Sunday, January 29, 2012

A France Lemon -- Liaison

Character: France

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Erm...I felt like writing it? Nobody requests anything for France D:

You collapsed on the couch, feeling worse for wear and exhausted. Today has been one of those days. (The kind where, at the end of it, you just want to curl up in bed and scream out your thanks that it’s finally over.) Unfortunately for you, no such relaxation could be attained, because your lover had a habit of coming over on Friday nights. And tonight, of course, was Friday.

It wasn’t like you didn’t want to see him...just that you really wanted to take a hot shower and go to sleep. You knew that with France over, showering alone was practically blasphemous and simply falling asleep didn’t exist without some form of foreplay. Which was why you were tempted to lock the front door and ignore him when he came over.

Alas, France wasn’t one to just knock on the door when he was here, though. He preferred to be a much more spontaneous lover – something he claimed came naturally – and that’s why he suddenly appeared in the living room grasping a bouquet of roses and looking particularly suave; and also why you let out a small little yell at the sight of him.

“Ohonhon~ You are excited to see me, ma cheri?” he winked, and then proceeded to look you up and down, eyes sparkling with happiness.

You weren’t wearing anything particularly sexy. In fact, you hadn’t even changed out of your work clothes yet. Your pencil skirt had jutted up when you sat down, though, showing smooth legs sill wrapped in dark stockings. You’d taken your jacket off and left your blouse on, having felt constricted. The first few buttons of the white fabric was undone. Perhaps the small show of cleavage was enough to induce that wild smirk? You had to admit, you were feeling rather like prey as Francis gazed at you hungrily.

“Francis,” you didn’t look at him, but rather pointedly crossed your arms and frowned, “I’m really not in the mood. I just want to sleep tonight.”

His lips curved further upward, displaying a smirk that left you strangely breathless and even more wary. He nodded his consent, hands lazily digging into pockets, and strolled toward you. He tossed the roses onto the coffee table. “But of course, mademoiselle! When we get to the bed, we will only sleep.” Still, something in his eyes made you realize that getting to the bed would be more difficult that you’d thought.

He knelt in front of you, hands drifting to your knees and slightly up your legs, and smiled. You were about to protest, because the look in his eyes was so damn familiar, but then he leaned down to press his lips against your stocking clad thighs, and suddenly your willpower crumbled into dust.

There was definitely something satisfactory about this position. It might have been the fact that Francis was on his knees before you, seemingly bowing. It may have been the way his fingers were ghosting over you, sending chills and heat coursing through you at once. It may have been the fact that you were starting to wish you could repeal your previous words, about just spending the night sleeping... Whichever, the emotions that bridled behind your actions forced you to move your hands into his hair, tugging through the silken strands of blonde.

He smiled up at you, but it was a smile that was far from innocent. You had a feeling you knew what he was planning, and your thoughts were correct as you watched him dip his hands underneath your jostled skirt.

“You’ve had a bad day at the meeting,” he murmured, delicately licking the inner side of your knee. The strange feel of his tongue over your stocking sent shivers over you. He hummed, pushing your skirt further up, “Let me help you relax.”

His voice, so husky and controlled, made you want to succumb to him wholly and completely. You watched him through jaded, hazy eyes, feeling a light blush cover your cheeks as he leaned in. His fingers reached the edge of your stockings and slowly, gently tugged them down. Your panties were quick to follow.

When they had been pulled to your knees, his fingers gently pried your legs open, eyes locking onto your womanhood, still shaded beneath your skirt. The intensity of his cerulean eyes made you whimper. At the sound, he darted his burning gaze to lock with yours. Jolts of heat and desire erupted within you at the contact.

And then, suddenly, his elbows pushed down into the couch on either side of your legs, and his chest pushed against your knees as he leaned farther in. Eyes still locked, he murmured, “Allow me, mon amour?” You didn’t have time to even breath out a moan of consent before his mouth was descending upon your flower. Your body immediately convulsed in excited shivers.

“Mm! F-Fr..Francis!” You tugged him closer, hands tightening in his hair as you felt his glorious tongue drift over you, jerking and pushing and licking all your worries away.

When his fingers went in to assist his mouth, you went berserk. He was so talented, moved in such a skilled way as he pleasured you. His finger dipped against the bundle of nerves as his tongue entered you, twisting and pushing against your walls in the most delicate of ways.

You felt your breath come out in short gasps. Your back arched, head jerking back against the couch as your eyes stared unseeingly at the ceiling. Your legs acted on their own as they wrapped around him, trying vainly to bring him ever closer. A long, low moan escaped your parted lips, sounding suspiciously like Francis’ name.

As if in response, he hummed against you. The vibrations of his hum, coupled with the thrust of his tongue, made you pant and writhe. You wanted to come, but every time you thought you might, Francis slowed down and didn’t allow it. It was getting ridiculous.

Your chest heaved. You felt him suck you, mouth moving to whip his tongue over the bundle of nerves. His fingers replaced his tongue, and reached deeper within your heated core, scissoring and plunging your depths. You moaned again, this time louder.

You wanted to tell him to hurry up, because your orgasm was so imminent and close, and all you wanted to do was slip into it and forget. Forget about the entire day, and just focus on the here and now, with Francis, the bed just a few rooms over, the shower just waiting for two bodies to inhabit it. This was what you needed all along; this companionship, this intense bliss that branded into your heart and your lungs as you panted and whimpered and breathed his name.

And finally, as his fingers reached a tight, fast pace, you knew he was giving his consent. You snapped your eyes open and locked them with his, finding him staring at you lustfully. The sight of that lust – that growing desire – had a handle in sending you over the edge. As your moans grew louder and your orgasm rushed forward, he quickly replaced his fingers with his mouth once more. The sight of it made you explode.

You jerked against him, hands flying from his hand as your back arched and all coherent thought flew from your head. You could feel your chest constricting, panting, heaving. You watched him drink you up, tongue whirring against your slick folds, lapping up all your juices as his fingers tightly grasped your hips.

And then, as the power of your orgasm faded, and you collapsed backwards, you could hear his chuckle and knew that you probably looked more sated than you had in a long, long time.

You felt the couch depress as his moved beside you, and then you were brought against his chest and a kiss was pressed to your forehead. Sighing happily, you murmured a small ‘thank you’.

Because even though Francis could sometimes be crass and dominant, he knew what you needed better than you did yourself. Which was rather satisfactory.


  1. love the France liaison, France really doesn't get enough love in the fandom. but could you do a reader insert for francexenglandxreader? then it would allow everyone to feel important and not one specific persons character.

  2. nice i love that a lot... hahaha can you make that also but with Arthur... i really like him a lot ahii and i really love this lemons of yours =)

  3. Out of all of the stories here, France's seem to be the most sexually satisfying. He doesn't even have to try!

  4. Can you please write more France Lemons. Yours are so amazing. and I agree with Tzipora Maysen they are definitely the most sexually satisfying.

  5. Where can I make a request please?

    1. You can send requests to my email:, and if I decide to write it up I'll get back to you as soon as I can :3