Sunday, April 15, 2012

A France Lemon -- Along The Seine

Character: France 

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia 

OC: [Name] 

Inspiration: The landscape of France…;D

France often founds ways to astound her. There was little that escaped him because of his attention to details. Which was why, one sunny afternoon, when he showed up at her doorstep, she was shocked to see him. (She'd been told that he'd had some sort of meeting in Paris…but apparently not.) 

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle," and he took her hand before she could come to her senses to place a kiss upon it. And then they were out the door and he was dragging her behind him, and she was still completely baffled. 

"F-Francis, what are you doing here?" she tried pulling away, but his grip was iron and she soon gave up, settling for an eyeroll that only made him smirk. 

"I have come to see you," he told her with a shrug. There didn't appear to be any dissuasion in his eyes, so [Name] loosened up a bit. 

Before she knew it, they were at a river she knew quite well, as she'd often come by here while she was bored. She shifted to a sitting position, admiring the blueness of the sky as it sheltered them. France slowly followed suit, and they sat together in silence for a few, peaceful minutes…until Francis decided it would be more fun to do something else.

His fingers caught her off guard as they descended on her stomach, and she erupted into giggles. Battling his arms away from her, [Name] chortled a soft, "S-s-stop, Fr-Francis-" that became a little muffled as she turned into him. 

His tickling was relentless, though, and soon she was utterly powerless against him as he hovered over her, hair falling into his eyes as they twinkled at her. It was one of those rare glimpses of beauty that always stupefied her, and this moment was no different. 

"Hmm?" he edged closer, worry in his eyes, and murmured, "Are you ok, [Name]?" His finger brushed over her pale cheek and she felt a heated blush rise up in them.

Her words died in her throat and she suddenly couldn't breath. She was surprised that she was feeling so shaky, almost as though she was loosing her grasp on the rest of the world. When had she begun to see Francis like this? With this amount of desire? She couldn't even answer her own question, because suddenly his lips were ghosting over hers and she was gone. 

She noticed a few things at once, then: the fact that his expression was just as lost as hers was, the feeling of finality as their mouths hastily moved with each others, and the sudden weight of his body as it came down upon hers, and how it excited her. 

Her fingers tangled into his hair, drawing his face closer as their mouths worked together. The dim sounds of the river beside them were hardly heard. They could have been before a crowd of people and not have noticed them. 

She had never been kissed with such eagerness before, and it sent her heart hammering at a wild, crazed pace. It was almost as though it was the end of the world, and their time was running out. But of course they had plenty of time…as France reminded her upon gently pulling away. 

His lips descended on her neck, nibbling softly, and his breath wavered lazily over her, "…I will take you slowly, mon amour." And then the moment was bathed in the same finality that had saturated their kiss only a minute before. 

Her arms tightened around him as his hands danced across her, like a sculptor admiring a work of art. Her head tilted back and she stared unseeingly at the sky, which was as blue as a robin's egg above them. His fingers moved her like a song, playing with the fabric that kept her shirt together and loosening the buttons of her pants. He slid them away gently, spreading kisses over each new revealed area of skin.  

She murmured for him, but didn't remember what she said. The words curled around his ears and then dissipated into the air, not really meant to be realized. His hands palmed her back as he brought her closer to him, tongue brushing over one taut nipple. 

She had been floating before, weaving soulfully throughout his movements as she admired him. But now, as their lower body grazed one another and she felt the bulge of his pants, [Name] was brought back to a tender reality that had her gasping. 

He moved their hips delicately, hardly touching and yet zinging pleasure throughout her with his subdued movements. When she couldn't bear not to feel him utterly against her, [Name] jerked her hips up to catch him off guard, and Francis was overcome by the desire that came from such a simple action. He gasped and obeyed her silent plea, finally tugging at his pants until they had joined the rest of their clothing.  

He was so ready for her that it made her ache at the mere sight of him. She whimpered in desire and her fingers edged back up him, brushing over his abdomen and wrapping around his neck. She gently tugged him down and kissed him, gently and slowly. When he leaned into the kiss, ultimately moving his length against her in the process, she was once again blown away at the sheer need that overcame her. 

"Francis…hurry up." He chuckled and broke their kiss, lips bruised as he stared down at her. With a smirk, he moved his arm so that his weight wasn't crushing her, and then guided his member to her folds. "As you wish, mademoiselle," he breathed before pushing into her. 

She immediately groaned at the discomfort, tightening her grasp around his neck. Once he was fully sheathed, he stayed perfectly still until she had grown accustomed to him, and then he was moving, and she was powerless once more. 

Her toes curled at the immense pleasure that waved through her. Her back arched, head tilting backwards and allowing France room to litter kisses over her neck. With every shaky thrust of his hips, she was sent spiraling downward.  

To say it wasn't disconcerting would be a lie because by the time Francis had developed a steady, quick pace, [Name] hardly knew who she was anymore. She was completely lost, floating again through murky shades of gray. And yet her sense of touch and feel and taste was strong, grounding her to Francis as he guided her. 

His rough hands grabbed her thigh suddenly, lifting if over his shoulder. The new angle allowed him more access to her, and he drove himself deeper inside her than before. He was starting to reach places that had never been reached before, and it was driving [Name] crazy. 

She moaned and writhed and twisted beneath him, not even bothering to keep quiet because at this point, she couldn't care less if someone heard. Only when France leaned down to kiss her was her noises quelled. 

His thrusts became faster as he rammed himself into her tight core. He grunted and took her like no one ever had, bringing her to places she'd never been and opening her eyes to the newfound experience of being his lover. And she loved it: she gasped and panted and couldn’t ever, ever get enough of his affection. 

It was only when she was teetering on the edge of release when Francis suddenly seemed to remember his promise to take her slowly. And so his pace became torturously slow just as she was about to cum, and it was minutes -- which, of course, felt like hours -- before she could really loose herself in her release. 

"Francis, please," she moaned, fingers tangling into his hair as her back arched. His pace was driving her mad. But he only chuckled and kissed her cheek, and he seemed to move slower with every plead she made. 

He let her come when he wanted her to, picking up his speed only when he was giving her permission. The drawn out intensity that was their orgasm nearly made her world explode. She couldn't breath by the time she floated back down to earth, only to find herself curled up in the Frenchman's arms, laying beside a river she'd forgotten was there. 

She just let her body take over and closed her eyes, burying her face into the crook of his neck as he tucked her to his chest. She thought she heard him whisper something into her ear, but was too far gone to catch it as she fell into the warm embrace of sleep.



  1. You're so good at this! I love your flow, your excellent style and structure. I hope you continue to write more You/Nameblank stories.

  2. That was so good! Umm Could you write Norway x Reader Lemon? Please...?