Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Lithuania Lemon -- Burning Bridges

Character: Lithuania

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Jane Piper, black hair, blue eyes

Inspiration: Can’t just happened xD

Jane Piper was a plain girl. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, nor was she talented in things that other female countries were. If there was one thing she could do, it was cook and clean and make people happy. To Lithuania, that was much better than being astoundingly pretty. Her smile lit up the room; her eyes shone with happiness; and she seemed to make all the fear in Russia’s house simply disappear, as though it wasn’t even there to begin with.

Jane wiped her hands on her apron, humming along to the stereo that sprouted Christmas tunes. She wasn’t a particularly good singer, but Lithuania – from his place on a nearby chair – thought she looked and sounded beautiful.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. (He couldn’t usually, but it was different this time, as though the Christmas season had somehow made her positively brilliant.) Her hair was tied up in a bun, but a few strands lingered around her face, and seemed to accentuate her high cheekbones and full, pleasing mouth. Her eyes were focused diligently on her hands, which were kneading a ball of cookie dough.

He didn’t know what it was, but Lithuania felt rather...bold this evening, like he was ready to take on the world, and with it, her. He felt his body scream at him to get up, walk to her, and point out that there was a sprig of mistletoe hanging just above her head. She did notice it, didn’t she? He certainly had, and it was creating flurries of images to wander within his head.

He sat a few more minutes, watching her lithe fingers move, her lips sing, her eyes twinkle. And then, when he thought he might not be able to take it any longer, he stood up, flaring with determination. He was going to walk over to her, grasp her arms and pull her close, and tell her how he felt about her. If words failed him, he’d show her.

But he hadn’t thought of what might happen if both words and actions failed him. When he did get to her curiously waiting form, and he did reach out to take her arms, something inside of him stopped. His courage, his impatience, his determination all collapsed, and he found himself staring into her bright blue eyes, at a sudden loss for words.

The only sound around them was the tinkling Christmas music that wavered through the air. She stared up at him in curiosity, as though unsure of what he wanted. But when he looked closer into her eyes, there was something there that screamed out at him – a strange desire floating within crystalline depths. He paused, eyes never straying from hers, and decided to sweep her off her feet with a few witty remarks. Unfortunately, he began to stutter, instead. “I-I-I...erm, th-there’s m-m-mis...mistle....”

She cut him off with a gentle laugh and glanced up. His cheeks flared as she looked at the mistletoe. She didn’t want him to kiss her. He should just go back to reading...go back to where it was safe – “I know, silly.” His breath caught in his throat and he strained to listen to her soft voice over the pounding of his heart. “I’ve been waiting for you to make a move for the last two hours.” She giggled, blushing delicately.

Toris wasn’t quite sure what to think about that. His cheeks flared red, and his heart began to hammer ever louder within his chest. Her lips looked so inviting...he found himself leaning in. She wanted him to kiss her, right? If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have said that...

Jane quickly pressed her mouth against his, catching him by surprise. His lips were smooth and warm, and she sunk into it as her hands came to touch his neck. Her fingers gently stroked his hair, amazed at the softness of the strands. In fact, she was amazed at everything – from the gentle way his lips moved against hers to the even gentler way his arms curled about her waist.

Her heart was beating eccentrically against her chest, threatening to burst with every sweet return of emotion. She had waited long over two hours for him. She’d wanted this for years now, but had always considered herself too shy. Now that she had finally achieved what she long desired, other needs began to surface, until she had forgotten about Toris’ own shy nature.

Indeed, when he felt her push him to the counter edge – when he felt her hands run down his body – he was overcome by a myriad of emotions and desires of his own. He was shocked at her audacity, but even more surprised at the boldness that overtook his own actions as he hungrily kissed her mouth and pulled her body flush against his. When he’d gotten out of his chair to inform her of the mistletoe, he hadn’t imagined it would lead him into his situation, but now he was positively flying with happiness.

She seemed to be the dominant one as she pressed herself against him, enforcing cravings within him that he didn’t think he possessed. He backed her up, feet tangling with one another and very nearly falling to the floor. In a rush of movement, however, his arms caught her and his face loomed suddenly before hers.

They stared at each other for another moment, searching each others eyes...and then, as though in accordance, they both nodded and stood, abandoning the kitchen and fleeing toward an inner room to continue where they left off.

The room they fled to happened to be a sitting room. It was dark and unused – the perfect setting to satiate their desires. Jane shut the door quickly and then stepped back up to her soon-to-be lover. Their lips, as though mindlessly attracted to the other, met once more and a new kiss began.

This time, their lips moved with a passion that had been absent in the kitchen. Their arms wove around each other, holding firmly to anything they could grasp as their bodies sent them into the wild, untamed planes of their imagination. They were beyond the point of return now – beyond anything, perhaps – and the only way to get back to reality was to continue on the path they were already on.

When Jane felt herself falling, she realized that they’d steadily been backing up toward the love seat on the other side of the room. Lithuania followed her down, cheeks flushed red as he hovered above her form. The stark emotion dwelling within his eyes gave way to all his needs. It was in that moment that the bridge that had been between them collapsed, only for a new one to be built. This connection, filled with a burning passion, would define their relationship from then on. Neither seemed to mind its intimate nature.

Their lips furiously worked together, securely exhibiting every whimsical emotion that tore through them. Bringing her hands around his hips, Jane clenched onto his clothes as she was brought further down into raw bliss.

When at last he entered her, it was slow and gentle. He hovered above her, arms straining to keep his weight from crushing her, and only the smallest shift of his body on hers kept her grounded to the present. Eyes locking together, he jerked within her and silenced her pleasing moans with a single kiss.

Like the movement of his hips, his mouth was also gentle. The feverish qualms she’d had about being one with him disappeared as he showed her how sweet his lovemaking was. She arched against him as he dove deeper, taking her for all she was worth and giving her everything he had.

“T-Tori-Toris...haa! Oh,” she buried her face into his neck and moaned his name, pressing a tender kiss here and there between the desperate noises that escaped her throat. Her legs curled around his waist, giving him more space in which he might pay attention to.

Indeed, he did. He left no area of skin untouched; no bit of flesh unkissed. All the attention he possessed was given to her in loving caresses. She was everything he wanted and more than he could ever need.

When release finally came, it was just as sweet as the rest of their moments connected. He grunted as he spilt his seed into her, pattering her neck and cheek with soft kisses as she arched and moaned and panted for him.

And then, it was over, and even though the heat that coursed through their veins was still burning within every touch, Jane felt herself come back into reality. But this time, it was a different sort of reality, in which Toris was the center of her world. She made space for him beside her as he came down, and he pulled her into his embrace and sighed in satiation once he was comfortable.

This reality, they were sure, would be more than enough to make them both endlessly happy.