Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Itachi Uchiha Baby Daddy -- The Coming Of Clouds

Character: Itachi Uchiha

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Shiori Uchiha, Age 20, ninja for hire

Inspiration: Eh...hard to say. I think it's Itachi's overall smexiness...xD

// Prologue //

The night is dark. The moon does not shine down on the earth, but rather conceals itself behind luminous clouds. The only hint of light is the edgy shimmer of a deadly kunai knife and the mirrored sharpness of a single gaze.

A ninja shoots across the undergrowth, silent as a predator hunting its prey. In a way, she is a predator, and she is hunting prey. No emotion shows in her eyes nor her movements. There is only one reason for her coming, and it has to do with money, blood, and power.

She knows what she has to do, for she’s done it before many times. Killing is second nature to her – it is a way of life that every ninja must embrace. She had embraced it long ago, and still embraces it now.

She slips her hand into her pocket and pulls out another kunai knife, similar to the one she held in her other grasp. She grips it firmly and continues on, passing trees and bushes as she runs across the ground. The only sound she makes in the near silent heave of breath as it passes between parted lips.

She’s close. She can taste the energy of the ninja she chases. She can sense that they passed by the same trees and the same bushes not long before. She grips her knives tighter, feeling her heart pump in excitement. This is what she is born to do: the chase, the fight, and the killing. It is like breathing to her.

It isn’t long before she stops, huddled behind a tree as she closes her eyes. She doesn’t need her sight, and it is too dark now to use it anyway. Her palms start to sweat and she wipes them against her pants. She isn’t scared, but rather overcome by the tense reality of the fight to come.

It seems that the reputation of the two ninja she tracks proceeds them, for she doesn’t stay hidden for long. A knife whizzes past her cheek, and she only has a mere second to dodge before it blasts into a tree and practically takes it to the ground. Her eyes slide open, and in a moment of exhilaration, she throws herself from the tree and into its branches. Her kunai fly from her fingers and land in the places that, a moment before, had been occupied by the two powerful ninja.

For a moment, she just stands there, unmoving. Her heart thrums loudly against her chest and she is taken by the sound in her ears. Fortunately, she doesn’t miss the sound of her enemy. A rustle of leaves, and she is alert, facing a man who emerges from the thick forest.

He steps lightly, gingerly, into the clearing. He is a strange looking ninja, but the blueish tint of his skin doesn’t surprise her. He is well known and she is up to date on the S-Ranked list. He is Kisame Hoshigaki of the Mist Village, carrier of one of the Seven Swords, murderer and killer. It is a good thing that she is a murderer and killer herself. The match is even.

The other one doesn’t step forward. The Uchiha that she also hunts remains hidden in the undergrowth, watchful of the imminent fight. The match is uneven with him, but as long as he stays in the trees, she is safe.

Unfortunately, the fight is short. Her enemy unsheathes his sword and she readies her knives. They go at each other in a calculated manner. He blocks her knives as they are thrown at him and she, in turn, dodges his sword. She manages to use fire against him in a typical Uchiha jutsu. The flames swell and leave her mouth in powerful swirls. He dodges, allowing his sword to take most of the impact. She tries again.

Her fire takes much of her energy, so she soon resorts to other methods of destruction. As his sword comes at her again, she tips herself over in a spin and lands on the ground. Kneeling, her fingers slid into a familiar position. Her eyes slip closed as her enemy comes at her once more. He is unsure of what she is doing, or of how she is doing it.

When she opens her eyes, her orbs glow crimson. His reaction to her chakra is sudden but not very shocking. Her Sharingan stares at him like death.

He hasn’t seen such eyes in anyone other than his partner and the Copy-Cat ninja of the Leaf Village. His feet skid to a stop and he stares at her with wide, surprised eyes. She slowly stands up, proud and tall, and moves her gaze to the trees. She has a feeling that Kisame won’t be bothering her now. She has a new enemy.

But apparently, the lone Uchiha doesn’t agree. She doesn’t hear or see him come up to her until it is too late. A shocked noise leaves her lips as her knees make contact with the ground. A cold hand grips the back of her neck, squeezing harshly in a way that has her gasping for breath.

Her new opponent makes no sound. He is a silent killer; a sneaking predator, and she knows that he will give her no mercy. In a way, she doesn’t care. She is happy to have finally contacted one of the last living ninja of her clan. If she dies now, she will have lived.

But he doesn’t kill her. His frigid breath wavers over her ear as he leans forward. She imagines what his eyes look like. They are probably flashing dangerously. For some reason, she likes the picture that her mind conjures.

“Another...?” both Uchiha jerk up to stare at Kisame, who is glaring roughly at her. He is still in shock; still standing there as though his body doesn’t know what to do. Her mouth curves up into a sardonic grin, and he seems to loose it. He growls, snarls, and suddenly walks toward them with death gleaming in his eye. He wants to kill her.

But to her surprise, the man behind her – still clutching at her neck – doesn’t allow him to come any closer. “Kisame.” His voice is flat and cold, and holds a strange sort of edge to it that sends chills racing through her. It is a different combination of chills; ones that are absolutely freezing, and yet utterly hot. They scorch across her spine and gather within the place that her heart should lay. She likes to think that its still there, somewhere, but then she reminds herself that she is a murderer, and therefore has no heart.

She has almost forgotten about Itachi Uchiha, but he reminds her of his presence when he continues to speak. “Go, complete our mission. I will stay here and take care of this scum.”

She is surprised that he doesn’t just kill her now, but no trace of emotion shows on her face. She stares coldly at the shark like ninja and watches as his lips contort into a snarl. Angrily, he twists around, boots scuffing the dirt. He is gone a moment later.

And now, she is faced with the killer, alone.

// How It Happened //

The fire crackles warmly at them as they stare at each other. Her, with a callous, ‘bite me’ sort of expression. Him, a brooding look. He doesn’t seem moved by her, and she tries not to feel moved by him. It is rather difficult not to, however, for this is Itachi Uchiha, the last of her clan, and the reason she was alone.

In a sick, twisted sort of way, she admired him. Perhaps it is the cold, daunting look in his eyes – a stoic nature that takes anyone else decades to perfect. Perhaps it is the unyielding power that sizzles around him, nearly tangible on her tongue. Regardless, she is put in her place, submissive, and for once she doesn’t mind.

Neither speak. They seem to be sharing a silent conversation through the connection of their eyes. He is trying to figure her out, possibly going over the night he slaughtered his clan and wondering how she had survived. She is resisting in the only way she can: by locking her emotions as deep as she could and not giving him the answers he sought.

The silence is shattering around them like glass. Every second is sweet torture, waning on the edge of furious danger as she refuses to succumb. Still, he does not show his annoyance, though it is plausible in the air around them. She waits for him to snap, but he never does.

“Come here.” The order is issued from his silken tongue, drawled slowly and coldly. She does not move. “Come here.” This time, she acquiesces.

When she crosses the fire, she feels like she had stepped into another world. Flames lick at his features, accentuating the strong curve of his jaw and illuminating his coal hair. But what draws her undeniably in is the spark of his obsidian eyes, narrow and focused on hers. It is the only sign of emotion she can detect.

When he doesn’t say anything more, she is confused. She kneels on the ground, wrists bound together with a thick cord, and waits. Her chin is set defiantly up and her eyes are narrowed like his. She isn’t afraid of him or what he can do. She knows his powers just as much as he does.

Perhaps her knowledge his what prompts him into his next move, or perhaps it is the realization of what she is – an Uchiha, like him – that forces him forward. Whatever the case, she soon finds herself less than a foot away from his face.

Up close, his features are alarmingly beautiful. His eyes are so deep that she can almost see her reflection within them. She can count each individual eyelash as they curve over his lids; feel the warmth of his breath as it wavers over her mouth; taste the sweetness on the air as his essence envelopes her.

She leans forward, eyes staring soulfully into his, and is unsure as to why she kisses him. She thinks it has to do with the fact that he is the last Uchiha, and that he is handsome, and deadly. She finds herself attracted to danger.

His kiss is cold, contrary to the warmth of his lips. He is frozen beside her, staring emotionlessly as she steals his mouth. He doesn’t appear to be moved by her actions, but as she continues to meet his gaze, she swears that she sees a flicker of lust deep within those infinite black pools.

She pushes him backwards, bound hands curving over the slope of his chest, and is surprised when he accepts the movement. When his back is pressed to the ground, she hovers above him and breaks the kiss. She stares at him in a brooding sort of way, as though trying to figure out why he is allowing her such freedom, but he merely smirks a tiny, ghost-like smile and grips the back of her neck.

He will kill me, is all she can think as she feels his cold fingers grasp her skin. But she is caught off guard when, instead of tearing her head off, he forces it back to his. Their lips meet again, but this time he kisses her. Fire sparks between the connection and she is shocked.

His hands tangles themselves into her lush dark brown hair. She arches into him, allowing her weight to crush him into the ground. He doesn’t complain, but rather appears to embrace it as his free arm tug her closer. The heat that is exchanged between their bodies make up for the chillness of his hands.

No words are spoken as clothes become loose. Everything seems to fade away: the warmth of the fire, the night sky above them, the distant sound of crickets chirping to the moon. It is just him and her, murderers making love atop the world.

// How You Told Him //

It is midday, and the colors of the forest shine boldly at Shiori Uchiha as she races past. Though she is going insanely fast, she can still detect them – the greens and yellows of the leaves as they begin to change into reds and oranges. She breaths in the crisp, fresh air.

It isn’t uncommon for her to come around to this forest. The small cottage located deep within the twisted maze of illusions is where she calls home. It is a part of her; a piece of her heart that she always returns to; a place where she can be herself and not worry about being found out.

When she approaches the cottage, she is aware of another presence nearby. It is a presence that she has grown fairly used to during the past few months: a dangerous, twisted sort of darkness that she is undeniably attracted to. Itachi Uchiha, when she comes up to the house, is leaning against the threshold and looking particularly stoic.

The shine of his gradient eyes send shivers racing through her. When she looks closer, she can detect the hardly noticeable tinge of emotion dwelling deeply inside. There is a strange kind of energy radiating from him, filled with knowledge and confusion. When he locks eyes with her, the confusion dissipates and all that is left is knowledge. It is then that she realizes that he knows about her well-kept secret, found out only weeks prior.

Shiori hadn’t thought about how to tell him. She is nervous, and feels more like a human just by said emotions running through her. A callous look boldly covers her features, but she knows it is too late. Itachi is already aware, though how he knows she is unsure.

“Itachi,” is all she says, steeling her voice as though she thinks he will be angry with her. But it is not only her burden to bare – she wasn’t the one who got herself pregnant – and he must pay the consequences whether he likes it or not. She keeps repeating those words in her head, uncertainty tiding over her expression.

When she goes to pass him, he grips her arm. She is frozen in place, both by the strength of his hand and by the apprehension in every single pore of her body. He stares at her, searching for something far into the reaches of her eyes. After a moment, he seems to find it – the strong unwillingness to let him go; the guilt and fright that comes with raising a child alone – and he quickly smashes those feelings into the dirt with a single, scorching kiss.

The kiss is a myriad of promises, and is coupled with a love that she hasn’t ever been faced with. But she knows, just as he knew about the child, that he is true to his feelings. She quickly sinks into his mouth, savoring the pledge within every movement.

“Itachi,” she whispers, and this time, it is reserved and rested.

// Epilogue //

The sun filters through the trees in a lazy sort of fashion, tickling over Shiori’s skin as she walks through tall, swaying grasses. She would run, but she has two very special people to take care of.

In her arms, wrapped snugly in a cocoon of blankets, lay a little girl just two years old. She is sleeping peacefully as she rests against her mother’s chest. Beside Shiori walks a small boy, three years older than his younger sister. He is bouncing up and down with enthusiasm, eyes darting to and fro across the undergrowth. Small noises pushed past his lips as he jumped around, playing ninja and only just keeping up with his mother.

“Momma?” he suddenly asks, appearing before her and looking up at her with wide, innocent eyes. Shiori feels a smile spreading over her face at the sight of his expression. She smiles lovingly down at him and he continues, “When are we gonna get there? Daddy’s gonna be there too, right? He’s not gonna bring that weird blue-guy, is he?” More questions sprout from his lips, and they keep walking.

She softly tells him that yes, they’ll be there soon – she can see the lodge from where she stands – and yes, Daddy will be there when they get there, and no, Daddy won’t bring the weird blue-guy this time. His hand comes up to rest in hers as they approach the cottage, and he grips her in excitement. Raijin has been waiting to see his father for months now.

Shiori heaved her luggage higher onto her hip, trying not to disturb the sleeping child in her arms. This was not the first time they were relocating to another home – the uncertainty of where they were living comes with being married to an S-Ranked criminal. Luckily, Shiori is undyingly patient when it comes to her husband and is only a little aggravated that their old house had been so thoroughly destroyed. She can see the new home now, though, and is happy with what is looks like.

There is a rustle of movement by the door. When Itachi walks out, Raijin lets out a loud, happy yell and rushes toward him, throwing his arms tightly around his father. Itachi chuckles and lifts him up, whispering something to him as he stares lovingly into his son’s eyes. After Raijin is put back down, Itachi turns his eyes to her.

She cannot explain how happy she is to be in his embrace once again. The baby wakes up when he brings her close, but little Ren seems to know that her father is near and remains content. Shiori wraps her only free arm around her husband’s neck and he brings her close for a soft kiss.

When he draws back, he doesn’t break the silence. He merely stares at her with those deep black eyes, brimming with an emotion directed only at her. She reaches down to lace her fingers with his and murmurs a nearly silent, “I missed you so much.”

From the look in his gaze, the sentiment is perfectly mutual.



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