Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An England Lemon -- Diversion

Character: England

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Eh…popular vote, really. And I adore him xD

There was something very refreshing about listening to Arthur read to you. He had the best reading voice. He could make you feel as though you were inside the book, seeing everything the main character saw and feeling thing they didn’t.

You loved Arthur’s voice. It was calming and alluring and never ceased to draw you in. In fact, you loved everything about your lover, from the way he sat while reading to the way he let you lean against him like a pillow.

On most days, you’d enjoy listening to him, because it was rare that he’d agree to read aloud. Usually, he was most comfortable sitting alone in the living room or one of the many drawing rooms that were scattered about the mansion. But today, though you found his voice as riveting as always, you wanted something more -- something that reading couldn’t fulfill. You reckoned that the only way to achieve your wish was to catch him off guard, because Arthur had a tendency to resist.

“One day the Chao Chom was so kind to me that I thought my opportunity had come at last. I threw myself at her feet and said, ‘Gracious Lady, be merciful to your child and hear her prayer. As the thirsty traveler beholds afar the everlasting springs of water, or as the dying man has foretastes of immortality, even so your slave L’Ore has tasted freedom through your goodness and would more fully drink of the cup. It is the only desire of her heart, the dream of her slave’s life. Here is the price of my freedom, gracious lady. Be merciful! Set me free!’”

You could think of something you wanted to set free. Your thoughts turned dirty as you tried to reign in what little self control you still had. Your body was restless with the desire to just end this torture. A kiss would certainly quiet him enough to make him realize what you wanted…and he surely wouldn’t be able to stop you from achieving it.

“I didn’t dare look at her face, but when she spoke I knew she was angry. She reviled me for ingratitude in wanting to leave her. She reviewed all her kindnesses to me. I begged and implored and wept. ‘You were born my slave,’ she said coldly, ‘and I will not take money for you. You are much more valuable to me than money.’

You turned to glance at him and was immediately mesmerized by his striking features. His long fingers turned a page of the book, and he paused as he rallied his voice. Then he plunged back into the story, reading with that smooth tone that almost made you forget your growing plans.

You eyes drifted as he continued to read. His dress shirt was unbuttoned at the top, exposing the smallest and most tantalizing bit of skin. Your lips itched to kiss that sacred spot, run your tongue over it and nip at it before delving south. He sat with his legs slightly spread apart. His jeans rode up his thighs, creating a path in which you gaze obediently followed.

You were suddenly overcome by the strong desire to smooth those jeans out, unzip them and drag them past his hips. You wanted to kiss every inch of him you could. Lustful eyes turning upwards, you locked your gaze back to your lover’s. He was intently reading, still latched to the words as they sprang from the page. When he showed no signs of stopping, you decided to take matters into your own hands and give your fingers a little freedom.

You touched his shirt, grazing over the buttons as you smoothed the wrinkles from it. You could feel his heat radiating through the fabric and it made the anticipation all the better. He paused, your touch drawing him from the world within the pages. Turning his eyes to you, he gave you his full attention as you unbuttoned his shirt.

“Are we finished reading, then?” he wondered as he watched you spread his shirt away from his chest. You shrugged, grinned wolfishly, and said not a word as your fingers tickled down to his pants, barely stopping to admire the curves of his muscles.

He grunted in appreciation as your mouth connected with his neck. Your tongue ducked over the grooves of his collar, sucking delicately on his flushed skin. He tilted his head back to allow you more room. The book was dropped helplessly to the floor, and you replaced the space before him with your body as you straddled his hips.

Through your clothes, you could feel the heat of his arousal growing steadily. His hands came around your thighs and he held you in place, bringing you as close as possible. The warmth of your bodies sent jolts of pleasure shooting through you. You jerked against his hold, friction riding between you and feeling more of him.

Your nails scraped down his bare chest, over his tender nipples and around his bellybutton. They didn’t stop until you reached the clasp of his jeans. The button was pulled easily away and, before Arthur could protest this the sitting room was not the place for this, your hand snuck into the confinements of his pants and quieted any and all objections.

He was already hard, but a few strokes of your hand made him harder. He tossed his head back, mesmerized by your touch, and his fingers marked your legs in a tough hold. Dragging his erection from his jeans, you praised it with your eyes. It was large and ready, almost painfully so. The sight of it, standing in the air as it was, made your mouth water.

You eased yourself down, palming his erection as you went, until your face was just inches from it. Your eyes flicked back to Arthur’s. He was staring at you, lust washing through his emerald gaze. It sent shivers down your spine.

A faint smirk eased it’s way onto your lips just before your mouth encircled his width. You took him deeply into your mouth without warning, surprising him at the sheer audacity you used. But you didn’t care that Arthur was unused to the vulgar sight of you sucking his cock. You didn’t care that you were both far away from any bedroom, and that a maid might enter at any time. The sense of danger perforated your body, turning you on just as you aroused Arthur.

His fingers tangled into your hair, drawing you close. He couldn’t seem to help it. His head was tilted back but his eyes held yours, unable to break the connection. His back arched when you gave him a particularly harsh suck. Your tongue, as it ran over his tip, made him gasp a short, breathy gasp that sent excited thrills down you.

Soon, your hands decided to make use of themselves. Arthur was nothing short of shocked when he felt your fingers begin to massage his balls, but it only made him grit his teeth and release a low, husky sort of groan as you commenced.

The new level of passion was a hot haven for your wild emotions. Your desire for him slid around you like a storm, making your actions quicken. You could feel that he was about to come, and so you hurried your pace to accommodate his release. With one last, hard suck, he let loose a moan that sounded almost like your name. Head flipped back, his eyes stared unseeingly at some point above him. It almost looked like he was staring at heaven. You also felt atop the world as you drank him in, swallowing his essence as it shot into your mouth.

He came back down to reality just in time to see the last of his cum disappear into your mouth. You reckoned that the sight of it was what prompted him to lean forward and stare at you with renewed lust. Whatever it was, you had a feeling he wouldn’t be letting you out of his sight for a while yet.

You let him go with a loud pop - that only seemed to intensify the lust within his eyes - and smirked.

“I think we’re quite finished reading,” you told him, cheekily grinning from your place before him. He sent you a lazy smile in agreement and stood up, pulling up his jeans and then proceeding to help you up as well.

“To the bedroom, then.” His hand slid into yours, and he pulled you away with a renewed sense of vigor.

A/N: Quotes are from Anna and the King of Siam, to which I obviously don't own. :3