Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Scotland Lemon -- Under A Highland Sky

Character: Scotland

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Linna, short blonde hair, bold at times

Inspiration: The Highlands~

Linna had never seen the highlands before…or any other part of Scotland, for that matter.  When someone thought of the word 'vacation', they would usually think of France or Spain, or the Caribbean Islands.  But never Scotland.  Not unless you had a thirst for nature and a lust for strange, rather inarticulate accents.

Well, Linna had always been a bit odd.  She'd say strange things at strange moments that would make people wonder if she was mental.  And sometimes, she'd do something completely bold that inspired people to be as genuine as her.  She was a difficult character to figure out because she balanced two extremes that would often come out at different intervals of the day.

But those extremes were probably what made Scotland so interested in her.  Oh, it wasn't a romantic interest…at least not at first.  He'd merely been curious about who she was, and why she was so strange, and what the cause of her strangeness was.  But then Iain saw something in her that overshadowed her bizarre nature and took precedence over her nonconformist personality.  And that, in a nutshell, was the reason that he had invited her to his country and was standing with her in the Highlands, overlooking the rugged, browned landscape that was his home.

Linna wasn't normally one for nature.  Well, she liked viewing it from windows anyway, like the one in her car as she drove through a country.  But she didn't often go camping because she preferred being able to watch TV after she had her meals, and maybe turning on her computer in the mornings, or possibly using a light switch rather than lighting a fire.  I suppose it was simply a preference of hers.

But she had to admit that the landscape before her was definitely astounding.  She had never been so awe inspired in her entire life, actually.  Her feet felt as though they were planted in the earth and she couldn't move, save for the shallow breaths of clear, undiluted Highland air that she breathed in.

And beside her, of course, Iain was standing with a lazy look on his face and a cigarette in his fingers.  Because the sight before him didn't quite take as much of his breath as it did hers.

"It's beautiful," Linna murmured, and the wind ushered her words away as soon as they came forth. 

Iain was unsurprised at her reaction.  In fact, it was the only thing he had been absolutely certain of when he'd invited her up.  The rest of his plan wasn't as concreted as this part was, but Iain wasn't one for things set in stone anyway.  He liked things unrelenting: like the wind that rushed over the heady mountains and the water that plagued the deepest, darkest caverns of the many Scottish lochs.

He took a deep breath and cigarette smoke filled his lungs.  When he blew it out, he noticed that Linna had turned her attention from the landscape to himself.  He raised an eyebrow at her in question, and she responded in her characteristically odd manner.  "I was just thinking…how you're sort of like Ben Nevis." [1]  The mountain towered out before them as though it somehow knew it was being spoken of.

Well, he didn't expect that.  He looked at her -- really looked at her -- and was rather surprised at the way his heart betrayed his emotions.  She slipped her arm into his and began tugging him down the small hillside they'd been standing on, talking as she did.  "You both stand tall.  Even though you've been through so much, you both have something to live for."

It was odd hearing her talking about the historic mountain like it was a person, but Iain couldn't deny that warmth he felt from her words.  His features remained as composed as ever, riddled into his normal uncaring façade.  But he wanted to smile, because he felt as though he was being seen, not as England big brother or as some drunk, spluttering old man, but as a human being who forged his own path.  And the way she spoke made it sound like said path was one to be admired.

His gaze remained locked to the back of her head as she pulled him along.  Her hair that day had been pulled up in a simple yet elegant bun and was kept in place by a number of hidden pins.  The style was not what drew his attention, however, but rather the open expanse of her neck that it revealed.  He kept his fingers resolutely at his side for fear that he'd give into temptation and reach out to her.

She was superbly dressed in his opinion, actually.  She was wearing the lightest of shirt -- made from a white washed fabric that fluttered haphazardly over her skin and accentuated her feminine curves.  Her long jeans also accented her body, especially when she'd swing her hips so tantalizingly…

They were almost to the end of the hill, and then Iain was sure she'd let go of his arm.  He didn't want her to -- he wanted her to hold onto him forever.  He wanted her to kiss him and press herself against him and want him to want her; beg for him to take her.  The desire to spin her around and just kiss her pounded at the edges of his mind, clustering like a disease.  He felt plagued and troubled, and there was only one alleged cure-all that could put an end to it.

So he damned it all to hell, allowing a heavy curse to fly past his mouth as his grip twisted her arm back.  The next moment was confusing but filled with relief as he took her lips with his and caught her waist with two strong arms.

She was so shocked that she could only stand there and stare at him as he ravished her mouth.

And when he was finished, and resting his forehead against her and breathing her in, Linna could still not move.  Because she was utterly overwhelmed by the current of emotions that swirled within her, and could not for the life of her figure out what she was feeling.

Iain took her silence, however, as a form of rejection.  He sighed and pulled back, rearranging his features into a careless expression.  He could not feel regretful for the kiss, but neither could he deny the dull ache that accompanied the results.  Turning to his mountainous landmark for silent support, he threw his arms behind his head and stretched.  "Ach.  I'm sure there'll be lunch waiting for us at the house."  And he made for the end of the hill and, ultimately, the path that would lead him home.

Except his home wasn't really waiting for him half a mile away, but rather gaping at him from two feet behind, only just realizing what had happened in her typically slow witted manner.

This time, her reaction was faster.  A short laugh escaped her throat and she lunged for Iain, surprising him when she landed on his back.  As a result, they began tumbling down the hill and landed in a heap of giggles -- on her part -- and curses -- on his.  She rolled on top of him and gave him a grin, hovering over his face with sparkling eyes.  Her hands caught his and pinned them above his head.

"I'm sure I can wait for lunch," she taunted, and slipped her lips over his for a quick kiss that, though short, left him breathless.

He grunted, staring up at her silhouetted face against the pale blue sky.  He felt like a boy with a silly crush on a teacher.  With a lazy breath, he told her, "I'm not so sure I can."  And tilted his chin up so that their lips were once again locked.  This time, they forgot to breathe.

Somewhere in the heady passion of their kiss, Linna's hands released his.  His grasp slinked up to her waist, pulling her closer as his tongue raced along her mouth.  When they came up for air minutes later, he could detect a lingering lust in her glassy eyes and felt the need for her grow stronger.

She must have realized her own desire as well, because then she was kissing down his neck, pushing his collared shirt aside and fiddling with his buttons.  Her touch was so adamant and riveting that Iain could only lay there and watch her.

Her mouth caught his just as the last button was released and his shirt was pushed away.  He sat up slightly and allow it to slip off his shoulders and found the position oddly comfortable.  Also, it slid her farther down his lap and gave her perfect insight into what exactly she was doing to him.

She gasped at the feeling of his hard erection.  Opening her kiss, she stared at him, pausing their kiss for a mere moment before restarting it with increased passion.  She pushed him back into the grass and ground her hips into his with lusty, controlled thrusts.

He grunted and arched his back, craning his head up as he gasped silently.  The friction of their pants felt amazing against his length.  He almost didn't want it to end.  Almost.

But then he saw her reach into her shirt and pull it over her head, and her full, lacy bra came into his view.  And suddenly Iain wasn't a boy anymore, but a man with a burning determination.

Her back was pressed into the earth before she could bat her eyes, and Iain was hovering above her with that blazing need filtering through his gaze.  His fingers tilted her chin up and he kissed her.  But this kiss was unlike the others, because now it was messy and haphazard while his hands wrestled their other clothes away.

When she was finally bare and laying in the tall grasses on the hillside, Iain felt blistering heat crawl down his spine.  His manhood stood tall and proud before her.  Her eyes, latched to it in awe, made him smirk a wild smirk.

Her gaze slowly spanned his body as her fingers brushed over him, smoothing up his chest and locking to his shoulders.  She dragged him down over her so that his chest was pressed to hers and their lips were centimeters apart.  And then, in the barest of whispers, she breathed, "Take me."

He almost groaned at that, because her voice was so diluted with lust that shivers captured every inch of his back.  He inhaled, resting his mouth against hers, and slid his large hands over her breasts, down her stomach, around her hips, and curled themselves at her thighs.  He lifted them up and his lower body met hers, pushing his cock into her hole as he stifled a moan against her neck.

After the first few shaky thrusts, the rest was history.  His hands soon abandoned her thighs so that they could pin her hands above her head in much the same manner as she'd done to him.  His fingers tangled into the grasses and gave him a sense of reality as he took her.  Every hard thrust made her moan, and in hearing those delicate noises, he couldn't help but grunt out his appreciation as well.

Her nails clawed at him as he shoved himself into her, making her yelp a little at the intense force.  She was utterly pinned below him, in every way possible, and it made her heart thud erratically in excitement.  Being trapped by him was strangely satisfying.

He pulled out of her nearly fully, and then rammed back inside.  Gasping breaths followed the harsh movements as he relentlessly thrust.  He was filling her up like no one ever had before.  The size of his dick was reaching places that no man had ever reached.

“G-Go faster!” she begged, beginning to feel the full extent of their actions coiling about her stomach.  She groaned, tilting her head back as he littered her neck with bruises.  Their bodies slid against one another, slick with sweat, and she could hardly hold onto him in her dizzied state.  He nodded, face twisted in determination and satisfaction as he pumped into her tight opening again and again.

And then he was moaning suddenly, and the noise caught her off guard.  She gasped, arching her back as the coil in her abdomen snapped.  As she tightened around him, Iain seemed to realize what was happening and picked up his pace.  His hips pounded erratically against her.

He was gone then, releasing his seed deep within her as he came with her.  His eyes slid closed for a long, heavy minute as his lower body slowed down to just a few infrequently lazy thrusts. 

And then he was back in his home -- because she was his home -- with his fingers tangled into her hair and his lips inches from hers.  They stared at each other for a few seconds, but it took too much energy.  So instead, his mouth fell onto hers and he snatched up her waist, rolling her on top of him as their naked bodies began again beneath the clear Highland sky.



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