Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Spain Lemon -- Relentless

Character: Spain

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Ehmmm....:0 I'll get back to you

To Antonio, a kiss held an endless array of meanings. Most of them were, admittedly, of a lustful sort. But sometimes, his kisses were soft and sweet; a quick reminder of his love, a question, a plead. During the nighttime hours, he kissed you with an intensity that was often quite startling. But now, while the sun was just beginning to rise and the bed sheets were still wrapped snugly around your naked figures, his mouth moved in ways that left you breathless in a different manner.

His arms caged you to his chest, keeping you hostage against his heart as it pumped with yours. You had a feeling that your hair was matted and messy from the night before, but his fingers smoothed over your head and made you feel beautiful regardless.

“Antonio…” you pulled away from his mouth as it kissed down your neck. Your fingers, previously tunneled into his hair, eased away as well. “I have to take a shower…”

Without you, you’d meant to say, because even though the thought of sharing one with him made your heart splutter giddily, you knew you’d never get out without conforming to his will. Well, getting out of bed was the first issue, you knew. And that would be even harder to do.

He paused in his kisses to glance up at you, surprise flitting through his emerald gaze. No, you didn’t really want to leave the warmth of the bed, and his embrace. Yes, you were well aware it was Valentine’s Day and some form of romance should be achieved before nightfall. But that was one of the reasons you were so adamant about taking that shower and escaping him. Antonio was always so restless on Valentine’s Day. He seemed to think that taking you everywhere and buying you everything and pleasuring you endlessly was what you wanted. Which was nice, of course, except that it happened every single Valentine’s Day. This year, you wanted something simpler, which was something that Antonio just didn’t understand.

He seemed to realize that you didn’t really like the thought of getting out of bed, because he was soon back to pressing little kisses all over you neck and collar. Sure, you wanted something simpler, but that didn’t mean you didn’t enjoy what Antonio had to offer.

A breathy moan drifted past your lips, which felt cold without his mouth on them. You didn’t know what you wanted. You were stuck between one menial wish to take that damned shower and the pleasure of what was sure to come if you stayed in bed. In the end, Spain made up your mind for you. His body, as it was pressed to yours, could absolutely not be denied. A fact that he seemed to know quite well.

He smirked against your lips as he claimed them, shifting his legs around your thighs and pushing his erection against your womanhood. It was already hard and promised a passion-filled morning. Breathless with want, your body moved on its own as you pulled Antonio closer.

Another moan flew from you when his hand dipped down your body. He paused briefly to ghost past your breasts. He caught your nipples between his thumb and forefinger and gave them a light, teasing pull before drifting down. As he went, his mouth followed, tongue spiraling around your taut breasts as his fingers finally found the treasure they sought.

When they dipped into your wet folds, you could feel your back arch from the immediate pleasure. The added satisfaction of his tongue caused gasps to fly. Your fingers tangled in his hair once more and you couldn’t think. Blanked with pleasure, you whispered your lovers name as his finger eased into you.

His eyes locked with yours as he fingered you. You couldn’t look away from his gaze. It was as though it was what grounded you to the bed, kept you struggling amid the crashing waves of passion, docking you just above the ocean. And you loved it. You loved it because, every time he added a new digit and pushed them farther and deeper inside, you could feel his love radiating from him. It enveloped you in a sense of happiness that had nothing to do with the lust that was impacting your body.

His thumb pushed against the bundle of nerves atop your womanhood, making your body spasm with energy. He smirked at your reaction, and then leaned in to press a soft kiss to your mouth. A moment later, he was removing his fingers from your folds.

You whimpered at the loss of warmth, but the sight of him licking off your juices was enough to silence it. When he kissed you again, you could taste yourself on his tongue, and it was more erotic than anything you’d ever known.

“Mmm.” You shivered as he moaned. His eyes lazily opened to meet yours, and in a voice filled with power and desire, he breathed, “I want to taste you.” It was enough to make you moan aloud.

Apparently, your moan was synonymous with agreement, because he was soon moving again. But it wasn’t strait down like you thought. Instead, he twisted fully around, so that his mouth was pressed against your dripping flower and his cock was inches from your lips.

The vulgar position made you lightheaded, but you couldn’t deny that the sight of his manhood made your mouth water. You wanted to take it into your mouth and pleasure him just as he pleasured you. Tentatively, you tongued his tip. His reaction was instantaneous as he pushed it into your mouth.

As you took him, his own mouth dipped into your womanhood. It felt different than his fingers had -- slicker, easier. Soon, he was pushing his tongue as deeply inside you as he could while his fingers circled your clit.

You moaned, humming against his cock as he moved it in and out of your mouth. Your hands pumped his base as your tongue ran the length of him. Swishing over him as much as possible, you hummed again as a moan erupted from your lips. You were already so turned on from those talented fingers of his that you could feel an orgasm coming.

He must have known it as well. He replaced his tongue with his fingers again, delving into you at a more rapid pace. His lower body matched the pace as well, dipping into your mouth faster now, as though the end was near for him as well.

Indeed, it was. A moment later he was exploding into your mouth just as you exploded into his. You moan loudly, vibrations making him gasp. You leaned up to take as much of him as you could and swallowed his cum as it was released. Even after it was long gone, you pumped him in and out of your mouth because he was still groaning in pleasure.

Afterward, you were left buzzing with satisfaction. Antonio sighed in content and came to lay beside you. The sun was now higher in the sky, signaling that the afternoon was imminent, and the brightness washed over you and bathed you both in its warmth. You turned your head into Antonio’s shoulder and smiled.

He only chuckled. “Do you still want to take that shower?” Your only response was an indignant laugh as you rolled over. More sleep was in order. This time, he agreed with your simplicity.

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  1. I agree with Nimian Sohma, every girl wants a sexy spainard cause I know I do.