Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Gale Hawthorne Baby Daddy -- Here, Silence Responds

Character: Gale Hawthorne

Fandom: The Hunger Games

OC: Alexis Jonovich, Age 18, Post-HG, from District 12

Inspiration: The night before~

// Prologue //

It is late when she enters the town.  The lights have mostly been extinguished, save for a few shining street lamps that seem to twinkle down at her.  She passes them by, a light, airy sort of smile spread thinly over her face. 

There is a strange melody that seems to swish from her figure.  It comes from the way her legs move as she strolls down the moonlit path; sparkles behind her pale green eyes as they take in the reflection of said moon; and dances in every breath she draws.

Her expression does strange things as she nears her destination.  A sad glow emanates from her smile, and her eyes flicker with nostalgia.  She is remembering: remembering a time when life was easier, and when things were simple and unique.

She glances down at the paper in her hands, clutched between shaking fingers as she pulls them into the chilly air.  Her dark hair falls into her face as she rereads the words that had been scribbled down months before by another's hand.  361 Central Lane.  357, 358…359.  360, 361.  361 Central Lane.

The clack of her shoes scream at her, making her feel like the only person alive in this desolated, empty district.  She ascends a pair of old stone steps, crumbling with age.  One hand grips the iron railing tightly and she raised one to knock shakily on the door…

The execution of a single knock feels monumental in the heavy silence of the night.  Far away, a screech owl sounds and surprises her.  Her head is halfway turned in its direction when the front door is lurching open and a tired, annoyed voice wonders, "What is it?"

And then everything stops.  Her head turns back and her eyes crash into his dark brown ones.  Her breath catches in her throat and she wonders how she ever survived without being able to see him, and always wondering how he is or if he is as lonely as she.

She waits another moment until she is sure that the sleep has disappeared from his eyes.  And then, she smiles that same smile -- the one that yells out her sorrow and her happiness and her neutrality; the one that Gale can never really figure out and the one that he can never really forget.

// How It Happened //

The front door is closing behind them.  It is warmer in his apartment, but she is still shivering from some emotion that tickles down her spine.  His back is turned toward her now, and she watches as he slowly meanders into another room.

Is this how it's supposed to happen?  Her bag shifts down her arm and lands with a quiet thud on the ground.  She breathes in a deep lungful of air and is immediately overcome by what can only be Gale, and the scent of him nearly throws her over the edge. 

"Hungry?" comes his voice.  She jerks her head up and finds him staring at her, brooding eyes studying her as he would an animal or a trap in the woods.  She feels her head nodding, but she isn't really hungry and she only wants to sleep.  Coming to District 2 has been a long process for her emotionally as well as physically, and she is overcome by exhaustion.

He motions for her to follow him and they step into a kitchen.  It is clean, for the most part.  There is a few dishes in the sink and it looks like it had been lived in, which is more than she could say about her own place back in District 12.

"I'm glad you got here safely," Gale said.  He is leaning against the counter with his arms crossed, studying her in that way again.  His hand points to the refrigerator and she walks toward it, helping herself to a bunch of grapes.

As she takes a seat at the small table in the center of the room, she can't help but feel strangely serene with being in Gale's presence.  Her relationship with him had been minimal before, but they had bonded during Katniss' first Hunger Games and had grown rather close afterwards. 

She shifts her hair over one shoulder and looks at him, drawn by the intense look in his eyes.  She begins to study him as he studies her, and notices the dark circles below his eyes and the slouched, uncharacteristic angle of his back.  He doesn't look like…Gale.

"Well?" she wonders aloud, because she is tired of the lingering silence.  "Did I wake you up?  You can go back to sleep, if you want.  I won't touch any of yours things."  But her reassurance falls on deaf ears and his stare doesn't let up.

Fortunately, he responds.  "It's ok.  I've been going to sleep earlier this week because of work.  I don't mind the distraction."

She leans back in her chair, suddenly feeling itchy.  Her feelings for him are well known, because she never could keep them inside her.  Her freedom doesn't permit secrets; she feels bottled up and wary when she has them and simply cannot deal with them.  But she wishes she had kept these feelings a secret, because they probably have something to do with the thick atmosphere of the room.

She can clear this situation up in the morning, though.  Right now, sleep sounds heavenly.  Anything to get away from the omnipotent shimmer of this man's gaze.  She stands up, keeping her eyes anywhere but on his, and says, "I'm sort of tired.  Could you show me to my room?"  In her mind, she wonders when this had become so formal.

He doesn't move for a moment, but then finally pushes off from the counter.  To her surprise, however, he doesn't turn towards where the bedroom probably lies.  Instead, he steps in front of her and pushes a hand under her chin.  Surprised by this turn of events, her eyes betray her and she finally snatches a glance at the blazing determination in his eyes.  She is immediately caught off guard when his voice, strangely soft, calls out, "Look at me."

She does.  She can't deny him anything and he knows it.  The determination pushes all thought from her head, but her lips move as though she's about to ask him something.  When she doesn't, Gale takes the matter into his own hands and presses a lingering, shocking kiss to her mouth.

Her world shatters and she is thrown to the wind like a ragdoll.  She's so shocked that she can't even kiss him back.  But luckily Gale doesn't care, because he only kisses her harder, with more fire, and it causes her thoughts to implode and disappear and leave only the remnants of action in their place.

She puts this action to good use as she curls her arms around him and allows him to cradle her to his chest.  She touches the back of his neck, fingers the soft curls of hair and shifts her palm over his strong jaw.  When their kiss ends and she tilts her head back to catch the breath that had long since ran away, Gale tips his mouth to follow her and presses little kisses over her tender neck.

She wants to ask him why he wants her so suddenly.  Is it because Katniss doesn't belong to him anymore?  Is she just a rebound?  But when her eyes open again and he moves his forehead to rest against hers, she sees something in his gaze that makes her worries stop.  He is feeling confusion, just like she is.  He is unsure and wary, but there is a spark to his eyes that makes her heart pump faster, like a train off-course.  That spark is matched utterly in her own eyes.

And that's when she realizes that it's time.  It's time to fall away from her world and start a new one.  It's time to let go of her nervousness and share some of Gale's determination and strength.  It's time to hand the controls over to someone else for once, and to shut off all the lights and just dance around without a care in the world.

All of the sudden, her fingers have a mind of their own and his shirt is entirely too small.  She fumbles, clutches at his sleeves, and drags him back to her lips.  As their lips move together in a furious sort of way, their hands rove and discover and erase, and their bodies tumble into the darkness.

They aren't in the bedroom, but rather on the floor of what has to be the living room.  Neither care.  His thumbs slip under her shirt and circle her taut nipples, flipping up the cups of her bra with an ease that seems to evade her as she struggles with his pants. 

They can't stop.  It's as if their minds have shut down and they are letting their bodies gain complete control.  Kisses are pressed everything; touches are administered everywhere; looks, rife with meaning, are sent everywhere. 

They plead and they whimper and they moan.  He slips into her and her world explodes again, but this time it is an explosion that makes everything around her nonexistent except Gale.

And he is always there, throughout it all, just as he always has been.  He holds her like she's a delicate porcelain vase, moves into her like she might break if he goes too fast.  But she doesn't care, and she's pleading with him to go faster, to steal away every single spare thought so that she can finally loose her old self and become someone new with him.

His mouth slips over hers and he takes the most intimate part of her, grounding her to a plane that is entirely him.  She can't breath, can't think, can't even see.  Her world has been demolished and then rebuilt in a matter of seconds.  She is gasping into his chest, pressing feeble kisses to his hot skin and wishing that they could start again, and then again, and again, and never part from this perfect position.

But nothing lasts forever, as she well knows, and soon Gale is pulling her up, and the space between her legs where he had been nestled is cold.  She leans against him, arms tightly embracing him as he leads her to a bedroom.  They tumble down together, still gasping and still partly immersed in the utter bliss that had been theirs minutes before.

"Gale," she whispers, voice slipping through the darkness like a spell.  He hums into her hair and her name spills into the air: Alexa… 

She draws a hand down his naked side, thumbing over his hipbone and then running up his back.  He inhales sharply and then groans, and she knows that he isn't tired yet and doesn’t want to go to sleep.  So she murmurs a quiet, "Gale.  Take me again…once more…"

And he does, again and again until the morning light begins to pour into the room and their souls feel as refreshed as a new spring flower.

// How You Told Him //

The sun is setting and tranquility is washed over everything in the room.  It is one of those moment where the silence seems sweet and there is nothing wrong.  Even the inevitable worries that have plagued Alexa all week have disappeared.

She isn't disappointed, really.  She isn't even scared.  She's just a little nervous and uncomfortable at the news of her pregnancy.  She doubts she'll be a good mother and is worried about how Gale might take the news.  They aren't married, or even close to considering it.  She isn't even sure if their relationship is long term or not. 

It's been four months since she came to District 2, and she's found it easy to slip into a way of life with Gale.  She truly does feel real now -- not like the washed up shadow she'd been before.  But even so, she's sure that it's impossible to completely forget about the person you were before.  She doesn't want a shadow being the mother of a child.

Gale gets home from work at five.  He doesn't have a particular schedule, so sometimes he's late and sometimes he's early.  He usually has something in his hands when he comes back, though.  Dinner, a wild flower he picked in passing, a book.  This time, he twirls a buttercup between his fingers and, when he leans down to kiss Alexa, he twirls the flower behind her ear in a sweet gesture.

She grins up at him, true happiness sparkling in her eyes.  Yes, things have gotten better.  She feels like she has a purpose now, and that is bringing Gale back to life and giving him a reason to keep getting up in the morning.

Their embrace doesn't end as they walk back to the couch.  Their arms stay interlocked even as they settle on the cushions.  She snuggles into him, not caring that he is dirty from work and in need of a shower.  He is Gale, and he is what she needs right now.

His fingers stroke her hair, tumbling into the strands and twisting them around.  She sighs in relaxation and takes a deep breath.  "Gale…"  his name spills from her lips and he pauses momentarily before humming a response.  She turns toward him, mouth opening…and then closing.  She can’t tell him.  What would she say?  'Gale, I'm pregnant with your child.'  'Gale, you're going to be a father.'  It all seems so superficial.  Isn't that what every woman says her lover when she's pregnant?  But their relationship isn't normal, and she doesn't want to say what every other girl says.

So instead, she just wordlessly takes his hand and places it on her stomach, letting her eyes convey everything her voice can't.  He understands.  His fingers jerk slightly before settling, and his expression relaxes into acceptance.  'It's ok', he silently tells her.  'I'll never let you go'.  And as he draws her back into him, he never does.

// Epilogue //

Ten years later, all is well.  The house Gale and her had bought is lively now.  There is life in them, sparkling in their smiles and their eyes.  They both have a purpose now, not just to each other, but to the three children that are theirs.

Alexa slips her hand into her husband's and she smiles.  Her smile isn't a myriad of conflicting emotion now, but rather forward and blazing with happiness.  Her other hand is latched around her youngest daughter, Katherine, who is all too mischievous to be left alone.

Her son Matthew and her daughter Alice run ahead of them, teasing each other in laughing voices as only children can do.  Katherine doesn't seem to care that she isn't with them: she prefers silence to noise.  Gale always says it's because she's always scheming things.

She throws a look at him -- one that speaks of her love -- and he returns it with a slight squeeze of their hands.  And then he turns his head forward and looks out at his children, and at the future that they have created together.

All is well.  The swinging of their interlocked hands and the soft nudges of their bodies are all the confirmation they need.


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