Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A China Lemon -- Contact

Character: China 

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia 

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Panda bears, silk robes...Chinese stuff :3 

China was a complicated country. He enjoyed the delicacies of life, but often opted to spend time away from such things. Which was why he was in his office right about now…on Valentine’s Day.

You weren’t really angry with him. After all, you knew that he was an enormous country that needed much energy to keep going. And you weren’t one for superstitions anyway, whatever form they come in. To you, Valentine’s Day was just another holiday. 

You padded down the hallways of Yao’s mansion, peering into each room in your search. You liked to enjoy the moments that life gave you, coupled with the feelings that made every day complete. Yao shared your love of life as well, which was why you were looking for him. Of course he was busy doing paperwork or whatever else, but you were positive that he’d agree to stop for you.

He was in his office, like you’d thought he was. When you eased yourself inside, he sent you a tired smile and stood up to greet you. A quick kiss was given before he was back in his seat.

You followed him down, taking a seat on the hard wood floor. He definitely looked tired, but his eyes sparked warmly as he pushed something toward you.

All you could think of as you stared down at the panda bear was how typical it was of China. It was like the bears they often sold during this time of the year, with hearts in their paws. This one held a similar heart, and the message stitched neatly into it made your heart warm. It was obvious that the white lettering had been sewed in by Yao, but even though it was messy, it made you smile at his effort.

“It’s beautiful,” you told him, and leaned in to press a sweet, lingering kiss to his cheek. You were never a very sentimental person, but you supposed that holidays changed people…even Yao. To your surprise, he didn’t return to his paperwork, but rather encircled his arms around you and tugged you to his chest.

“Aren’t you busy?” you wondered, eyeing the papers that littered his desk. There definitely looked like there was a lot of work to do, and you hated the thought of having him put it off for later and let it pile up. But he only shrugged, looking like he didn’t really care. He probably did, but you appreciated the fact that he was making an effort to make you happy this Valentine’s Day. It was sweet in a way that perfectly summed up Yao’s personality.

You nuzzled him affectionately, enjoying the warmth of him. His arms fit snugly around you, and you felt atop the world as he brought you into his lap.

Your nuzzling soon turned to kisses as your lips drifted over his skin. His eyes slid closed and he tipped his head back, slightly aroused by the way your teeth kept nipping at him. Perhaps this was exactly what he needed, Yao mused. Something that could take his thoughts away, steal his very reality and existence and make them insignificant for a short time. You could do that -- were doing that right now, at this very moment.

You fingers tunneled into his hair, loosening it from the clasp that kept it tied together. The locks spilled away, over his shoulders and tickled his skin. With the new found freedom, your hands drew his head back and you littered his tender neck with those teasing little bites. He felt a soft moan spill from his lips as your teeth brushed over his Adam’s apple.

Your legs shifted your weight, pressing your body farther against him. Your weight was heavenly to Yao, especially since it pressed delightfully against the one area that longed for it most.

You seemed to realize this as well, and felt yourself smirk. Sinking into him, your hands tumbled down his chest, roving over his silk robes and marveling at how well his muscles conformed to them. As your mouth descended upon his, your hips ground against his erection.

He immediately groaned at the contact, mouth opening accidentally. It was the perfect chance for you to sneak your tongue into it -- a chance that was not given up. As he met you in a battle, his fingers tugged your hips closer. You both reveled at the passion that each movement inflicted.

For all you knew, it could have been the silk of China’s robes that made the moment so amazing. But then again, there were many factors that gave into your desire. The dimmed lighting of the room, the calming breeze that sashayed outside, the quiet stillness that was Yao’s office…and Yao himself, so easily giving in to physical contact even though there were piles upon piles of work in front of him.

But no, you whispered silently. This wasn’t just physical contact. It was emotional in all aspects. It was your love coming to the forefront of your mind, Yao’s kindness playing into his gentle fingers, a shared passion mingled in each breath. And that was why the moment felt so delicious. That was why, even though no clothes had been taken off, there was still an undeniable sense of pleasure at simply being together.  The sweet friction of your lower bodies melted away the angst of the day. All the stress felt by China and all the monotony felt by you was washed away.

Your teeth clashed with Yao’s as the heated kiss escalated. Your body was burning, your head positively spinning. You could feel him through your clothes and it was arousing you beyond belief. The wetness of your fluids soaked through your pants, making it easier to shuffle over his robes. Moans spilt from your mouth as his hands guided your hips over his. His erection was hard now, and you were sure Yao was waiting for you before he gave in to the pleasure.

With a distinctive roll of your hips, everything paused. The world could have stopped mid-orbit for all you knew. All you were aware of was the power of Yao’s hips as he bucked against you, and the jolts of satisfying passion that uprooted your very being.

Breathy gasps filled the space between you. Yao tilted his head back as his semen wet his robes. He looked to be the very definition of satiation as he sat there, one arm pushed back to support his weight. His lips were bruised and his face flushed, but there was still a spark of warmth and electricity in his eyes when he slowly opened them. His gaze caught you by surprise, but it gave way to what he truly wanted from you, and you knew it had nothing to do with clothes.

He slowly leaned down, pressing his back to the ground. You followed him, allowing your chest to press against his. You didn’t unlock your legs from him, though. The thought of abandoning that sweet heat was discomforting.

In the quiet of the room, you pressed a light, thankful kiss to his mouth. His lips curled up as you drew away. Giddily, you realized that the spark was still burning in his gaze.
As his hands slowly began removing clothing, all you could to was watch and think about how the flames that lit your heart somehow overpowered the ones that took hold of your body.

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  1. Please write more for China? He is one of my two favourite anime characters of all time x3