Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Husky Lemon -- Testing The Waters

Character: Husky

Fandom: +Anima

OC: Iris Walker, cropped black hair, not an Anima

Inspiration: I really don't know D|

The first light of day washed over the landscape, creating tiny little shadows that seem to curl over the sleeping faces of Iris’s friends. Er, well, most of them, anyway. Husky was no where to be found.

The mystery of his disappearance wasn’t exactly surprising to Iris. He often left the group when they were sleeping to think in peace, and if there was water around, he’d usually be gone for hours at a time. No one berated him for it, because he didn’t just spend his time thinking. Collecting breakfast was an easy enough task.

She twisted her hands impatiently as she waited for him to return. They were camping beside a large lake, and Husky was surely beneath the water at this very moment.

The reason, of course, as to why she was waiting up for him rather than gaining a few precious hours of sleep was simple. He was absolutely beautiful when his hair was wet and dripping down his body. His skin shone like a million little diamonds when it was wet. He practically shimmered in radiance, and Iris didn’t want to miss it, because it was always such a short moment before he began drying the water away; before he changed back into his full human form, which held a different sort of beauty.

The only problem was that he was late. He was usually back before dawn rose, and the sun was already half an hour into the sky. The wringing of her hands was rather symbolic because she couldn’t make up her mind. Should she stay here and wait for him, or see what was taking so long? He didn’t like being interrupted from his thinking.

Iris glanced around at the camp. The years had tempered with her friend’s faces, but they’d all come out with a strange, otherworldly kind of beauty. She supposed it had something to do with their Anima form.

Her shaded eyes weren’t blind to the movements of Cooro and Nana as they huddled close. They weren’t just seeking warmth, she knew. What sparked between them was similar to what burned between Husky and her, and it was hard to miss. Their seventeen year old faces showed more emotion that they might have liked.

She vaguely wondered if it was the same for her. When she looked at Husky, did her eyes give away her emotions? She had a feeling that Husky knew. In fact, she was sure that Senri, Cooro, and Nana were all in on it, too. Did Husky give away his feelings for her – did he have any feelings for her? – and if so, was she blind to them?

She glanced back up at the sun, but before she could lose herself in her thoughts again, a noise jolted her in the direction of her friends. “Pst! Oh for God’s sake – “ Nana scuttled slightly away from Cooro’s protective grasp and looked directly into Iris’ eyes. To her surprise, Nana looked rather annoyed. It was an emotion she was used to seeing, but not after spending the night cuddling in Cooro’s arms. “Are you stupid?”

Iris blinked. Her confusion must have been obvious, because Nana rolled her eyes and sat up, a glower on her face. “He’s waiting for you. That’s why he hasn’t come back yet. Now go before you make me wake everyone else up!” Senri shifted on his sleeping roll.

The shock of Nana’s words slowly made their way into Iris’ head. Why would Husky be waiting for her? Did he have something to say? She caught Nana’s impatient look and stood up, brow raised.

But she didn’t question her friend, because her mind was finally made up. She would go to Husky and find out if Nana was pulling her leg. And if she was, then it didn’t really matter, because all she really wanted was to see was Husky in the morning sunlight, twisting through his element. A shiver brushed down her back.

When she got to the edge of the lake, she glanced back. Trees now obscured her view of the camp. She could just see the fire as it flickered through the foliage. Turning back, she felt her confidence burn.

Iris didn’t really know what she had expected. Perhaps watching him swim? Or finding him setting the fish he no doubt caught up for cooking? Regardless, when she reached the edge of the bank, she didn’t see either. Instead, about ten yards to her left, he was lounging at the side of the lake, still in his Anima form with his tail dipping into the waters. The rest of him was gloriously bare.

She approached him casually. She could feel her heart pumping erratically in her chest, but it didn’t show on her face. Her confidence was springing up now, not letting any of her other emotions lead her movements.

When he heard her approach, he glanced up. His clear blue eyes connected with her dark gaze, and she had to force herself not to glance down at his chest. The years had done him well, too, for the muscles that bunched beneath his skin were obvious.

Her presence forced a familiar expression onto his face, but his glower only made her smile. As her eyes drifted over the rest of his features, she wondered why this morning somehow felt...different. Husky cleared his throat. “Don’t just stand there.”

She blinked curiously, trying to figure out the strangeness of the situation. Why was he still in his Anima form? Was he really waiting for her, or was Nana just saying that to get her to come out? When she asked the latter aloud, Husky blushed.

“I...er,you – “ he glared at her, no doubt trying to banish the red from his cheeks and utterly failing. “Shut up. I wasn’t waiting for you.” But the blush that still lingered upon his cheeks canceled out his words.

She accepted them, though, because she didn’t want to make him too annoyed. Seeing him in his Anima form was a treat because it didn’t often happen, and Iris always thought he looked so beautiful whilst like this. Of course, she would never say this aloud, but she couldn’t stop peering at his long, gracefully tail as it slipped to and fro beneath the water.

She slowly sat down, on the dry bank, and took her shoes off so dip her feet into the water. It was cool on her skin, offering a kind of soothing power that sprinkled up her body as she leaned back. Beside Husky, she felt different, as though she, too, held a beauty that was illuminated by the rising sun.

it was silent for a while as the two watched the sun come up. When the landscape was bathed in an orange glow, Iris turned to glance at her companion. This, truly, was worth putting up with his attitude. He was glorious, beautiful, otherworldly, and she just wanted to stare at him forever.

Unfortunately, Husky didn’t agree. He glanced at her, caught her eyes with a burning intensity, and then blushed heavily as though her stare had effected him. “Stop staring,” he told her, and darted his eyes away at look at the waves that lapped over his skin.

A sudden thought struck her as she moved her eyes to the rest of him. The reason he was still in his Anima form – was it because he’d be naked if he turned? Was he embarrassed about showing himself while she was around? Having traveled with the group for the past few years, Iris had seen them all naked. It was just a normal thing, and it didn’t bother her. She’d seen Husky bare too, but perhaps the situation was different now. They were alone, not surrounded by the others. Alone, watching the sun rise together. The moment might be considered romantic, if Husky bought into those kinds of things.

She couldn’t help it, really. He was just too beautiful, and Iris always had a difficult time keeping her hands to herself. She reached out to touch his bare shoulder, delighting in the shiver that raced through her at the skin to skin contact. He jerked his head towards her, eyes narrowed in question, but surprisingly didn’t complain as her fingers danced to the planes of his chest, splaying out as she admired him.

Though surprised at his lack of argument, Iris delighted in touching him. To her, he was a wild creature, graceful and mysterious. Time and time again, he never ceased to amaze her. She found herself breathless more times than naught in his presence – a fact that left her head spiraling out of control when she tried to get to the bottom of it.

She thought she knew the reason now, though, and judging by Husky’s silence – and the sprinkle of red upon his cheeks – she thought the feeling was mutual. Testing the waters, she leaned in and pressed a soft, gentle kiss to his shoulder.

His reaction was immediate and not unexpected. He flew away from her grasp, eyes wide and cheeks blushing profusely as he stared. Though Iris felt that she should have been ashamed, she couldn’t help but feel amused at his expression and his utter intolerance for physical contact. A giggle forced it’s way from her mouth before she could stop it.

At the sound, Husky seemed to come back to his senses. His eyes narrowed into angry slits, but he didn’t move. Actually, he looked as though he dearly wanted to escape the shore and escape beneath the lapping waves.

Iris accepted this and leaned back, still locking her eyes with his. If he wanted to leave, then she’d let him. In fact, she anticipated his leaving. But he again surprised her by staying very still.

“What was that?” he asked, looking no less annoyed than he had before. His voice, she could tell, was striving to remain calm.

She shrugged, because she really didn’t know. All she knew was that he was glorious and that she wanted to figure him out, discover what he had to offer, what he was made of beneath all those scales. As though reading her mind, his cheeks gained a darker tone.

“A kiss, I suppose,” she told him, and shrugged again. She didn’t mean to act this nonchalant. It was a defense against his rejection, his refusal to accept the intimacy that she so dearly wished for.

He turned his head away from her, glowering out at the lake. She watched his curiously, wondering what he was thinking of, and wasn’t altogether shocked to hear the next words that he spoke. “...I’ve never been kissed before.”

Of course he hadn’t, because Husky hated girls. He wouldn’t even go near them five years ago, and though his hatred had lessened slightly, it was still strong. Iris smiled lightly, reassuringly, and slowly edged towards him again. He did not move.

She felt as though she were coaxing a wounded animal out of danger, and that one wrong move would scare it away, send it darting off. Husky definitely didn’t seem calm, for sure, and so Iris moved with care until she was right next to him.

“Well,” she murmured, holding his eyes with hers, “I’ll show you how.” And she leaned forward slowly, slowly, and pressed a very gentle kiss to his mouth.

He tasted different, in an exotic sort of way. Like salt and freesia. The strange combination had a dizzying effect on Iris, which was a surprise in and of itself. She had to force herself to break the kiss, lest she scare away Husky with her level of intimacy.

But upon glancing up into his eyes after breaking away, she saw no fright or disgust. His emotions seemed to be under lock and key, because the only thing she could discern from him was a darkness like none she’d ever felt, winding through his pallid eyes as he stared down at her.

He almost seemed to be looking right through her, and the shivers that raced throughout her made her wonder at how he was doing this to her. Everything about him was clear, in a nonsensical sort of way. There wasn’t any form of description that she could give him without sounding insane.

She really wanted to kiss him, so without bothering to ask him for his permission, Iris leaned forward once more and pressed another kiss to his mouth. It wasn’t as gentle as before, but still just as tentative as she waited for him to push her away.

But he didn’t. In fact, as she moved her mouth over his, Iris even felt his lips move with her, hesitant but determined. Her eyes fluttered closed as she enjoyed the enrapturing power of his kiss.

It was strange. Iris hadn’t felt this level of desire...well, ever. She’d never before felt quite so much freedom in a kiss. It wasn’t overbearing like some she’d had, nor overly submissive. It was perfect – reflected Husky’s personality perfectly as he refused to let her take control. He met her pressure with just a little more of his own, until their mouths were working furiously together in a fight for dominance.

How she ended up on top of him, Iris didn’t know. But when she felt her chest fall against his and his arms reach up to catch her elbows in his surprise, she knew they had reached a crossroad. She slowly opened her eyes, only to find his already open and staring at her. Either he would realize that he’d had quite enough of this – ultimately, the safer option when it all boiled down to it – or he’d allow himself to indulge in whatever emotion he was feeling. And as Iris studied the diluted fire within his gaze, she had a feeling she knew exactly what those emotions were.

Though his expression was blank, it was easy to see the wild, frenzied way his eyes roved her face. She had to remind herself that it was his first time doing anything sexual, and that if he decided to continue, she should be gentle – but when his mouth bolted upward to connect with hers, moving with the same frenzy as his eyes had, Iris completely forgot about tact and delved right in.

A soft little noise left her lips, and Husky hesitated for a fraction of a second. In that second, Iris captured him, forcing her tongue into his mouth and tasting him. If purity had a taste, it would be this, she decided. Somehow, it was making her all the more excited. She felt a dark twist wrench her gut, and a desire rose up inside of her to taint that purity, and make it equally dark.

Her fingers burned down him, fiddling with muscle, tugging, scolding, whispering over skin. When her lips left his to follow her hands, Husky was left panting and breathless on his back. His eyes followed her movements, watching all the while as she touched him.

It was an erotic sight, but never as erotic as what would come. Still in his Anima form, Husky was unable to feel the full impact of what Iris was inflicting upon him. He felt the fire, scorching through his veins; he felt the control spasm out from delicate fingertips; he felt the heat of her mouth drag him into an endlessly dark abyss. But it wasn’t until the last thread of his self control snapped away – the one that kept his tail in place, making him only half human – that he felt passion emerge over him in heavy waves.

And it was blissfully painful, because he’d never before experienced such dramatic desire. His bare legs curled at the knees, but Iris moved between them before they could snap shut. Not that it mattered. Nothing could hide his erection, because he was already so hard.

He felt a hot blush splatter onto his cheeks and down his neck. This was entirely new, and he felt helpless and degraded while Iris hovered above him. From the little he knew about relationships, Husky had thought that it was the man who was normally dominant. But his self control had long since crumbled, and he couldn’t even think about changing positions. Besides, even if he did, he wouldn’t have a clue as to what to do. So he just lay there, watching Iris’s excited eyes rove his nude body.

The realization that he was nude and that she still had all her clothes on hit him like a brick. He wanted to open his mouth, but he couldn’t figure out what he’d say when he did. Iris, take off your clothes. Huh. That didn’t seem very tactful, and it would probably only serve to embarrass him and amuse her.

When he felt Iris’s mouth back on his, Husky was brought from his thoughts immediately. His eyes slid closed when she nibbled on his lip. It felt heavenly, especially when she whispered softly over his skin, “You’re thinking too much.” And he reckoned he was.

So he tried to forget about the awkwardness of his first time. When she kissed him again, he responded with a little more pressure.

He felt an indescribable zing of pleasure take hold of him when she ground her hips against his. His erection was too hard. When her hand reached down to grasp it, he gasped aloud and jolted up.

“Shhh,” she murmured, pushing him back down. His mind was utterly clouded when she began to move her hand over him, pumping him slowly in her fingers. His throat constricted with short little gasps as every touch. He felt helpless and yet safe. Safer and more comfortable than he’d ever felt before.

She nibbled his neck, tongue lacing over his blushing skin as her free hand trailed down his chest. Her fingers curved around his nipple, twisted the peak gently before moving on, drawing more gasps from him as they progressed downward. When they splayed out at his side, Iris leaned in and caught his gaze. Smiling softly, in a reassuring manner, she told him, “Take off my clothes.”

Oh Lord. The only thing he could think of was how much he dearly wanted to do just that. His hands were shaking like leaves as they pushed up her body, and were slow until she gave his erection a startlingly rough tug. Then, he worked as fast as he could, stopping only to admire her breasts as they were revealed, and the gentle curve of her hips as they straddled him. She was lovely, but Husky was still all too shy and couldn’t bring himself to touch her.

So she touched him, instead. She pushed her breasts against him, and he had to reign in the shivers at the contact. Her mouth moved over his again. Her fingers pumped him harder, faster, until he was on the verge of release.

But she didn’t let him come. Shooting him a wicked smile, Iris took her hand away and replaced it with her dripping flower. Husky was about to protest - not because he didn’t want to continue, but because he didn’t know how to – when she took the situation into her own hands, literally, and guided his manhood to her hole. She slunk down onto him and he utterly lost it.

His back arched, his eyes locked onto something far away, unseeing, and his body jerked. His hands grasped her hips, pulling her down and sheathing himself completely inside of her. It was like instinct had taken a hold of him, controlling him and making him less shy and more animalistic.

Iris reacted a little more gracefully. She fell onto his chest, jerked her hips to get accustomed to him, and allowed his hands to move her. The pace they set was slow at first, but after only a few minutes it escalated into something so fast that Iris’s mind was lost far behind. Indeed, instinct was now dominating.

Their heavy breaths mingled tightly as the world rushed by. Moans fell past pleasing lips, but the words that escaped had no meaning and no depths. They just knew they were erotic, and that fact was enough to keep going.

It didn’t take long at all to find release, because Husky was already so worked up and Iris was absolutely aroused by leading him into this. There were loud moans as they came. Their hips snapped together fervently and they uttered prayers, whispers that rushed away with the wind as soon as they were said. Spasms rocked their bodies, lasting far longer than either expected. The end, they came to find, was sweeter than anything felt before.

Iris collapsed beside him, head snuggled up into the crook of his shoulder as her eyes drifted closed. She peeked up at him once as the silence took over, but his face was so dazed that she didn’t think he’d yet processed their actions. Well, whatever happened, Iris just hoped his fear of girls had vanished. She’d rather not have to deal with it every time this happened. (Because, she smirked, it was definitely going to happen again.)