Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Kyoya Ootori Lemon -- Christmas Wishes

Character: Kyoya Ootori

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club

OC: Miyume Takano, black hair, emerald eyes

Inspiration: Decorating the Christmas Tree

hristmas music drifted invitingly throughout the house. Snow was falling lightly outside, and every flake seemed starch white against the evening sky. The sun was just peering over the horizon, getting ready to set for the night.

It was a rather relaxing atmosphere, especially for Miyume. She wasn’t altogether used to having good Christmases. In the past, most of them were more hectic than she might have liked, and never merited good memories. That was why she’d been pleasantly surprised when her boyfriend had asked her to come over his house to help decorate. Perhaps this Christmas would be good enough to remember.

“Kyoya? Are we using all the ornaments? You certainly have a lot...” She peered into one of the many boxes that he’d brought down from some closet and picked up a few delicate glass globes. They were all so beautiful, and somehow, sent welcoming glints of light at her.

Kyoya glanced at her from the tree. His sleeves were rolled up over his sweater and he looked positively amazing. His hair hung in disheveled strands, which he pushed back. His glasses were slightly skewed on his nose. “We’ll see.” He didn’t say anything more, but Miyume didn’t mind. Soon, they’d started decorating the tree.

It took them about an hour to finish, but it was worth the time. As they sat on the couch and looked up at their handiwork, Miyume realized that this Christmas tree, though slightly smaller, was more beautiful than any she’d seen at her own home.

She snuggled into Kyoya’s shoulder as she stared at the twinkling lights. The sun had finally disappeared behind the horizon, and night was quickly settling in. She turned her head to look up at her lover, curiosity burning in her gaze, “...What do you want for Christmas?”

He looked at her for a long moment, and she was overcome by the emotion swirling around inside his coal black eyes. Was it just the light, or did he look utterly amazing right now? She felt her heart begin to thud against her chest and her breath begin to shorten.

Apparently, Kyoya seemed to have the same thoughts as she, because he didn’t respond with words. Instead, he answered her by pressing his lips against hers in a heated, sudden kiss.

She immediately kissed back, reaching up to tangle her fingers in his smooth hair. Her body was reacting to his in a way she’d never felt before, and it sent delightful little shivers to race up and down her spine.

It wasn’t as though he needed to reaffirm his desires, but Kyoya did anyway, pulling back to whisper the one word that seemed to push her over the edge completely. “You.” And then he proceeded to push his lips back to hers and made her forget where they were, or who they were, or what they’d been doing before they’d begun kissing.

After another long moment, Kyoya once again interrupted their kiss, but this time, it was for good reason. He ushered her up and hooked an arm under her knees, drawing her against him and beginning to make his way deeper into the house.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where he was headed. Miyume felt excitement bubble in her chest. She pressed soft kisses to his jaw, delighting in the shiver that he gave in response, and began to move her lips to his neck and collar. She felt him walk a little faster.

By the time he reached his bedroom, Miyume was already peeling off her shirt. He watched her for a moment, eyes drinking in her form, and then walked toward her. His hands an down her sides, pressing here and there and making her desire for him grow with every touch. He pulled her into another kiss, this one all the more heated as he tugged away clothes.

“Mmm...Kyoya, close the door,” she told him, breaking the kiss. He almost didn’t want to leave her. She was so warm and desirable. Her eyes were brimming with want, her body reacting to her every emotion, and Kyoya had to force himself to walk the few steps to reach his door.

When he next turned around, Miyume wasn’t in the same spot she’d been before, but was now walking toward his large bed. When she sat on the edge of it, naked except for her pants, Kyoya thought he might die. She looked perfect, sitting there, like a gift just for him.

He crossed the room in a few quick strides and pushed her back onto the mattress. He towered over her in a way that quelled her into submission.

When he drew her into another kiss, Miyume lost herself completely. She kissed back fervently, roving his bare chest with her hands and stroking every bit of skin she could. He growled in her mouth as she neared his boxers, but didn’t stop her from pulling the clothe away. It fell over the bed to join the rest, and Kyoya pulled back to untangle her own remaining clothes from her.

After one scorching look, Kyoya couldn’t stop himself from covering her body with his. Skin to skin contact felt amazing – more than amazing, in fact. Her breasts pushed against his chest, her legs wound around his waist – the air was filled with desire and apprehension, melding into one as they stared daringly into one another’s eyes...

And then the moment ended, and Kyoya was pushing himself into her and taking her for everything she was worth and more. She hissed, clawed up his back, arched into him, and then suddenly fell silent as she got used to him. He pulled back to find out why she had, but then saw the look in her eyes and automatically knew.

It took no words to describe what she was feeling, because the bond that was quickly forming between them said it all. He moved within her and she gasped, drawing breath deeply within her lungs as she felt his tip scorch through her.

One more glance was all it took to tell him to pick up his pace. He held her hips tightly, leaning over her as he rammed himself deep inside her. His lips fluttered little kisses down her cheek and over her jaw, as though reassuring her of his love. He needed not to, for she could feel said emotion emanating from him in a way that shocked her even more.

She moaned for him, pressed herself to him, let him have everything she had. Her hips moved with his, meeting with his own powerful thrusts as he dug deeper and deeper into her. Her arms stayed wrapped around his neck. She couldn’t ever let go – not now, when he was quickly bringing her to the edge of everything she thought she knew. He stripped her world of all things familiar, only to replace them with things infinitely more valuable.

And then – just as they were riding at the very edge of it – Kyoya thrust deeper than before. He hit a place within her that made her world stop. She could feel her breath leaving her, and, as though in slow motion, his name was dragged from her lips and her head was tossed back into the pillows. She felt the heat that had built up within her lower half break loose and tumble away like a wave, rushing over her and slowing her world down even more.

And then, all too quickly, it was over. Kyoya found solace beside her, pulling her close to him as he sighed deeply, contentedly into her ear. He needn’t have said anything, for all his feelings were apparent in the way he looked at her, but he opened his mouth to whisper anyway. “What do you want for Christmas?”

She felt a smile slowly spread across her face at his question. Palming his cheek, Miyume leaned in to kiss him gingerly on the mouth. “I think I already have it.” He could only smile in return.



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