Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Poland Baby Daddy -- The Effects Of Dancing

Character: Poland
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
OC: Alice, black hair, blue eyes
Inspiration: Dancing in the Snow

// Prologue //
Excited eyes gazed out of the kitchen window. There was an anticipation drifting through the air. With Christmas only a week away, Alice was sure that the snow would stay faithfully. It would be a white Christmas.
“Feliks, look! It’s snowing!” she turned to her lover as he walked into the room, dressed in a casual sweater and suede tan pants. Usually, she would have rolled her eyes at his fashion streak, but today she was far too excited.
Poland glanced at her, and then out the window, raised an eyebrow. His expression didn’t seem overly happy, but rather was relaxed in its normal laid back state. He shrugged, walking to where his girlfriend stood, and stuffed his hands into his pockets, “Yeah. Just like every year.”
This time, she did roll her eyes. She turned around and sent him a soft glare, to which he merely shrugged again and began walking toward the closet by the front door.
“Where are you going?” she wondered curiously, padding behind him like a lost puppy. Vaguely, she wondered how she could have become so dependent on someone like Poland.
He glanced at her as he pulled his winter coat on and began buttoning it up. This time, his expression was a little bit more excited. “We’re, like, going outside and building a snowman. Duh.” He rolled his eyes at her and helped her into her coat before throwing a scarf around his neck. She laughed and followed him into the cold.
Had Poland been any less of...well, himself, then Alice probably wouldn’t have loved him so much. He was slightly girlish, she supposed, but that only meant that he understood her that much more. They had connected the moment they’d met, and she figured it’d probably stay that way for a while still.
Which was why, when Feliks grabbed her waist and began dancing with her rather than building a snowman, Alice wasn’t the least bit surprised. She laughed with him, allowed him to lead her through the falling snow, and didn’t question his actions. After all, said actions had made her fall in love with him in the beginning. She reckoned they were still making her fall in love with him, even now amidst the falling snow.

// How It Happened //
If there was one thing Alice loved about Feliks, it was the way he held her – not just with his hands, but also in the way he looked at her, and the way he handled her, as though she were a delicate flower that deserved his utmost respect. His hands gripped her gently as he led her through the falling snow, partaking in the warmth she eluded just for him. His green eyes didn’t look away from hers. Sometimes, Poland could be extremely selfless.
He didn’t say anything as he leaned in to softly press his lips against hers. There was a longing behind his movements that made their dance pause. She wrapped her arms slowly around his neck and brought him closer, returning his kiss ardently as heat coursed through her body.
Upon first meeting Poland, all those years ago, Alice thought he was rather arrogant. Even so, amid those thoughts, she had fallen for him after only two weeks of friendship, and he had shown her how different he truly was. His shy nature could easily be confused with disdain, but now Alice knew better. She loved the man he was, and what he was making her into as well.
His fingers tangled into her hair as he gingerly worked his lips with hers. His very soul was flying through the air. He was utterly speechless at the emotions she was making him feel – the emotions she always made him feel, time and time again – and he wondered what he had done to deserve her endless love.
When she slowly broke the kiss, Feliks was left wanting. His body was on fire, and by the spark of her own eyes, he could tell she was feeling similarly. Their breath mingled together visibly against the starch whiteness around them. Slowly, they brought themselves back to the snowy earth.
“I think I’m ready to go back inside,” she whispered to him, shivering a bit now that the heat of his lips had stopped melding against hers. He said nothing, but gripped her hand and began leading her back toward the front door. All thoughts of snowman building and dancing had disappeared.
Though a rush of warmth hit her as soon as they stepped into the house, Alice was still shaking with anticipation. The craving in her body was in need of an outlet. Before she had gotten her coat all the way off, she pushed herself toward her lover and claimed his lips in a fierce kiss.
He was momentarily taken aback at the neediness of her coveted mouth, but soon returned it with a mirrored fervor. His coat slid from his shoulders and lay abandoned on the ground. As his arms came up to wrap themselves around her body, he pushed her own coat off. Without the boundaries, she felt lithe and perfect against him.
His cold hands slid beneath her shirt, clutching at her warm skin as his heart pumped against his chest. His body was reacting to her quickly – heat was spreading throughout the entirety of his body – and by the hastiness of her own actions, he knew hers was, too.
Their kiss took on a furious pace. Her tongue pushed itself into his mouth, dragging over his and making him shiver in obvious excitement. He grunted, cornering her against the wall, and pushed his lower body against hers. She gasped at the hardness of his jeans.
A soft moan flew from her lips before she could stop it, and it enforced an interesting reaction. Feliks drew back slightly, panting against her to look into her eyes. The emotion dwelling just below the surface made her moan again. Her fingers clutched at his belt, wanting nothing more than to get it off of him. He chuckled swiftly against her mouth.
“F-Feliks – “ But he shushed her before she could say anything more, fervently pressing his mouth against hers again to quiet her. His hands, suddenly dominant, ran the length of her form. He slid into her shirt again, but this time dragged his fingers up to her breasts. Kneading them slowly, he watched her through twinkling emerald eyes.
Her head threw itself back into the wall as her breath came out in short gasps. She wanted him so badly – her lower body was pounding and ready for him – and she didn’t need him to tease her. In a moment of frenzied desire, her hand came up to wrap around the bulge in his pants.
His reaction was immediate. Letting out a soft groan, he pushed against her hand, momentarily forgetting about her breasts as his passion clouded his senses. He presses little kisses down her neck as she finally drew away his belt. Unzipping his jeans, she slid her hand into his pants to feel him more intimately.
Her name escaped his mouth breathlessly. Though he knew his cheeks were flushed, he couldn’t hide it. His need for her was so great that he didn’t bother stopping his brash actions as he tore her shirt away. The sight of her breasts didn’t even make him pause. Panting against her, he voiced his desire in one burning word, “Bedroom?”
It wasn’t very difficult to see that she wanted the exact same thing as he did. She slowly retreated her hand from his manhood, and dragged it up his chest. Breath labored, she nodded. “Bedroom.” And then they were off, wildly racing toward said room as though it was their lifeline.

// How You Found Out //
The kitchen was near silent, filled only with the light sound of breathing. Alice, perched atop the counter, ran her fingers through her lover’s hair. To her, the moment was more monumental than any she’d ever experienced.
Feliks let out a soft sigh, though whether from contentment or anxiety, Alice was unsure. He looked up at her, shifted his weight to his other arm, and murmured, “How long now?”
It had only been five minutes since she’d taken the test, but the moments were drawn out and lengthy. Neither knew how to feel about the possibility that she may be pregnant. The air, though heavy, wasn’t desperate. Alice smiled gently and told him, “Just a little longer.” She continued to run her fingers through his soft locks.
He turned his head to kiss her palm, eyes closed calmly. His attitude toward the situation gave her the strength she needed. She knew he would never leave her, especially not after this. The sudden thought of what it might be like to start a family with him entered her mind. Rather than repulse her, it made her smile widely. How would Feliks be like as a father...? The thought was near comical.
“What’s so funny?” he wondered suspiciously. He couldn’t help but be drawn to her smile. It made him a little less worried about the coming results of the test. His own lips twitched upward.
She giggled, “I was just thinking about how you’d be like ask a father.”
He raised an eyebrow, looking mock offended, “You, like, don’t think I’d make a good father?”
She smiled lovingly at him and leaned in to brush her lips against his. In a quiet, happy voice, she murmured, “I think you’d make a wonderful father.” The many reasons he loved her were suddenly summed up within her every word.

// Epilogue //
“Feliks? Have you seen Akio?” the desperation that clung to Alice’s voice made his husband glance up at her. He shrugged from his place at the kitchen counter, green eyes locked with hers. He watched as she cursed under her breath and spun around to search in another room.
Their baby boy was anything but tame. Though only a few months old, Akio had a spirit that was both wild and uncontrollable. He had a feeling it was because Alice’s was much the same.
“I can’t find him anywhere,” she said, walking back into the kitchen. It was obvious that she was worried. He stood up and wrapped his arms around her lithe form.
Being a father was harder than Feliks liked to admit, but he loved his wife and baby unconditionally. With a sigh, he pulled back and said, “We’d, like, better look outside.”
The look she sent him was startled, but she didn’t ask any questions as he slipped into his shoes. She’d searched the entire house and couldn’t find Akio, so she might as well look outside now, even though she highly doubted the baby could find his way out there...alone. Suddenly sparked with panic, she hurriedly pulled on her coat and followed Feliks onto the snowy porch.
And then, giggling. She looked to the side and found the object of her concerns, wrapped in a thin blanket. She scooped him up, alarmed that he was out here in the cold, but was surprised to find him rather warm. Still, the panic didn’t leave her eyes. Feliks ushered them back inside.
“How’d he get out there?!” she began checking her son, making sure he was alright. Her worries were put to rest the moment her husband slid his arms around her from behind.
He planted a soft kiss at the base of her neck and murmured, “At least he’s totally alright.” She heard him chuckle lightly.
“Feliks, this is serious! If he found a way to get outside, he could do it again and – “ he cut her off with a kiss. In her arms, Akio giggled.
“Relax,” he whispered to her, lovingly stroking her hair to calm her down. It worked, but only slightly. When she opened her mouth to protest, he once again forced her silence with a sweet kiss. If he didn’t taste so delectable, she might start to get annoyed...
As though he knew exactly what she was thinking, Feliks laughed. “C’mon, Akio,” he lifted his son from Alice’s arms and began padding away, “We should totally dress you up in something adorable!”
...Why did she marry him again?


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