Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Lavi Lemon -- The Naughty List

Character: Lavi

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Rima Hinamori, has hair just like Kanda’s

Inspiration: Naughty List

When Rima exited her shower – the one attached to her personal bedroom – the last thing she expected to see was her boyfriend sitting on her bed, looking quite at home as he waited for her.

Had she expected him, she might’ve donned some actual clothes, rather than simply throwing her towel about her naked form. She might’ve actually dried herself off, too. Unfortunately, Lavi was fairly elusive and came and went as he pleased.

“...What are you doing here?” she tried to keep the annoyance out of her voice and, feeling rather shameless – it was her bedroom! She could wear whatever she wanted in it – she didn’t bother going back into the bathroom to change into something other than a towel.

Lavi very much enjoyed the sight of her. He smiled an impish sort of smile and shrugged, looking far too innocent as he regarded her. He lifted up a bit of paper and said, “I’ve made a list.”

The contents of this list would no doubt be informed to her, whether she liked it or not. So rather than asking what he was talking about, Rima began digging around in her drawers, trying to locate her ever disappearing pajamas. Just as she suspected, Lavi’s voice soon wondered, “Aren’t you gonna ask what the list is about?”

She stood up to look at him, her expression dry with irony, “I was just going to let you tell me, actually.” She had noticed the sly tone of his voice, thank you very much, and had a feeling that his next words would be of a mischievous nature.

Lavi grinned insidiously and cleared his throat. He seemed to have memorized the text before him, for his eyes were kept locked onto her as she finally found her pajama bottoms. She started searching for a cami to wear with them and nearly missed his recited words.

“It’s a naughty list. That way, Santa can decide if you’ve been naughty or nice,” his eyes twinkled merrily.

Ah. She had a feeling it would be something like that. Rolling her eyes, Rima made sure her towel was securely around her chest before pulling open another drawer. Where was that shirt?!

“As it turns out,” Lavi smirked, resting his chin on one hand, “you’ve been particularly naughty this year. You’re attitude can really get you in trouble sometimes. First of all, if I recall – and I never really forget, of course – earlier this year you were having a bad day and took it out on Jerry after you ordered the wrong food.” He counted on his fingers, “And then there was the time when you yelled at poor little Allen when he beat you in training. Haha! Oh, and you hit Komui a number of times, and – “

“Lavi.” The threat in her voice made him smirk wider, as though he had planned for her to get angry. Indeed, he probably had, and that thought made her even more furious. “What are you trying to say?”

He shrugged again, but didn’t try to look innocent this time. The manipulative nature of his eyes screamed at her, showing his intentions clearly. He didn’t even have to say anything, for she knew exactly what was coming. Even so, he slowly drawled, “Wellll...I was going to offer you a way to redeem yourself.”

She stared at him, eyebrows raised in disbelief. Here he was, telling her to redeem herself? She narrowed her eyes at him in mock outrage – because, even though she was a little annoyed at him, she couldn’t deny that she liked where this was going – and began walking toward his figure. “I could list a bunch of bad things you’ve done, too,” she told him, mouth pulling up in a smirk.

He grinned and reached up to fiddle with the edge of her towel. Eyes locking with hers, he murmured, “Well, we could redeem ourselves together, then.”

Damn. She could never stay angry with him. Their lips connected just as he pulled on her towel. The coarse material fell at her feet, and she found herself pushing her lover onto his back as she crawled up his form. It was time for a little justice...

A moan was dragged from his lips as her nails clawed down his chest. The fabric was in her way, however, and so she made quick work of it as she tore it aside. Finally feeling his skin on hers, Rima smirked and leaned down to caress the newly revealed flesh with her lips.

His hands slid up her hips and secured her in place, pulling her form flush against his as he watched her kiss up his chest. Her fingers brushed over his taut nipples, scaled over his firm abs. Her mouth followed, pressing wet little kisses over him and sometimes – he flinched – she blew on the wet skin.

She was nothing short of a seductress, hovering over him like that. Though he hated to admit it, all of his emotions were held exclusively in her hands. He entered her room as a manipulator, only to find all his power taken away. As he felt her hands run down to his pants, he decided her didn’t mind...much.

Her room was bathed in dim lighting, and it cast lovely shadows over the planes of her face. The rest of her body screamed out to him. The firmness of her breasts, the long, smooth legs straddling him...he gulped, throwing his head back as the zipper of his pants was jerked down and his manhood plundered.

His hardness felt smooth beneath her fingers. Drawing him completely from his pants, Rima prided herself with his submission. It wasn’t every day that Lavi gave up his dominance, and she goaded him from above, teasingly brushing her fingers up and down his manhood...watching as he quickly lost sight of everything he knew.

“Agg...ghhh,” his head was tossed down into the pillows. One hand, clutching tightly to her hips, left marks in her skin. The other hand firmly grasped the sheets around him. Said grasp tightened with every slow stroke that was made.

Something in him must have snapped as soon as their eyes locked, because Rima soon found herself lying flat on her back as he growled over her. Her arms were latched above her head, hands bound in his. His chest, brushing just over her full breasts, barely gave her much desired friction.

He leaned down to nip at her neck, capturing a bit of flesh and rolling it around in his teeth. Her breathless moan gave him insight into his revenge, and he felt himself smirk. Rolling his hips into hers, he watched as she struggled with the control he had only just discovered.

He purred, nuzzling her cheek with his nose. Another roll of his hips sent her babbling his name – or pieces of it, anyway. Taking pleasure in the way she panted beneath him, Lavi murmured, “You’ve been so naughty~”

His words made a strangled sort of groan escape her throat. Her clouded eyes slid open to look at him, and he was vaguely surprised – and very turned on – at the plead within her shining blue eyes. It was time, he told himself.

His pants were still latched around his hips, but he didn’t want to waste time wrestling them off. They were both ready for each other, anyway. Trailing hot kisses down her jaw, Lavi bite down on her tender flesh as he entered her swiftly. The sensations of pain and pleasure mingled together dulled every other emotion.

Rima arched her back as he took her. She was only slightly surprised at his brash actions, but couldn’t find the will to complain. His roughness was quickly making her loose her mind. It was a good sort of insanity.

“L-L-Lavi!” She was holding on for dear life, arms secured tightly around his neck as he thrust deeply into her. She could feel him pushing against her inner walls – his tip, scourging through areas that had, before, remained untouched – and could feel the sensation of release coil within her abdomen.

It didn’t take long for said release to take a hold over them. He felt himself pulsate, and he rocked harder and faster into her. Feeling the imminent bliss washing over her as her orgasm rushed through her, Rima arched her back and let out a moan that drove Lavi over the edge.

He grunted, snarled in her ear as he came. It was a long, drawn out moment that neither wanted to end. She felt a heat like no other take hold of her body, and knew it was over. Smoothly brushing her hands over his back, she carried him down to nestle against her chest.

“Mmmm.” He sighed in contentment, wrapping strong arms around her as he closed his eyes. He felt her gently run her fingers through her hair, and the desire for sleep suddenly thudded happily in his mind.

He was going to tell her how much he loved her – the words were on the edge of his lips, ready to be spilt any moment now – but said sleep took a hold of him before he could, and he quickly lost his train of thought. Rima smiled and chuckled lightly, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. He needn’t have said anything, because the sentiment was apparent in his every action. Still...

“I love you too,” she told him, though she knew he couldn’t hear. That was, perhaps, the only reason she said it aloud at all.



  1. ....You are very talented indeed.... Your writing style in very nice, and I just really like allthe ones I've read so far~ ^-^ *Slow Clap Of Excellence~* ~<33