Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Prussia Lemon -- Craving His Jealousy

Character: Prussia

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
OC: Adeline, Represents Long Island
Inspiration: Mistletoe~

"Hi, Ade!” America grinned boyishly and Adeline threw him a soft smile. She glanced at his outstretched hands and realized that he’d made himself the bell boy of sorts. With a grin mirroring his own, Adeline shrugged out of her thick winter coat and dropped it into his grasp. Before he completely disappeared, he pressed a brotherly kiss to her cheek.  Alfred was like a brother to her in one way: she was practically a part of him. Being Long Island, she’d seen much of America as he grew up – she’d grown up by his side, in fact – and they were practically as inseparable as Germany was to Prussia. Huh. Speaking of him...
An arm was thrown around her shoulders haphazardly, steering her in the direction of the bar. Adeline peered up at her captor and was unsurprised to find Prussia grinning down at her. Somehow, he didn’t look quite as fearsome when he was wearing that soft red sweater...but she decided not to tell him that.
He said nothing as he pulled out a bar stool for her. Though she found herself rolling her eyes at his audacity, Adeline couldn’t help but enjoy his presence. She situated herself on the seat and glanced to her right, where France was gazing at her with friendly eyes.
“Ah, so Gilbert has finally found you!” He studied her face for a moment longer, and then exclaimed, “But you look cold! Did you just come inside, mademoiselle?”
Before she could answer him, Prussia’s arm once again curled around her waist, but this time it was to draw her closer to him. She threw her albino friend a glare, but couldn’t deny the exhilaration that sprang through her at his touch. He was her partner-in-crime, her dose of mischief, but also the man whom she’d loved for so long.
If Prussia knew about her infatuation with him, he said not a word. His bold actions were just a part of his personality; just a way of expressing himself. Though it felt amazing to be in his grasp, Adeline knew that being loved by him was too much to ask. She couldn’t imagine Prussia loving only just one woman.
“Would you like a dance, ma cheri?” she looked at France, unaware of the heated glare Prussia was sending his friend. The dancers certainly did look like they were having fun...and France did dance quite well. She shrugged and agreed, slipping a hand into his and drawing away from Prussia’s seemingly possessive grasp.
She danced with France more than once. It was fun, because he always seemed to have some flourish or twist he would pull with her, spinning her away and then catching her before she could fall. She was, in fact, having so much fun dancing that she didn’t even notice the glowering pair of crimson eyes staring at her from across the floor.

“You’re admirer is quite jealous~” France laughed, peering down at her as she came out of a twirl. He brought her closer and grinned. “He had been glaring at us the entire tme!”
Adeline didn’t really know what he was talking about. Confusion swept through her eyes, and the sight of it made France’s smile only widen. His gaze flickered over her shoulder momentarily, taking in the sight of his silently fuming friend as he downed another shot. This was all too much fun~!
Gilbert, apparently, didn’t agree with his idea of entertainment. Furious didn’t quite describe what he was feeling – it was bordering on livid. He’d told Francis how much he wanted her – leaving out the deeper, more sentimental parts, of course – and here he was, purposefully taking her away from him.
“AaHAHAHA,” America’s annoying laugh drifted over his ears, making him grind his teeth. He was so mad that he didn’t even hear Alfred’s words until they were halfway gone. “...wants mistletoe?” He jerked his head up, just in time to find America shoving one in his chest.
There was a strange twinkle in Alfred’s cerulean eyes, as though he knew exactly why Prussia needed the sprig of mistletoe. With a grin and a slightly less annoying laugh, the young country went off in search of others, leaving Prussia to brood over the plant as he held it up.
Slow comprehension dawned on his face, making his smirk victoriously as he formed a plan. He was going to make her his, and nobody – not France, not anyone – would be able to try to steal her away like this again. He eyes slid over to where France was laughing with Adeline, and he casually stood up. Time to show them all what the Awesome Prussia was capable of.
From across the dance floor, it wasn’t all that difficult to see Prussia coming. Francis smirked and his hands slid from Adeline’s waist. His job seemed to be complete, and from the look on Gilbert’s face, he’d do well to get out of here now. Leaning in to peck his dance partner’s cheek, France watched in amusement as she blushed. “I must go, Mademoiselle, but I think there is someone else who would like to dance with you~” He disappeared before she could ask who.
But apparently, her answer was given not a moment later by a hand that settled at her arm. She turned, lips beginning to smile at the sight of Gilbert, but before she could so much as say hello, her world suddenly stopped. She had never been kissed so abruptly before, or with so much need and fire, but as she adjusted to her crush’s burning lips, she decided that she very much liked it.
After a moment, she realized that she should probably kiss back – because this was probably the only chance she’d get – and so her mouth began to move with his, surprising him as well as intoxicating him ever further.
When he pulled away, Gilbert showed her the sprig of mistletoe that was hanging uselessly in his hand. Her mouth quirked up into a light smile and he smirked at her. Before she could turn away, he pulled her back in for another kiss.
“Mmph!” she started to blush. It was one thing to kiss someone once, but another to do so twice, and in the middle of the dance floor! Dancers twirled around them like water, somehow not crashing into the two as they huddled together in each others arms. Adeline wondered if they saw them at all, because to her, it seemed as though they were invisible.
His hungry kisses made her want more. Her heart pounded in her chest and she felt herself falling head over heels for him and his rash actions. His name bubbled over her lips, making the possessive glint in his eyes shine ever further.
“G-Gilbert,” she drew back slightly, resolute to question him. “What was th-“
He didn’t like talking, especially not now, when her lips were so tantalizingly bruised. In his arms, she looked perfect. Her hair was only slightly mussed, but Gilbert wanted to run his fingers through it completely. He wanted to make her his – mark her as his own – so that no other man could touch her without realizing that she belonged to him.

He pushed his lips back to hers, silencing her for the third time. The night was young, but it wasn’t as though they were the center of attention. No one would notice if they disappeared...
His eyes slid open to look at her face. Her eyes were closed in bliss and it was painfully obvious of the effect he was making on her. Desire was scorching through her carefully composed expression. The need for him pounded through her, took a hold of her, and made her want to follow his every action.
He pulled back slightly to smirk at her. Languidly, as though just coming out of a dream, she returned it with a dazed sort of smile. Her breathing was coming out in harsh gasps, but it wasn’t enough for Prussia. He wanted to hear her scream.
He was afraid that she might not want the same thing, but when her eyes suddenly sparked with determination, he realized that this wouldn’t be a problem. He lead her away with one hand, smirking triumphantly at everyone who happened to look his way. From across the room, he noticed France lift his glass to him, and he was rewarded with a sneer that made him gin. The mistletoe was thrown haphazardly to the ground just before they vanished behind a door.
They located an empty room as soon as they could, stumbling into the darkness of an unused coat closet. It wasn’t the nicest of places, but Prussia didn’t need the nicest room when he had the nicest girl. He pushed her to the wall and resumed kissing the daylights out of her, pleasantly surprised when she returned his passion with burning ferocity.
Her desire for him seemed to surpass everything he thought he knew about women. It was in that moment that he realized they’d have to save foreplay for another time. Right now, he had to take her as soon as possible. Everything inside him called him to it.
His tongue rushed out to meet hers, rubbing against her smooth organ and tasting her. He growled, grunted in her as she snatched his hips and drove them against hers. He’d put an end to her dominance...eventually. For now, he quite enjoyed it.
She moaned against him, traces of his name apparent upon her lips as they worked furiously with his. He ground their hips together in a teasing manner, making her feel the result of her kisses. His hardness made her moan more, want more, and he was all too happy to give it to her.
His fingers brushed up her body, paying close attention to her full breasts. Her dress was of a silky material, and it caused a delicious shiver to run up his spine as his grip slipped over her.
She arched her back, pressing herself farther into his grasp and submitting to him at the same time. She didn’t feel like fighting against him now – not that she had much before. Now, all she wanted was to feel him inside her.
He snarled in her ear, bits of German coursing from his lips. She didn’t understand what he said, but the harsh words, spurred on in such a passionate moment, made her ache for him.
Her dress fell from her figure and his hands made quick work of her stockings, tugging them down just enough so that his fingers could brush against her hot core. His touch made her gasp delightfully for him. This time, the entirety of his name fell from her lips.

He didn’t drag out the foreplay much longer. When her fingers began to tug at his dress shirt, he pulled back to assist her in its removal. His clothes fell to the floor one after another, until their skin rubbed blissfully against each other.
He slid into her, delighting in the tightness of her heat as it wrapped around him. She was not a virgin, but it was apparent that it had been a while since she was with a man. Not being able to resist himself any further, Gilbert snapped his hips into hers and started a pace that had her melting against him.
Her arms locked behind his head, fingers tumbling down his back as she tried to find a grip. Her nails clawed at him, sending sweet pains to flutter through him. He grunted, ramming her higher onto the wall, and dug deeper into her as his name once again escaped her lips.
His mouth left little red marks up her collar, stopping at her neck to bite a bit of flesh. His tongue was ever so talented, working over her tender skin and enforcing a myriad of noises to leave her throat. When his lips reached hers, they kissed in a sloppy but passionate way, somehow matching the intense rhythm of their hips as they progressed.
The passion was almost too much to bear. Fitfully arching her back, Adeline could feel release spreading through her body. The tight coil of her abdomen rocked through her, sending a heat like no other to cascade through her veins. She spluttered his name, trying to inform him that she was coming, but he already seemed to know.
His bright crimson eyes were watching her with fascination and another emotion, dipping over her face as her expressions changed. His lower body pushed against hers harder, going ever faster as he rushed to catch up with her.
Together, they tumbled down through bliss, discovering a rush like no other as their fluids mingled together. Their kiss became hurried, smitten with romance and craving. Gripping her tightly in his arms, Gilbert let himself go completely. He was eager to see more of her expressions, and hear more of her noises, and she didn’t let him down as a second, and a third orgasm tore through them.
In the back of her mind, Adeline wondered if they were making a lot of noise. It would be so embarrassing if someone were to hear them. But her thoughts flew away as Gilbert brought her into a satisfied kiss. Who really cared, anyway? This was her personal Christmas present. No one would be able to spoil that.



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