Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Switzerland Lemon -- Induce

Character: Switzerland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Chocolate, the fact that Vash makes Chocolate, that sort of thing x]

The room, light by a strange fusion of light, seemed to reflect dizzying shadows. It was not an unwelcome silence that was met, but an endearing one that often came with spending time with a lover. Sure, Vash wasn’t’ exactly your typical boyfriend, but he had his redeeming points that made you excited and happy.

He was watching you now with an intent expression and it was making you nervous. How you were even able to keep standing was amazing, because your knees were shaking like no tomorrow and you could feel the energy in the room curl around your spirit.

The reason for his staring at the do with the chocolate you were currently stirring. Vash was nothing if not precise, and so it was just like him to vulture about, making sure you didn’t mess up his special recipe. Sure, it was supposed to be romantic, but at least you were doing something with him this Valentine’s Day. It’s more than you could say about last year, where he kept himself locked in his office because he ‘had work to finish’.

Still, the intensity in which he gazed upon you was keeping you on edge, and though it was a good intensity, it still made you nervous. You swallowed thickly, stirring the chocolate with a bit more resolve.

You definitely hadn’t expected him to push off from his seat, but after a moment he was suddenly by your side, watchful gaze trained to the concoction in the saucepan. “You don’t have to stir it so much,” he murmured. His voice was surprisingly calm, wavering over your ear and adding to the anticipation that coursed through your body. You tried to tell yourself that he was so close because he was monitoring the chocolate, not because he wanted to be beside you. Though you were lovers and it was a day of romance, Vash never was one to conform.

Still you held your breath, feeling your heart thunder within your chest as his arms reached around you. He grasped the spoon in your hands gently, guiding your movements and explaining, “You want to keep the temperature at a steady mark. Right now, your thickening the chocolate, so just keep stirring slowly.”

You wanted to touch him. The realization hit you square in the face, shocking you into another brand of thought that let you strangely breathless. You felt Vash’s arms and you wanted to wrap yourself in his embrace. You felt his chest and you wanted to melt against it. You felt the heat of his breath and you wanted to take his mouth with yours and kiss him senseless. It wasn’t an irregular desire. This was Valentine’s Day, and you deserved some love.

But the implications that came with the realization was impacting. With the chocolate being made, there was no way you’d be able to pull your lover away from the kitchen. He was far too stubborn, and you were afraid that if you were too dominant, he’d lock himself away. You definitely didn’t want a repeat of last year…

A soft sigh escaped your lips as you thought. You glanced back at Vash, who was still hovering next to you, gazing into the pot. When he felt your eyes on him,, he looked up to meet them. The sparks of his emerald eyes caught you off guard.

After a moment of staring, he turned his gaze back to the pot. His cheeks were pinkish and his eyes a little more narrowed than they’d been moments before. It was cute, but you made an effort to pretend not to notice.

“Vash?” he jerked his eyes back to yours, a question now residing among other nameless emotions. A smile quirked your mouth, “I think we should taste the chocolate to make sure it’s right.” It was a weak effort, sure, but you couldn’t just stand there and not do something.

You knew he was about to protest. You could feel his impatience. Os you did the first thing you could think of. A moment later, there was chocolate brushed over his surprised mouth and you were pressing your lips against it.

Alright, so the chocolate didn’t matter anymore. The taste of Vash was enough to make you forget where you were. He was shocked enough not to kiss you back, but that didn’t frustrate you in the least. He was always a slow lover. He took his time, whereas you were more known to jump into the fray.

When you broke the kiss, you felt relief wash away much of that anticipation. Vash’s reddened cheeks was enough to increase you amusement tenfold. Now, all you needed was to get him to let down the rest of his walls. It was easier said than done. Especially when his gaze was now narrowing in annoyance.

His hands landed hard on your shoulders, turning you around to face the stove. His rejection didn’t make you depressed, because you knew him inside and out, and though you didn’t much like admitting it aloud, manipulation was a fairly simply process when it came to Vash.

You allowed an amused sort of silence to reign for a few minutes, in which you didn’t do anything but obediently stir the chocolate. This time, Vash kept about a foot away, leaning against the counter and keeping his gaze locked steadfastly to the delicious sweet.

He couldn’t ignore you for long, though. With a smirk, you twisted your finger into the warm mixture. You felt his suspicious eyes on you now. Exhilarated at the prospect of what you knew would come, you brought your chocolaty finger to you mouth and swirled your tongue around it in a way you hoped was nothing short of alluring.

You didn’t look at him as you tasted the chocolate, but could feel him staring at you with those dark, intense eyes. You shivered with longing.

What happened next shocked you out of your alluring expression. You hadn’t expected him to give in so quickly, but to your surprise, he suddenly snatched your finger as you reached for more chocolate and allowed his own tongue to lick it off. It was a sight for sore eyes. The feel of his tongue wrapping around your digit was lusty and made you quake in your place.

He released your finger slowly, locking his eyes with yours all the time. His hand enclosed around your wrist and he gently pulled you closer. There was a sense of determination in his gaze, and it made you absolutely shiver in way you never had before.

“V-Vash…” you watched as he watched you, with that pioneered intensity that only he could master. And all you could think about was how much you wanted to dominate it and mark it was your own.

He was a taking too long and it was killing you with anticipation. The fact that he was even interested in intimacy was as shocking as it was satisfying. You leaned in to claim his mouth once more. This time, it wasn’t completely on sided. He returned the kiss with a reverence that made your heart pound. His lips were silky and induced strange jolts of energy to shoot through your body. It was a feeling that you hadn’t felt in a very long time, because Vash was always so solitary and hadn’t had time for romance.

You broke from the kiss when a sudden thought hit you. A smirk curved up your bruised lips, making Vash’s eyes narrow suspiciously. He wondered what you were thinking, but you refused to say anything aloud, instead preferring to quietly make use of his leniency to remove his shirt.

For once, he didn’t complain as the fabric hit the floor. A shiver wracked thorough him when the cold air his skin -- because there was practically no heating in his house since it ‘cost too much money’. upon seeing the shiver, you felt a desire claim you and you wanted to see more of those breathy little movements. You wanted to induce a few of your own.

Your fingers slid into your own shirt and it was slipped off a moment later. You didn’t have time to go slow or meander through his lovemaking, because you had a feeling that Vash wouldn’t appreciate what you had in store for him. Better to spring it on his in a forceful manner so he can’t refuse.

Your fingers wound around his neck as you leaned forward. Your lips maneuvered over his in a tantalizingly sweet way that made him groan in frustration. Pressing your chest against his, Vash struggled to deal with your bra, which was still clasped around you and was apparently another cause for the aggravation.

It came off soon after, but before Vash could touch your newly revealed skin, you stepped back. Your eyes were glinting with a predatory look, your body standing over the pot of chocolate in an almost earnest manner. And Vash, though his eyes were finally beginning to dawn with comprehension, couldn’t possibly have stopped you from going through with your plan.

It was one of those moments when time seemed to stop. The delicate silence was broken only by the grunt of surprise when your fingers, covered in shocolate, slid down Vash’s chest. He seemed almost to be in a trance as he stared at the dark lines running over his pale skin.

When that trance was broken, you had a feeling that he’d want his revenge. Vash could never let things go without some form of retribution, but unlike other times, this punishment would be delicious.

He stepped up to you, hands tugging on his jeans as he went. His chest was pressed firmly to yours and the melted chocolate had soon layered down you stomach. The matching lines were somehow arousing.

As his pants shuffled down his legs, Vash’s arms came around you. But instead of embracing you, they dipped into the pot of chocolate and was dragged up the skin of your back. You yelped, surprised by the sudden hotness of the melted mixture, and Vash smirked wildly. He traced your mouth with his finger, leaving a trail of chocolate over it in a similar fashion as you’d done to him. When he finally claimed your lips, the taste alone was enough o make your knees quiver.

Moans and whimpers were all that could be hear in the kitchen after that. The process of licking the sweet mixture from his sweeter skin was verging on mind blowing,. You had a feeling that you’d never get used to it. You didn’t really wanted to, because it’d been a long time since you were this aroused.

The feeling was mutual, you were sure. At least if the bulge in Vash’s jeans had anything to say on the matter. He was now leaning against the counter, back pressed to the hard edge as you knelt before him and kissed chocolate from his perfectly sculpted body.

You had to admit that you were surprised he’d even allowed you to gain any form of control.. That’s not to say that he was overly dominant, but Vash was the kind of person who didn’t appreciate…well, this. You could only guess that the chocolate had sweetened his normally bitter personality. The fact that you were on your knees probably helped too.

Your tongue trailed down his chest and blazed a path over his hips. He was watching, with those eyes that seemed to know everything. The attention was making you more aroused than you’d thought it would. You hummed quietly as your fingers jerked at the zipper of his jeans. You wanted him to watch you take him into your mouth.

He was hot and hard by the time you wrestles the jeans down past his hips. You jazzed at him for a moment before a wild smirk caught your features. The sight of your expression caused him to raise a brow, but his speculation was soon put to rest as you stood up and swirled you fingers into the chocolate once more. His eyes darkened, but he didn’t resist as he watched you dribble the melted chocolate over his erection.

And then you were licking it off, and Vash was absolutely lost as he threw his head back and groaned. You certainly had a talented tongue, he had to admit, and it wouldn’t take long to push him over the edge.

It didn’t. the taste of his cum and the remnant of chocolate was nothing but delicious. You moaned as his fingers grasped you hair and pulled you close, pushing his cock as far into your mouth as he could. His hips jerked as he released. The silky friction of your lips and the heat of your mouth only quickened his pace.

When the muffled groans and the appreciative murmurs were finally silenced, you released his manhood and stood up. You caught his eyes lightly and pressed yourself against the counter beside him. Short pants escaped both of your mouths.

“You know,” he turned to you, eyes dark and somehow mysterious, "we can’t leave the kitchen while the chocolate is cooking.”

There was something in his voice that screamed at you, but it wasn’t a bad sort of sound. It was as delicious as the chocolate, and it wrapped around you just as delicately. You smirked and your fingers dragged themselves to your pants. “Well…I’m quite comfortable where I am anyway.”

If you had your way, neither of you -- chocolate included -- would be leaving this kitchen any time soon.
A/N: Sorry for any spelling errors. My computer died and I had to write this on my iTouch...then transfere it onto my computer by typing like a crazy person.


  1. THIS WAS AWESOME!!!! To be honest I had no idea what I just got myself reading....... but it was AWESOME!!!

  2. Oh, my cat... I now wanna try that chocolate trick too, haha. This was so good, and I love how you wrote it! I shouldn't be reading this kind of stuff, heh (and lemons rarely are well-written to be honest), but this one was worth it~ And Switzy is just so... lovable, in every possible way! I didn't expect the chocolate down there though, lol. You got me there.