Friday, March 9, 2012

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Ever Taciturn

Character: Gaara no Sabaku

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Zalera, kind and gentle

Inspiration: Uhhh Gaara's silence, I suppose ;3

Mornings in Suna were cool. There was a steady breeze that wandered over the landscape, which grew weaker as the sun climbed the sky. The air was alive with the breath long past. A chilling awareness guided each foot, gaze, and movement. This awareness grew as the minutes slinked into hours; as the morning changed into afternoon. And then, beneath the blistering heat of the merciless sun, the awareness cowered and slackened like an arrow from a once taut bow. It is this unperceivable exhaustion that forces the quiet murmur of Zalera’s heart to splinter into a dizzying form of relaxation.

It took her a while to reach the Kazekage’s tower, but it was only because this time of the day enchanted her. The morning sunlight washed over the monotone landscape and made it beautiful, instilling a certain fervor that the later sunlight could not achieve. Gaara would understand why she was late, anyway. He probably had so much to do that he didn’t even know she was scheduled to return today.

Her relationship with him was different. She wasn’t exactly sure just what they were. They weren’t a couple (That was too normal). Nor were they friends with benefits or lovers (Gaara hardly knew the meaning of love). Zalera supposed she’d describe Gaara as her infatuation or muse. The person who intrigued her and left her baffled and shocked and warm all at the same time.

Her feet took her silently through the village. She passed the vendors that lined the center of Suna. She politely nodded to familiar faces, occasionally saying a soft hello. Mostly, she kept quiet and was simply content to watch the sparkling sands beneath her feet.

The quietness was appreciated, but it wasn’t until she had reached the towering building that housed the Kazekage that the silence became bathed in reverence. There was something about the silence of the Kazekage’s eyes that was somehow sacred.

After she informed him of her successful mission and accepted her two day rest period, she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the morning sunlight shone upon his flaming auburn hair. The shadows caused his eyelashes to jump out, making the emotion within them startlingly clear.

What she saw in them was just as striking, because it seemed to mirror the reverence that she felt towards him -- that feeling of utter awe that had enveloped their interactions. Without thinking of the consequences, Zalera stepped forward, leaning against the front of his desk in a way she was sure would be considered rude had the situation been different, and captured his gaze.

He swallowed. He seemed to realize that the situation in the room had altered. No longer were they Kazekage and Jounin. She wasn’t here to tell him about her mission now. Instead, she was here because she wanted to be, because she had no other entanglements that she had to get to, and because she wanted to spend time with him…alone time.

Though completely surprised that anyone -- especially an angel like her -- would want such a thing, Gaara couldn’t help but shift his hands to his desk and move in as well. He felt as though he was being pulled by some invisible force, like strings on a marionette, and that as long as he was close to her he’d be alright.

She was feeling to same exact thing, which was why she suddenly forgot all sense of propriety and edged around the desk. He reached for her, having lost the same propriety and the realization that he was the Kazekage.

His soft hands palmed her skin. He looked confused and nervous, and his cheeks were tainted with a heavy blush. But the sight of it only encouraged her and made her realize how much she wanted this; how much she wanted him.

She leaned into his touch and nuzzled his neck. Her lips gently brushed kisses over his tender skin, down his collar and chest. He watched her as she went, stock still and probably quite unsure of what to do. No matter, she thought. He’d soon let his instincts take over. But until that time, she was quite content to revel in the contact that she’d been dreaming about for months.

Her fingers swiftly ran down his clothes and she looked up at him. His eyes, usually so light, held a tint of darkness that she couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t bloodthirsty, but rather bordered on another vice. A shiver wrapped itself around her and she felt her heart plummet in it’s excitement.

The connection of their eyes seemed to do something to them both. She paused as though startled, straightened her back slightly and just stared at him. She was vaguely aware of a certain hardness that bulged against her inner thigh, but her attention seemed to be drawn elsewhere, to the deep and screaming emotions that swirled around Gaara’s mysterious eyes.

Her hand reached up to gently touch his cheek. She leaned in slowly, with exaggerated movement, and he allowed her to. His eyes sparked, crackling against hers. She did not look away as she brushed her mouth over his. This kiss was different. It was somehow more alluring, more intense in an emotional kind of way. She could feel his anxiety, his power, his desire for her. She knew that he was unsure of himself but that he wanted this just as much as she did. She even ventured to think that maybe he loved her as she loved him. Or at least he didn’t know it yet, because the idea of love was still a very vague subject for him.

She kept her tongue firmly behind her lips because she didn’t want to frighten him. (Though she dearly wanted to taste him - she speculated that he’d taste like the very danger he was- she refrained.) This was alright. This kiss was definitely nice.

“Gaara,” she whispered. Her voice was no more than the lightest of breaths, but she knew he had heard her. She moved back only slightly, lips still lingering at his skin in an almost longing fashion. “Gaara, I think we should go to your bedroom.”

It was a rather bold thing to say. Apparently he thought so too, because Gaara immediately stiffened. It didn’t worry Zalera though. She merely eased off of his lap and sent him a look-one that she hoped relayed all her wishes and feelings. She wouldn’t force him, but she wanted him to know that she was there whenever he was ready.

It was strange to look at him in this way to be honest. She was always so used to seeing in his formal attire, looking every bit the Kazekage that he was. But right now his clothes were wrinkled and his face was flushed, and he didn’t look like the Kazekage, but rather like a boy who was about to become a man.

Her body was itching to touch him. She wanted to run her fingers through his tawny hair, press kisses all over his skin, dispose of that confining robe and see him as he truly was: without any hindrances. They stood there for a short while, but it felt like ages. The seconds seemed to pass like minutes; the minutes like hours. Their gazes didn’t sever in the slightest. He sat and she stood, and their eyes spoke the words and insecurities that had before been kept quiet.

It seemed like years before Gaara finally stood. His movements were strong, not at all shaky like she thought they might be. He didn’t look nearly as unsure as he had before. Now, there was a certain determination that resided in his firm gaze.

She would be lying if she said that the sight of said determination didn‘t excite her. She moved forward an inch to touch his hand. When her fingers gingerly slipped into his, a spark of electricity made her breath whoosh from her lungs. It seemed as though the tables were turned, and it was her turn to be nervous. She certainly didn’t feel like same confident woman that had entered the room. Indeed, the sudden realization of what they were going to do hit her like a brick wall. This was the Kazekage. The leader of Suna. The most important person in all of the Wind Country. And she was practically seducing him into sleeping with her. She suddenly felt very selfish.

If Gaara noticed her new emotions - which he undoubtedly did, because nothing ever escaped him - he didn’t say anything. Instead, he tightened his grasp on their interlocked hands and took a few steps past her. She followed him slowly, watching the back of his head warily as though she was somehow certain that he was about to throw her out. But he didn’t. He merely led her through a door that she hadn’t noticed before.

The room beyond the door was one of many, it seemed. Zalera immediately noticed two more doors stretching out from the sitting room that they had entered. The room they were in now was extremely nice. It was made of the same lacquered wood as his office. The floor was smooth and polished, the furniture new and finely upholstered. There was a fireplace to the left, but Zalera hardly thought that a fire had ever been lit in all the history of Suna. The irony of the thought loosened her tensed muscles a bit and she felt more relaxed as Gaara led her through the room and into another.

But the sight that met her beyond the threshold made her relaxation immediately slip away. She felt completely exposed as she stared at the bed. It was large, with expensive satin covers and plush cushions. Part of the sheets were tousled, as though Gaara had only just gotten up. Zalera wondered if he really slept in the bed or if he just stared unseeingly at the high ceiling during the nighttime hours. Sure, his monster had long been dealt with, but she reckoned it was difficult to forget something that had been his reality for his entire existence.

With a jolt, name realized that Gaara was staring at her. His eyes were drinking her in, probably wondering what had happened to her confidence and why she was just standing there. Come to think of it, Zalera’s plan didn’t really extend past the few kisses and touches shared in Gaara’s office. The mere thought of him allowing her to do anything more was dizzying. She had made it farther than she thought possible, and now she was at a loss as to how to proceed.

Her fingers were shaky as she slowly bought them to her form. Without the warmth of Gaara’s hand in hers, she suddenly felt waves of anxiety crash over her. Button by button, she slid her shirt away. She kept her eyes resolutely away from his, though she knew he was staring directly into hers, silent and forbidding as he always was. The fabric slipped off her shoulders and swooshed to the ground. She paused a moment, darting her eyes to his face but still avoiding his burning gaze, and felt a little better at the sight of his renewed blush. Gaara had never done this before. He probably had never seen a woman undress for him. He was completely new at this, and it made her feel better about her own inexperience.

Her fingers fumbled with her pants. She eased them off of her hips, leaning forward to give herself room as they fell to the floor. His heavy stare was making her even more nervous than she already was, but she tried not to show the jitters of her hands. She stepped toward him, needing to dispel the intense atmosphere. He didn’t step back as she edged up, but neither did he look away. He only swallowed thickly as her hands reached up to curl over his chest.

This was better. Touching him drew the attention from herself a little. She smoothed his robes, gently tugging at the collar and allowing her lips to drift over his exposed skin. The familiar movements brought her back to his office, when they were at his desk, and some of her confidence came back.

His skin was afire when she eased his robes past his shoulders. He swallowed thickly and assisted in what little way he could, but mostly stood very still. When his robes were pooling at his feet and the cold air was hitting his bare skin, Gaara leaned forward just slightly in a silent plea. Zalera pressed her mouth to his in return, slowly pushing herself against him and drifting her fingers into his hair. The kiss wasn’t lacking in passion, but rather merged on gentle. At first, their lips moved slowly, but when his arm slid around her and brought her closer, she allowed herself to up the passion. Her tongue gently slid over his lips and he surprisingly didn’t seem as nervous as before. He opened his mouth and she finally got to taste him.

He didn’t taste like danger at all. Instead, he tasted like cinnamon and the lemon tea he’d drank earlier. It wasn’t disappointing in the least. In fact, Zalera rather thought that it made him seem all the more human.

She hummed her appreciation and her fingers drifted down, dipping into the contours of his glorious chest. In the back of her mind, she wondered if anyone else had ever achieved such a pleasure. Her hands reached back to deal with her bra, wanting to feel skin to skin contact more completely. The effect was very much desired. As she pressed her bare chest to his, Gaara grunted in surprise. But he didn’t move back, because the feeling was nothing like he’d ever experienced. It made a strange craving warm the place where his heart was supposed to be.

He didn’t know what to do with himself. All of his emotions seemed to come forth in a complicated whirlpool. He shifted, getting used to the feeling of her bare skin against his. Wanting him to touch her, she brought his hand up to cup her breast…and almost moaned when his fingers accidentally brushed over her taut nipples.

The effect it had on her was instantaneous. She tilted her head back and her eyes shifted halfway closed. She seemed to be the epitome of bliss and it intrigued Gaara all the more.

The air around them suddenly became constricted. Their breath came out in heavy pants, and the moment was much more frenzied than it had been before.

Their bodies shifted backwards of their own accord and tilted toward the large bed that had long since become a beacon of pleasure. Gaara felt himself falling before he had fully realized what was going on. The back of his knees hit the edge of the bed and he fell backwards. Zalera followed him down, landing haphazardly on his flustered form.

It suddenly felt more real. Hovering above him, with her arms pressed beside his head and her hair creating a wall around them, Zalera felt the impact of their situation once again her square in the face. But this time no guilt accompanied the feeling.

His body was pressed diligently against hers. She allowed no space to come between them, preferring to wrap her arms around his neck as closely as she possibly could. She pressed breathy little kisses over his skin. He tilted his head back, to allow her more room. As his eyes shifted to a close, her tongue wrapped around his skin, dragging him down, down, down into a blissful peace that he had never indulged in previously.

Her fingers burned fiery trails down his chest, awakening within him a certain fervor that had before, been asleep. He was so far gone in his bliss, that Gaara hardly realized when that bliss paused. When her fingers blazed down to the edge of his boxers, he felt that passion ignite tenfold.

The thought of being this close to someone as important as Gaara made Zalera excited. Her chest was rising and falling in heavy, lethargic pants. She could no longer keep up with her emotions, which released and whipped around her uncontrollably.

She hooked a leg up around his waist, pushing his lower half against hers and feeling the result of their passion. With only the thin fabric of their undergarments separating their union, the couple could hardly breath in anticipation.

Her hands glazed up his body to capture his wrists. They were dragged above his head a moment later and secured there in a tight lock. She pressed her bare chest to his and sighed at the naked feeling that overcame her. It was time. It was more than time, actually. They had waited far too long for this; stolen far too many discrete glances in crowded rooms and wished for far too many touches whilst playing their Kazekage and Jounin roles.

She dove for his mouth, momentarily blowing his concentration to little pieces as she hurriedly wriggled out of her panties. There was no time to allow for the complicated movement of removing his boxers, so Zalera settled for plunging her hand into the thin fabric and pulling out his taut erection.

It was a bold move, but then, the last half hour had been nothing but. Gaara tried not to struggle at the strange, alien feeling of her hand palming his bare cock, but he couldn’t hold back his gasp as he sharply inhaled. Her lips furiously stole the moment of weakness and ground it into the dust, along with the rest of his insecurities and worries. By the time she had sheathed herself completely around his shaft, Gaara could only stare dazedly at the ceiling and hope he was doing this right.

He didn’t actually have to do anything, however, because Zalera had it all under control. She moved for him, gasped for him, rocked for him as he weakly scrabbled to keep up. She couldn’t slow down and wait for him, though. The thought of going slow was agonizing and terrible.

After he had gotten used to the feel of sex, and his senses had dulled down enough to appreciate to sensual way her hips rounded against his, Gaara began to enjoy himself. She felt good. She was hot and it made his heart beat erratically in his chest. Though she had claimed that she’d done this only once or twice before, Gaara rather thought she was moving expertly -- much better than he could. He just lay there panting and jerking shakily into her.

His lack of movement didn’t really bother Zalera because she was well aware that it was his first time. They were also in a strange position, which didn’t allow much movement for him anyway. And -- though she’d never admit it aloud -- the sight of him defenseless beneath her was erotic.

She dragged her fingers though his downy hair again, pulling his head back and nipping at his tender skin. There were already red marks on his pale neck from before, and she happily added to them. She could already imagine Gaara’s face when he saw them…she reckoned that his cheeks would match the flustered red.

She was going to chuckle, because the picture that her mind conjured up was entertaining to say the least. But what would have been a rather confident noise came out breathless, as though she hadn’t enough oxygen in her lungs. Indeed, the pleasure increased dramatically as Gaara finally realized another way to moving.

His fingers dug into her hips, mingling her bliss with pain as he dragged her down during every thrust. She gasped, tilted her head back to moan, and could hardly believe that the sparks shooting up her thighs came from such a simple action.

But it brought fire to her body. Her satisfaction level was raising to heights it’d never been to before, and she knew she was coming to an end. If Gaara kept doing that, then he’d soon drag her down into unrecognizable happiness.

His eyes were staring straight into hers as they came. Somehow, their interlocked gazes made the moment all the more sweet. He seemed to be wondering ‘Am I doing this right?’ And her answer was a soft kiss, silently saying ‘Yes’. When they finally reached their end, Zalera decided that Gaara had succeeded in a startlingly intense way.

Extended Ending

The talk occurred behind closed doors, and in whispered voices in the market. The reason why the Kazekage was wearing that high collared shirt, which looked so stiff and informal; why his eyes always seemed to follow the figure of the female Jounin as she scurried from his office; the way that Jounin’s eyes sparkled with mischief as she closed his door.

There were rumors about them, but the silliest one by far was the rumor of their secret affair. At least, it was silly until a group of Chunin returned from their mission late one afternoon and were met with the sight of Gaara’s unprotected neck.

The whole of Suna were sure that for months afterward, the female Jounin’s eyes held an even broader smirk that was just as intense as the furious blush upon the Kazekage’s cheeks.



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