It was rather easy to seduce Ludwig. He watched as she drew ever nearer, running her hands up and down his chest. It was clear that her touch was turning him on: he was shifting diligently and his face was getting redder and redder. His belt was pulled off quickly, without wasting time. Viktoria needed him as soon as possible, and so she hurried her pace until the entirety of his pants lay at his feet. Now clad only in his boxers, Ludwig reached out to pull her closer.

She reveled in the feeling of their chests pressed together. Running her fingers through his hair, she mussed his appearance and nearly melted at the sight of him hovering over her, so casually. His blush had diminished slightly, and he was standing rather proudly as he watched her expression turn to one of need.

His hands ran over her sides; his breath wavered over her lips, making her want his kiss more than ever. Seducing her was equally as easy, he thought, and pulled her into the tiniest, most desirous kiss he could enforce.

Apparently, she wasn’t in the mood for teasing...or foreplay at all, for that matter. Her fingers gripped the edge of his boxers, drawing him closer as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his hard on pushing against her and it was making her wild with emotion. He got momentarily lost in the deep desires twirling in her emerald eyes.

“Kiss me,” she whispered to him, fingers brushing down his cheek to the base of his neck. He stared at her for another long moment before suddenly acquiescing, molding his lips to hers in a single scorching kiss that summed up everything he was feeling.
She moaned against his needy mouth and kissed back fervently. Her tongue raced along his lip, tasting his irresistible taste. It wasn’t long before a battle broke out between them, and she could feel Germany winning.

His strong hands were running all over her as their kiss grew more and more intense. He wanted to touch her skin – wanted to feel her breasts in his grasp and take her for his own. Dipping against every curve of her body, Ludwig pushed her against the counter. Their lower bodies ground against one another, enforcing deep gasps to escape her mouth, only to be muffled by their hot kiss.

She shirt fell away and Ludwig was surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He lips formed a smirk as he opened his eyes. She was already staring at him, a challenge residing deep within her green orbs. He took the dare, throwing down his boxers and tugging her shorts away.

When he entered her, she saw stars dance around her eyes. His power shocked her – his raw manliness, dominating her in such a hungry way made her loose all sight of the real world. He forced her down into blackness. Every kiss and nip to her skin made her moan for him; every hard thrust made her gasp. It was all too much, these emotions that he was pushing onto her, but she remained hanging on the edge of reason as he continued to ram into her again and again and again...

“L-Lud-Ludwig...Ludwig! Mmmmmhhm...” His hands dug into her hips and he pushed his aching manhood farther into her than he’d gone before. Her reaction was immediate and made him want to come, for she looked so beautiful as she arched her back and screamed his name. Her breasts pushed against him and her nails clawed at his back and her legs tightened around his waist...and then everything was pausing, only to suddenly speed up in a flurried, frenzied moment as they came together.

He buried his head into her neck as he moaned, jerking wildly into her as she milked him clean. His seed shot into her, curling warmly around her innermost walls as her fluids danced with his...and then it was over, and they were tumbling back into reality.

Their gasps and pants slowly eased back into normal. Drawing back slightly, Ludwig gazed down at her through clouded eyes. He wanted to tell her that she was amazing – that no other woman could make him feel so good – but the sight of her closing, exhausted eyes made him stop. He drew out of her and lifted her up into his arms, feeling her wrap herself around him as he carried her back upstairs to his bedroom.

Tucking her into his bed, Ludwig could think of no better way to spend the night. He turned to press a delicate kiss to her forehead, and four words drifted from his parted lips. “Guten nacht, mein liebe."



  1. AHH!! I Love it! Thank you so much! I appreciate this dearly! I'm sure you had so much to do but I am soo thrilled! It was wonderful! Thanks!!