Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Germany and Prussia Lemon -- Iron and Blood

Character(s): Germany and Prussia~

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Sera Thompson, Represents Georgia

Inspiration: Being caught by the Axis Powers :3

Alright, so it’s not like Sera Thompson expected to wake up in a dark, scary basement after being jumped and gagged. She didn’t get herself into these kinds of situations for fun. In fact, she was just about cursing herself to the depths of hell – or, at least, attempted to form words around the dirty rag that had been shoved into her mouth – when an eery door atop a set of stairs swung open and a shaft of light hit her square in the face.

She cringed as it blinded her. She wasn’t afraid – no, never afraid – but she couldn’t deny being rather uncomfortable. After all, being tied to a chair by rough leather strips and left alone for hours on end could do that to a person. She felt sore and pained and she really wanted to free herself so that she could slap whoever this was in the face –

“You’re awake, I see.” She froze, squinting and trying to get her eyes used to the light. She reckoned she’d been here all night and longer, because her vision had long since shifted to accommodate the night and wasn’t budging. That voice, though, belonged to someone she knew fairly well. (Or, at least she did before this hapless war had begun...) She really didn’t need her sight to realize that this Germanic accent could only come from one of two people.

There was a shuffling, and a scratchy noise, and then the door swung shut again and Sera was left in the darkness. But this time, she was not alone. Her eyes, having just been getting used to the bright light, were now having equal trouble conforming to the darkness, and she kept up her squinting as she heard two people approach.

“Kesesesese~ You look like a blind bat.” A finger trailed up her cheek, gently tracing her eyelid as to prove his point. “You sure you want to go through with this, Bruder?”

Alright, so Sera Thompson was not stupid. The German accent before belonged to Germany, and where Germany was, his brother was never far behind. What it was that Germany wanted to do, however, still remained as dark as the air around her.

She tried to speak – to ask what the hell they were doing, tell them that America would hear of this and get revenge – when suddenly a sharp slap landed on her cheek. She felt her head turn at the force, eyes wide in shock. Who had slapped her she didn’t know, but what she did know was that she was in trouble.

“Shut up,” Prussia hissed in her ear, hot breath wavering over her. She shivered, tried uselessly to free herself from her bindings, and looked straight into his crimson eyes. She could see him now, when he was so close, and she refused to show weakness. When he next spoke, the harsh tone he used and the rough words that spewed from his mouth made her gasp in shock. “It will be fun to break you.”

Yep. She was definitely in trouble.

When her head was jerked back by her hair, a sharp zing of pain enveloped her scalp. Her gaze was forced upward, toward a pair of deadly blue eyes as they glared down at her. The sneer that played at the corner of those lips didn’t look right on that normally passive face. With a jolt of anguish, Sera had to accept that this was what war did to a person, and Germany was no different.

His free hand twisted the rag in her mouth, tearing it out and tossing it into the darkness that surrounded them. He watched as she gasped for breath, finally able to fill her lungs for the first time since being captured. As her heavy breaths softened, the glint that dwelled within Germany’s dark gaze grew.

She was going to ask him what he wanted with her. Because she really couldn’t figure that one out. She didn’t have information for him – America hardly told her anything about that war, preferring that she was kept safe at home. Of course, she received the telegrams, but they only told her the barest of what was going on. Perhaps Germany thought she knew more, and that was why he had taken her.

In the background, Prussia clucked his tongue. His red eyes seemed to shine through the thick darkness, like a demon’s. it made Sera shiver, but it was filled with anticipation rather than fear.

When Germany spoke next, his voice wasn’t like she remembered it to be. It was coarser, like rough spun wool. There was a note of heavy sadness that infiltrated his words, but they mostly were made of steel, biting and hard and strong, just as he was. He asked her what she knew of the Allied plans. He wanted to know what America’s next move would be. He was sure that he’d told her something and demanded to know what it was, but there was nothing to tell and Germany didn’t accept that as an answer.

“Get her up,” he spat to his brother, and Sera was suddenly released from her binds and forced into a standing position. Her arms were held back by Prussia in an iron grip as he pulled her back to his chest. She struggled, but weakly, because she knew she wouldn’t be able to overpower the two of them anyway. And, a tiny voice screeched at her, she didn’t really want to. It was a thought that left her feeling shamed, as though they had already stripped away her dignity and she didn’t even care.

Germany was staring at her, taking in her weak struggles and smirking at the fact that escape was pointless. She didn’t even know where she was, after all. Other than the basement, which was currently the center of her world, the rest didn’t exist.

The clack of Germany’s boots on stone brought Sera from her helpless thoughts. She jerked her head upward and watched as he approached, eyes filling with a sick sort of desperation with every step he took. When he was in front of her, mere inches from her face, the blonde demon leaned in and whispered a harsh sentence that forced her body to convulse in shivers.

“I will make you babble.”

And then his hands were grasping at the buttons that held her shirt up, and she knew right then and there that his words would prove to be correct.

The copper buttons that held her shirt together hit the floor in an echoing manner, and it shoved off her ears like a foreboding promise.  Immediately, the cold air of the basement hit her skin and she cringed.

She could feel Prussia's breath wavering over her neck, but it was so hot that it was uncomfortable.  Sera squinted through the darkness and caught sight of Germany's eyes, which were latched to her chest in an offhanded manner.  She felt a zing of displeasure bounding through her.  (She definitely didn't feel excitement.  Pft.) 

Prussia chuckled into her ear.  The sound made her more on edge than she already was, and she felt herself struggling against his hard grip that held her to his chest.  But the more she struggled, the more the aching in her arms bothered her.  As they were bent at such an odd angle behind her, Sera didn't have much range of motion: a fact that both of the Germans seemed to appreciate more than she.

"Let me go!" she snarled, trying to put as much anger into her voice as she could.  Germany's eyes flew from her chest to her face, and the corner of his mouth tilted upwards in amusement.  "I swear to God, you'll regret this!"

Another chuckle drifted past her ear.  "I think not, mein Fuchs [1].  I think we're all going to enjoy tonight~"  He leaned closer, lips brushing her ear lob.  His tongue darted out to curl around it, and it sent shivers racing down her.  She stiffened as he whispered, "You'll be screaming for more by the time we're finished with you."

She wanted to protest and tell them that they were delusional, and that she would never, ever feel anything but disgust for them, but her words died in her throat as Germany's hand suddenly began to cradle her side.

His fingers were damn cold.  She glared at him as he lazily stroked her, curling little touches over her skin and just beneath her bra.  Her shirt was uselessly flapped out over his hand, now, but she was still thankful to have it around her even if it didn't serve as any form of protection save for the cold.

She saw Germany exchange a glance with his brother, but she barely had the time to brace herself before his hands were cupping more of her than she would have liked and she was shuddering from more than just the frigid air. 

"Hmm…" Germany mused, sounding impassioned.  "I think you are wearing entirely too much clothing.  Don't you, Bruder?"

Another cold kiss was placed at her ear, and then another in the hollow just below it.  Prussia's grasp tightened in a minuscule way that drove her closer to his warm chest.  His voice was lilting with an emotion that could be likened to desire when he answered, "Ja.  Ich denke, du hast Recht, Bruder [2]."

Sera didn't need to know the German language to realize that this was an agreement.  She swallowed thickly as she felt Ludwig's fingers slip beneath the cup of her bra.  Was he really going to do this to her?  (And why the fuck wasn't she freaking out about it more!?)

The next moment whirled by in a manner that seemed unreal.  Her bra was suddenly flipped up above her breasts and his hands were cupping her fully.  His thumbs dipped over her nipples and she fit perfectly in his grasp.  She tried not to look into his eyes, but the admiration that swelled up in them was hard not to acknowledge.  The blush adorning her cheeks was harder to ignore.

He didn't touch her for long.  Soon, he moved his hands behind her to unclasp the bra.  He exchanged another glance with Prussia and then Sera was suddenly let go.  She fell forward into Germany's arms, clearly not expecting the release, and in her confusion she didn't find the time to fight as her shirt was ripped from her arms.

She vaguely wondered how she looked like, clutching onto Ludwig like this.  He didn't seem to mind at all -- in fact, he was staring down at her with an emotion that she couldn't quite decipher, but was sure it was far from annoyance.  His face looked rather handsome up close, too.  She couldn't deny that he had a strong jaw, and a very pleasant pair of sky blue eyes.

Prussia's scoffing brought them out of their reverie and Sera immediately looked away from him, blushing.  He swallowed, looking more awkward than he had since he'd stepped into the room.  In fact, he almost -- almost -- looked like the Germany she knew from before the war.

But then, all too soon, that awkwardness was gone, and the iron shift of his eyes stole away her moment's compassion.  She was suddenly on her knees, face practically pushed against the hard bulge that was dominating his pants. 

Fingers wove into her hair from behind and jerked her head up.  Gilbert smirked, stuffing his free hand into a pocket as he glanced at his brother.  The tall, blonde German was staring fixedly at Sera, taking in her messily strewn hair and the furious blush of her cheeks.  Whatever he was thinking, he wasn't smiling; but there was a steely glint of his eyes that made Sera shiver in apprehension.

They seemed to be waiting for her to move, so Sera slowly reached up to finger the zipper of Ludwig's pants.  Her heart thudded in her chest as she drew it down.  (It wasn't because she wanted to see him, damn it.)  The smirk on Prussia's face widened with every shallow breath she took.

He was big.  She couldn't deny that.  And he seemed pretty ready for her.  She swallowed thickly and tore her gaze from his member.  Another chuckle drifted past her ear, but she ignored Prussia.  She had eyes only for Germany -- wondering if he was actually going to force her to go through with this.  (Because it would be forced…Jesus.  She meant it this time!)

But whatever humanity had kept him alive thus far, it was gone from him right now.  The fingers tightened in her hair and her face was pushed forward as Ludwig watched.  The gleam in his eye intensified.

She took him into her mouth slowly, as though testing the waters.  His hardness felt rather foreign on her tongue, like it was somehow wrong.  His taste wasn't what she expected, either.  He was a walking contradiction.

She was only able to go slow during the first few seconds, however, before her head was once again pushed forward.  His cock nearly suffocated her as she deep throated him.  Her tongue moved over him as best she could, running up and down the thick vein on the underside of him.  He grunted and Prussia relinquished his grasp of her hair, only for Germany to clutch onto it and draw her closer with every thrust of his hips.

"Blas mir einen [3]," his fingers tightened and he shoved himself farther into her mouth.  "Härter [4]!"

Her hands drifted up to his hips and clutched at him.  It was strangely erotic to be ordered around in German.  The pounding in her lower body intensified with every throaty word he spoke.  Her lips slid over his length as fast as he'd allow her.

Another hand touched the back of her neck, dancing down her back and past her shoulder blades.  With Germany distracting her, Sera almost forgot Prussia was even there at all -- a fact that he probably didn't appreciate.  He showed his aggravation by roughly dragging his nails to her hip.

But rather than hurt her, Sera felt an overwhelming sense of desire rising up in her at his touch.  She paused momentarily as the shivers dissipated over her, and barely heard Prussia's chortle. 

Minutes could have swung by and Sera would not have noticed, because it suddenly didn't matter anymore.  It didn't matter why the two Germans were doing this to her; it didn’t matter why she hadn't wanted them to.  Now she did -- she was practically aching for them, and they knew it all too well. 

The rattling of a belt brought Sera back to reality, and then Prussia was behind her.  His hands weren't gentle as they felt her up, brushing over her breasts and down her abdomen, whizzing over the sensitive area of her clit and dancing around her thigh.  She wanted him to touch her so badly that it hurt.  A soft, pleading whimper fell from her lips and was muffled by Germany's hard cock.

"What's this?" Gilbert's hand twitched over her nub again, painfully missing the area that would give her most satisfaction.  "Is Mein kleiner fuchs [5] happier about her situation now?"  Finally, his finger twisted over her, but it was gone a mere second later and she was left wanting even more.

Sera was taken aback by the unmistakable feeling of another erection pressing suddenly against her back.  Her eyes slid halfway closed as her desire was made evident.  She felt another keen leaving her throat, and it only grew as Prussia's dick pressed firmly against her ass.

"Do you want me, Frau [6]?" he growled into her ear, hands tumbling over her hips and dragging her closer against him.  She whimpered, overcome by the growing need to have him inside of her, and nodded.  A harsh, triumphant chuckle raced over her and his hands slid lower down her body, pressing into her skin, around her hipbones, and sliding into her clit.  Immediately, a moan tore from her.

His leg nudged both of hers aside, spreading her open for him.  And then, all too soon and yet not soon enough, his fingers were replaced by the hardness of his erection as he pushed into her from behind.

The explosion took place a second later and Sera gasped loudly as he fully sheathed himself inside of her.  At the same time, Germany became ever more dominant, pushing his member farther into her mouth and releasing a sexy groan.  She had a feeling he was nearing his time, but her realization was put aside when she felt Prussia moving into her.

He was just as dominant as his brother, if not more so.  His hands clutched at her hips and he rammed into her, barely giving her time to adjust to him before he was moving again.  It was the thankful friction that kept her grounded; the iridescent peace of being desperately wanted that had her gasping for air and moaning out strangled, desirous sounds.

It was so erotic that, when Germany finally came a few minutes later, Sera found herself wanting more.  His hands gripped her hard, pulling at her scalp as he shoved into her wildly.  His eyes rolled back and his head tilted backwards, hips angling and body taut.  When he released into her mouth, she was so turned on that she swallowed everything as though it were a treasure she'd only receive once.

Gilbert was not far behind his brother, probably because the situation was more erotic than any of them had expected.  Her hair was being gripped again, but this time, her head was pulled back to reveal her pale, untainted neck.  She was surprised when Germany suddenly knelt before her and pressed kisses over it.  The random act of affection and thanks made her heart beat faster in her chest, and her arms began to curl around his neck as he held her in place. 

Prussia's hand snaked down her body and shocked her once more as he brushed over her nub.  That, coupled with the intense feeling of his member, very nearly made her cum.  She buried her face into Germany's shoulder and moaned loudly, arching her back and pressing her breasts against his chest as Prussia quickened his pace. 

She was so close that it was killing her.  But Prussia didn’t let her come until he was ready to, and so it was a few agonizing minutes later before his hips suddenly moved in a wild, harried way and he was releasing into her.  His fingers prompted her to do the same, and so they both rode out the waves of undiluted pleasure until they panting and spent and their bodies were slick with sweat.

They remained still for a while as the three of them hurried to catch their breaths.  When they could finally breath normally, Prussia slowly removed himself from within her and scrambled to his feet.  Germany rose at a slower pace, hands gripping Sera's arms as he helped her up.  And then, there were two tall, naked Germans towering over her, and Sera was overcome by the annoying desire to start again.

Gilbert's arms wove around her waist and brought her to his chest.  She didn't struggle this time, but rather went willingly.  He pressed a soft kiss beneath her ear and smirked at her submissiveness.  Meanwhile, Germany crossed his arms and stared at her, sky blue eyes meeting hers like iron.  This time, the remnants of their actions and all the emotions that came with them were displayed firmly in his gaze.

"Now.  Are you going to tell us what we want to know…or do we have to punish you further?" a familiar gleam shone through the severity of his eyes.

Sera felt herself smirking.  She turned her head resolutely away and shrugged in a lighthearted manner than made the Germans' smirks widen.  "I swear I don't know anything."

He rose an eyebrow and stepped forward.  His thumb brushed over her cheekbone and traveled down her neck.  He grabbed her chin in a sudden, rough way and leaned into her face, eyes narrowed.  "You will address me as Herr Beilschmidt, Frau [7]."  And then his mouth was on hers and they were both taking her away from the basement and into another world entirely.


[1] mein Fuchs: my fox

[2] Ja.  Ich denke, du hast Recht, Bruder: Yes.  I think you are right, brother.

[3] Blas mir einen: suck me

[4] Härter: harder

[5] Mein kleiner fuchs: my little fox

[6] Frau: woman

[7] Herr Beilschmidt: Mr. Beilschmidt / Sir. 


A/N:  It's finally done~  I hope you enjoyed it.  I'm gonna be working on some other Hetalia threesomes this summer, so is you have any suggestions for the characters, feel free to email me or leave a comment~!  :D
[Edited on: 11/3/12]


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