Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Takashi Morinozuka Baby Daddy -- Commoner's Ruse

Character: Takeshi Morinozuka

Fandom: OuranHigh School Host Club

OC: Zoey Fey, blonde hair, blue eyes

Inspiration: Dinner with the Outlaws

// Prologue //

There was much hurrying to be done inside the home of Takeshi Morinozuka. His wife would forever be the procrastinator. She usually worked well under pressure, but this time it was apparent that she was quickly running out of her much needed time.

Takeshi let out a soft sigh at the sight of her. She was bending over the oven, frantic look on her face as she gazed down at her burnt cake. It was entirely inedible, which was unusual for her, and was a crusty, black mess within the pan. Definitely not good material to bring on an important Christmas dinner with her outlaws. (Takeshi’s family was anything but lenient.)

She let out a groan and began dumping the burnt cake pieces into the trash. “Takeshi, I don’t think I can do this. Your mom never approved of us! Your father will think I’m a whore who got knocked up and – “ She was briskly turned by her husband and stopped talking immediately, caught quite by surprise as his face loomed close to hers. Her eyes roved his face before finally locking with his, and strangely enough, the sight of his calming dark orbs made her relax in his grasp.

He sighed again, but this time it wasn’t out of impatience. His lips brushed softly against hers, his arms tugged her to his strong chest, and one of his hands deftly moved over the baby bump that was forming at her abdomen.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he breathed into her ear, rubbing her back peacefully. “You’re my wife. It’s expected that you become pregnant sometime. Besides,” he moved to look at her, seeing the concern that still plagued her expression, “it’s Christmas.”

Even though Zoey was well aware that it being Christmas made no difference – or perhaps it did, but was for the worse rather than the better – she nodded slowly and let her husband press another sweet kiss to her mouth. There was nothing to be done on the matter anyway, she supposed. She was only three months along. Her bump had only just begun to show, and any excuse she tried to make to get out of the dinner would appear to be highly rude to Takeshi’s parents...even if she was pregnant with their grandchild.

She rested her chin on his shoulder, not wanting to pull away from him just yet, and happened to glance over at the clock that hung above the kitchen door. Her peace shattered immediately.

“Oh!” she threw herself from Takeshi’s warm embrace and cursed. She wasn’t even dressed yet! “We have to leave in half and hour! Oh, damn it all!”

It was rare that his wife cursed, but Takeshi took it in stride. He knew she hated seeing his parents, and he didn’t blame her. They had never approved of her, and they still didn’t, even after three years of their marriage. He sighed again, wishing the night would just hurry up and end, and leaned against the kitchen counter. Ah well. He hoped Zoey wouldn’t be too aggravated by the time they returned from this dinner. After all, it was Christmas, and he had a little gift of his own to give her.

// How It Happened //

Takeshi was born into a rich family. He was used to having the best of the best, especially during the Christmas season. The fact that his parents had personal cooks didn’t faze him, nor did the huge dining room table they possessed or the unsightly amount of people they knew. Unfortunately, his wife was never going to get used to it.

He could feel his parents eyes on him from the other side of the table, and found it blatantly obvious that they were angry with him. Usually, he was forced to part from Zoey during meals at his parents house. He had a special seat of honor by his father’s side, of course. Usually, he’d acquiesce to his parents wishes – Zoey practically made him leave her, because she knew how rude it was to disregard the seating plans, as much as she hated them herself. But tonight, his wife was pregnant and her nerves were frazzled, and Takeshi was well aware that she didn’t want him to leave her this time. To be quite frank, he didn’t want to leave her, either.

His hand stroked her knee beneath the table, trying to give her the confidence he knew she lacked. She was thankful that he was there, by her side, because it was painfully obvious that she didn’t know a thing about fanciful dinners such as these. He married a commoner, and she often felt ashamed of herself while in the presence of such succulent foods.

“Use the small fork for the salad,” he murmured to her as she stumbled over the proper etiquette. She squeezed his hand in thanks and tried to ignore the evil glare that his mother was sending her. If she didn’t love Takeshi so much, she’d surely have given this up long ago...

“Takeshi,” he glanced up at her, not liking the strain in her voice. “After dinner...”

He smiled a tiny smile at her and nodded. Even though she didn’t dare finish her sentence, he was well aware as to what she was going to say. “We’ll leave as soon as possible.” He saw her let out a sigh of relief.

He was true to his word. Normally after dinner, the party would retire to the many sitting rooms in the mansion and coffee would be served. Usually, they’d go along with it and suffer through the evening. But tonight, Takeshi was quick to grab their coats from the spacious closet and bring his wife to where their parents stood, pleasantly chatting with other guests.

“Oh, Takeshi, darling – “ his mother stopped, surprise flitting over her lovely features as she caught sight of the coats hanging over her son’s arm. “Takeshi, are you leaving already?” Zoey was not addressed.

Takeshi curled an arm around his wife’s waist and nodded to his mother. “I apologize, but it’s been a long night for us both.” His mother flicked her eyes to Zoey and seemed to send her a sneering smile. At least it seemed to so her. She stepped closer to her husband.

“Ah. Well, I do hope you enjoyed yourself, Takeshi. If you must, take your little wife home,” she stepped up to wrap her arms around her son, ignoring Zoey altogether. She felt quite slighted by her words and actions, but told herself that it would be far worse if she was not ignored by this demon.

Takeshi drew back quickly and took Zoey’s hand. He nodded once to his father and began walking away. Every step they took toward the door gave her a new sense of freedom.

As soon as they were in their driveway, Zoey let out a huge sigh. Her head hit the back of the seat and she didn’t even bother to fuss as Takeshi unclasped the seatbelt from around her waist.

“God...that night was truly awful. I hate being surrounded by those stuck up snobs!” She allowed her silent husband to help her out of the car, and continued to rant all the way up the path and into the hallway of their home. She was quieted only by the sudden, surprisingly impulsive lips of her love as he pushed her to the wall.

She gasped, arching her back as he moved to press kisses over her neck and collar. “T-Takeshi, what – “

And then he looked up at her, and quelled her words with a single scorching look. She swore she saw fire in his eyes, curling around the darkness of his warm orbs and sending hot chills racing through her...

In a soft voice filled with fiery passion, the likes of which she had not heard in months, Takeshi breathed, “Merry Christmas.”

And suddenly all the discomfort of the night disappeared. All thought of his parents washed away. She was quick to sink into the pleasant folds of his love, and quicker to open her heart and release all the love she kept within it.

// Epilogue //

It was about midday when it happened. Zoey was just pulling a pie from the oven – it wasn’t burnt this time, thank God –when a contraction hit her painfully. She let out a small shriek and quickly pushed the pan onto the stove top. Her breath began coming out in harsh gasps, and she leaned heavily on the counter as her eyes shut tightly.

Takeshi, who had only just come home from work, was quick to wonder what had gotten her so upset. She got annoyed at the smallest things now, but as she was so far along in her pregnancy, it wasn’t particularly surprising. Luckily, Takeshi was blessed with patience.

It was obvious from the look on her fact, however, that this wasn’t a little pregnancy annoyance, but rather the pregnancy itself. He hurriedly leapt to her side, hands smoothing her shoulders and mind whirling uncomfortably. He had no idea what to do.

His wife snarled at him, “Don’t just stand there – call the hospital! I’m going into labor!”

He jumped rather uncharacteristically and nodded, fumbling with his cellphone because the home phone was too far away. He kept one hand secured at his wife’s lower back as he dialed the number. It took him three tries.

After stumbling over a greeting and informing whoever it was – the secretary, he supposed – about Zoey’s predicament, he snapped his phone shut and turned to look at her. She was biting her lip and glaring at the counter, pain lacing into her expression.

“Let’s go,” he said, finally getting back some of his calmness as he ushered her from the house. He grabbed their coats but didn’t bother to help her into it, for she was already out the door and heading toward the car. With a sigh, he followed. He had a feeling it would be a long day.

Indeed, it was. It took hours before anything actually happened, and when it did, Zoey only cursed and yelled and he very nearly thought he’d broken his hand when she squeezed it so hard. It was late into the night when the baby was finally born, but neither got much of a chance to look at the child before it was taken away to the nursery. When the door shut, it was just him and her, alone for the first time in hours.

Her eyes were closed in exhaustion, but it was apparent that she wasn’t asleep, because her breath was uneven and still a little bit labored. His thumb moved over her hand as he gazed at her, concerned that she hadn’t yet said anything. He wondered if she wanted to talk at all.

But then, she slowly turned her head to look at him, eyes glowing warmly, invitingly, and murmured, “I’m sorry about your hand.”

He just smiled that tiny smile and shrugged, bringing her own hand up to press his lips against it, “I’m sorry about everything you just went through.” He truly was, but when he looked into her eyes and saw peace and joy, he couldn’t help but realize that everything she’d gone through, and everything he’d gone through during the past nine months was worth it. Completely worth it.

A nurse peeked her head into the room, smiling widely. “Mrs. Morinozuka, it’s a baby girl,” and she opened the door a little wider to show them the bundle in her arms.

Zoey immediately sat up, eyes wide as she stared at the bundle of pink blankets. Takeshi watched as his wife slowly took their daughter. His heart glowed at the love in her eyes.

“She’s beautiful,” Zoey let out a watery laugh, tears building up behind her eyes, “She’s so beautiful...”

And she was truly the most beautiful little baby Takeshi had ever laid eyes upon. He leaned closer and felt his expression relax. Takeshi wrapped his arm around his wife and kissing his newborn child. He didn’t just have his wife to live for; now, he had his wife and his child.