Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Lavi Lemon -- Dimmed

Character: Lavi

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Lingerie

There is definitely something predatory about Lavi that you’ve never noticed before, and it had something to do with the way he is staring at you right now. Of course, such a reaction is desired and expected, but it still sent unnerved shivers racing down your spine. You felt hesitant, doubtful, but there’s no way you can retract your actions and no way you’d really want to. Even if you felt bare before him, dressed in such a risqué display of lace and silk, there’s no way you’d ever want to stop this moment.

It’s Valentine’s day, and Lavi has been away for an entire month. His mission in Russia had been a failure, for there was no innocence. A surprise attack of about 100 level one Akuma and various higher levels had ruined the mission, and Lavi was feeling worse for wear after having to deal with both Komui and Bookman about the incomplete effort.

That’s why, when he finally made his way into his shared bedroom, the sight that awaited him made his mouth water and his misgivings vanish. The door swung shut behind him but he could never drag his eyes from the Goddess before him, standing confidently in the center of the room and wearing an extremely skimpy outfit.

Oh, sure, the lace was of a cheaper nature and was digging into your hips, but the discomfort made it all the more worth it when you thought about how it would be coming off so soon. You shifted your weight onto another leg, uncrossing your arms to lean one against a jutted hip, and tried your best to obtain a look of demure attraction. Whatever the result, it must have had the desired effect, because Lavi swallowed thickly and wove his way deeper into the room.

He fingered the bow that kept up the bosom, eyes filled with awe and something else. His other hand fit snugly into the crevice of your waist, thumbing circles into your side and flaring heat throughout your body.

He swallowed again when he caught your eyes, and flashed you a smirk that left you somewhat breathless. This was good, very good in fact. Definitely what he needed after a long and tiresome mission.

Silence dominated, washing over the room and masking it in a sort of otherworldly quiet. The small room definitely seemed different than it had minutes before. The shadows seemed to jump out and take form, and the dimmed lights overhead intensified the angular planes of Lavi’s face as he leaned in.

He took you lips in his and you instantly melted. Pressing your lingerie clad body to his, you whimpered as his tongue slid past your lips and tasted the passion, the desire on your tongue. There was something so significant about this moment, as though the rest of the evening depended on it to lead it through.

Indeed, it did. Pressing your head back onto the pillows, a soft keen slid from your mouth. Lavi paused half a second, enjoying the sound of it, and then delved right back into the kiss. His impatience soaked into the slightly haphazard way he handled you, but you understood that it was his way of letting himself go. Besides, it added that colorful prowess to every action he took.

His long fingers finally began working on the lacy top. You opened your eyes to watch him, but his gaze was intent on the lacy bow. He slid it through his fingers with care, and then slid his eyes up to meet yours, as though just realizing you’d been staring. A faint smirk lit up the corner of his mouth.

He kept his eyes on your face as he gingerly removed the lace. Your freed breasts were softly nipped at with callous fingers, but the sensation was quick and gone before you could process the pleasure.

His hands drifted south, tugging away cloth as he went. This time, he turned his eyes to your body. The look in his eyes – that predatory, intense power – grew at a steady pace with each sight of skin.

That wasn’t the only thing that was growing. He made his erection known to you with a wonderful roll of his hips. He was so hard that it made you gasp out in surprise and awe, and made that smirk upon his face widen just a bit.

You wanted to tell him to hurry up, because you were already turned on before he’d come in, but your words spluttered and died in your throat. Just the thought of the night to come was enough to arouse you, which he soon discovered when the last piece of silk finally slid down your thighs.

An amused look washed away his smirk. “You’re already so wet.” The observation, full of want and huskiness, was enough to make you writhe in anticipation.

He chuckled, and you suddenly felt his breath at your folds, hotly blowing. He chuckled once more – a pleased sound – and then dove in, plunging his tongue against your wet womanhood and making your back arch in surprise and passion.

There was no way of describing the amount of pleasure that came with his movements. It was blazon with excitement and a wanton sort of relaxation. Nothing in the world could rival Lavi’s tongue, which was so skilled that it had you at the verge of coming in seconds.

He must have known that, as well, for he was quick to break away from you. He caught your half-lidded eyes with a grin, took in the color of your cheeks with amusement. Then he moved his gaze to the rest of your body, equally flushed and spread out just for him, and he decided that he wanted nothing more than to claim it completely.

So he did. He pushed himself into you without thought. Most of his clothes still hung from his frame, too bothersome to remove. But he couldn’t wait, and neither could you, which made sweet release all the more rewarding.

Your fingers tugged at his hair, bringing the flames close to you as you pressed your mouth to his. He returned the kiss, grunting into it with every roll of his hips as he breeched you. He was rougher than normal, but you didn’t mind. Drawing your legs around his waist, you pushed your breasts against him and moaned for him.

There were many things that could have drawn up the release, but for Lavi, it was the sound of his name being scraped through your parted lips. He moaned, burying his head into the crook of your neck, and let himself go. The orgasm was sweeter than the sex itself, raising you up in a strange, otherworldly kind of bliss. The peace was quick to disappear, but attaining those few seconds were enough to make you sigh with happiness.

Your chest heaved as your collapsed back to the bed. Lavi was not far behind, and soon had you entwined in an embrace that you savored more than anything, even the moments spent united. You sighed and felt your eyes close, and with each stroke of Lavi’s fingers on your hot skin, you faded away from this world.



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