Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Sasuke Uchiha Lemon -- Hiding In Snow

Character: Sasuke Uchiha

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Kitsune Yukai, blonde hair, black eyes

Inspiration: Winter Chill

Snow was falling lightly from the sky. There was a slight breeze that wafted through the air, but even though it ran over Kitsune’s skin, she didn’t really feel the cold. She was busily perfecting a training technique – a strange thing to do in the snow, but something she always did when feeling restless. Today, she felt very restless indeed.

It was Christmas Eve, and her lover had not yet returned as he said he would. Sasuke Uchiha was wanted in a number of lands, but he was always somehow found a way to return to her, especially on Christmas. She lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of the Water country. It was the perfect place for him to rest, because no one ever came to visit her. She was far too secluded in the forest for people to even know she existed.

A sigh left her lips as she fell back into the snow. She’d been busily attempting to perfect this technique for hours now, but it was steadily growing darker and there was still no sign of improvement...or of Sasuke. She couldn’t deny her growing worry. He had promised he’d be there that morning, and it was already early evening.

Looking back, she knew she shouldn’t have worried so much. Sasuke had a way of turning up when she least expected it, and Christmas Eve was no different. That was why, when she heard his deep voice waver over to her through the falling snow, she was both surprised and aware of his presence.

“Sasuke,” she murmured, sitting up in the snow. She didn’t move as she watched him walk closer to her, dark eyes silently brooding at her figure. His lips quirked up into his trademark smirk as he crouched beside her.

“Waiting for me, hmm?” he couldn’t hid the amusement as it saturated his voice.

She rolled her eyes at his possessive nature. “You’re late,” was all she told him, looking over his figure to see if he was somehow injured. He was not, as far as she could tell, and she returned her eyes to his. He looked even more amused at her concern.

Leaning in, he pressed his mouth against hers in a surprisingly soft kiss. He didn’t say anything to her, but rather silently pushed her into the snow and hovered above her. She was already used to the coldness, and with his body covering hers in such a away, Kitsune was all but immune to the chill. She moved her lips with his, feeling suddenly like prey as Sasuke possessively worked his mouth with hers.

It wasn’t really a bad feeling. In fact, she could feel herself revel in it. His tongue brushed over her, sending bolts of heat to run down her spine. Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, she let out a soft moan and felt him smile triumphantly into the kiss.

He didn’t ask if she was cold – probably because he already knew the answer. As his hands ran along her body, he loosened her clothes. It was a ritual that usually took place upon his homecoming, and not one that she didn’t enjoy. Though it had never taken place in the snow, she figured he was just anxious to feel her. She couldn’t deny a similar craving taking root in her own soul.

It was too cold to strip her down completely, even though Sasuke would have like to see her bare before him. He could have lifted her up to bring her to the warmth of her cottage; could have taken his time making love to her. But he was impatient, and any thought of moving from this delicious position was sour to his mind.

His teeth nipped at her throat, leaving little red marks all over her skin. Every touch sent shivers down her spine. She deeply breathed in his scent, curling her fingers into his hair as his hands pulled at her pants. When they were down just far enough, his fingers moved to his own clothes, tugging at the confinements.

A hasty sort of need guided their movements, but rather than leaving them cold, it gave them a rush of energy, excitement, and warmth. He moved against her, kissing her adamantly as his manhood slowly pushed into her.

When they were one, they didn’t make a move at first. They reveled in the feeling of being united, shocked that it could feel this good even though they’d partook in the sensation many times before. He hovered over her, feeling warmer than before. His body was on fire, as was hers. He leaned down to capture her lips, feeling his body move on its own, jerking into her.

A surprised gasp left her throat as she felt him move. It felt different, making love like this. There was something undeniably amazing about making love in the midst of snow, as though the world was at their command. Their bodies coursed with heat as their hips roughly slammed into one another. Every scorching thrust made the tension in their bodies rise.

It seemed like forever until release came. It hit them as they fervently kissed, names slipping from parted lips as their hips roughly jerked against one another.

The wind blew around them, lifting up their hair as they came; wildly slamming into them; taking their moans and tossing them toward heaven. Their kisses grew more venerated. The coils that kept them sane broke apart, forcing them into a higher bliss as the world around them disappeared.

It was as though nothing existed except him and her. They were alone, limbs wrapped around limbs and fingers clutching bodies. There was no sense of how much time was going by, because the sense of time was gone. As they raced back to reality, a deep peace welled up within them both.

There was many things that Kitsune was thankful for that Christmas. She was thankful for the snow as it blanketed them, hiding them from everything around them. She was thankful for the cottage that promised warmth and peace as it beckoned to them from its place, nestled against the forest. But most of all, she was thankful for the lover who had her wrapped in a surprisingly loving embrace as they lay together in the snow.