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A Switzerland Lemon -- Induce

Character: Switzerland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Chocolate, the fact that Vash makes Chocolate, that sort of thing x]

The room, light by a strange fusion of light, seemed to reflect dizzying shadows. It was not an unwelcome silence that was met, but an endearing one that often came with spending time with a lover. Sure, Vash wasn’t’ exactly your typical boyfriend, but he had his redeeming points that made you excited and happy.

He was watching you now with an intent expression and it was making you nervous. How you were even able to keep standing was amazing, because your knees were shaking like no tomorrow and you could feel the energy in the room curl around your spirit.

The reason for his staring at the do with the chocolate you were currently stirring. Vash was nothing if not precise, and so it was just like him to vulture about, making sure you didn’t mess up his special recipe. Sure, it was supposed to be romantic, but at least you were doing something with him this Valentine’s Day. It’s more than you could say about last year, where he kept himself locked in his office because he ‘had work to finish’.

Still, the intensity in which he gazed upon you was keeping you on edge, and though it was a good intensity, it still made you nervous. You swallowed thickly, stirring the chocolate with a bit more resolve.

You definitely hadn’t expected him to push off from his seat, but after a moment he was suddenly by your side, watchful gaze trained to the concoction in the saucepan. “You don’t have to stir it so much,” he murmured. His voice was surprisingly calm, wavering over your ear and adding to the anticipation that coursed through your body. You tried to tell yourself that he was so close because he was monitoring the chocolate, not because he wanted to be beside you. Though you were lovers and it was a day of romance, Vash never was one to conform.

Still you held your breath, feeling your heart thunder within your chest as his arms reached around you. He grasped the spoon in your hands gently, guiding your movements and explaining, “You want to keep the temperature at a steady mark. Right now, your thickening the chocolate, so just keep stirring slowly.”

You wanted to touch him. The realization hit you square in the face, shocking you into another brand of thought that let you strangely breathless. You felt Vash’s arms and you wanted to wrap yourself in his embrace. You felt his chest and you wanted to melt against it. You felt the heat of his breath and you wanted to take his mouth with yours and kiss him senseless. It wasn’t an irregular desire. This was Valentine’s Day, and you deserved some love.

But the implications that came with the realization was impacting. With the chocolate being made, there was no way you’d be able to pull your lover away from the kitchen. He was far too stubborn, and you were afraid that if you were too dominant, he’d lock himself away. You definitely didn’t want a repeat of last year…

A soft sigh escaped your lips as you thought. You glanced back at Vash, who was still hovering next to you, gazing into the pot. When he felt your eyes on him,, he looked up to meet them. The sparks of his emerald eyes caught you off guard.

After a moment of staring, he turned his gaze back to the pot. His cheeks were pinkish and his eyes a little more narrowed than they’d been moments before. It was cute, but you made an effort to pretend not to notice.

“Vash?” he jerked his eyes back to yours, a question now residing among other nameless emotions. A smile quirked your mouth, “I think we should taste the chocolate to make sure it’s right.” It was a weak effort, sure, but you couldn’t just stand there and not do something.

You knew he was about to protest. You could feel his impatience. Os you did the first thing you could think of. A moment later, there was chocolate brushed over his surprised mouth and you were pressing your lips against it.

Alright, so the chocolate didn’t matter anymore. The taste of Vash was enough to make you forget where you were. He was shocked enough not to kiss you back, but that didn’t frustrate you in the least. He was always a slow lover. He took his time, whereas you were more known to jump into the fray.

When you broke the kiss, you felt relief wash away much of that anticipation. Vash’s reddened cheeks was enough to increase you amusement tenfold. Now, all you needed was to get him to let down the rest of his walls. It was easier said than done. Especially when his gaze was now narrowing in annoyance.

His hands landed hard on your shoulders, turning you around to face the stove. His rejection didn’t make you depressed, because you knew him inside and out, and though you didn’t much like admitting it aloud, manipulation was a fairly simply process when it came to Vash.

You allowed an amused sort of silence to reign for a few minutes, in which you didn’t do anything but obediently stir the chocolate. This time, Vash kept about a foot away, leaning against the counter and keeping his gaze locked steadfastly to the delicious sweet.

He couldn’t ignore you for long, though. With a smirk, you twisted your finger into the warm mixture. You felt his suspicious eyes on you now. Exhilarated at the prospect of what you knew would come, you brought your chocolaty finger to you mouth and swirled your tongue around it in a way you hoped was nothing short of alluring.

You didn’t look at him as you tasted the chocolate, but could feel him staring at you with those dark, intense eyes. You shivered with longing.

What happened next shocked you out of your alluring expression. You hadn’t expected him to give in so quickly, but to your surprise, he suddenly snatched your finger as you reached for more chocolate and allowed his own tongue to lick it off. It was a sight for sore eyes. The feel of his tongue wrapping around your digit was lusty and made you quake in your place.

He released your finger slowly, locking his eyes with yours all the time. His hand enclosed around your wrist and he gently pulled you closer. There was a sense of determination in his gaze, and it made you absolutely shiver in way you never had before.

“V-Vash…” you watched as he watched you, with that pioneered intensity that only he could master. And all you could think about was how much you wanted to dominate it and mark it was your own.

He was a taking too long and it was killing you with anticipation. The fact that he was even interested in intimacy was as shocking as it was satisfying. You leaned in to claim his mouth once more. This time, it wasn’t completely on sided. He returned the kiss with a reverence that made your heart pound. His lips were silky and induced strange jolts of energy to shoot through your body. It was a feeling that you hadn’t felt in a very long time, because Vash was always so solitary and hadn’t had time for romance.

You broke from the kiss when a sudden thought hit you. A smirk curved up your bruised lips, making Vash’s eyes narrow suspiciously. He wondered what you were thinking, but you refused to say anything aloud, instead preferring to quietly make use of his leniency to remove his shirt.

For once, he didn’t complain as the fabric hit the floor. A shiver wracked thorough him when the cold air his skin -- because there was practically no heating in his house since it ‘cost too much money’. upon seeing the shiver, you felt a desire claim you and you wanted to see more of those breathy little movements. You wanted to induce a few of your own.

Your fingers slid into your own shirt and it was slipped off a moment later. You didn’t have time to go slow or meander through his lovemaking, because you had a feeling that Vash wouldn’t appreciate what you had in store for him. Better to spring it on his in a forceful manner so he can’t refuse.

Your fingers wound around his neck as you leaned forward. Your lips maneuvered over his in a tantalizingly sweet way that made him groan in frustration. Pressing your chest against his, Vash struggled to deal with your bra, which was still clasped around you and was apparently another cause for the aggravation.

It came off soon after, but before Vash could touch your newly revealed skin, you stepped back. Your eyes were glinting with a predatory look, your body standing over the pot of chocolate in an almost earnest manner. And Vash, though his eyes were finally beginning to dawn with comprehension, couldn’t possibly have stopped you from going through with your plan.

It was one of those moments when time seemed to stop. The delicate silence was broken only by the grunt of surprise when your fingers, covered in shocolate, slid down Vash’s chest. He seemed almost to be in a trance as he stared at the dark lines running over his pale skin.

When that trance was broken, you had a feeling that he’d want his revenge. Vash could never let things go without some form of retribution, but unlike other times, this punishment would be delicious.

He stepped up to you, hands tugging on his jeans as he went. His chest was pressed firmly to yours and the melted chocolate had soon layered down you stomach. The matching lines were somehow arousing.

As his pants shuffled down his legs, Vash’s arms came around you. But instead of embracing you, they dipped into the pot of chocolate and was dragged up the skin of your back. You yelped, surprised by the sudden hotness of the melted mixture, and Vash smirked wildly. He traced your mouth with his finger, leaving a trail of chocolate over it in a similar fashion as you’d done to him. When he finally claimed your lips, the taste alone was enough o make your knees quiver.

Moans and whimpers were all that could be hear in the kitchen after that. The process of licking the sweet mixture from his sweeter skin was verging on mind blowing,. You had a feeling that you’d never get used to it. You didn’t really wanted to, because it’d been a long time since you were this aroused.

The feeling was mutual, you were sure. At least if the bulge in Vash’s jeans had anything to say on the matter. He was now leaning against the counter, back pressed to the hard edge as you knelt before him and kissed chocolate from his perfectly sculpted body.

You had to admit that you were surprised he’d even allowed you to gain any form of control.. That’s not to say that he was overly dominant, but Vash was the kind of person who didn’t appreciate…well, this. You could only guess that the chocolate had sweetened his normally bitter personality. The fact that you were on your knees probably helped too.

Your tongue trailed down his chest and blazed a path over his hips. He was watching, with those eyes that seemed to know everything. The attention was making you more aroused than you’d thought it would. You hummed quietly as your fingers jerked at the zipper of his jeans. You wanted him to watch you take him into your mouth.

He was hot and hard by the time you wrestles the jeans down past his hips. You jazzed at him for a moment before a wild smirk caught your features. The sight of your expression caused him to raise a brow, but his speculation was soon put to rest as you stood up and swirled you fingers into the chocolate once more. His eyes darkened, but he didn’t resist as he watched you dribble the melted chocolate over his erection.

And then you were licking it off, and Vash was absolutely lost as he threw his head back and groaned. You certainly had a talented tongue, he had to admit, and it wouldn’t take long to push him over the edge.

It didn’t. the taste of his cum and the remnant of chocolate was nothing but delicious. You moaned as his fingers grasped you hair and pulled you close, pushing his cock as far into your mouth as he could. His hips jerked as he released. The silky friction of your lips and the heat of your mouth only quickened his pace.

When the muffled groans and the appreciative murmurs were finally silenced, you released his manhood and stood up. You caught his eyes lightly and pressed yourself against the counter beside him. Short pants escaped both of your mouths.

“You know,” he turned to you, eyes dark and somehow mysterious, "we can’t leave the kitchen while the chocolate is cooking.”

There was something in his voice that screamed at you, but it wasn’t a bad sort of sound. It was as delicious as the chocolate, and it wrapped around you just as delicately. You smirked and your fingers dragged themselves to your pants. “Well…I’m quite comfortable where I am anyway.”

If you had your way, neither of you -- chocolate included -- would be leaving this kitchen any time soon.
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A China Lemon -- Contact

Character: China 

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia 

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Panda bears, silk robes...Chinese stuff :3 

China was a complicated country. He enjoyed the delicacies of life, but often opted to spend time away from such things. Which was why he was in his office right about now…on Valentine’s Day.

You weren’t really angry with him. After all, you knew that he was an enormous country that needed much energy to keep going. And you weren’t one for superstitions anyway, whatever form they come in. To you, Valentine’s Day was just another holiday. 

You padded down the hallways of Yao’s mansion, peering into each room in your search. You liked to enjoy the moments that life gave you, coupled with the feelings that made every day complete. Yao shared your love of life as well, which was why you were looking for him. Of course he was busy doing paperwork or whatever else, but you were positive that he’d agree to stop for you.

He was in his office, like you’d thought he was. When you eased yourself inside, he sent you a tired smile and stood up to greet you. A quick kiss was given before he was back in his seat.

You followed him down, taking a seat on the hard wood floor. He definitely looked tired, but his eyes sparked warmly as he pushed something toward you.

All you could think of as you stared down at the panda bear was how typical it was of China. It was like the bears they often sold during this time of the year, with hearts in their paws. This one held a similar heart, and the message stitched neatly into it made your heart warm. It was obvious that the white lettering had been sewed in by Yao, but even though it was messy, it made you smile at his effort.

“It’s beautiful,” you told him, and leaned in to press a sweet, lingering kiss to his cheek. You were never a very sentimental person, but you supposed that holidays changed people…even Yao. To your surprise, he didn’t return to his paperwork, but rather encircled his arms around you and tugged you to his chest.

“Aren’t you busy?” you wondered, eyeing the papers that littered his desk. There definitely looked like there was a lot of work to do, and you hated the thought of having him put it off for later and let it pile up. But he only shrugged, looking like he didn’t really care. He probably did, but you appreciated the fact that he was making an effort to make you happy this Valentine’s Day. It was sweet in a way that perfectly summed up Yao’s personality.

You nuzzled him affectionately, enjoying the warmth of him. His arms fit snugly around you, and you felt atop the world as he brought you into his lap.

Your nuzzling soon turned to kisses as your lips drifted over his skin. His eyes slid closed and he tipped his head back, slightly aroused by the way your teeth kept nipping at him. Perhaps this was exactly what he needed, Yao mused. Something that could take his thoughts away, steal his very reality and existence and make them insignificant for a short time. You could do that -- were doing that right now, at this very moment.

You fingers tunneled into his hair, loosening it from the clasp that kept it tied together. The locks spilled away, over his shoulders and tickled his skin. With the new found freedom, your hands drew his head back and you littered his tender neck with those teasing little bites. He felt a soft moan spill from his lips as your teeth brushed over his Adam’s apple.

Your legs shifted your weight, pressing your body farther against him. Your weight was heavenly to Yao, especially since it pressed delightfully against the one area that longed for it most.

You seemed to realize this as well, and felt yourself smirk. Sinking into him, your hands tumbled down his chest, roving over his silk robes and marveling at how well his muscles conformed to them. As your mouth descended upon his, your hips ground against his erection.

He immediately groaned at the contact, mouth opening accidentally. It was the perfect chance for you to sneak your tongue into it -- a chance that was not given up. As he met you in a battle, his fingers tugged your hips closer. You both reveled at the passion that each movement inflicted.

For all you knew, it could have been the silk of China’s robes that made the moment so amazing. But then again, there were many factors that gave into your desire. The dimmed lighting of the room, the calming breeze that sashayed outside, the quiet stillness that was Yao’s office…and Yao himself, so easily giving in to physical contact even though there were piles upon piles of work in front of him.

But no, you whispered silently. This wasn’t just physical contact. It was emotional in all aspects. It was your love coming to the forefront of your mind, Yao’s kindness playing into his gentle fingers, a shared passion mingled in each breath. And that was why the moment felt so delicious. That was why, even though no clothes had been taken off, there was still an undeniable sense of pleasure at simply being together.  The sweet friction of your lower bodies melted away the angst of the day. All the stress felt by China and all the monotony felt by you was washed away.

Your teeth clashed with Yao’s as the heated kiss escalated. Your body was burning, your head positively spinning. You could feel him through your clothes and it was arousing you beyond belief. The wetness of your fluids soaked through your pants, making it easier to shuffle over his robes. Moans spilt from your mouth as his hands guided your hips over his. His erection was hard now, and you were sure Yao was waiting for you before he gave in to the pleasure.

With a distinctive roll of your hips, everything paused. The world could have stopped mid-orbit for all you knew. All you were aware of was the power of Yao’s hips as he bucked against you, and the jolts of satisfying passion that uprooted your very being.

Breathy gasps filled the space between you. Yao tilted his head back as his semen wet his robes. He looked to be the very definition of satiation as he sat there, one arm pushed back to support his weight. His lips were bruised and his face flushed, but there was still a spark of warmth and electricity in his eyes when he slowly opened them. His gaze caught you by surprise, but it gave way to what he truly wanted from you, and you knew it had nothing to do with clothes.

He slowly leaned down, pressing his back to the ground. You followed him, allowing your chest to press against his. You didn’t unlock your legs from him, though. The thought of abandoning that sweet heat was discomforting.

In the quiet of the room, you pressed a light, thankful kiss to his mouth. His lips curled up as you drew away. Giddily, you realized that the spark was still burning in his gaze.
As his hands slowly began removing clothing, all you could to was watch and think about how the flames that lit your heart somehow overpowered the ones that took hold of your body.

A Spain Lemon -- Relentless

Character: Spain

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Ehmmm....:0 I'll get back to you

To Antonio, a kiss held an endless array of meanings. Most of them were, admittedly, of a lustful sort. But sometimes, his kisses were soft and sweet; a quick reminder of his love, a question, a plead. During the nighttime hours, he kissed you with an intensity that was often quite startling. But now, while the sun was just beginning to rise and the bed sheets were still wrapped snugly around your naked figures, his mouth moved in ways that left you breathless in a different manner.

His arms caged you to his chest, keeping you hostage against his heart as it pumped with yours. You had a feeling that your hair was matted and messy from the night before, but his fingers smoothed over your head and made you feel beautiful regardless.

“Antonio…” you pulled away from his mouth as it kissed down your neck. Your fingers, previously tunneled into his hair, eased away as well. “I have to take a shower…”

Without you, you’d meant to say, because even though the thought of sharing one with him made your heart splutter giddily, you knew you’d never get out without conforming to his will. Well, getting out of bed was the first issue, you knew. And that would be even harder to do.

He paused in his kisses to glance up at you, surprise flitting through his emerald gaze. No, you didn’t really want to leave the warmth of the bed, and his embrace. Yes, you were well aware it was Valentine’s Day and some form of romance should be achieved before nightfall. But that was one of the reasons you were so adamant about taking that shower and escaping him. Antonio was always so restless on Valentine’s Day. He seemed to think that taking you everywhere and buying you everything and pleasuring you endlessly was what you wanted. Which was nice, of course, except that it happened every single Valentine’s Day. This year, you wanted something simpler, which was something that Antonio just didn’t understand.

He seemed to realize that you didn’t really like the thought of getting out of bed, because he was soon back to pressing little kisses all over you neck and collar. Sure, you wanted something simpler, but that didn’t mean you didn’t enjoy what Antonio had to offer.

A breathy moan drifted past your lips, which felt cold without his mouth on them. You didn’t know what you wanted. You were stuck between one menial wish to take that damned shower and the pleasure of what was sure to come if you stayed in bed. In the end, Spain made up your mind for you. His body, as it was pressed to yours, could absolutely not be denied. A fact that he seemed to know quite well.

He smirked against your lips as he claimed them, shifting his legs around your thighs and pushing his erection against your womanhood. It was already hard and promised a passion-filled morning. Breathless with want, your body moved on its own as you pulled Antonio closer.

Another moan flew from you when his hand dipped down your body. He paused briefly to ghost past your breasts. He caught your nipples between his thumb and forefinger and gave them a light, teasing pull before drifting down. As he went, his mouth followed, tongue spiraling around your taut breasts as his fingers finally found the treasure they sought.

When they dipped into your wet folds, you could feel your back arch from the immediate pleasure. The added satisfaction of his tongue caused gasps to fly. Your fingers tangled in his hair once more and you couldn’t think. Blanked with pleasure, you whispered your lovers name as his finger eased into you.

His eyes locked with yours as he fingered you. You couldn’t look away from his gaze. It was as though it was what grounded you to the bed, kept you struggling amid the crashing waves of passion, docking you just above the ocean. And you loved it. You loved it because, every time he added a new digit and pushed them farther and deeper inside, you could feel his love radiating from him. It enveloped you in a sense of happiness that had nothing to do with the lust that was impacting your body.

His thumb pushed against the bundle of nerves atop your womanhood, making your body spasm with energy. He smirked at your reaction, and then leaned in to press a soft kiss to your mouth. A moment later, he was removing his fingers from your folds.

You whimpered at the loss of warmth, but the sight of him licking off your juices was enough to silence it. When he kissed you again, you could taste yourself on his tongue, and it was more erotic than anything you’d ever known.

“Mmm.” You shivered as he moaned. His eyes lazily opened to meet yours, and in a voice filled with power and desire, he breathed, “I want to taste you.” It was enough to make you moan aloud.

Apparently, your moan was synonymous with agreement, because he was soon moving again. But it wasn’t strait down like you thought. Instead, he twisted fully around, so that his mouth was pressed against your dripping flower and his cock was inches from your lips.

The vulgar position made you lightheaded, but you couldn’t deny that the sight of his manhood made your mouth water. You wanted to take it into your mouth and pleasure him just as he pleasured you. Tentatively, you tongued his tip. His reaction was instantaneous as he pushed it into your mouth.

As you took him, his own mouth dipped into your womanhood. It felt different than his fingers had -- slicker, easier. Soon, he was pushing his tongue as deeply inside you as he could while his fingers circled your clit.

You moaned, humming against his cock as he moved it in and out of your mouth. Your hands pumped his base as your tongue ran the length of him. Swishing over him as much as possible, you hummed again as a moan erupted from your lips. You were already so turned on from those talented fingers of his that you could feel an orgasm coming.

He must have known it as well. He replaced his tongue with his fingers again, delving into you at a more rapid pace. His lower body matched the pace as well, dipping into your mouth faster now, as though the end was near for him as well.

Indeed, it was. A moment later he was exploding into your mouth just as you exploded into his. You moan loudly, vibrations making him gasp. You leaned up to take as much of him as you could and swallowed his cum as it was released. Even after it was long gone, you pumped him in and out of your mouth because he was still groaning in pleasure.

Afterward, you were left buzzing with satisfaction. Antonio sighed in content and came to lay beside you. The sun was now higher in the sky, signaling that the afternoon was imminent, and the brightness washed over you and bathed you both in its warmth. You turned your head into Antonio’s shoulder and smiled.

He only chuckled. “Do you still want to take that shower?” Your only response was an indignant laugh as you rolled over. More sleep was in order. This time, he agreed with your simplicity.

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An England Lemon -- Diversion

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Eh…popular vote, really. And I adore him xD

There was something very refreshing about listening to Arthur read to you. He had the best reading voice. He could make you feel as though you were inside the book, seeing everything the main character saw and feeling thing they didn’t.

You loved Arthur’s voice. It was calming and alluring and never ceased to draw you in. In fact, you loved everything about your lover, from the way he sat while reading to the way he let you lean against him like a pillow.

On most days, you’d enjoy listening to him, because it was rare that he’d agree to read aloud. Usually, he was most comfortable sitting alone in the living room or one of the many drawing rooms that were scattered about the mansion. But today, though you found his voice as riveting as always, you wanted something more -- something that reading couldn’t fulfill. You reckoned that the only way to achieve your wish was to catch him off guard, because Arthur had a tendency to resist.

“One day the Chao Chom was so kind to me that I thought my opportunity had come at last. I threw myself at her feet and said, ‘Gracious Lady, be merciful to your child and hear her prayer. As the thirsty traveler beholds afar the everlasting springs of water, or as the dying man has foretastes of immortality, even so your slave L’Ore has tasted freedom through your goodness and would more fully drink of the cup. It is the only desire of her heart, the dream of her slave’s life. Here is the price of my freedom, gracious lady. Be merciful! Set me free!’”

You could think of something you wanted to set free. Your thoughts turned dirty as you tried to reign in what little self control you still had. Your body was restless with the desire to just end this torture. A kiss would certainly quiet him enough to make him realize what you wanted…and he surely wouldn’t be able to stop you from achieving it.

“I didn’t dare look at her face, but when she spoke I knew she was angry. She reviled me for ingratitude in wanting to leave her. She reviewed all her kindnesses to me. I begged and implored and wept. ‘You were born my slave,’ she said coldly, ‘and I will not take money for you. You are much more valuable to me than money.’

You turned to glance at him and was immediately mesmerized by his striking features. His long fingers turned a page of the book, and he paused as he rallied his voice. Then he plunged back into the story, reading with that smooth tone that almost made you forget your growing plans.

You eyes drifted as he continued to read. His dress shirt was unbuttoned at the top, exposing the smallest and most tantalizing bit of skin. Your lips itched to kiss that sacred spot, run your tongue over it and nip at it before delving south. He sat with his legs slightly spread apart. His jeans rode up his thighs, creating a path in which you gaze obediently followed.

You were suddenly overcome by the strong desire to smooth those jeans out, unzip them and drag them past his hips. You wanted to kiss every inch of him you could. Lustful eyes turning upwards, you locked your gaze back to your lover’s. He was intently reading, still latched to the words as they sprang from the page. When he showed no signs of stopping, you decided to take matters into your own hands and give your fingers a little freedom.

You touched his shirt, grazing over the buttons as you smoothed the wrinkles from it. You could feel his heat radiating through the fabric and it made the anticipation all the better. He paused, your touch drawing him from the world within the pages. Turning his eyes to you, he gave you his full attention as you unbuttoned his shirt.

“Are we finished reading, then?” he wondered as he watched you spread his shirt away from his chest. You shrugged, grinned wolfishly, and said not a word as your fingers tickled down to his pants, barely stopping to admire the curves of his muscles.

He grunted in appreciation as your mouth connected with his neck. Your tongue ducked over the grooves of his collar, sucking delicately on his flushed skin. He tilted his head back to allow you more room. The book was dropped helplessly to the floor, and you replaced the space before him with your body as you straddled his hips.

Through your clothes, you could feel the heat of his arousal growing steadily. His hands came around your thighs and he held you in place, bringing you as close as possible. The warmth of your bodies sent jolts of pleasure shooting through you. You jerked against his hold, friction riding between you and feeling more of him.

Your nails scraped down his bare chest, over his tender nipples and around his bellybutton. They didn’t stop until you reached the clasp of his jeans. The button was pulled easily away and, before Arthur could protest this the sitting room was not the place for this, your hand snuck into the confinements of his pants and quieted any and all objections.

He was already hard, but a few strokes of your hand made him harder. He tossed his head back, mesmerized by your touch, and his fingers marked your legs in a tough hold. Dragging his erection from his jeans, you praised it with your eyes. It was large and ready, almost painfully so. The sight of it, standing in the air as it was, made your mouth water.

You eased yourself down, palming his erection as you went, until your face was just inches from it. Your eyes flicked back to Arthur’s. He was staring at you, lust washing through his emerald gaze. It sent shivers down your spine.

A faint smirk eased it’s way onto your lips just before your mouth encircled his width. You took him deeply into your mouth without warning, surprising him at the sheer audacity you used. But you didn’t care that Arthur was unused to the vulgar sight of you sucking his cock. You didn’t care that you were both far away from any bedroom, and that a maid might enter at any time. The sense of danger perforated your body, turning you on just as you aroused Arthur.

His fingers tangled into your hair, drawing you close. He couldn’t seem to help it. His head was tilted back but his eyes held yours, unable to break the connection. His back arched when you gave him a particularly harsh suck. Your tongue, as it ran over his tip, made him gasp a short, breathy gasp that sent excited thrills down you.

Soon, your hands decided to make use of themselves. Arthur was nothing short of shocked when he felt your fingers begin to massage his balls, but it only made him grit his teeth and release a low, husky sort of groan as you commenced.

The new level of passion was a hot haven for your wild emotions. Your desire for him slid around you like a storm, making your actions quicken. You could feel that he was about to come, and so you hurried your pace to accommodate his release. With one last, hard suck, he let loose a moan that sounded almost like your name. Head flipped back, his eyes stared unseeingly at some point above him. It almost looked like he was staring at heaven. You also felt atop the world as you drank him in, swallowing his essence as it shot into your mouth.

He came back down to reality just in time to see the last of his cum disappear into your mouth. You reckoned that the sight of it was what prompted him to lean forward and stare at you with renewed lust. Whatever it was, you had a feeling he wouldn’t be letting you out of his sight for a while yet.

You let him go with a loud pop - that only seemed to intensify the lust within his eyes - and smirked.

“I think we’re quite finished reading,” you told him, cheekily grinning from your place before him. He sent you a lazy smile in agreement and stood up, pulling up his jeans and then proceeding to help you up as well.

“To the bedroom, then.” His hand slid into yours, and he pulled you away with a renewed sense of vigor.

A/N: Quotes are from Anna and the King of Siam, to which I obviously don't own. :3

A Lavi Lemon -- Dimmed

Character: Lavi

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Lingerie

There is definitely something predatory about Lavi that you’ve never noticed before, and it had something to do with the way he is staring at you right now. Of course, such a reaction is desired and expected, but it still sent unnerved shivers racing down your spine. You felt hesitant, doubtful, but there’s no way you can retract your actions and no way you’d really want to. Even if you felt bare before him, dressed in such a risqué display of lace and silk, there’s no way you’d ever want to stop this moment.

It’s Valentine’s day, and Lavi has been away for an entire month. His mission in Russia had been a failure, for there was no innocence. A surprise attack of about 100 level one Akuma and various higher levels had ruined the mission, and Lavi was feeling worse for wear after having to deal with both Komui and Bookman about the incomplete effort.

That’s why, when he finally made his way into his shared bedroom, the sight that awaited him made his mouth water and his misgivings vanish. The door swung shut behind him but he could never drag his eyes from the Goddess before him, standing confidently in the center of the room and wearing an extremely skimpy outfit.

Oh, sure, the lace was of a cheaper nature and was digging into your hips, but the discomfort made it all the more worth it when you thought about how it would be coming off so soon. You shifted your weight onto another leg, uncrossing your arms to lean one against a jutted hip, and tried your best to obtain a look of demure attraction. Whatever the result, it must have had the desired effect, because Lavi swallowed thickly and wove his way deeper into the room.

He fingered the bow that kept up the bosom, eyes filled with awe and something else. His other hand fit snugly into the crevice of your waist, thumbing circles into your side and flaring heat throughout your body.

He swallowed again when he caught your eyes, and flashed you a smirk that left you somewhat breathless. This was good, very good in fact. Definitely what he needed after a long and tiresome mission.

Silence dominated, washing over the room and masking it in a sort of otherworldly quiet. The small room definitely seemed different than it had minutes before. The shadows seemed to jump out and take form, and the dimmed lights overhead intensified the angular planes of Lavi’s face as he leaned in.

He took you lips in his and you instantly melted. Pressing your lingerie clad body to his, you whimpered as his tongue slid past your lips and tasted the passion, the desire on your tongue. There was something so significant about this moment, as though the rest of the evening depended on it to lead it through.

Indeed, it did. Pressing your head back onto the pillows, a soft keen slid from your mouth. Lavi paused half a second, enjoying the sound of it, and then delved right back into the kiss. His impatience soaked into the slightly haphazard way he handled you, but you understood that it was his way of letting himself go. Besides, it added that colorful prowess to every action he took.

His long fingers finally began working on the lacy top. You opened your eyes to watch him, but his gaze was intent on the lacy bow. He slid it through his fingers with care, and then slid his eyes up to meet yours, as though just realizing you’d been staring. A faint smirk lit up the corner of his mouth.

He kept his eyes on your face as he gingerly removed the lace. Your freed breasts were softly nipped at with callous fingers, but the sensation was quick and gone before you could process the pleasure.

His hands drifted south, tugging away cloth as he went. This time, he turned his eyes to your body. The look in his eyes – that predatory, intense power – grew at a steady pace with each sight of skin.

That wasn’t the only thing that was growing. He made his erection known to you with a wonderful roll of his hips. He was so hard that it made you gasp out in surprise and awe, and made that smirk upon his face widen just a bit.

You wanted to tell him to hurry up, because you were already turned on before he’d come in, but your words spluttered and died in your throat. Just the thought of the night to come was enough to arouse you, which he soon discovered when the last piece of silk finally slid down your thighs.

An amused look washed away his smirk. “You’re already so wet.” The observation, full of want and huskiness, was enough to make you writhe in anticipation.

He chuckled, and you suddenly felt his breath at your folds, hotly blowing. He chuckled once more – a pleased sound – and then dove in, plunging his tongue against your wet womanhood and making your back arch in surprise and passion.

There was no way of describing the amount of pleasure that came with his movements. It was blazon with excitement and a wanton sort of relaxation. Nothing in the world could rival Lavi’s tongue, which was so skilled that it had you at the verge of coming in seconds.

He must have known that, as well, for he was quick to break away from you. He caught your half-lidded eyes with a grin, took in the color of your cheeks with amusement. Then he moved his gaze to the rest of your body, equally flushed and spread out just for him, and he decided that he wanted nothing more than to claim it completely.

So he did. He pushed himself into you without thought. Most of his clothes still hung from his frame, too bothersome to remove. But he couldn’t wait, and neither could you, which made sweet release all the more rewarding.

Your fingers tugged at his hair, bringing the flames close to you as you pressed your mouth to his. He returned the kiss, grunting into it with every roll of his hips as he breeched you. He was rougher than normal, but you didn’t mind. Drawing your legs around his waist, you pushed your breasts against him and moaned for him.

There were many things that could have drawn up the release, but for Lavi, it was the sound of his name being scraped through your parted lips. He moaned, burying his head into the crook of your neck, and let himself go. The orgasm was sweeter than the sex itself, raising you up in a strange, otherworldly kind of bliss. The peace was quick to disappear, but attaining those few seconds were enough to make you sigh with happiness.

Your chest heaved as your collapsed back to the bed. Lavi was not far behind, and soon had you entwined in an embrace that you savored more than anything, even the moments spent united. You sighed and felt your eyes close, and with each stroke of Lavi’s fingers on your hot skin, you faded away from this world.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Husky Lemon -- Testing The Waters

Character: Husky

Fandom: +Anima

OC: Iris Walker, cropped black hair, not an Anima

Inspiration: I really don't know D|

The first light of day washed over the landscape, creating tiny little shadows that seem to curl over the sleeping faces of Iris’s friends. Er, well, most of them, anyway. Husky was no where to be found.

The mystery of his disappearance wasn’t exactly surprising to Iris. He often left the group when they were sleeping to think in peace, and if there was water around, he’d usually be gone for hours at a time. No one berated him for it, because he didn’t just spend his time thinking. Collecting breakfast was an easy enough task.

She twisted her hands impatiently as she waited for him to return. They were camping beside a large lake, and Husky was surely beneath the water at this very moment.

The reason, of course, as to why she was waiting up for him rather than gaining a few precious hours of sleep was simple. He was absolutely beautiful when his hair was wet and dripping down his body. His skin shone like a million little diamonds when it was wet. He practically shimmered in radiance, and Iris didn’t want to miss it, because it was always such a short moment before he began drying the water away; before he changed back into his full human form, which held a different sort of beauty.

The only problem was that he was late. He was usually back before dawn rose, and the sun was already half an hour into the sky. The wringing of her hands was rather symbolic because she couldn’t make up her mind. Should she stay here and wait for him, or see what was taking so long? He didn’t like being interrupted from his thinking.

Iris glanced around at the camp. The years had tempered with her friend’s faces, but they’d all come out with a strange, otherworldly kind of beauty. She supposed it had something to do with their Anima form.

Her shaded eyes weren’t blind to the movements of Cooro and Nana as they huddled close. They weren’t just seeking warmth, she knew. What sparked between them was similar to what burned between Husky and her, and it was hard to miss. Their seventeen year old faces showed more emotion that they might have liked.

She vaguely wondered if it was the same for her. When she looked at Husky, did her eyes give away her emotions? She had a feeling that Husky knew. In fact, she was sure that Senri, Cooro, and Nana were all in on it, too. Did Husky give away his feelings for her – did he have any feelings for her? – and if so, was she blind to them?

She glanced back up at the sun, but before she could lose herself in her thoughts again, a noise jolted her in the direction of her friends. “Pst! Oh for God’s sake – “ Nana scuttled slightly away from Cooro’s protective grasp and looked directly into Iris’ eyes. To her surprise, Nana looked rather annoyed. It was an emotion she was used to seeing, but not after spending the night cuddling in Cooro’s arms. “Are you stupid?”

Iris blinked. Her confusion must have been obvious, because Nana rolled her eyes and sat up, a glower on her face. “He’s waiting for you. That’s why he hasn’t come back yet. Now go before you make me wake everyone else up!” Senri shifted on his sleeping roll.

The shock of Nana’s words slowly made their way into Iris’ head. Why would Husky be waiting for her? Did he have something to say? She caught Nana’s impatient look and stood up, brow raised.

But she didn’t question her friend, because her mind was finally made up. She would go to Husky and find out if Nana was pulling her leg. And if she was, then it didn’t really matter, because all she really wanted was to see was Husky in the morning sunlight, twisting through his element. A shiver brushed down her back.

When she got to the edge of the lake, she glanced back. Trees now obscured her view of the camp. She could just see the fire as it flickered through the foliage. Turning back, she felt her confidence burn.

Iris didn’t really know what she had expected. Perhaps watching him swim? Or finding him setting the fish he no doubt caught up for cooking? Regardless, when she reached the edge of the bank, she didn’t see either. Instead, about ten yards to her left, he was lounging at the side of the lake, still in his Anima form with his tail dipping into the waters. The rest of him was gloriously bare.

She approached him casually. She could feel her heart pumping erratically in her chest, but it didn’t show on her face. Her confidence was springing up now, not letting any of her other emotions lead her movements.

When he heard her approach, he glanced up. His clear blue eyes connected with her dark gaze, and she had to force herself not to glance down at his chest. The years had done him well, too, for the muscles that bunched beneath his skin were obvious.

Her presence forced a familiar expression onto his face, but his glower only made her smile. As her eyes drifted over the rest of his features, she wondered why this morning somehow felt...different. Husky cleared his throat. “Don’t just stand there.”

She blinked curiously, trying to figure out the strangeness of the situation. Why was he still in his Anima form? Was he really waiting for her, or was Nana just saying that to get her to come out? When she asked the latter aloud, Husky blushed.

“I...er,you – “ he glared at her, no doubt trying to banish the red from his cheeks and utterly failing. “Shut up. I wasn’t waiting for you.” But the blush that still lingered upon his cheeks canceled out his words.

She accepted them, though, because she didn’t want to make him too annoyed. Seeing him in his Anima form was a treat because it didn’t often happen, and Iris always thought he looked so beautiful whilst like this. Of course, she would never say this aloud, but she couldn’t stop peering at his long, gracefully tail as it slipped to and fro beneath the water.

She slowly sat down, on the dry bank, and took her shoes off so dip her feet into the water. It was cool on her skin, offering a kind of soothing power that sprinkled up her body as she leaned back. Beside Husky, she felt different, as though she, too, held a beauty that was illuminated by the rising sun.

it was silent for a while as the two watched the sun come up. When the landscape was bathed in an orange glow, Iris turned to glance at her companion. This, truly, was worth putting up with his attitude. He was glorious, beautiful, otherworldly, and she just wanted to stare at him forever.

Unfortunately, Husky didn’t agree. He glanced at her, caught her eyes with a burning intensity, and then blushed heavily as though her stare had effected him. “Stop staring,” he told her, and darted his eyes away at look at the waves that lapped over his skin.

A sudden thought struck her as she moved her eyes to the rest of him. The reason he was still in his Anima form – was it because he’d be naked if he turned? Was he embarrassed about showing himself while she was around? Having traveled with the group for the past few years, Iris had seen them all naked. It was just a normal thing, and it didn’t bother her. She’d seen Husky bare too, but perhaps the situation was different now. They were alone, not surrounded by the others. Alone, watching the sun rise together. The moment might be considered romantic, if Husky bought into those kinds of things.

She couldn’t help it, really. He was just too beautiful, and Iris always had a difficult time keeping her hands to herself. She reached out to touch his bare shoulder, delighting in the shiver that raced through her at the skin to skin contact. He jerked his head towards her, eyes narrowed in question, but surprisingly didn’t complain as her fingers danced to the planes of his chest, splaying out as she admired him.

Though surprised at his lack of argument, Iris delighted in touching him. To her, he was a wild creature, graceful and mysterious. Time and time again, he never ceased to amaze her. She found herself breathless more times than naught in his presence – a fact that left her head spiraling out of control when she tried to get to the bottom of it.

She thought she knew the reason now, though, and judging by Husky’s silence – and the sprinkle of red upon his cheeks – she thought the feeling was mutual. Testing the waters, she leaned in and pressed a soft, gentle kiss to his shoulder.

His reaction was immediate and not unexpected. He flew away from her grasp, eyes wide and cheeks blushing profusely as he stared. Though Iris felt that she should have been ashamed, she couldn’t help but feel amused at his expression and his utter intolerance for physical contact. A giggle forced it’s way from her mouth before she could stop it.

At the sound, Husky seemed to come back to his senses. His eyes narrowed into angry slits, but he didn’t move. Actually, he looked as though he dearly wanted to escape the shore and escape beneath the lapping waves.

Iris accepted this and leaned back, still locking her eyes with his. If he wanted to leave, then she’d let him. In fact, she anticipated his leaving. But he again surprised her by staying very still.

“What was that?” he asked, looking no less annoyed than he had before. His voice, she could tell, was striving to remain calm.

She shrugged, because she really didn’t know. All she knew was that he was glorious and that she wanted to figure him out, discover what he had to offer, what he was made of beneath all those scales. As though reading her mind, his cheeks gained a darker tone.

“A kiss, I suppose,” she told him, and shrugged again. She didn’t mean to act this nonchalant. It was a defense against his rejection, his refusal to accept the intimacy that she so dearly wished for.

He turned his head away from her, glowering out at the lake. She watched his curiously, wondering what he was thinking of, and wasn’t altogether shocked to hear the next words that he spoke. “...I’ve never been kissed before.”

Of course he hadn’t, because Husky hated girls. He wouldn’t even go near them five years ago, and though his hatred had lessened slightly, it was still strong. Iris smiled lightly, reassuringly, and slowly edged towards him again. He did not move.

She felt as though she were coaxing a wounded animal out of danger, and that one wrong move would scare it away, send it darting off. Husky definitely didn’t seem calm, for sure, and so Iris moved with care until she was right next to him.

“Well,” she murmured, holding his eyes with hers, “I’ll show you how.” And she leaned forward slowly, slowly, and pressed a very gentle kiss to his mouth.

He tasted different, in an exotic sort of way. Like salt and freesia. The strange combination had a dizzying effect on Iris, which was a surprise in and of itself. She had to force herself to break the kiss, lest she scare away Husky with her level of intimacy.

But upon glancing up into his eyes after breaking away, she saw no fright or disgust. His emotions seemed to be under lock and key, because the only thing she could discern from him was a darkness like none she’d ever felt, winding through his pallid eyes as he stared down at her.

He almost seemed to be looking right through her, and the shivers that raced throughout her made her wonder at how he was doing this to her. Everything about him was clear, in a nonsensical sort of way. There wasn’t any form of description that she could give him without sounding insane.

She really wanted to kiss him, so without bothering to ask him for his permission, Iris leaned forward once more and pressed another kiss to his mouth. It wasn’t as gentle as before, but still just as tentative as she waited for him to push her away.

But he didn’t. In fact, as she moved her mouth over his, Iris even felt his lips move with her, hesitant but determined. Her eyes fluttered closed as she enjoyed the enrapturing power of his kiss.

It was strange. Iris hadn’t felt this level of desire...well, ever. She’d never before felt quite so much freedom in a kiss. It wasn’t overbearing like some she’d had, nor overly submissive. It was perfect – reflected Husky’s personality perfectly as he refused to let her take control. He met her pressure with just a little more of his own, until their mouths were working furiously together in a fight for dominance.

How she ended up on top of him, Iris didn’t know. But when she felt her chest fall against his and his arms reach up to catch her elbows in his surprise, she knew they had reached a crossroad. She slowly opened her eyes, only to find his already open and staring at her. Either he would realize that he’d had quite enough of this – ultimately, the safer option when it all boiled down to it – or he’d allow himself to indulge in whatever emotion he was feeling. And as Iris studied the diluted fire within his gaze, she had a feeling she knew exactly what those emotions were.

Though his expression was blank, it was easy to see the wild, frenzied way his eyes roved her face. She had to remind herself that it was his first time doing anything sexual, and that if he decided to continue, she should be gentle – but when his mouth bolted upward to connect with hers, moving with the same frenzy as his eyes had, Iris completely forgot about tact and delved right in.

A soft little noise left her lips, and Husky hesitated for a fraction of a second. In that second, Iris captured him, forcing her tongue into his mouth and tasting him. If purity had a taste, it would be this, she decided. Somehow, it was making her all the more excited. She felt a dark twist wrench her gut, and a desire rose up inside of her to taint that purity, and make it equally dark.

Her fingers burned down him, fiddling with muscle, tugging, scolding, whispering over skin. When her lips left his to follow her hands, Husky was left panting and breathless on his back. His eyes followed her movements, watching all the while as she touched him.

It was an erotic sight, but never as erotic as what would come. Still in his Anima form, Husky was unable to feel the full impact of what Iris was inflicting upon him. He felt the fire, scorching through his veins; he felt the control spasm out from delicate fingertips; he felt the heat of her mouth drag him into an endlessly dark abyss. But it wasn’t until the last thread of his self control snapped away – the one that kept his tail in place, making him only half human – that he felt passion emerge over him in heavy waves.

And it was blissfully painful, because he’d never before experienced such dramatic desire. His bare legs curled at the knees, but Iris moved between them before they could snap shut. Not that it mattered. Nothing could hide his erection, because he was already so hard.

He felt a hot blush splatter onto his cheeks and down his neck. This was entirely new, and he felt helpless and degraded while Iris hovered above him. From the little he knew about relationships, Husky had thought that it was the man who was normally dominant. But his self control had long since crumbled, and he couldn’t even think about changing positions. Besides, even if he did, he wouldn’t have a clue as to what to do. So he just lay there, watching Iris’s excited eyes rove his nude body.

The realization that he was nude and that she still had all her clothes on hit him like a brick. He wanted to open his mouth, but he couldn’t figure out what he’d say when he did. Iris, take off your clothes. Huh. That didn’t seem very tactful, and it would probably only serve to embarrass him and amuse her.

When he felt Iris’s mouth back on his, Husky was brought from his thoughts immediately. His eyes slid closed when she nibbled on his lip. It felt heavenly, especially when she whispered softly over his skin, “You’re thinking too much.” And he reckoned he was.

So he tried to forget about the awkwardness of his first time. When she kissed him again, he responded with a little more pressure.

He felt an indescribable zing of pleasure take hold of him when she ground her hips against his. His erection was too hard. When her hand reached down to grasp it, he gasped aloud and jolted up.

“Shhh,” she murmured, pushing him back down. His mind was utterly clouded when she began to move her hand over him, pumping him slowly in her fingers. His throat constricted with short little gasps as every touch. He felt helpless and yet safe. Safer and more comfortable than he’d ever felt before.

She nibbled his neck, tongue lacing over his blushing skin as her free hand trailed down his chest. Her fingers curved around his nipple, twisted the peak gently before moving on, drawing more gasps from him as they progressed downward. When they splayed out at his side, Iris leaned in and caught his gaze. Smiling softly, in a reassuring manner, she told him, “Take off my clothes.”

Oh Lord. The only thing he could think of was how much he dearly wanted to do just that. His hands were shaking like leaves as they pushed up her body, and were slow until she gave his erection a startlingly rough tug. Then, he worked as fast as he could, stopping only to admire her breasts as they were revealed, and the gentle curve of her hips as they straddled him. She was lovely, but Husky was still all too shy and couldn’t bring himself to touch her.

So she touched him, instead. She pushed her breasts against him, and he had to reign in the shivers at the contact. Her mouth moved over his again. Her fingers pumped him harder, faster, until he was on the verge of release.

But she didn’t let him come. Shooting him a wicked smile, Iris took her hand away and replaced it with her dripping flower. Husky was about to protest - not because he didn’t want to continue, but because he didn’t know how to – when she took the situation into her own hands, literally, and guided his manhood to her hole. She slunk down onto him and he utterly lost it.

His back arched, his eyes locked onto something far away, unseeing, and his body jerked. His hands grasped her hips, pulling her down and sheathing himself completely inside of her. It was like instinct had taken a hold of him, controlling him and making him less shy and more animalistic.

Iris reacted a little more gracefully. She fell onto his chest, jerked her hips to get accustomed to him, and allowed his hands to move her. The pace they set was slow at first, but after only a few minutes it escalated into something so fast that Iris’s mind was lost far behind. Indeed, instinct was now dominating.

Their heavy breaths mingled tightly as the world rushed by. Moans fell past pleasing lips, but the words that escaped had no meaning and no depths. They just knew they were erotic, and that fact was enough to keep going.

It didn’t take long at all to find release, because Husky was already so worked up and Iris was absolutely aroused by leading him into this. There were loud moans as they came. Their hips snapped together fervently and they uttered prayers, whispers that rushed away with the wind as soon as they were said. Spasms rocked their bodies, lasting far longer than either expected. The end, they came to find, was sweeter than anything felt before.

Iris collapsed beside him, head snuggled up into the crook of his shoulder as her eyes drifted closed. She peeked up at him once as the silence took over, but his face was so dazed that she didn’t think he’d yet processed their actions. Well, whatever happened, Iris just hoped his fear of girls had vanished. She’d rather not have to deal with it every time this happened. (Because, she smirked, it was definitely going to happen again.)


Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Germany and Prussia Lemon -- Iron and Blood

Character(s): Germany and Prussia~

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Sera Thompson, Represents Georgia

Inspiration: Being caught by the Axis Powers :3

Alright, so it’s not like Sera Thompson expected to wake up in a dark, scary basement after being jumped and gagged. She didn’t get herself into these kinds of situations for fun. In fact, she was just about cursing herself to the depths of hell – or, at least, attempted to form words around the dirty rag that had been shoved into her mouth – when an eery door atop a set of stairs swung open and a shaft of light hit her square in the face.

She cringed as it blinded her. She wasn’t afraid – no, never afraid – but she couldn’t deny being rather uncomfortable. After all, being tied to a chair by rough leather strips and left alone for hours on end could do that to a person. She felt sore and pained and she really wanted to free herself so that she could slap whoever this was in the face –

“You’re awake, I see.” She froze, squinting and trying to get her eyes used to the light. She reckoned she’d been here all night and longer, because her vision had long since shifted to accommodate the night and wasn’t budging. That voice, though, belonged to someone she knew fairly well. (Or, at least she did before this hapless war had begun...) She really didn’t need her sight to realize that this Germanic accent could only come from one of two people.

There was a shuffling, and a scratchy noise, and then the door swung shut again and Sera was left in the darkness. But this time, she was not alone. Her eyes, having just been getting used to the bright light, were now having equal trouble conforming to the darkness, and she kept up her squinting as she heard two people approach.

“Kesesesese~ You look like a blind bat.” A finger trailed up her cheek, gently tracing her eyelid as to prove his point. “You sure you want to go through with this, Bruder?”

Alright, so Sera Thompson was not stupid. The German accent before belonged to Germany, and where Germany was, his brother was never far behind. What it was that Germany wanted to do, however, still remained as dark as the air around her.

She tried to speak – to ask what the hell they were doing, tell them that America would hear of this and get revenge – when suddenly a sharp slap landed on her cheek. She felt her head turn at the force, eyes wide in shock. Who had slapped her she didn’t know, but what she did know was that she was in trouble.

“Shut up,” Prussia hissed in her ear, hot breath wavering over her. She shivered, tried uselessly to free herself from her bindings, and looked straight into his crimson eyes. She could see him now, when he was so close, and she refused to show weakness. When he next spoke, the harsh tone he used and the rough words that spewed from his mouth made her gasp in shock. “It will be fun to break you.”

Yep. She was definitely in trouble.

When her head was jerked back by her hair, a sharp zing of pain enveloped her scalp. Her gaze was forced upward, toward a pair of deadly blue eyes as they glared down at her. The sneer that played at the corner of those lips didn’t look right on that normally passive face. With a jolt of anguish, Sera had to accept that this was what war did to a person, and Germany was no different.

His free hand twisted the rag in her mouth, tearing it out and tossing it into the darkness that surrounded them. He watched as she gasped for breath, finally able to fill her lungs for the first time since being captured. As her heavy breaths softened, the glint that dwelled within Germany’s dark gaze grew.

She was going to ask him what he wanted with her. Because she really couldn’t figure that one out. She didn’t have information for him – America hardly told her anything about that war, preferring that she was kept safe at home. Of course, she received the telegrams, but they only told her the barest of what was going on. Perhaps Germany thought she knew more, and that was why he had taken her.

In the background, Prussia clucked his tongue. His red eyes seemed to shine through the thick darkness, like a demon’s. it made Sera shiver, but it was filled with anticipation rather than fear.

When Germany spoke next, his voice wasn’t like she remembered it to be. It was coarser, like rough spun wool. There was a note of heavy sadness that infiltrated his words, but they mostly were made of steel, biting and hard and strong, just as he was. He asked her what she knew of the Allied plans. He wanted to know what America’s next move would be. He was sure that he’d told her something and demanded to know what it was, but there was nothing to tell and Germany didn’t accept that as an answer.

“Get her up,” he spat to his brother, and Sera was suddenly released from her binds and forced into a standing position. Her arms were held back by Prussia in an iron grip as he pulled her back to his chest. She struggled, but weakly, because she knew she wouldn’t be able to overpower the two of them anyway. And, a tiny voice screeched at her, she didn’t really want to. It was a thought that left her feeling shamed, as though they had already stripped away her dignity and she didn’t even care.

Germany was staring at her, taking in her weak struggles and smirking at the fact that escape was pointless. She didn’t even know where she was, after all. Other than the basement, which was currently the center of her world, the rest didn’t exist.

The clack of Germany’s boots on stone brought Sera from her helpless thoughts. She jerked her head upward and watched as he approached, eyes filling with a sick sort of desperation with every step he took. When he was in front of her, mere inches from her face, the blonde demon leaned in and whispered a harsh sentence that forced her body to convulse in shivers.

“I will make you babble.”

And then his hands were grasping at the buttons that held her shirt up, and she knew right then and there that his words would prove to be correct.

The copper buttons that held her shirt together hit the floor in an echoing manner, and it shoved off her ears like a foreboding promise.  Immediately, the cold air of the basement hit her skin and she cringed.

She could feel Prussia's breath wavering over her neck, but it was so hot that it was uncomfortable.  Sera squinted through the darkness and caught sight of Germany's eyes, which were latched to her chest in an offhanded manner.  She felt a zing of displeasure bounding through her.  (She definitely didn't feel excitement.  Pft.) 

Prussia chuckled into her ear.  The sound made her more on edge than she already was, and she felt herself struggling against his hard grip that held her to his chest.  But the more she struggled, the more the aching in her arms bothered her.  As they were bent at such an odd angle behind her, Sera didn't have much range of motion: a fact that both of the Germans seemed to appreciate more than she.

"Let me go!" she snarled, trying to put as much anger into her voice as she could.  Germany's eyes flew from her chest to her face, and the corner of his mouth tilted upwards in amusement.  "I swear to God, you'll regret this!"

Another chuckle drifted past her ear.  "I think not, mein Fuchs [1].  I think we're all going to enjoy tonight~"  He leaned closer, lips brushing her ear lob.  His tongue darted out to curl around it, and it sent shivers racing down her.  She stiffened as he whispered, "You'll be screaming for more by the time we're finished with you."

She wanted to protest and tell them that they were delusional, and that she would never, ever feel anything but disgust for them, but her words died in her throat as Germany's hand suddenly began to cradle her side.

His fingers were damn cold.  She glared at him as he lazily stroked her, curling little touches over her skin and just beneath her bra.  Her shirt was uselessly flapped out over his hand, now, but she was still thankful to have it around her even if it didn't serve as any form of protection save for the cold.

She saw Germany exchange a glance with his brother, but she barely had the time to brace herself before his hands were cupping more of her than she would have liked and she was shuddering from more than just the frigid air. 

"Hmm…" Germany mused, sounding impassioned.  "I think you are wearing entirely too much clothing.  Don't you, Bruder?"

Another cold kiss was placed at her ear, and then another in the hollow just below it.  Prussia's grasp tightened in a minuscule way that drove her closer to his warm chest.  His voice was lilting with an emotion that could be likened to desire when he answered, "Ja.  Ich denke, du hast Recht, Bruder [2]."

Sera didn't need to know the German language to realize that this was an agreement.  She swallowed thickly as she felt Ludwig's fingers slip beneath the cup of her bra.  Was he really going to do this to her?  (And why the fuck wasn't she freaking out about it more!?)

The next moment whirled by in a manner that seemed unreal.  Her bra was suddenly flipped up above her breasts and his hands were cupping her fully.  His thumbs dipped over her nipples and she fit perfectly in his grasp.  She tried not to look into his eyes, but the admiration that swelled up in them was hard not to acknowledge.  The blush adorning her cheeks was harder to ignore.

He didn't touch her for long.  Soon, he moved his hands behind her to unclasp the bra.  He exchanged another glance with Prussia and then Sera was suddenly let go.  She fell forward into Germany's arms, clearly not expecting the release, and in her confusion she didn't find the time to fight as her shirt was ripped from her arms.

She vaguely wondered how she looked like, clutching onto Ludwig like this.  He didn't seem to mind at all -- in fact, he was staring down at her with an emotion that she couldn't quite decipher, but was sure it was far from annoyance.  His face looked rather handsome up close, too.  She couldn't deny that he had a strong jaw, and a very pleasant pair of sky blue eyes.

Prussia's scoffing brought them out of their reverie and Sera immediately looked away from him, blushing.  He swallowed, looking more awkward than he had since he'd stepped into the room.  In fact, he almost -- almost -- looked like the Germany she knew from before the war.

But then, all too soon, that awkwardness was gone, and the iron shift of his eyes stole away her moment's compassion.  She was suddenly on her knees, face practically pushed against the hard bulge that was dominating his pants. 

Fingers wove into her hair from behind and jerked her head up.  Gilbert smirked, stuffing his free hand into a pocket as he glanced at his brother.  The tall, blonde German was staring fixedly at Sera, taking in her messily strewn hair and the furious blush of her cheeks.  Whatever he was thinking, he wasn't smiling; but there was a steely glint of his eyes that made Sera shiver in apprehension.

They seemed to be waiting for her to move, so Sera slowly reached up to finger the zipper of Ludwig's pants.  Her heart thudded in her chest as she drew it down.  (It wasn't because she wanted to see him, damn it.)  The smirk on Prussia's face widened with every shallow breath she took.

He was big.  She couldn't deny that.  And he seemed pretty ready for her.  She swallowed thickly and tore her gaze from his member.  Another chuckle drifted past her ear, but she ignored Prussia.  She had eyes only for Germany -- wondering if he was actually going to force her to go through with this.  (Because it would be forced…Jesus.  She meant it this time!)

But whatever humanity had kept him alive thus far, it was gone from him right now.  The fingers tightened in her hair and her face was pushed forward as Ludwig watched.  The gleam in his eye intensified.

She took him into her mouth slowly, as though testing the waters.  His hardness felt rather foreign on her tongue, like it was somehow wrong.  His taste wasn't what she expected, either.  He was a walking contradiction.

She was only able to go slow during the first few seconds, however, before her head was once again pushed forward.  His cock nearly suffocated her as she deep throated him.  Her tongue moved over him as best she could, running up and down the thick vein on the underside of him.  He grunted and Prussia relinquished his grasp of her hair, only for Germany to clutch onto it and draw her closer with every thrust of his hips.

"Blas mir einen [3]," his fingers tightened and he shoved himself farther into her mouth.  "Härter [4]!"

Her hands drifted up to his hips and clutched at him.  It was strangely erotic to be ordered around in German.  The pounding in her lower body intensified with every throaty word he spoke.  Her lips slid over his length as fast as he'd allow her.

Another hand touched the back of her neck, dancing down her back and past her shoulder blades.  With Germany distracting her, Sera almost forgot Prussia was even there at all -- a fact that he probably didn't appreciate.  He showed his aggravation by roughly dragging his nails to her hip.

But rather than hurt her, Sera felt an overwhelming sense of desire rising up in her at his touch.  She paused momentarily as the shivers dissipated over her, and barely heard Prussia's chortle. 

Minutes could have swung by and Sera would not have noticed, because it suddenly didn't matter anymore.  It didn't matter why the two Germans were doing this to her; it didn’t matter why she hadn't wanted them to.  Now she did -- she was practically aching for them, and they knew it all too well. 

The rattling of a belt brought Sera back to reality, and then Prussia was behind her.  His hands weren't gentle as they felt her up, brushing over her breasts and down her abdomen, whizzing over the sensitive area of her clit and dancing around her thigh.  She wanted him to touch her so badly that it hurt.  A soft, pleading whimper fell from her lips and was muffled by Germany's hard cock.

"What's this?" Gilbert's hand twitched over her nub again, painfully missing the area that would give her most satisfaction.  "Is Mein kleiner fuchs [5] happier about her situation now?"  Finally, his finger twisted over her, but it was gone a mere second later and she was left wanting even more.

Sera was taken aback by the unmistakable feeling of another erection pressing suddenly against her back.  Her eyes slid halfway closed as her desire was made evident.  She felt another keen leaving her throat, and it only grew as Prussia's dick pressed firmly against her ass.

"Do you want me, Frau [6]?" he growled into her ear, hands tumbling over her hips and dragging her closer against him.  She whimpered, overcome by the growing need to have him inside of her, and nodded.  A harsh, triumphant chuckle raced over her and his hands slid lower down her body, pressing into her skin, around her hipbones, and sliding into her clit.  Immediately, a moan tore from her.

His leg nudged both of hers aside, spreading her open for him.  And then, all too soon and yet not soon enough, his fingers were replaced by the hardness of his erection as he pushed into her from behind.

The explosion took place a second later and Sera gasped loudly as he fully sheathed himself inside of her.  At the same time, Germany became ever more dominant, pushing his member farther into her mouth and releasing a sexy groan.  She had a feeling he was nearing his time, but her realization was put aside when she felt Prussia moving into her.

He was just as dominant as his brother, if not more so.  His hands clutched at her hips and he rammed into her, barely giving her time to adjust to him before he was moving again.  It was the thankful friction that kept her grounded; the iridescent peace of being desperately wanted that had her gasping for air and moaning out strangled, desirous sounds.

It was so erotic that, when Germany finally came a few minutes later, Sera found herself wanting more.  His hands gripped her hard, pulling at her scalp as he shoved into her wildly.  His eyes rolled back and his head tilted backwards, hips angling and body taut.  When he released into her mouth, she was so turned on that she swallowed everything as though it were a treasure she'd only receive once.

Gilbert was not far behind his brother, probably because the situation was more erotic than any of them had expected.  Her hair was being gripped again, but this time, her head was pulled back to reveal her pale, untainted neck.  She was surprised when Germany suddenly knelt before her and pressed kisses over it.  The random act of affection and thanks made her heart beat faster in her chest, and her arms began to curl around his neck as he held her in place. 

Prussia's hand snaked down her body and shocked her once more as he brushed over her nub.  That, coupled with the intense feeling of his member, very nearly made her cum.  She buried her face into Germany's shoulder and moaned loudly, arching her back and pressing her breasts against his chest as Prussia quickened his pace. 

She was so close that it was killing her.  But Prussia didn’t let her come until he was ready to, and so it was a few agonizing minutes later before his hips suddenly moved in a wild, harried way and he was releasing into her.  His fingers prompted her to do the same, and so they both rode out the waves of undiluted pleasure until they panting and spent and their bodies were slick with sweat.

They remained still for a while as the three of them hurried to catch their breaths.  When they could finally breath normally, Prussia slowly removed himself from within her and scrambled to his feet.  Germany rose at a slower pace, hands gripping Sera's arms as he helped her up.  And then, there were two tall, naked Germans towering over her, and Sera was overcome by the annoying desire to start again.

Gilbert's arms wove around her waist and brought her to his chest.  She didn't struggle this time, but rather went willingly.  He pressed a soft kiss beneath her ear and smirked at her submissiveness.  Meanwhile, Germany crossed his arms and stared at her, sky blue eyes meeting hers like iron.  This time, the remnants of their actions and all the emotions that came with them were displayed firmly in his gaze.

"Now.  Are you going to tell us what we want to know…or do we have to punish you further?" a familiar gleam shone through the severity of his eyes.

Sera felt herself smirking.  She turned her head resolutely away and shrugged in a lighthearted manner than made the Germans' smirks widen.  "I swear I don't know anything."

He rose an eyebrow and stepped forward.  His thumb brushed over her cheekbone and traveled down her neck.  He grabbed her chin in a sudden, rough way and leaned into her face, eyes narrowed.  "You will address me as Herr Beilschmidt, Frau [7]."  And then his mouth was on hers and they were both taking her away from the basement and into another world entirely.


[1] mein Fuchs: my fox

[2] Ja.  Ich denke, du hast Recht, Bruder: Yes.  I think you are right, brother.

[3] Blas mir einen: suck me

[4] Härter: harder

[5] Mein kleiner fuchs: my little fox

[6] Frau: woman

[7] Herr Beilschmidt: Mr. Beilschmidt / Sir. 


A/N:  It's finally done~  I hope you enjoyed it.  I'm gonna be working on some other Hetalia threesomes this summer, so is you have any suggestions for the characters, feel free to email me or leave a comment~!  :D
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