Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Oliver Wood Lemon -- Pallid Morning

Character: Oliver Wood

Fandom: Harry Potter

OC: Jaxon Kitsch, Ravenclaw

Inspiration: Once again, my prompt ran away before I could use it. Hope you like it anyway xD

Oliver Wood hadn’t anticipated waking up to the affectionate kisses of his girlfriend on Christmas morning. She didn’t usually stay in bed to wait for him to wake up. Since she rose fairly early, he’d always find her in the kitchen or living room by the time he’d pull himself out of the warmth of his bed.

Being that it was Christmas morning, however, he guessed that things were a tad different. As he slid his eyes halfway open and smiled in contentment, he decided that it was a rather nice feeling, awaking to your lover’s lips on your skin.

“Mmm...finally awake, I see,” she murmured, drawing back slightly to lock eyes with him. He was a little surprised at the swirling excitement within her lavender orbs, but thought that it looked rather beautiful in the pale morning light. He raised a hand to push back a loose strand of her hair.

After the long night they’d had before, Oliver was surprised that it didn’t take longer for him to wake up, silent alarm clock or not. He dropped his head back onto his pillow and sighed, “I’m still sleepy.”

She chortled to herself at the whine in his voice. He sounded like a five year old, but she still somehow found it attractive. (She guessed it was the fact that, even in the wintertime, Oliver still slept without a shirt.) Her fingers smoothed over his bare chest, stopping just at the region where his heart was. As she felt his pulse beneath her touch, she was suddenly filled with a startlingly strong desire to feel it beat faster.

He must have seen the change of emotion in her eyes, because he raised a brow and wondered, “What?” He might’ve said more, but before he could find the words, she pushed herself over him and captured his lips with hers.

Her action, though sudden, was not unwelcome. Oliver grunted in surprise and slid his hand to the back of her head, not giving up the chance to kiss her back.

He must have been quite sleepy this morning, otherwise it wouldn’t have taken him so long to realize how turned on she was making him in such a small amount of time. His hands slid down her figure, discovering for the first time that morning what she was wearing. She, too, slept with little on during the winter, because they had so many heavy blankets. He was pleasantly surprised to find her silky nightdress short and fairly low cut. How he hadn’t noticed before was beyond him.

He felt her smile against his lips, and she slowly pulled back to whisper, “I didn’t really get you anything for Christmas, so I think I might have to improvise.” Her fingers began to undo the buttons at her bust.

Oliver, not adverse to her plan, felt himself grin. “I think I like that idea.” He watched her slide her nightdress down her shoulders, admiring her bare breasts as they came into view.

When the silly piece of cloth was hanging over the edge of the bed, Oliver moved in. His hands delighted in the smoothness of her skin. His touch ran down her back, over her hips, and venerated her creamy thighs as she straddled him. When his eyes met hers, what he saw within them made him lean up to kiss her.

She arched into him, pressing her body against his and savoring the feel of skin-to-skin contact. His tongue raced along her bottom lip, and when she opened her mouth for him, she nearly melted at the taste of him flooding her senses. Breathlessly moaning, she deepened the kiss.

His bottom half, still covered with the sheets, was in need of attention. Her fingers dawdled down his chest, pausing here and there to swirl around his belly button, or press against his hip bones. When they reached the hem of his boxers, it didn’t take her long to do away with them. Soon, they were somewhere on the floor, immediately forgotten about.

He had to moan when he felt her curl her fingers around his length. Her needy lips scourged against his, and her hand rocked over his manhood. He was getting very breathless with every lingering touch she gave him.

Her cheeks were flushed in excitement when she pulled out of the kiss. Smirking victoriously, she wondered, “Are you enjoying your Christmas present?”

His grip on her waist tightened at the alluring tone of her voice. Voice strained in obvious lust, he grunted in appreciation. Her smirk widened. She pressed a soft kiss to his neck, and then breathed, “Hmm...not as much as you will be.” When she nipped at the tender flesh, Oliver nearly lost his mind.

Her body slid down his, lips kissing his hot skin as she traveled down to where his aching cock awaited. He watched as her hand made way for her mouth. The sight of her sucking on him was so sexy that had to force himself not to jerk his hips up.

She had a talented little tongue. It ran along him with a skill he had forgotten about. One hand reached beneath to follow her tongue’s ministrations. The duel movements felt more amazing than could be described.

His fingers tightly gripped her hair, pushing her into him as he arched his back. Head tossed skyward, Oliver panted. This, truly, was the best Christmas present he could ever have.

When she moaned against him, he thought he might die. The vibrations sent him into another world entirely – one that was just her. He was suddenly faced with the stinging, unfaltering need to feel her heat around him.

As though she knew exactly what he was thinking of, Jaxon smirked. A moment later, she had abandoned her place and was crawling back up his heated body, mirrored thoughts taking hold of her mind. She pressed her lips to his and he was overwhelmed by the taste of him on her tongue. Groaning against her insistent mouth, he allowed her to slowly slide onto his twitching staff, and gave a muffled gasp at the immediate relief it gave him.

This time, he was able to jerk his hips as much as he liked. He used his new found power easily, rolling his lover onto her back to thrust harshly into her.

Her immediate reaction made him want to go faster. His hands grasped her thighs, moving them up so that he could get better access. He roughly pinned her to the mattress, not able to make himself be gentle. All the teasing she had forced him to go through was paying off now. As she writhed beneath him, breathless and gasping out his name, he felt a strong sense of satisfaction wash over him.

He leaned down to kiss her, and their tongues raced out to sloppily battle. With the hasty movements of their hips, it was difficult to pay any attention to anything else. Jaxon scraped against his back, trying desperately to meet him halfway. She did, but just barely. He was going a mile a minute, and it was hard to keep up with him.

He buried his head into her neck, abandoning the battle of their lips, and focused primarily on fucking the daylights out of her. It wasn’t a hard to thing focus on, really. His mind was bent on her, his hands gripping her tightly, his pleasure for her leaking out into every single movement.

When at last it came time to come back to earth, their release wasn’t so much as sweet as it was drawn out and rough. Oliver groaned, suddenly becoming even faster in his thrusts, and watched as her back arched and his name spilt from her lips incessantly.

It was a rather nice sound, hearing her moan his name. It made him come that much faster, hurriedly trying to catch up to her as her orgasm ripped through her. Her restless gasps filled the room, stricken here and there with little whimpering moans. She was so lost in him that she didn’t really realize when it had finally ended. She remained panting on the mattress when it was over, waiting for him to come down to curl his arms around her.

He did, bringing her into his warmth of his chest as he buried his head into her sweet smelling hair. Kissing her cheek in thanks, Oliver was suddenly stricken with what she had said earlier that morning. “...Did you really not get me anything for Christmas?” He wondered why it had taken so long for him to realize her words...but then didn’t blame himself. She was a damn succubus when she wanted to be.

He felt her giggle against him. She lifted her head, and he saw her eyes fill with mischief. Turning around suddenly, he watched as she reached into the bedside dresser and pull out a neatly wrapped gift. He grinned wolfishly as she handed it to him.

“Merry Christmas,” she breathed, kissing his cheek. He put the present down to unwrap later. Right now, there was a beautiful, naked girl in his bed. He figured she could use a bit more attention.